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russian-bribery-plotThe Hill newspaper broke Tuesday (10/17) what is, hands down, the worst political scandal in American history. So far, crickets from most of the rest of the MSM. But the frantic efforts of the Lying Swine to cover it up, and to distract attention from it, will fall apart soon.

After massive donations were made to the Clinton Foundation, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the sale of 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves to Russia, Peter Schweizer of the Government Accountability Institute reported in 2015.

Now The Hill provides the sordid backstory:


What most of the MSM “reported” instead of the Uranium One scandal was the claim by Rep. Frederika Wilson (D-Fla) President Trump was insensitive when he telephoned the widow of Army Sgt. LaDavid Johnson, killed in Niger Oct. 4, to express his condolences.

Gen. John Kelly, one of whose sons was killed in Afghanistan, let her have it yesterday (10/19). Watch the whole thing. If your eyes are dry when you finish, you have a heart of stone, feces for brains, vote Democrat.

* * * *

The Russia collusion story shifted sharply away from the leftist narrative this week.

Officials of Fusion GPS took the Fifth Amendment Wednesday (10/18) rather than tell the House Intelligence Committee who paid them for the phony Steele dossier, which looks more and more like Russian disinformation.

After all these months, the only evidence of collusion with Russia is of Democrats colluding with Russia. It’s piling up.

New FBI information about corruption in a Clinton-approved uranium deal with Russia raises questions about Clinton’s actions after the FBI broke up a deep-cover Russian spy ring in 2010,” the Daily Caller reported today.


Why yes, Director James Comey did indeed draft a statement exonerating Hillary Clinton months before the investigation into her sending classified information on an insecure private server was completed, the FBI has confirmed.



roadrunner-wilecoyoteThe Democrat Party, as it did after Hubert Humphrey’s close loss in 1968, seems still to be misdiagnosing its 2016 defeat.

Promoting Black Lives Matter and open borders, promising free tuition and tax hikes, opposing fracking and pipeline construction, pushing single-payer health care and an ever-expanding transgender agenda as well as abortion—these are not majority positions.

Neither will embracing Hollywood, the media, or the NFL protests win over voters. Thinking (or hoping) that President Trump will implode, quit, be jailed, sicken, die, or be impeached is not an agenda.

Barack Obama both weaponized and exempted Trump with the precedent of “pen and phone” executive orders and sermonizing on social and cultural issues and doing pop culture, from Ferguson and Trayvon Martin to the Final Four and GloZell. Trump wades into a controversy, tweets, outrages, and then moves on to the next day’s “controversy” or supposedly career-ending spat.

Fresh episodic targeting serves two purposes. Trump is a sort of Road Runner: gone to reply to the next provocation by the time his Wile E. Coyote critics can put their hands around his long-gone neck. The pushback against him is usually yesterday’s news drowned out by tomorrow’s new melodrama.



At the end of their lengthy editorial Tuesday (10/17) regarding the new Uranium One revelations --  "Team Obama's stunning coverup of Russian crimes" -- the New York Post editorial board writes:

“Until September 2013, the FBI director was Robert Mueller — who’s now the special counsel probing Russian meddling in the 2016 election. It’s hard to see how he can be trusted in that job unless he explains what he knew about this Obama-era cover-up.”
robert-muellerI'll go the Post one better. Virtually whatever Mueller has to say about his involvement or non-involvement in this metastasizing scandal, he must recuse himself immediately for the most obvious reasons of propriety and appearance.

Frankly, it's outrageous that he, Ron Rosenstein, or anyone who even touched the Uranium One investigation now be involved with the current probe -- unless the real name of the FBI is actually the NKVD (Stalin’s Secret Police).  This is not how a democracy is supposed to work, even remotely.  Forget transparency -- this was deliberate occlusion.



plot-thickensContrary to the Left's favorite narrative, any Russia scandal has always been worse for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump. Recent revelations confirmed this Tuesday (10/17), and even implicated the special prosecutor at the center of the Trump-Russia investigation, former FBI director Robert Mueller.

In 2010, the Obama administration approved a controversial deal giving Russian company Rosatom partial control of Canadian mining company Uranium One (and with it 20 percent of U.S. uranium), just as Russians paid former president Bill Clinton for speeches and Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

To make matters worse, the FBI had already gathered evidence of Russian corruption in the U.S. but kept it secret just when it would have mattered most, The Hill reported Tuesday.

