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It’s good to be back in the HFR saddle again.  I’m so appreciative of the wonderful job my buddy Rod Martin did in my absence.  Thanks, Rod!

I have to admit I’m writing this with a huge smile of gloat.  For a year now – since the HFR of May 22, 2015 – I’ve been predicting the Dem nominee will not be The PIAPS but SloJoe Biden.    What makes this prescient are two bombshells that dropped this week.

On Tuesday (5/24), Zero gave a speech in Hanoi, Vietnam (full text in the link).  You only wish he’d praise capitalism, entrepreneurship, and economic opportunity for Americans as he did the Vietnamese.  All in all though, it was a very good and important speech.  Here’s why.

There are new reports on Russia.  TTPers on the Forum are asking what this might mean militarily.  It means, frankly, that Putin is all hat and no cattle.  Let’s take a look at Ukraine to see why.

The real threat to America is not external, but internal.  Every day now our country becomes more insane.  Not metaphorically but literally, actually, clinically for real insane.  This week we couldn’t have two clearer examples.  Is there any sanity to be found amidst this?  Yes.  

We close with our Hero of the Week.  Forgive me, but it’s personal.



Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska.  Welcome to a country you never heard of.  It’s a Christian country in Europe – and proudly so, unlike those Euroweenie countries like Germany busily Moslemizing themselves.

The churches and cathedrals here are magnificent –TE1

It’s a peaceful, prosperous place – and great for having a beer inside a medieval fortress overlooking a beautiful river…TE2Problem is, it’s at the center of Tectonic Europe, where two geopolitical plates have been grinding against each other for centuries and still do today.  It could get terribly worse.  Here’s why.



WorserDemocrats should unite against “prattling demagogue” Donald Trump, who is “a lightning rod for the politically disenfranchised and marginalized who trust in nothing but their misplaced biases,” Rob Biller wrote in a letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette May 19.

I’ve a newsflash for Mr. Biller: Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries are neither smarter nor more moral than the bigots, thugs, morons and gullible fools who voted for Trump in the Republican primaries.

It’s difficult to imagine how anyone could be less qualified to be president of the United States than Donald Trump.  But he’s not the one who more than 100 FBI agents are investigating for multiple security violations and public corruption.

Hillary has been a national figure for a quarter century…which makes it all the more remarkable that her public record is devoid of anything resembling accomplishment.

It’s difficult to lie more often than Donald Trump, but Hillary trumps him (can’t resist the pun). The “mainstream” media have  downplayed evidence of Hillary’s wrongdoing, and her lies about it. But in the wake of the damning State IG report issued yesterday (5/25), that’s changing.  Fast.


SASSE 2016!

No independent since George Washington has been elected president.  Only former president Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 has been competitive (and that gave us Woodrow Wilson – thanks, Teddy…).  But both Trump and Hillary are so wildly unpopular that for the right independent, victory isn’t out of the question.

For there’s more than one way to skin a victorious cat.  My candidate for cat-skinner is Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse.

Even if he finishes third in the popular and electoral votes, Sasse could be elected.  All he need do is best the two lying leftist scoundrels in enough states to keep either of them below 270 electoral votes.

If no candidate wins a majority in the electoral college, the House of Representatives will choose the president: the 12th Amendment which supersedes Article II, Section 1, Clause 3.  Each state delegation will have one vote.  California and Wyoming will be equal.  Among Hillary, Trump and Sasse, for whom do you think the current Republican majority in the House would vote?

Burke did say: “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”

Here’s what we who can do only a little better start doing right now:



Nobody rings a bell at the top of the credit supercycle, to misuse an old adage. Except that this time somebody very powerful in China has done exactly that. 

China watchers are still struggling to identify the author of an electrifying article in the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, People's Daily, that declares war on debt and the "fantasy" of perpetual stimulus. 

Written in a imperial tone, it commands China to break its addiction to credit and take its punishment before matters spiral out of control. If that means bankruptcies must run their course, so be it. 

China's debt is approaching $30 trillion, 440% of China’s GDP of $6.8 trillion.  Popping a debt bubble that gigantic could be catastrophic for the entire world’s global - and over-globalized - financial system. 



This summer brings the 50th anniversary of the full deciphering of the genetic code — the four-billion-year-old cipher by which DNA’s information is translated and expressed.   The genetic code was the greatest of all the 20th-century’s scientific discoveries.

Fifty years on, the discovery of the genetic code has produced a cornucopia of good and very little harm. It has convicted the guilty and exonerated the innocent in court on a huge scale through DNA fingerprinting. It has enabled people to avoid passing on terrible diseases.

It has led to the development of new drugs, new therapies and new diagnoses. It has given partial sight back to a blind man through gene therapy. It has increased the yield of crops while reducing the use of chemical pesticides.

Yet still we are bombarded with scares about Frankenstein foods, biological warfare, designer babies, genetic discrimination and the return of eugenics. We have a virtual ban on GM crops and put huge obstacles in the way of GM vaccines.

The exhaustive and cautious new report from the American National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine leaves no room for doubt that genetically engineered crops are as safe or safer, and are certainly better for the environment, than conventionally bred crops.



When Moses came down from the mount, he brought with him 10 rules covering most things that people really needed to know and could remember. There are now literally millions of federal rules that we are all supposed to have knowledge of and comply with — clearly an impossible task for any mere mortal.

The result is we have lost our individual liberty because, if the feds decide to target you, they can always find some rules you have broken. The IRS is Exhibit A, with more than 70,000 pages of rules that no one can possibly know.

Several studies from highly reputable institutions have been released in the last number of days, all with similar alarming conclusions — namely, millions of new jobs have not been created, and wages for existing jobs have stagnated because of the ever-increasing costs of new regulations.  What can we do about it?

Well, what do you do when you see a mosquito on your arm biting you?



Wednesday, The Donald released his short list for the Supreme Court. It’s a blockbuster: to quote John Yoo at National Review, “these names are a Federalist Society all-star list of conservative jurisprudence.” 

What we should think about this is already a matter of considerable debate.

A month ago, the conventional wisdom was that Hillary would slaughter Trump. As I predicted, that “wisdom” was ludicrously wrong. Rasmussen now has Trump +5, 42-37. And that's just for starters. Indeed, the Trump-loathing Wall Street Journal actually asked this week "Can Hillary Win? It's Hard to See How".

All this, plus the Democrat War on Women, Bill Clinton's rape problem, drafting women, and a hilarious new poll of Native Americans on the Washington Redskins. And of course, much much more.



Atlantis1Knossos, Crete.  Welcome to Atlantis.  This is what it looked like.  And this:

Atlantis2More nonsense has been invented about Plato’s myth of Atlantis – mentioned briefly in his Timaeus and Critias and nowhere else by anyone else in antiquity – than any other legend you care to name. 

Yet like many myths, it was constructed out of something that really existed.  Here’s the story and the lesson to be learned.


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