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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 16 November 2007

I've heard it from more than one COS (Chief of Staff) of Republican Senators now, and the buzz is growing among Capitol Hill staffers in the House as well.  Word is that a number of "Soros Republicans" are about to step up to the plate.  Big time.

The term is unfortunate, attaching the name of scumbag George Soros to patriotic Americans.  What is meant by it is that just as Soros opened up his billion dollar wallet for the Dems, so billionaire Republicans are about to do the same for the GOP.

It's about time.

The Democrats' 2008 campaign is going to be the most vicious attack on America ever conducted.  The recent ad blitz for local and state elections earlier this month was a taste - one over-the-top character-rape of Republican candidates after unending other. 

The RNC (Republican National Committee) estimates that the Dems will raise and spend - via the Clinton machine, Soros-type donors, the labor unions, the moonbats - two billion dollars to capture the White House and keep control of Congress.

Finally, the Pubbies are waking up to the danger. 
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 16 November 2007

TTPers have known for many moons now that the American military is winning a tremendous victory in Iraq.  This week, Tony Blankley and Jack Kelly provide updates in Declaring Victory and Declaring Defeat.

The media is finally and begrudgingly acknowledging the reality of victory.  So far, however, the focus has been entirely on the defeat of Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).  Yet this has been a two-front war, a war to terrorize and destabilize Iraq waged not just by AQI, but by Iran.

Now we learn that not only is terrorist violence vanishing in Sunni regions of AQI focus, but in Shia regions of Iranian focus.  AP is reporting that Basra violence is down 90%.

America's victory in Iraq means that both Al Qaeda and Iran have been defeated... simultaneously

Now here's a question to consider:  Was this George Bush's goal all along?  Iraq as a two-fer!

Let's not go there, though.  Let's focus instead on the consequences of defeat in Iraq for Iran.  They are very grave.  One of the gravest examples is the emerging Arab Shia Anti-Iran Alliance.
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Chapter Thirty-Two: "WE HAVE KILLED MALINCHE!" Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Sunday, 11 November 2007

[After an absurdly long bout of inexcusable procrastination, Chapter Thirty-Two of The Jade Steps in finally here.  There are only two more chapters to go:  The Sowing of the Whirlwind, and La Malinche, followed by an Epilogue.  The end is in sight!]

The Jade Steps

Chapter Thirty Two:  "We Have Killed Malinche!"

Cortez lay awake in his bedchambers at his headquarters in Tepeaca.  He and his forces had returned from Huaquechula in time to celebrate All Saints Day and pray to those who had achieved the beatific vision in heaven that this "ultimate end of human existence" might possibly be granted to them when they die.

That was yesterday.  Today, they held the Feast of All Souls Day, to pray for those departed Christian souls being cleansed of their sins in purgatorium.  For some reason, he had felt an unusual uneasiness during the prayers at Mass, which he expressed to Doña Marina.  Now he was even more uneasy, for where was she?  Gone on one of her evening learning expeditions.  This one was taking too long.  He wished that she was next to him right now.

Suddenly she was.  She had burst wordlessly into the room, quickly removed her dress, and snuggled up to him in their bed.  A look into Cortez's eyes told her what he had been thinking.

And when he looked back into hers, he knew something was wrong.  He waited for her to tell him.
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REAGAN 21: Applying RRs Principles to the 21st Century Print E-mail
Written by Congressman John Campbell (R-CA)   
Thursday, 15 November 2007

It's been nearly 20 years since Ronald Reagan left the presidency. Yet, even people who don't remember his presidency (or his governorship in California) as I do, have positive views of his legacy.

Yes, he lowered taxes and ended the Cold War. But we remember him for even more than that. He stood unwavering by his principles, his personal integrity was never in question and he had that immutable optimism.

Today, Congress has a record-low approval rating of 11 percent. Republicans lost the majority in part because they spent too much, had ethical lapses and did not deliver on illegal immigration and other issues. The people put Democrats in charge, but they have disappointed even more than Republicans.

Americans are crying out for leadership with principle, integrity and courage. They want to believe again in an optimistic vision for America's future.

Reagan 21 is the project of a group of about 20 senators and representatives to provide that fresh, bold leadership.
Written by Jack Kelly   
Monday, 12 November 2007

Most pundits in Washington have already conceded the Democrat nomination to Sen. Clinton because of the large leads she holds in national opinion polls. 

