Date: November 25th 2005

To The Point Weekly Report for November 25th 2005
Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 24 November 2005

The short answer is: No, they can’t – not this year. They can’t emotionally afford it. BDS – Bush Derangement Syndrome – requires them to overcook their turkey, serve it with sugarless cranberries to match their bitterness, and wash it down not with a good chardonnay but with bile.

Their propaganda machine known collectively as the MSM – mainstream media – should be re-nicknamed the BNM: the Bad News Media. The Democrats must refuse to acknowledge and the BNM must refuse to report anything good about America whatsoever.

Failure on their part to do so might cause dangerously blasphemous thoughts to occur to the American public, like we are not losing the War on Moslem Terrorism, we are not losing the War in Iraq, President Bush is an honest and decent man whose moral character infinitely exceeds theirs ( and most especially his Democrat predecessor and opponents in 2000 and 2004), the American economy is doing spectacularly well, the sky is not falling nor the oceans rising due to global warming, that America has so much to celebrate on this Thanksgiving Day.

The Dems and Libs will on this day mouth pious platitudes about our “blessings,” making sure to riddle them with let’s-not-forget buts: “Thank you, O (substitute whatever they put in place of God) for America’s blessings but let’s not forget the victims of Katrina and the homeless and the starving Banglesdeshis and every ailment on the planet because they are all America’s and George Bush’s fault.”

Democrats cannot truly celebrate Thanksgiving because they no longer have the capacity to celebrate being American. This is not hyperbolic. It is a tragic truth.

Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 25 November 2005

For some time now, I’ve been telling you that Condi Rice may replace Dick Cheney (who would step down for “health reasons”) as Bush’s Vice-President, putting her in the catbird seat for the GOP presidential nomination in ’08. I expect this to take place by summer 2006.

As I discussed last month in 44, her candidacy would be do more damage to the Democrat Party than Katrina did to the Gulf Coast. She is the only candidate the GOP can put up who could defeat Hillary.

(Try this on as a barf alert: John McCain as Hillary’s running mate. Denied the GOP nomination, he’ll bolt his party and team with Hil who’s got the Dem nomination sewed up. Yep, that’s the latest hot DC buzz.)

Now it’s time for the other shoe to drop.

Michael Ledeen   
Friday, 25 November 2005

More than three years ago, prior to the liberation of Iraq, I lamented that our great national debate on the war against terrorism was the wrong debate, because it was:

“About using our irresistible military might against a single country in order to bring down its leader, when we should be talking about using all our political, moral, and military genius to support a vast democratic revolution to liberate the peoples of the Middle East from their tyrannical rulers. That is our real mission, the essence of the war in which we are engaged, and the proper subject of our national debate.”

The proper debate has still not been engaged, and the Bush Administration’s failure to lead it bespeaks a grave failure of strategic vision. The war was narrowly aimed against the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein.
Jack Kelly   
Thursday, 24 November 2005

Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the al Qaeda chieftain in Iraq, has had a bad week.

If it turns out Zarqawi was among seven al Qaeda leaders killed in Mosul Saturday, it'll have been a really bad week. But even if Zarqawi got away again, it's been a rotten week for him.

It's also been a bad week for antiwar Democrats, who had their bluff called in the House of Representatives.
Alex Alexiev   
Thursday, 24 November 2005

After two weeks of unrestrained violence across the country, France imposed curfews and a state-of-emergency rule on 24 of its provinces. The government certainly hopes that this wartime measure will quickly scale down the riots and it may well do that.

Yet history is more likely to look back on this not as the end of an irrational burst of urban violence, but as the first act in a protracted time of troubles for France and Europe that could ultimately lead to the demise of European civilization as we know it.

