Date: January 27th 2006

To The Point Weekly Report for January 27th 2006

Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 26 January 2006

Dennis “The Wizard” Turner only sleeps on the Jewish Sabbath. Every other day and night he spends at the Aroma Café in Jerusalem with his laptop, sending me a never-ending stream of emails telling me how wrong I am about things.

About twenty-seven times a day, I get an emailed article from him with a note, “Jack, you are so wrong about Sharon… Jack, you are so wrong about Gaza… Jack, you are so wrong about Olmert and Kadima…” So I can just imagine how totally wrong Dennis will say I am about Hamas winning the Palestinian elections.

For I don’t think it’s a disaster at all. I think it’s an opportunity. I’m happy Hamas won. (Dennis has now collapsed into a twitching heap on the café floor. I hope he didn’t let his laptop crash on the floor as well.)

It’s time to celebrate the end of moral goo, the end of pretending Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority were “people we could work with,” the end of all the evasion and desperate avoidance of reality. At last, it’s the End of Pretend.

Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 26 January 2006

Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ), who chairs the House Subcommittee on Human Rights, is so mad at Google for capitulating to the Chicoms he is going to hold hearings next month on the operating procedures of US Internet companies in China.

He can expect to be getting a call from CIA Director Porter Goss politely requesting that he shut up.

He’ll tell Smith he can vent for a little while longer, enough to make Google execs sweat and be receptive to the call they’ll be getting from Langley. But as soon as the Google boys turn cooperative, Smith had better turn quiet.

Google’s Chicom Collaboration presents a marvelous intelligence opportunity.

Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Tuesday, 24 January 2006

We’ve gotten a number of queries regarding the corporeal status of Osama Bin Laden, given that Michael Ledeen, in Who’s An Iraqi? , reported that OBL croaked in December, yet he came out with an audiotape in January.

Here’s the deal.

Dagny D'Anconia   
Thursday, 26 January 2006

In this journalistic tour de force, Dagny d’Anconia reveals the astounding truth behind the Jack Abramoff scandal – and why Abramoff’s life may now be in danger. ---JW

Jack Abramoff was a Republican lobbyist. In fact, he has become the media’s archetype for an evil, greedy, Republican super-lobbyist.

So I ask you this: In this politically charged environment, and caught in a scandal, who would you get for a lawyer if you were Jack Abramoff? The answer of who he got will shock you:

Jack Abramoff’s lawyer is one of the most powerful and trusted Democrat lawyers in the country. He is not just any lawyer. He is the lawyer that argued against Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the Senate. He has represented numerous infamous Democrats over the years. He is the ultimate Democrat insider for the Clintons.

Common sense tells us Jack Abramoff never would have chosen that lawyer if he were free to choose.

My conclusion is that the New York Clintons and/or Democrats made a deal with the New York Mafia to deliver the Abramoff scandal and thus the 2006/2008 elections.

If this is true, then Jack Abramoff may soon have outlived his usefulness. He can no longer do lobbying. He will soon have done all the damage he could do to the Republicans. If the bad guys get a notion that he could come forward and tell the whole story, then they might do something to prevent it.

They would try to make it either look like a suicide, or like a right-wing guy did it to punish him for his damage to the Republicans. Either story would be entirely plausible to the press, and yet another way to damage the Republicans. Thus he may soon become more useful dead than alive to them.

Bringing out this story now, first, is my way to help prevent that from happening.

Jack Kelly   
Thursday, 26 January 2006

It was no way to treat a lady. Washington Post ombudswoman Deborah Howell wrote a column praising her paper for exposing lobbyist Jack Abramoff. She was deluged with so much obscene email from outraged liberals the Post had to shut down one of its Web sites.

Mr. Abramoff pled guilty earlier this month to defrauding his clients (Indian tribes who owned casinos) and the Internal Revenue Service.

Ms. Howell's critics were in high dudgeon over a distinction without a difference. In the 7th paragraph of her story lauding reporter Susan Schmidt, she wrote: "And (Abramoff) had made substantial contributions to both major parties."

"I heard that I was lying, that Democrats never got a penny of Abramoff-tainted money, that I was trying to say it was a bipartisan scandal," a stunned Ms. Howell wrote in her column last Sunday.

All of Mr. Abramoff's personal contributions went to Republicans. But the big money was what Mr. Abramoff directed his clients to contribute.

Neal Asbury   
Thursday, 26 January 2006

Below is a speech I recently gave to the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce in association with the U.S. Southern Command, Center for Hemispheric Policy at the University of Miam, Florida International University, and Miami Free Zone at their “Americas Intelligence Briefing Series” on China’s Role in the Americas.