A confidential U.S. witness working in the Russian nuclear industry helped federal agents gather financial records, make secret recordings, and intercept email starting in 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised U.S. trucking company Transport Logistics International, in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Officials also acquired documents and an eyewitness account corroborating earlier reports that Russian officials had routed million of dollars into the U.S. to benefit the Clinton Foundation just as Hillary Clinton served on the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which endorsed the Uranium One deal.

FBI Director Mueller sat on all the damning information and did nothing.  And the information is damning in the extreme.



weinstein-hillaryOf all the sordid details to emerge thus far from the burgeoning Harvey Weinstein scandal, there’s one that creeps me out above all else.

Not all the revolting scenes of sexual abuse.  I mean the one right near the beginning of the scandal, where he announced how he was going to make everything better:

“I am going to need a place to channel my anger so I’ve decided I’m going to give the NRA my full attention.”

Let us pause awhile to relish that moment, because I don’t think history will ever provide us with a better example of what’s wrong not just with Hollywood in particular, but with liberalism in general.

I’m not in any way wishing to play down the awfulness of the suffering experienced by those young women.  But what I am saying that their individual stories of hardship are a drop in the ocean when set against the damage that powerful figures like Weinstein and the “liberal” agenda they represent have done to our broader culture.

 On race, on gender, on sexual politics, on the Constitution, on the environment, on welfare, on immigration, on the economy, there’s not a corner of human existence in the U.S and beyond that hasn’t been meddled with and changed for the worse by the liberal “values” so aggressively championed by people like Weinstein.



putins-gamesThe decision of United States President Donald Trump not to certify the fact that Iran is duly implementing the provisions of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has brought to light the Byzantine games Putin is playing regarding Iran, Saudi Arabia, the EU, Ukraine, North Korea and of course with America.

He thinks he can leverage Trump’s decision to his great benefit.  He sees himself as a master geostrategist.  But it may all backfire.  Here’s why.



economicfreedom-growth-chart-101717Once again, there is more evidence that economic freedom leads to success. Many of the former communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union have made enormous economic progress from the time they became free almost three decades ago.

The first few years after the collapse of communism (1989-92) were very difficult as the countries struggled to make the transition to a capitalist free-market economy, which many had largely achieved by 1995.

The irony is there are some lessons for the United States from some of the successes of the former communist countries.  Here they are.



Iran isn’t complying with the terms of the nuclear deal the Obama administration negotiated with the mullahs, President Trump said today (10/13). He laid out a new strategy to make certain the “radical regime” never acquires nuclear weapons.

The president’s speech was nuanced and masterful. Even McCain liked it.


President Trump issued an executive order yesterday (10/12) to permit people to buy health insurance across state lines. Rand Paul explains here why this is a big deal.

Trump also will end subsidies to health insurance companies. The subsidies are expensive, and illegal.

Earlier, Trump overturned Obama’s contraception mandate. He’s just begun to dismantle Zero’s pride and joy, the president tweeted today.


Harvey Weinstein was fired Sunday (10/8) from the company he and his brother founded, accelerating his startling plunge from one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood and most influential Democrat contributors nationally to pariah.


Catalonian independence isn’t working out the way the Russians and George Soros hoped.


The NFL inched closer to capitulation as the most epic blunder in the history of marketing bled into its third week.


It’s difficult to overstate how much harm the Harvey Weinstein scandal does to President Trump’s enemies, and ours.



Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

October 12 is for celebrating the 525th anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America, for on that day in 1492, the Great Admiral landed on Guanahani (now known as San Salvador or Watlings) island in the Bahamas.

We commemorate this as a true discovery in contrast to all the claims of Vikings, Chinese, Irish, and others who supposedly came earlier – for once and only after  Columbus discovered America, it stayed discovered.

Unfortunately, Columbus Day is for most Americans just an excuse for a three-day weekend – which is why it’s a holiday today, Monday October 9.

What it should be is a commemoration and celebration of  Western Civilization – which is why the Left hates Columbus and his holiday.

If it’s your misfortune to run into any of these folk bemoaning the nightmare and tragedy of our coming here, you might suggest to them that they abandon every vestige of the civilization they hate as so evil.

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