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Here’s the scene. The villain total jerk bad guy steps up unprovoked and without warning slaps Clint Eastwood right in the face, challenging him to do something about it. What do you think happens next?

In the movie, we’d know. But this has happened for real. In a major drama of real-life history, the toughest guy on the planet who has for years carefully cultivated his macho bulging biceps image as someone you absolutely don’t want to screw with has been challenged straight up, contemptuously and murderously so.

What is Vladimir Putin going to do about it?...

One bottom line in this Erdogan vs. Putin crisis is it’s an opportunity to render Putin’s Russia a non-enemy. As in, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” In the fight against ISIS, we need to be on Putin’s side, just as we need to be on the Kurds’.

It also means recognizing that Marco Rubio is a dangerously amateurish idiot for saying “the US should defend Turkey as a fellow NATO member if attacked by Russia.” This highlights Dave Goldman’s observation in TTP yesterday that Rubio reminds everyone of a movie tough-guy hero’s cute younger brother

Any doubt where Zero stands was removed yesterday when, in his Presidential Thanksgiving Message to America he compared the Moslem invasion of the US he is promoting to the Mayflower Pilgrims. Here is the appropriate question to ask of him and his supporters regarding Syrian “refugees”:…

Then there’s the most heartwarming, pathetically hilarious, and most enlightening stories of the week, along with the obvious Hero of the Week and more. Here we go…



On Thanksgiving Day, Americans gather with their family and friends to celebrate the blessings that Providence has bestowed on their beloved country.

A deep appreciation of these blessings involves understanding that they were earned. It is to understand the awesome truth of how “God helps those who help themselves” applies to the Mayflower Pilgrims and their First Thanksgiving at America’s birth.

This is an appreciation and understanding of which those on the Left are incapable – for it would mean celebrating the capitalist freedom that made that original Thanksgiving possible. This no liberal, no Democrat, no leftie can do. Thus they must distort history instead.

The distortion starts in Kindergarten, with the childish make-believe of your kid's school play portraying the noble Squanto teaching the helpless Pilgrims how to feed themselves. So let’s drop the curtain on the distortion and watch the real thing.

The real history of the Mayflower Pilgrims was recounted by their leader, William Bradford (1590-1657) in his book Of Plymouth Plantation, completed in 1647. It is as effective a refutation of socialism and affirmation of capitalism as there has ever been.  Here it is.



Many observers of American politics still do not quite grasp that Obama will end his presidency by seeking to get his opponents’ goat — and that his resentment will lead to some strange things said and done.

Insidiously and inadvertently, Barack Obama is alienating the people and moving the country to the right. But, counterintuitive as it seems, that is fine with Obama: Après moi le déluge.

By sheer force of his personality, Obama has managed to lose the Democrat Senate and House. State legislatures and governorships are now predominantly Republican. Obama’s own favorable ratings rarely top 45 percent.

In his mind, great men, whether Socrates or Jesus, were never appreciated in their time. So it is not surprising that he is not, as he presses full speed ahead.

Obama certainly has doubled down going into his last year, most recently insisting on letting in more refugees from the Middle East, at a time when the children of Middle Eastern immigrants and contemporary migrants are terrorizing Europe.

What remaining unpopular executive acts might anger his opponents the most?



Now that Cruz has overtaken Carson to run neck-and-neck with Trump in the Iowa Quinnipiac University poll, Cruz is looking a lot like a winner. Here are my top 10 reasons to back him.

  1. He really knows economics -- not the ideologically driven pablum dished out at universities, but the real battlefield of entrenched monopolies against entrepreneurial upstarts.

As Asheesh Agarwal and John Delacourt report, he did a brilliant job at the Federal Trade Commission. Anyone can propose tax cuts. It takes real know-how to cut through the regulatory kudzu that is strangling America enterprise.

  1. He really knows foreign policy. He is a hardline defender of American interests, but is not beholden to the bunglers of the Bush administration, unlike the hapless Marco Rubio – who, as the Establishment's last hope after Jeb Bush's belly-flop, is instantly recognizable as the tough-guy hero's cute younger brother.




The truth is, Obama has no plan for containing ISIS, much less defeating it. Nor is he planning to get one any time soon. That’s because Obama doesn’t win wars. He lies about them.

Obama and his political allies believe that crime can’t be fought with cops and wars can’t be won with soldiers. The only answer lies in addressing the root causes, which means blaming Islamic terrorism on everything from colonialism to global warming. It doesn’t mean defeating it, but finding new ways to blame it on the West.

The unspoken idea that informs his strategy is that American power is the root cause of the problems in the region. Destroying ISIS would solve nothing. Containing American power is the real answer.

Obama does not have a strategy for defeating ISIS. He has a strategy for defeating America.



One by one, the giant investment funds are quietly switching out of government bonds, the most overpriced assets on the planet.

Nobody wants to be caught flat-footed if the latest surge in the global money supply finally catches fire and ignites reflation, closing the chapter on our strange Lost Decade of secular stagnation.

As of now (late November), roughly $6 trillion of government debt was trading at negative interest rates, led by the Swiss two-year bond at -1.046%. The German two-year Bund is at -0.4%.