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times asserts in his best selling book on globalization, The World is Flat, that the world has become smaller and “flatter” due to the rapid advancement of Information Technology.

If something can be digitized, says Friedman, it can be zipped around the world in nanoseconds allowing workers from low cost countries such as China and India to replace workers from industrialized countries at a fraction of the expense.

Friedman stresses this “flattening” has resulted in a more “level” playing field. In fact the cover of his book has a picture of earth taken from space superimposed on the face of a quarter symbolizing how small, flat and level it has become.

The concept of a flat world today is as wrong metaphorically as it was when Copernicus proved it to be literally wrong. Mr. Friedman has obviously never sold and exported anything in his life.

Brigitte Gabriel   
Thursday, 26 January 2006

Torture is accepted and even expected in the Arab world. Might makes right. Arab men – not those nice Arab men you may know who have immigrated to America, but Arab men living in the Arab world – prove their manhood by the way they treat their enemy.

After all, it's what Mohammed did to the nonbelievers - Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians in the Koran - the 'holy book' allegedly mishandled in Guantanamo prison. Arab Moslem men gain honor by shaming, belittling, abusing and torturing their enemy in the most horrific ways.

As someone who came from the Arab world and knows how they think, it frustrates me to see self-appointed self-righteous politicians and media pundits, oblivious to Arabic culture and thinking, criticizing America's actions at Guantanamo.

Actually Gitmo is a joke as far as the Arabs are concerned. Prison? You call that a prison? You know what prisoners call Guantanamo among themselves? Al muntazah al-dini lilmujaheden al Moslemin , The Religious Resort for Islamic Militants.

Read more for free...
Michael Ledeen   
Thursday, 26 January 2006

The Syrian-Iranian terror alliance goes back a quarter-century, when Hezbollah was created to wage terror war against American and French forces in Lebanon.

There was a neat division of labor: Syria controlled the territory, and Iran ran the organization. Hezbollah's murderous successes are legendary, from the suicide bombings against the French and American Marine barracks to a similar operation against the American embassy, all in Beirut in 1983, to massive bombings of Jewish targets in Argentina in 1992. That alliance remains intact, and provides the base of the terror war in Iraq today.

Now the Iranians are concerned at signs of cracks in the edifice of the Assad regime. The Assad family's grip on Syria is weakening, and this is welcome news indeed, both for the long-suffering Syrian people and for us.

The Iranians are desperate to keep Assad in power, and Hezbollah armed to the teeth. Should things go the other way, Iran would lose its principal ally in the war against us in Iraq.

Dr. Joel Wade   
Friday, 27 January 2006

On the walls in our home we are putting up a bunch of pictures. We have pictures of our family, of trips we have been on together, parents, aunts, uncles, friends. My wife and I have spent some degree of time and energy selecting these pictures from literally boxes and boxes of pictures.

We select those pictures that we enjoy looking at, that remind us of important experiences, good times, and people whom we love at their best. In this way we honor those in our lives who matter to us, and we direct our focus upon people, things, and experiences that we would like to be reminded of often.

We don’t have pictures up of people who have been bad to us or hurt us in some way.

I want you to think for a moment of your own memory; the scenes that you see in your mind’s eye that remind you of your past experiences. Your memory is very much like your own personal, internal picture gallery.

POLITICAL NASDAQ - - January 20-26, 2006
Dagny D'Anconia   
Friday, 27 January 2006

On Friday (Jan. 20), Iran announced it would move its funds out of European banks, and commenced doing so. Back during the Iranian hostage crisis America froze Iranian assets and they were taking no chances of the Europeans repeating this.

This was also an attempt for Iran to flex its financial muscle, and show how weak the Western financial markets were. The net result was an economic assault on the West's stock markets.

Dennis Turner   
Friday, 27 January 2006

You know what they say about computers - the minute the newest models come off the assembly line they're already obsolete, because back in the lab they've already developed a prototype two generations ahead of the most advanced commercially available systems.

As the old saying goes, "If cars had progressed as fast as computers, we would be driving at 500 MPH in a $25 car that gets 2 million miles per gallon and seats the population of China."

This is relevant to many of us who are interested in burning DVDs ...

Humor File   
Friday, 27 January 2006

Jack Wheeler has just received this latest email from Dennis “The Wizard” Turner:

Dear Jack,

In addition to being wrong about Sharon, Gaza, and Hamas, you’re also wrong about your disbelief in global warming.

You know that in the past, I have been just as skeptical as you, but unlike you, I can be persuaded by compelling and countervailing evidence. This Associated Press news story is as compelling as evidence can be that global warming is real:

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