None of this is even remotely discernible in French political rhetoric or media coverage surrounding the violent events in the Moslem ghettoes. Yet, shying away from reality by France's ruling class does not change reality – and that stark reality is one of a civilized European nation sliding into barbarism.
Neal Asbury   
Friday, 25 November 2005

The recently completed fourth Summit of the Americas held November 6th at Mar del Plata, Argentina was over the top surreal even by the bizarre standards of past meetings of the 34 democratic countries of the Western Hemisphere.

At the heart of all the hullabaloo and political annihilation lies the FTAA (Free Trade Agreement of the Americas), which has become the lightening rod of South American leftwing-populist governments making a stand against the omnipresent bogeyman of American Imperialism.

FTAA would create a free trade zone from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego and encompass all the countries of the Western Hemisphere with the exception of Cuba. It would result in a $13 trillion market of 830 million people. It is a comprehensive trade agreement covering merchandise and services while setting standards for environmental protection, labor rights and due process. Essentially it would extend NAFTA throughout the hemisphere and be a boom for businesses everywhere.

Despite the ranting of nutcase Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who claimed he came to Mar del Plata “with a shovel to bury FTAA”, 29 of the 34 countries in attendance pledged to turn the Western Hemisphere into the world’s largest free trade zone. Only five countries, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela opposed the agreement. Though there were numerous anti-US and anti-Bush demonstrations throughout the region from Argentina to Panama, the concept of an economically integrated region won hands down.
Dr. Joel Wade   
Thursday, 24 November 2005

I talk a lot about gratitude in these columns, because being actively grateful for what you have in life – whatever your circumstances – is one of the most important things you can do for your own sense of happiness and well being.

Today I want to address one of the barriers toward feeling grateful in life, and offer a perspective that I hope will allow you to remove this barrier.

Every so often I hear a comment that goes something like this: “The world is such a crazy place”, or “Life is overrated”, or “Mankind is so terrible.”

Each time I wonder to myself - or say out loud if it’s appropriate – “To what else, exactly, are you comparing ‘the world’, or ‘life’, or ‘mankind’?”
POLITICAL NASDAQ -- November 18-23, 2005
Dagny D'Anconia   
Thursday, 24 November 2005

The DDI remained up all week and the Nasdaq gained about 3% from this time last week. The volume was light, in advance of the Thanksgiving break. There was a slight drop as traders closed out some positions near the end of the day Wednesday in advance of the holiday. Markets will be closed until Monday. The DDI remains up.
The guessing game for Woodward’s source continued like a game of Clue: Was it Secretary Rice? No. Was it Vice-President Cheney? No... As some of the more desirable targets were eliminated, the market went sideways on Monday.

The Leftist media (or BNM – Bad News Media – as Jack puts it) is still shaking their Christmas present, trying to guess what they will get. The new Woodward testimony has allowed the media to extend their coverage of the leak scandal for yet another week of Administration bashing and intrigue.
Dennis Turner
Friday, 25 November 2005

The Internet is like what the North Pole and the Moon used to be – a great, unexplored terrain with all sorts of life-changing phenomena, just waiting be discovered, and used for your betterment.

Of course, it depends on how you define ‘betterment.’ For many people that means having the computer spit out a can of Coke because they’re too lazy to get up and fetch one from the fridge themselves.

If you’re in the neighborhood of MIT, you can use your computer to conjure one up.

However, if you want your kids to get fresh air, you might consider the Internet to be the second most useless invention in human history, a close runner up to the TV.

But forget TV: the miracle of the Web is that there are sites that are not only fun, but amazingly useful, too.
Humor File
Friday, 25 November 2005

News Bulletin from Bravo Sierra News Service

Washington, November 25, 2005. President Bush today authorized the Joint Chiefs to begin drawing up a battle plan to pull France’s derrière out of the fire again.

With France facing an apparent overwhelming invasion force of thousands of teenaged vandals, Mr. Bush doubts France’s ability to hold them off. “If the last two World Wars are any indication,” Mr. Bush commented at the Pentagon meeting, “I would expect France to surrender any day now.”

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