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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 13 March 2014

Ever hear of a guy named Walt Kelly?  He was born in Philly in 1913, moved to California in the 30s to draw Donald Duck cartoons for Walt Disney, and started his own newspaper comic strip in 1949.  It featured anthropomorphic animals in Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp, with the main character named Ponce de Leon Montgomery County Alabama Georgia Beauregard Possum - a dig at the South's pretentious aristocracy.

Kelly titled his comic strip after Ponce's nickname - Pogo.  If you grew up in the 50s or 60s, you grew up with Pogo, along with an innumerable cast of lovable animal characters (there were almost 1,000 over the years), all poking gentle fun at the human condition.  In 1971, two years before his death from diabetes, he published the cartoon for which he is best known.

This is more frighteningly relevant today than 42 years ago - and the "us" is all of us.  There are varying degrees of complicity.  At the top, of course, is an Anti-American President who hates his own country. 

Zero is an affirmative action baby, handed everything on a platter without earning it because of his race and made-up bio.  He's our #1 security threat because he doesn't want to defend us, and worse, doesn't know how if he did want to.  Bad combo.

Which bring us to the real security threat beyond our shores.  It isn't Russia, with its one-trick pony economy that can't even get itself above water with oil at $100 a barrel.  Putin is all bare-chested bluster, all hat and no cattle.  No, the real foreign threat we face is China.

I've been going to China since 1979, and as you know, just got back from there again last week.  Here are three pictures of the spectacular places we visited that I took with my Panasonic DMC-TZ5 compact camera.  There is a particular reason for me to show them to you.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 20 February 2014

This Saturday, February 22, is the 282nd anniversary of the birth of America's founder, the equal in nobility, heroism, and virtue of any human being who ever lived -- George Washington.

What it is not, nor is any day such as last Monday (2/17), is the phony holiday called "Presidents Day."  Let's be quite clear on this.  There is no such holiday.  It exists only in the minds of furniture dealers, car salesmen, and Hate-America leftists.

It wasn't until 1870 that there were any national holidays at all, recognized by the federal government and granting federal workers a day off, although four were recognized by most states:  the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  In 1870, Congress declared them national.

In 1879, Congress added Washington's birthday to the national list, which had been unofficially celebrated by most Americans for many decades. 

Memorial Day (originally called Decoration Day after the custom of decorating Civil War soldiers' graves with flowers), was traditionally celebrated on May 30, but had no formal designation until 1968 with a law called the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.  It was the Democrat Congress and President who damaged the memory of George Washington with this act of anti-patriotism.  Here it is:
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 13 February 2014

I have to keep this short as I'm soon boarding a very long flight to China.  Jack Kelly will be manning the HFR ramparts while I'm gone, but I have to tell you this now.

The story starts with an obscure state politician representing District 67 of the Utah House of Representatives named Marc Roberts.  If you look at that official state government website, you won't see anything unusual.

Like most pols, he also has his own site:  How many elected politicians start their site off with a quote from Bastiat's The Law?  Followed by a statement of commitment to State Sovereignty and the Tenth Amendment?

Yet it's not Roberts' words that are most interesting, however, it's what he is doing.  He may have found the Achilles' Heel of the NSA.

You may have heard of the gigantic $1.5 billion, one million square-foot date collection center the NSA is building in Bluffdale, Utah called Bumblehive.  It will require 1.7 million gallons of water a day to cool the massive NSA computers spying on all of us.  Roberts knows how to cut off the water supply.
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 06 February 2014

103 years ago on this day, February 6, 2014, Ronald Reagan was born.

I wish I had the capacity to describe adequately what it was like being in Ronald Reagan's presence. I have met many extraordinary people in my life, from Hollywood's most famous stars to presidents of countries.  But Ronald Reagan had a magic that was unique to him alone.

There was a depth of character to his charisma that seemed bottomless. There was a solidity of integrity and humanity behind the dazzling charm that was matchless. You loved Ronald Reagan for his ideals and his complete fearlessness in advocating them - and you loved Ronald Reagan for the man, the human being, he was.

On March 30, 1961, as a spokesman for General Electric and well before he entered politics, he gave a speech to the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, which he entitled "Encroaching Control."  In it, he delivered one of his most famous quotes:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. The only way they can inherit the freedom we have known is if we fight for it, protect it, defend it and then hand it to them with the well thought lessons of how they in their lifetime must do the same. And if you and I don't do this, then you and I may well spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it once was like in America when men were free.

It is one thing to read these words.  It is another to listen to him actually say them:

The power of his voice makes you cry, doesn't it?  Because his words have so devastatingly come true. 
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 23 January 2014


This has got to be the best picture from yesterday's March for Life.  It was truly an extraordinary event - hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers marching from the White House to the Supreme Court in bitterly below-freezing cold, and doing so in good cheer.

Actually, the event in Washington DC was only one of many Marches for Life that took place in cities all over the country on the 41st anniversary of the Supreme Court's most hideous - and ludicrously unconstitutional - decisions, Roe v. Wade, on January 22, 1973.

It's pretty easy to understand - inhuman not to, in fact - why people would be passionately anti-abortion, and be morally revolted by a mother killing her own child. 

The obverse is more difficult.  While it may be understandable that under certain circumstances of a woman's life, she could feel that terminating her pregnancy was her only solution, what is unfathomable is the hysterical, fanatical frenzy of passion that consumes pro-abortionists. 

It's clinically pathological.   It's one of the clearest markers that folks on the Left aren't just mistaken, they're deranged.  What were the villains of the Harry Potter novels called?  Death-eaters.  That's them.  The good news is that an increasing majority of Americans looks upon them as such.  Even better news is that the reason this number is increasing is because it's composed of Millennials - young folks 30 and under.
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