But that lead is illusory, because normal people don't pay much attention to politics a year before the election.  It's not a surprise that there are a lot of undecideds in the national polls, or that the frontrunners in both parties are the candidates with the highest name recognition.

The polls in Iowa -- where a higher proportion of voters is paying attention, because the Iowa caucuses are less than two months away -- tell a different story.  There, Hillary Clinton's lead over Sen. Barack Hussein Obama is within the margin of error.

Sen. Obama is so wet behind the ears dolphins could swim there.  But he's a likeable guy, and people tend to vote for the candidate they like.
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Written by Jack Kelly   
Thursday, 15 November 2007

We're floundering in a quagmire in Iraq. Our strategy is flawed, and it's too late to change it. Our material resources have been squandered, our best people killed, and our reputation around the world is circling the drain.  We must withdraw immediately.

No, I'm not channeling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  I'm channeling Osama bin Laden, for whom the war in Iraq has been a catastrophe.

Al Qaeda had little presence in Iraq during the regime of Saddam Hussein.  But once he was toppled, Al Qaeda's chieftains decided to make Iraq the central front in the global jihad against the Great Satan. 

"The most important and serious issue today for the whole world is this third world war, which the Crusader-Zionist coalition began against the Islamic nation," Osama bin Laden said in an audio tape posted on Islamic Web sites in December, 2004.  "It is raging in the land of the Two Rivers.  The world's millstone and pillar is Baghdad, the capital of the caliphate."

Jihadis, money and weapons were poured into Iraq from all over the Moslem world.  All for naught.  Al Qaeda has been defeated in Iraq.
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Written by Tony Blankley   
Thursday, 15 November 2007

It has become obligatory for both pro- and anti-war commentators to never mention the possibility of victory in Iraq.

The most that anti-war people will admit is that the surge has gained a temporary military advantage in a war that cannot be won militarily. The most pro-war commentators will claim is that they see the possibility of "success" perhaps, maybe, someday, somehow.

But as of Veterans Day 2007, I think one can claim a very real expectation that next year the world may see a genuine, old-fashioned victory in the Iraq War.

In five years we will have overturned Saddam's government, killed, captured or driven out of country almost all Al Qaeda terrorists, suppressed the violent Shi'ite militias and induced the Sunni tribal leaders and their people to shun resistance and send their sons into the army and police and seek peaceful resolution of disputes.

And we will have stood up a multisectarian, tribally inclusive army capable of maintaining the peace that our troops established.
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Written by Dr. Joel Wade   
Friday, 16 November 2007

If you want to write effectively, if you want to engage your readers, it is important that you write mostly in the "active" voice. The active voice directly links the subject with his or her action; the subject causes the action:

"Steve took the hammer and swung it hard against the wall." We know who swung the hammer: Steve did, and he swung it hard against the wall.

This is in contrast with the "passive" voice, where the subject is acted upon by the verb, and the subject is often absent entirely:

"The hammer was swung against the wall," or, "The hammer hit the wall." Who swung the hammer? We don't know, and we are left with a more vague understanding of just what happened here.

I got to thinking about using the passive versus the active voice in life.  What about using the passive voice versus the active voice in your daily speech and writing? How would that affect a person's life?  So I want to have you join me in a little experiment.
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Written by To The Point News   
Friday, 16 November 2007

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 09 November 2007

Yesterday (11/08), the Wall Street Journal ran an article giving ten reasons Why $100 Can't Float.  They were good, persuasive reasons.  Yet taken together, they were not sufficiently persuasive as they ignored the political dimension of the problem.

Put in a nutshell, we have near $100 oil instead of energy independence at a fraction of the cost because Congress is an obstacle rather than a solution to the problem.

Right here in America, we have enormous energy reserves of coal, natural gas, liquid oil, and oil shale.  With foreign oil now so expensive, it should be easy to produce our own energy at far less cost.  And it will be easy if Congress does three things:
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 08 November 2007

How's that for your basic nightmare scenario?  Welcome to Pakistan's future.  And for once, the Moonbats are right.  It is Bush's fault.

It is not, of course, Bush's fault that Pakistan is a make-believe country ludicrously constructed by the colonial British, as we learned in The Lunacy of a British Legacy

It's not his fault that Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI - the Pak CIA) created the Taliban as a joint business venture to run the Afghan heroin trade (as we learned about in The Bourne Absurdity).

