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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 27 September 2013

Shanghai. The loudest people on the planet are Chinese.  The most obnoxious sound you've ever heard is that of a Chinese man spitting - which they do often and everywhere.  The most evil mass murderer in human history is worshipped as a demi-god by countless Chinese.  His picture is on every denomination of Chinese currency.

The list of Chinese negatives is very long.  And they are all irrelevant.  They are all overridden by one single fact:  that China is a serious country and the Chinese are a serious people - while America and Americans are not.

There is almost no way to describe the massiveness and ubiquity of the construction going on in hundreds of cities.  Gigantic apartment complexes are springing up everywhere.  Bullet trains going 200mph with amazingly smooth rides over railroads that go everywhere.  Superhighways are the same.  There must be at least two or three dozen airlines that fly to hundreds of cities.  Three of them just placed an order for 68 A320s worth $6.75 billion - European Airbuses instead of Boeings as a slap in Zero's face.

This same massive, purposeful, determined energy is being channeled into China's military.  The Chinese will have a full-on blue water navy within a few years.  They are focused on aircraft carrier-sinking cruise missiles, communication satellite-destroying ballistic missiles, undersea cable-slicing deep water robots, and of course, incapacitating our entire computer-based economy and military via hacking.

The Chinese are different from us in many ways.  They operate under a different set of moral rules and proscriptions.  But one thing the Chinese are not is stupid.    Another thing they are not is apologetic and unconfident.

China today is a competitor of America's unlike any we have ever faced.  It is deadly - literally deadly - serious, and deadly smart.  Really smart.  China is becoming more serious, more confident, and more educated-smart by the day - while we are becoming the opposite of all three, by the day.
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FROM 9/11 TO 3.0 Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Wednesday, 11 September 2013

On this 12th anniversary of the Moslem Atrocity of 9/11, our problems seem worse than ever.  The federal government has metastasized into a cancer that many consider terminal for our country's existence.  Tens of millions of us have given up hope of ever finding a job again - while millions more just starting out in their twenties have never had a job at all. 

The problems seem so numerous and insuperable that many of us have given up on America's future.  Most horrifying is that this is what Zero wants, the destruction of America's future is his goal.  The more we suffer, the more he gloats, laughing in our faces as he plays another round of golf and Mrs. Zero is treated as royalty, going off on another multi-million dollar vacation.

And all the while, his corrupt corporatist cronies, like those at Solyandra, make hundreds of millions.

So it is only appropriate that we commemorate this day by committing ourselves to creating a new America that will conquer the Curse of Zero, and reclaim our future of optimism.

The good news is that this creation is already well underway.  There's a blueprint for it and the foundation is being laid.  Here it is.
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 05 September 2013

My wife and I spent much of the summer in our favorite museum.  It's called Europe.  Not a museum in Europe, but Europe itself.

Since America is an island, Americans tend to be insular and consider their problems to be the world's best.  But it is not so. 

For Americans, the rest of the world is thousands of miles away across the Pacific or Atlantic, while Canada is that cold place far to the north where they say "eh" all the time, while Mexico is that sweltering place all the illegals come from - hence Americans see their country as a giant isolated island.  A separate universe.

When things are going good, we think there's no place better - a perspective for which there is justification.  When things are going bad, we think no place on earth is going to hell in a handbasket faster.  We consider Zero to be such a horrendous disaster because we've never been deranged enough to engage in electoral masochism before.

This is a first for us - but for much of the rest of the world, it's the norm.  Masochism, in the form of people accepting subjugation from thugs who declared themselves chiefs, kings, and emperors, has been the political way of life for most of human history.  We view America as "the exceptional nation" because it is the exception to this history.

Our cultural progenitor enabling this exception was Europe.  Now that Europe is regressing, our fear is that we are too.  But fear is a waste of time.  Unless we use fear to assess the extent of actual danger, we'll just wallow in it and not rationally act to get rid of what we're scared of. 

So a glance at Europe could be helpful to see where it's fallen into the masochistic mire so we can avoid doing so. 
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 29 August 2013

I must admit that I was prepared to be skeptical when I started reading Mark Levin's The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic.  Our country's problem is not the Constitution, it's a government that disobeys it, that uses every method of fascist trickery to distort and get around it.

The solution, I thought, is to somehow force the federalies to stop being outlaws - for that's what we have now, an illegitimate outlaw government - and start obeying the Constitution we already have, instead of changing it. 

America was blessed at its inception with a founding legal structure that has never been surpassed in history up to the present day for enabling the flourishing of its citizenry while preventing tyranny.  Its distortion and corruption by all four branches of the federal government - executive, legislative, judicial, and bureaucratic - is what needs to be fixed, not the structure itself.

Now, after I read the book, I must admit that Levin is a persuasive guy.  Not convincing, but certainly persuasive.  Let's talk about where he hits the target, where he misses, and to what extent - if any - does he explain how we fix America.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 22 August 2013

It began in Trinidad.  Walter Mischel, a Jewish kid from Vienna whose family escaped from the Nazis to Brooklyn, was doing field work on the Caribbean island for his Ph.D. in psychology.  It was 1955, and he noticed the population was split between people whose families came from India and those from Africa.

The Indians thought the Africans were "impulsive hedonists" who lived for the moment and never cared for the future, while the Africans thought the Indians only cared about "stuffing money into their mattresses" and didn't know how to have fun.  He wondered what lay behind such assessments.

At age 28, Walter became an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Harvard.  That was in 1958, but a year later, Timothy Leary joined the faculty, and Walter couldn't handle all of his students freaked out on the psychedelics Leary was preaching the use of.  So he went to Stanford.

In 1966, when the Stanford Psych Department launched its Bing Nursery School to research child development, Walter thought back to his days in Trinidad and came up with an experiment that was to become famous as the Stanford Marshmallow Test.  The implications for America today are astounding.
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