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The winner:SenTedCruz

Believe it or not, the New Hampshire primary is Tuesday. So it probably matters to fully grasp the fallout from Iowa first.


In the aftermath of Monday’s shellacking, the one and two percenters started dropping like flies ...


You have probably heard a lot about the Carson flap in Iowa, in which Cruz staffers sent out an email repeating a CNN story that seemed to indicate Carson was done. While the Carson flap has indeed hurt Cruz somewhat, Iowa has helped him more.


It’s worth noting that Trump did not err in skipping the Fox News debate. It was a gamble, and it certainly would have paid off much better if Rupert Murdoch had caved, leaving Trump the master of the deal and even the media (“if he can negotiate that, he can negotiate anything!”).



Hyderabad, India. I just arrived, so just this short note having watched the CNN feed on an all-night Emirates flight to here.

Yes, I’m jubilant that Cruz torpedoed Trump yesterday. Trump is now officially a loser, barely escaping a third place finish behind Rubio. Trump fever has broken, and increasing numbers of his cultists will now regain their senses.

Yet there is a far bigger story here than Trump flaming out. It’s still a race, he’s still in it, it’s far too early to count him out. It’s clear, however, that the Pub race is fast becoming Cruz vs. Rubio, with Trump risking being sidelined.

That means a race between real conservative principles and the GOP ruling elite. Yesterday was a schwerpunkt, the decisive turning point between the two – and the reason is ethanol.

The cronyists, led by Iowa’s chief RINO, Gov. Terry Branstad whose son is an ethanol lobbyist, were determined to smash Cruz for having the temerity to oppose their making Iowa’s farmers wards of the state. Cruz of course was the only Pub who wants the cronyist mandate terminated.

Simply put, you cannot advocate economic freedom and reducing the size of government intrusion into our lives, if you advocate the very opposite in Iowa pandering for votes.

To see the schwerpunkt in action, of how Cruz did it, advocating the elimination of all energy subsidies, and thereby converting an angry Iowa farmer into a supporter right on the spot at a Iowa gas station, watch this video clip:



It’s the worst and most obvious political snow job in history. The media uses Donald Trump for ratings. Donald Trump uses the media to keep himself front and center in the Republican field, and as an object of two minutes’ hate for his crowd.

The media “attacks” Donald, knowing it will solidify his support with his crowd, and the Donald whines and moans about how “unfair” the media is to him ad nauseam. Lather, rinse, repeat.

You can get a sense for how the media really feels about things when the mask slips, and they say what they really think. With respect to Trump, that happened last week when Chris Matthews let slip his nakedly bigoted remark about not wanting to watch a debate between “two Cuban guys,” Cruz and Rubio.

In the same way, Donald Trump really has no idea what he would talk about if  he were suddenly disallowed to claim that the media was being unfair to him. Just see the video clip below.

The symbiotic relationship between Trump and the media in which they pretend to be enemies while they profit off of each other has been great for both Trump and the media, but it’s been terrible and cancerous for the Republican party. Here’s why.



A major reason for the growing distrust of government is the double standard whereby government officials and employees often suffer no consequences from incompetence, misbehavior and even criminal violations of the law.

In the common law, there is a general principle that if a person is damaged by the actions of others through negligence or illegal behavior, he or she has a right to redress.

The actions of government officials and employees are often far more damaging than those in the private sector, but they are protected by “sovereign immunity” and civil service protections.

Sovereign immunity is a “legal doctrine by which the sovereign or state cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution.” It comes from the ancient concept that the “king can do no wrong.”

Since we don’t have kings in America, one way to get rid of much corruption and criminal malfeasance by government bureaucrats would be to substantially get rid of sovereign immunity. Let’s take what’s happened in Flint, Michigan as an example.



Let me tell you the worst thing about the climate change scam.

It’s not the lies, not bullying, not the perversion of the scientific method, not the establishment cover-ups, not the needless scaremongering, not the wasted money, not the nannying overregulation, not the destroyed wildlife and ruined countryside, not the stymied economic growth — bad though all these things are.

No, the worst thing about the climate change scam is that the people making money out of it are the scum of the earth.

It is now the biggest ripoff scam in world history, pulling in $1.5 trillion per annum — not a penny of which goes to anything remotely useful. It is a Potemkin industry, a racket, a form of state-sanctioned organized crime.

Could there be a way to get back some of the money stolen from us by our governments to be spent on their cronies at Solyndra and BrightSource or thrown casually into grants for junk science research like “ocean acidification” or squandered on shysters at tainted institutions like NASA, NOAA and the Royal Society or wasted on anti-capitalist bureaucracies like the EPA and the Department of Energy and Climate Change?

