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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 25 July 2013

Shkodra, Albania.  When you fly over the main square here, you instantly notice a Moslem mosque and Christian church adjacent to each other.  They are both brand new, built in the last few years. 

I'm writing this in a modern hotel room with wi-fi and a beautiful pool below.  It's brand new too.  In fact, virtually everything in this entire country is brand new or refurbished.  Including the people in a certain way.  Everyone looks normal, acts normal, dresses normal, and drives normal - but it's all amazing, especially the driving. 

Up until not much more than 20 years ago, there wasn't a single private car in Albania, and only those allowed to drive government vehicles knew how.  Albania's roads and city streets today are filled with cars, and everyone behind their wheels just learned how to drive.  Somehow, they not only learned how to drive well, but courteously. 

For anyone familiar with how crazy Italians drive - and Italy is right across the Adriatic from Albania - this is a shock.  Yet it is only the mildest of shocks when you learn what Albanians have been through to be where they are.

What's this all got to do with Blacks?  Not Blacks in Africa or Albania, but Blacks in America?  There are no blacks in Albania at all - but American Blacks should come here to learn something.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 18 July 2013

"What the liberal-left really wants is not for justice to be done and seen to be done, but rather for a sacrificial victim to be immolated on the pyre of racial grievance, resentment, and entitlement. Very few of those out on the streets protesting are worried in the slightest about whether or not Zimmerman is genuinely guilty of a crime. The symbolism is all that matters: Zimmerman was white; Trayvon was black." -James Delingpole, London Telegraph

This is because the Left practices the politics of human sacrifice.  The term "human sacrifice" brings up images of primitive tribes, like that so graphically and accurately depicted in the movie Apocalypto.

The culture of the Left is also based on primitive sacrifice.  The sacrifice the Left is demanding for Zimmerman - that he be "immolated on the pyre of racial grievance" - is not metaphorical.  The Left wants him physically killed - either by vigilante lynching or in a prison's electric chair.  We think our culture has "evolved" far beyond the primitive practices of human sacrifice, cannibalism, and however recently, slavery.  But it has not - not as far as the Left is concerned.

We make fun or sadly shake our heads in pity of illiterates like Rachel "I've got a 3.0" Jeantel, or rioting "I am Trayvon" inner city morons - but the truth is that the real jungle bunnies with bones through their noses are the white "intellectuals" of the Left. who teach in Ivy League Universities and write editorials in the New York Times. 

Although they consider themselves to be in the progressive vanguard of sophisticated contemporary thought, their belief system is atavistic, a regression to a primitive tribal belief in Black Magic.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sofia, Bulgaria.  Today (7/10) is the 27th straight day of anti-government protests here in Bulgaria's capital. 

If you look at the picture in the Euronews story about yesterday's protest, you'll notice that the folks marching down Vitosha Street aren't a bunch of Occupy moocher-hippies.  These are regular middle-class folks of all ages, Bulgarian Tea Partyers, totally fed up with endemic government corruption that seems impossible to get rid of.

One of Bulgaria's neighbors is Turkey, where similar anti-government protests have been going on since early June as well.  On Monday (7/08), police fired teargas and water cannons at protestors in Istanbul.

There have been massive anti-government protests for over a month in up to 100 cities in Brazil.  We all know what's going in Egypt, where tens of millions demanded the removal of an Islamist sharia tyranny, and got it.  But now what?

And now what for the US?  Zero's Police State America expands exponentially by the day, we have the most corrupt and oppressive government in our nation's history by far - and where are the folks in the streets like here in Bulgaria, or Turkey or Brazil?  I hear crickets instead.  Yet there's no doubt the seething and frustration is reaching a boiling point.

Is there something in common, some universal irritation, that causing all of this? Perhaps.  First, however, we need to get rid of a metaphor.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 04 July 2013


As Egyptians celebrate their liberation from the fascism of the Moslem Brotherhood, let us hope Americans will soon be celebrating their liberation from the fascism of Zero.

To The Point wishes you all a gloriously happy Fourth of July.  Have fun, celebrate America, and take the time to read the entire Declaration of Independence

While you read it, note: what counts is not that the Founding Patriots of America wrote these words - it's what they did.  What counts is they put these immortal words into action.  They pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor, and fought for America's freedom - knowing that if they failed, they would have been hung by their necks until dead on a gallows, and history would despise them as traitors.

Unless people are willing to fight and risk their lives for freedom, they don't deserve it.  Freedom must be earned, or else it will be lost.  We are losing it in America today.  Let us earn our freedom again.


Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Wednesday, 03 July 2013

What is going on in Egypt is simply astounding.  The pictures -such as those of this UPI story, are jaw-dropping.  Especially when you consider what millions upon millions of Egyptians are demonstrating against:  radical Islamism and Sharia law which they equate with fascist tyranny.

Who or what is behind these gigantic protests?  An amorphous movement called Tamarod, meaning "Rebel" or "Rebellion" in Arabic.  Its goal is the resignation of President Morsi and the removal of the Moslem Brotherhood from power, followed by new elections.

Now, here's what almost no one gets so far:  The Tamarod movement is Egypt's Tea Party.  Both are anti-fascist freedom movements.  Of course, the US Tea Parties have a far deeper and more solid foundation - the US Constitution and the demand for the federal government to limit itself to the Constitution's enumerated powers.

Nonetheless, what is happening in Egypt should inspire all Tea Partyers in America.  If tens of millions of Egyptians can demand the resignation of their corrupt fascist leader, why can't tens of millions of Americans do the same?

Well, then, why aren't they?  Americans have the greatest tradition of freedom in human history.  Egyptians don't have any at all.  So why aren't vast numbers of Americans in the streets demanding their freedom from the federalie fascisti, led by an irretrievably corrupt president who hates their country?  What does it take?

Maybe it takes George Zimmerman getting acquitted.
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