The Germans and Czechs are negative all the way out to six years, the Dutch to five, the French to four and the Irish to three. Bank of America says $17 trillion of bonds are trading at yields below 1%, including most of the Japanese sovereign debt market.

This is a remarkable phenomenon given that global core inflation - as measured by Henderson Global Investor's G7 and E7 composite - has been rising since late 2014 and is now at a seven-year high of 2.7%.

Inflationistas in the West have been arguing for six years that the QE-fuelled monetary base is about to break out and take us straight to Weimar or Zimbabwe. They failed to do their homework on liquidity traps.

Yet their moment may soon be nigh. Catalysts are coming into place. Globalization is mutating in crucial ways.



Your Thanksgiving dinner is going to be less expensive.

This year the average person will need to work 2 hours, 21 minutes and 57 seconds to pay for all the items in a standard Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people -- a work reduction of one minute and 8 seconds from last year. Back in 1986, the average person needed to work 3 hours, 12 minutes and 27 seconds to pay for the same dinner, or 50 minutes and 30 seconds longer than a worker today.

This is the great beauty of the capitalistic system -- in real terms, as measured by the time necessary to work to buy most anything, the price falls year after year.

Life expectancies have continued to grow both in the United States and worldwide (an amazing average increase of about three months per year for the last 150 years) -- despite all of the scare stories about what is going to do you in. Life expectancy is a good proxy for overall levels of health.

Real gross domestic product per capita (inflation adjusted) is now about three times higher than it was in 1950, and can continue to increase forever because of endless innovation and productivity growth (which, of course, is dependent on sensible economic policies).



You may be one of the billion people who’ve watched Bruno Mars and the Hooligans sing and dance to Uptown Funk. As of today (11/27), it’s gotten 1,176,807,222 views on YouTube over the last 12 months.

Most young viewers think Bruno et al is fabulously cool and can move better than anybody. This myth was exploded last month with an editing masterpiece perfectly timing 66 movie clips from the late 20s to the early 50s with Uptown Funk without speeding up or slowing down the original footage.

So enjoy watching James Cagney, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, Cyd Charisse, Gene Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Mickey Rooney, even Groucho Marx and Laurel & Hardy, along with many others – plus most of all the incomparable Fred Astaire with Ginger Rogers – leave Bruno in the dust. The oldies are still the best.

Now That’s Entertainment!



BoobyI can’t resist starting with this pic I took of a Blue-Footed Booby on Isabella Island in the Galapagos earlier this week. It’s to encourage TTPer Lynda Mae to resume posting her insights on the Forum, as her signature photo on the Forum was of this amazing bird.   Come on back, Mae!


It seems like the theme for this week is derangement, with so many folks doing or saying things that are so estranged from obvious reality that they are mentally unhinged.

The most extreme examples are the ISIS perpetrators of last Friday night’s (11/13) Paris massacre. While “Islamism” or Radical Islam is often characterized as a political ideology masquerading as a religion, what it has become is a clear-cut form of criminal insanity.

Other clear-cut examples of derangement this week were provided by the PIAPS, Lurch, and most obviously, Zero. That he is a traitor requiring impeachment and removal from office we all know. But the 25th Amendment provides another way.

The funniest derangement of the week comes from the racists of BlackLivesMatter and auto-racist white college crybabies. They’re having a temper tantrum meltdown over Moslem terrorists in Paris stealing their headlines. Their 15 minutes of fame is over and it’s just so unfair.



San Andres Island, Colombia. Colombians come to this little Caribbean paradise to get away from it all. But for America and Western Civilization, we cannot escape from the nightmare we are all living in and from which we cannot wake up.

There is no way to wake up from it until we understand its cause. That cause is what connects the evil depravity of murderous Islamic Jihadism with the racist lunacy of BlackLivesMatter, the auto-racism of white student imbeciles at Ivy League universities, and the massively masochistic inability of Europeans to stop and reverse the Moslem invasion of their countries.

In March of 2010, I gave a speech explaining the cause of all this to a group of conservatives. We had not yet reached the culmination of the nightmare that we are experiencing right now. Little action was taken. Unless we act now, the nightmare is going to sweep us and our country and our civilization away. The cost of what we are paying to maintain it any longer is now far too much to bear.

Here is the speech in full for you to absorb. Then we’ll discuss what we can do.

Why Liberals Are More Dangerous Than Terrorists

[Delivered March 5, 2010 to the members of the Council for National Policy, leaders of conservative organizations across America, meeting in Naples, Florida.]

There’s no time to waste here, so I’m going to skip the obligatory warm-up joke and get to the root of the problem.

First, Moslems are not really the problem, neither Moslem terrorists nor Moslem imperialists insisting on their medieval Sharia laws.

Islam is a self-identified religion of the sword.  It cannot be anything else but.  "Islam" is an Arabic word.  It means submission.  Moslems claim this means submit to Allah.  What it really means is submit to them or die.  Just the same as it was for the Communists of the Soviet Union. 

We achieved victory over the Communists of the Soviet Union.  How may we achieve victory over the Moslems of Jihad and Sharia?  Let’s go to Africa to find out.


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