Date: February 3rd 2008

Dear Friend of To The Point,

This past Friday, we published an explosive article on John McCain.  In response to many members’ requests, How The Clintons Will Destroy John McCain is now a free public access article.

I greatly appreciate TTP members’ willingness to share this article with the public at large after paying for it themselves.  TTP is membership site, paid for by member subscriptions.  There is no advertising.  Information in TTP is exclusive to members.

Yet members felt the issue of John McCain is of such critical danger to our country that they have insisted it be made public.

You now have full access to How The Clintons Will Destroy John McCain, and are free to forward or post it wherever you feel it would be useful.

In addition, I am now granting free public access to an article written over two years ago in November 2005, which revealed that many Republican staffers on Capitol Hill thought that John McCain leaked classified information to the Washington Post about secret CIA prisons for terrorists – a treasonous act.

That article, from November 2005, is:  To The Big House Instead of the White House?  You may post this wherever you like.

Let's all do our share in helping to prevent the disaster of a McCain nomination.  And I hope you will consider joining our TTP family and become a TTP member yourself.

Jack Wheeler

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