Finally, there is.



You may have heard of the “Brexit” – Britain’s opportunity to leave the EU via a referendum. As early as this June, British voters will be asked this question: "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?"

The odds they will choose the latter greatly improved this week, with the United States slipping behind Great Britain to 11th place in the 2016 Global Index of Economic Freedom.

What is even more striking about the 2016 index released Monday (2/01) by the Heritage Foundation is the shockingly “unfree” state of the European Union.

Greece is 138th – between Bangladesh and Mozambique. Italy is 86th – between Morocco and Madagascar. France is 75th – between Kuwait and the Seychelles, and well behind Ghana and Kazakhstan.

Why would British want to be a part of this any longer?



I’m used to hearing from people in crisis. As a psychotherapist and life coach, it’s part of my business. It may be a crisis in a marriage, a crisis at work, a financial crisis… There are many places for crises to wreak havoc in our lives.

Some crises are unavoidable. We control only so much of what happens in our lives, and sometimes life throws hardship, tragedy, or deeply chaotic circumstances our way.

I don’t make light of or gloss over the realities of life; but I do make it my business to help people to avoid unnecessary troubles, and there is one thing that we can do to prevent some of the more predictable crises of life.

We tend to use the passive voice to describe our troubles: An affair “just happened.” The project “just fell apart.” No author, no identifiable cause. The passive voice puts us at the mercy of events; the active voice is the voice of self-ownership and commitment.

A lack of commitment to our highest values can create tremendous anxiety; and turn every conflict, every decision, and every challenge, into a potential crisis. Every small problem can throw the entire commitment into question… And that is a major source of avoidable crisis.

Now to the practical application, a tangible plan of action for a life without unnecessary crises.



I woke up this morning to a deluge of Forum comments on my Trump Derangement Syndrome yesterday. A large number of them were from Trump supporters who strongly disagreed with me.

They did so with courtesy and grace, with reasoned arguments rather than schoolyard insults. Trump could learn a lesson from them. I can’t thank them enough. We can continue to agree to disagree, and do so with mutual respect. I am so proud of my TTPers.

Which brings me to my gratitude for Rod Martin. Rod has been a dear and close friend of mine for more years than we both care to admit. Ours is a mutual admiration society. And of course, he’s an avid TTPer. Read his bio in the link, and you’ll quickly be excited to know Rod will be manning the HFR helm in my absence. Thanks, Rod!

Here’s the full text of the GOP candidate debate last night (1/29). It was glorious to have a real debate without Trump in the way, a clear demonstration of how much better the whole Pub primary campaign would have been without him.

Trump made a disastrous mistake in wimping out of the debate, afraid of a girl. The Fox debate last night dwarfed Trump’s egomaniacal competing rally, 4.5 times as many, 12.5 million vs. 2.78 million viewers. In fact, the headline is: Debate Without Trump Got Better Ratings Than Last Debate With Trump.

Cruz took advantage and closed the deal with Iowans with what Carl von Clausewitz called the schwerpunkt, the decisive point. At least, that’s what I think will happen Monday. We’ll see.



A dear friend of mine runs in the same social and financial circles as Donald Trump. They happened to see each other a few days ago, and my friend told him about me and my background. Trump said he’d like to meet me and could my friend arrange an intro.

I declined, saying I had no more interest in meeting him than I would Hillary or Zero. As I did this too abruptly, I owe my friend an explanation which I thought I should share with all of you.

The term “derangement syndrome” arose in political vernacular regarding President George W. Bush. “BDS” referred to moonbat libtards driven around the bend in their hatred for W. No president in modern times or perhaps ever has been subjected to more vicious lies and hatred than him, to which he never responded with anything other than class and Christian decency.

Supporters of Trump have now begun accusing those who oppose his presidential campaign and the manner in which he is conducting it as having TDS. Yet this itself is but one more symptom of their TDS – increasingly hysterical viciousness directed at Trump’s detractors.

It is evident to all TTPers that I hold Donald Trump in contempt. He is a crude ridiculously vulgar loudmouth braggart, fully as much a pathological narcissist as Zero, with such a fragile ego he can only respond to criticism not as a thoughtful adult, but only with a 3rd grader’s childish insults, personal attacks, and smears.

Trump supporters think he is a big brave Alpha Male. The obvious truth is that Trump is a pussy. He’s a girly-man, scared of a girl, a smart savvy hot blonde who has the guts to ask him embarrassing questions. So scared he wimped out on the debate tonight. Like all bullies, he’s a coward under the Potemkin bravado.

What I’ve just said will drive Trumpistas into paroxysms of TDS – and that is what makes me fear for my country.


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