But it is his fault for not eliminating Afghanistan's  poppy fields, which are capitalizing the Islamist maelstrom engulfing Pakistan. 

That's because the family of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, along with the family's business partners in New Jersey, are making millions from Afghan heroin as well.

All the media attention is now on Pervez Musharraf and his consolidation of power, with predictable puerile moaning about his "threat to democracy."  Naturally, almost no big media attention is paid to the heroin drug money fueling the crisis. 

If they did, reporters' attention might better be directed away from the riotous streets of Islamabad and towards a McMansion on a leafy quiet street in Mendham, New Jersey.
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Written by Jack Kelly   
Thursday, 08 November 2007

On Sept. 1, 2004, Chechens affiliated with al Qaeda seized a middle school in Beslan, Russia.  In the three day siege, 334 people --most of them children -- were killed.  Could something like that happen here?

* In May of 2006, two Saudi students at the University of South Florida boarded a school bus.  They were "cagey and evasive" in explaining why they boarded the bus, said a spokesman for the Hillsborough County sheriff.

* In March of 2007, the FBI issued a bulletin to law enforcement warning that Moslems "with ties to extremist groups" were signing up to be school bus drivers.

*  A Houston television station reported in August of this year that 17 large yellow school buses have been stolen.

Al Qaeda prefers middle schools because the girls are old enough to rape, but the boys aren't big enough to fight back, says retired Army LtCol. Dave Grossman, who runs a private security firm. 

Why would al Qaeda contemplate something so monstrous?
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Written by Paul Belien   
Thursday, 08 November 2007

During the Second World War, the Nazis worked on plans to build the Messerschmitt Me 264 Amerikabomber, an airplane specially devised to fly suicide missions into Manhattan's skyscrapers.

Albert Speer, the Nazi minister for armaments, recalled in his diary Inside The Third Reich: "It was almost as if [Hitler] was in a delirium when he described to us how New York would go up in flames. He imagined how the skyscrapers would turn into huge blazing torches. How they would crumble while the reflection of the flames would light the skyline against the dark sky."

Hitler hated Manhattan. It was, he said, "the center of world Jewry." Less than 60 years later, Hitler's plans were executed by Moslem immigrants living in Germany. At the 2003 trial of the network around Mohamed Atta (the pilot who flew into the World Trade Center), Shahid Nickels, a German convert to Islam and a friend of Atta's, said that the Islamists had targeted Manhattan because it is "the center of world Jewry, and the world of finance and commerce controlled by it."

The parallels between Nazism and Islamism are overwhelming. Yet the subject is a taboo.
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Written by Star Parker   
Thursday, 08 November 2007

The U.S Comptroller General and head of the GAO, Government Accountability Office, has described the entitlements crisis facing this country as a "tsunami" that approaches while we continue to party on the beach.

What GAO head David Walker is talking about are the massive upcoming obligations under Social Security and Medicare that we have no funds to meet. Tens of trillions of dollars of supposed commitments, promises made to us by our government, that today we have no clue how we'll pay.

In those rare moments when our political "leaders" screw up sufficient courage to acknowledge this dark and ominous fiscal cloud hanging over us, the discussion is invariably technical. Proposed tax increases, cap increases, retirement age increases, benefit cuts, indexing -- all geared to "save the system."

But who has considered that, despite all the discussion about unfunded liabilities, what we really have on our hands is, at root and core, a moral crisis?
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Written by Tony Blankley   
Thursday, 08 November 2007

From Islamabad to London to Paris to Moscow to Los Angeles - wherever a flickering video image could reach - the nerves of the world became more frayed this week with the images of mass demonstrations in the streets and the stunning announcement that Hollywood writers have gone on strike for more humane working conditions.

The contract between the 12,000-member Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) expired Oct. 31. (Who knew it took 12,000 writers to produce the dreck coming out of Hollywood these days?)

Imminently we will be seeing the pathetic consequences of the strike: heartbreaking images of Jay Leno telling lame jokes (well, not all things will change), Jon Stewart silently making mere faces at the camera (his clever lines having been unwritten due to the strike), Stephen Colbert, denied the words written for him to mock Bill O'Reilly, forced to pointlessly over-gesticulate.
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