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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 05 December 2013

Enough is enough.  I want this lying corrupt fascist out of the White House, and I don't want to give him 38 months to leave - 38 months in which he will relentlessly continue to destroy our economy and put our national security in gravest danger.

Fortunately, I am far from alone in this desire.  Scores of millions of Americans feel the same way.  And now, more have arrived on the battlefield.  The Millennials are joining us.

This week, Millennials have taken over the headlines with news of their rejection of Zero's Sleaze Presidency.  Millennials Abandon Obama is a headline denoting a generational tsunami.  It takes a while for kids to grow up, as we know from personal experience.  Now they've started to, and their teen-age crush on The Won is over.

This is a signal moment.  When Harvard University reports that 47% of young Americans between 18 and 29, and 52% between 18 and 25 want to "recall" Zero - as in resign, quit, step down, get out of here and go away - you have a real turning point.

The question now is, how do we max this turning point out?  How do we take the best advantage of this moment?
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 28 November 2013

On October 28, 2001, as America was trying to cope with the shock of September 11, Game 2 of the World Series  began with Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful for 50,000 attending the game and millions via television.  To this day, it's hard to watch without tears pouring down your face:


America is the most beautiful dream there has ever been.  On this Thanksgiving Day, let's reflect on why, and what has happened to it.
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 21 November 2013

In response to the catastrophic failure of Obamacare - which has only begun and is going to get vastly worse - panicking Democrats are now yelling to Republicans, "Well, what's your plan?  At least we're trying the solve America's health care crisis, and all you offer is the repeal of our efforts with nothing as an alternative."

At the briefest glance and before actually thinking about the Dem criticism, this seems a valid point.  Just where is the Pub alternative to Obamacare?

However, there are two completely false assumptions the Dems are making.  First is that America has a "health care crisis" in the first place, and second, that it requires a massive government solution - that only massive government intervention in health care can solve the crisis, as the free market has failed to do so.

That is the crux of the Democrats' and Obama's argument.  If they and he can't make these two assumptions, they and he have nothing left to say.  So, let's start by taking both away from them.  Then we'll provide the alternative.  Ten of them, in fact.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 14 November 2013

Brit Hume is no spring chicken.  He's been a journalist reporting on American politics for 45 years.  On Tuesday (11/12), he told Megyn Kelly on Fox News that the Zerocare meltdown is "as bad a political disaster as I have ever seen." 

That means as bad as Vietnam was for Lyndon Johnson, as Watergate was for Richard Nixon, and badder than Iran-Contra was for Ronald Reagan and Monica Lewinsky was for Bill Clinton.  Hume is saying that the political fate of Barack Hussein Zero is now in dire jeopardy.

I prefer a different descriptive adjective, however, to characterize this current "political disaster."  For me, more appropriate than "bad" would be "wonderful" or "thrilling."  So much so that I may be the most enthusiastic admirer and supporter of Zero's signature program on the planet, far more than any felonious "navigator."  I think "Obamacare" - a moniker that all conservatives should change to "Zerocare" - is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

There is a lunacy making the email rounds claiming that what Hume is calling a "disaster" is really a success, that it was planned this way to achieve the ultimate liberal-fascist goal of total government control over the US health care system. 

It would make more sense to argue that the Zerocare meltdown is proof that Barack Hussein is a conservative mole, that he planned this in order to achieve his goal of the ruination of liberalism and the destruction of the Democrat Party.

Both of these claims regarding what Zero is planning are delusional.  The ancient Greeks would recognize what is going on in an instant.
THE LAND OF OZ Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 07 November 2013

Brisbane, Australia.  I'm making a pit stop here on my way from Nauru back to the US.  Oz - Aussies pronounce their country's name Oz-trial-yah, as they don't speak English but a funny language called Strine that occasionally sounds like English - is the place to follow up on the insanity of The Island of Fubar.

Besides, I can't resist having written a TTP column for you in all seven continents this year. Africa and South America in March, Antarctica in April, Europe in August, Asia in September, all those in the US (North America), and this one in Australia now.

So let's talk about Oz, and how the Aussies are facing their version of a lethal threat that can destroy America.  Like the US, it is a wealthy First World country with a long difficult-to-defend (albeit maritime) border with a large, poor, and corrupt Third World country.

How they ruinously handled this, and how they are solving the problem now, is a crucially important lesson for us.
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