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Lurch Lost. You can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the 7th Floor of Foggy Bottom all the way across the Potomac.

John F’n Kerry was glued to the big flat screen in his palatial office at 5:01am this morning – 11:01am Oslo time – expecting to watch Kaci Kullman Five, Chairlady of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, announce him along with his BTF (Best Terrorist Friend), Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, winner of the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.

For a man possessed of such towering egomaniacal arrogance that it equals or even succeeds Zero’s, it was a crushing humiliation to learn the winner instead was a group of Tunisians no one had ever heard of….

The latest international mystery is how ISIS has acquired all those shiny new Toyota SUVs. ABC (10/06) can’t figure it out. The New York Daily News says (10/07) both the US government and Toyota in Japan are “stumped.”

This is Lying Swine journalism at its coverup best. Of course Langley and Toyota Global knows exactly where they’re coming from and how ISIS got them….

Arnie Steinberg sure called it in TTP on Monday (10/05), when he said Kevin McCarthy should withdraw from the race for Speaker. McCarthy did so yesterday (10/08). His gaffe on Benghazi, as Arnie explained, was irreparable. Now what?

Here’s a heads up! Next Tuesday (10/13) will be the first Dem presidential candidate debate. You’ll be surprised to see who’ll steal the show….

“Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers? There’s a (media) coverup on this… She is old and she’s sick. She is not a contender. They’re making her a contender with these propped up Saturday Night Live things; it’s like a head on a stick.” That’s Matt Drudge on Alex Jones. Here’s the full video….

There’s so much more. It’s a fun HFR this week.



Obama Squeezes Republican Throats on Defense Spending. That’s the headline regarding Zero’s latest veto threat if he doesn’t get his way.

So Zero is willing to defund America’s military if he can’t close Gitmo and release its terrorists back into the world.

It’s only the latest example of Zero’s Imperial Emperorship’s contempt for Republicans and their leadership. One of the great ironies of America today is that virtually all conservatives in the country feel the same as Zero.

Ted Cruz last week (9/28) brilliantly explained on the floor of the Senate the cause of conservative contempt.

No money may be spent by the federal government unless it is authorized by the House with the Senate concurring. Yet on any budget funding the government, if Congress’ budget defunds (refuses to fund) anything Zero wants – Obamacare, amnesty for illegals, Planned Parenthood, the Iran Sellout – Zero has a hissy fit and declares “I, Barack Obama, will veto funding for the entire federal government and shut it down,” and Republican leadership folds like a cheap suit.

There is an easy cure for this, for Pubs in Congress to stop being Obama-bootlicking surrender monkeys.



The polls make it clear Americans – Republicans especially – are disgusted with political insiders.

There’s something to be said for political experience. But as neurosurgeon Ben Carson – one of three outsiders at or near the top of the polls noted: “There is more than 9,000 years of political experience in Congress. Look where it’s gotten us.”

We’ve learned through bitter experience that what matters most in a public officeholder are intelligence, courage, and character –little of which are in evidence in Washington D.C. these days.

And an outsider president could compensate for his or her lack of experience in government by assembling a Cabinet for the ages. My dream Cabinet would consist of:



There are several scenarios the Obama administration may be entertaining as it pursues its diplomacy in the Middle East.

It may believe that the new agreement with Iran will lead to “engagement” with reform-minded theocrats. Or perhaps an Obama-inspired second green revolution will overthrow the regime.

Alternatively, the administration may imagine that a Shiite Axis — Iran, Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah, Hamas — empowered by Putin’s Russia, will balance the region.

Or, the United States may simply wish to abdicate the Middle East and let the players there all fight it out, reentering when the players are worn out and defeated.

All these scenarios are probably fantasies. In truth, the deal will make the world a much more dangerous place. Here are five reasons why.



Last week the Obama administration was caught off guard by Russia’s rapid rise in Syria.

As the Russians began bombing a US-supported militia along the Damascus-Homs highway, Secretary of State John Kerry was meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, at the UN. Just hours before their meeting Kerry was insisting that Russia’s presence in Syria would likely be a positive development.

Putin understands the opportunity of the moment. He views the decomposition of Syria as an opportunity to rebuild Russia’s power and influence in the Middle East – at America’s expense.

Unlike Mr. Putin however, Barack Hussein Obama is moved not by power calculations rooted in reality but by ideological dictates. Thus
Obama’s position cannot be swayed by evidence, even when evidence shows that his delusional policies endanger US national security.

This brings us to Israel. It too has leaders who are delusional – and you’d be very surprised to learn who they are.



“Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels,” said the British wit Samuel Johnson (1709-84). A proud Tory, Johnson was speaking of us, during the American Revolution. Americans laughed and said Johnson, a worshipper of George III, must be talking about himself.

Racism is the last refuge of losers – and political scoundrels wanting the losers’ votes.

Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, the “Black Lives Matter” crowd speak of “race traitors.” There is no such thing, because no one owes allegiance to a race. We are individuals, with our own aspirations, abilities and shortcomings, virtues and vices. We should be judged by the content of our character, not as members of an enormous herd into which we were born.

Egged on by America’s Racial-Divider-in-Chief, the racists and scoundrels of “Black Lives Matter” are now calling for a race war and the indiscriminate killing of whites. Here’s a suggestion on how to stop this.



[Arnie Steinberg, Ed Royce, and I have been friends since we were in Youth For Reagan in RR’s original campaign for California governor in 1966 – perilously close to half a century. Arnie has one of the sharpest minds in conservative politics. His case for Ed as Speaker is a good example. –JW]

Kevin McCarthy should not be Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The main reason is his gratuitous, ridiculous, and now infamous statement on national television, essentially that the Congressional inquiry into Benghazi was politically motivated.

The continuing Benghazi inquiry is not political frivolity, it is not part of the “Republican War Against Women.” Hillary was Secretary of State, this occurred under her watch, she and her team colluded in the cover-up. Hillary said of the probe, “What difference does it make?” Americans should want and demand all the facts, the truth.

Republicans should have immediately disavowed and promptly repudiated McCarthy’s statement. Benghazi committee members should have publicly taken grave offense. McCarthy should have apologized and withdrawn from the race for House Speaker.

McCarthy has two Republican opponents. Many Congressional Republicans cannot support Daniel Webster (FL-10), who has only been in Congress five years, or Jason Chaffetz, who just now chaired the botched Planned Parenthood hearings.

But these two men likely will force McCarthy into a second ballot. At some point, Republicans (hopefully) will opt for someone of stature and intellect, and I shall mention one: Congressman Ed Royce (CA-39), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Here’s why.



Grand Cayman. Government is supposed to make life better for people — particularly the poor — but the U.S. and European governments are increasing the misery of the poor.

In the popular culture, Cayman is viewed as place were tax evaders and money launderers put their wealth. The truth is quite different in that most money laundering takes place in the big financial centers like London and New York, not Cayman.

For many years, Cayman has had information exchange agreements with the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Treasury and the major European governments — so one would be very foolish to put money in a Cayman bank with the intent of not getting caught for tax evasion or money laundering.

Cayman is a high-income jurisdiction as a result of having a prosperous financial sector (having nothing to do with illegal activity), a vibrant tourist industry, and an increasingly diversified economy.

It also provides a good example of how the US government in collusion with others is increasing the misery of the poor in countries around the world.



Dear God,
So far this year you have taken away my favorite entertainer B.B King, favorite actor Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy, and favorite actress Anita Ekberg.

Just so you know, my favorite politician is Barack Obama.

That’s my prayer for the night, God. Thank you.

Q. What do GOD and Barack Obama have in common?
A. GOD does not have a birth certificate either.

Q. What is the difference between GOD and Barack Obama?
A. GOD does not think he is Obama.



What happens when a sociopathic narcissist gets completely humiliated in front of the entire world by a man he hates?

We’re about to find out. Odds are it won’t be anything smart. As Charles Krauthammer points out in Obama’s Syria Debacle yesterday (10/01), Zero has no one to blame but himself for Putin making him an object of humiliated ridicule.

WWRRD? Of course, Putin would never have even dreamed of going in to Syria if he were up against a Ronald Reagan instead of a metrosexual p**sy. But let’s suppose that by some magic wand miracle, Zero had a personality transplant and decided to max out Putin’s vulnerabilities….

The real problem with Zero, however, is not that he’s a p**sy. He’s completely ruthless when dealing with domestic opposition, be they Pubs or the occasional wayward Dem like Bob Menendez, whom he’s trying to put in jail for opposing him on Iran.

The real problem is that he’s a black racist who hates America as much as the racist scum of #BlackLivesMatter, who wants God to damn America just like Jeremiah Wright. Michael Ramirez sums it up….

Couldn’t be a more apposite time to honor the HFR Hero of the Week, as he’s such a total contrast to Zero.

Yesterday (10/01), Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu delivered one of the most courageous and historic speeches in the existence of the United Nations. Here the video of the most dramatic moment….

There’s lots more in this HFR. We’ll close with an uplifting story emerging out of the murderous anti-Christian horror at Umpqua Community College in Oregon yesterday (10/01).


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