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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Tuesday, 12 March 2013

 "He's one of these narcissistic, charismatic sociopaths history has been bedeviled with for millennia.  These folks are pathological liars, they care nothing for ‘the people' whom they pretend to love, their lives are devoted to ruling over others and controlling their lives, they bring misery to those they rule yet are worshipped nonetheless.  Obama-worship is like some kind of religious cult, whose high priests are the media elite.  Obama feeds off it, so his desire for more power and creating more misery increases.  The human capacity to worship such sociopaths is one of life's mysteries."

Asunción, Paraguay.  The Congressman who told me that during the dinner conversation I described in The Traitor in the White House (2/20/13) voiced what I have never understood:  the human capacity to worship evil.

The Congressman was talking about Zero, but his words apply even more so here in South America to the man the whole continent is fixated on right now, Hugo Chavez.  On every TV news show, in every newspaper and magazine, it's Chavez 24/7.  And most all of it is lies.

Let's start with what every spook agency in the world knows - from Langley to Whitehall to the KGB/FSB and China's MSS - but no major media outlet is reporting:  Chavez didn't die on March 5th in Venezuela, he died January 3rd in Cuba.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 07 March 2013

Hargeisa, Somaliland. Who are the most freedom-loving people in the world?  Certainly not Americans. 

We gave that up when a majority of us elected Zero in 2008, and reaffirmed our abandonment of freedom by reelecting him (or allowing him to steal it) last November.  Today, Americans are racing away from freedom and into The Traitor in the White House's Fascist Police State as fast as they can.

Someday, Americans may find the courage to no longer sell their birthright of freedom for a mess of government entitlement pottage, as Esau sold his birthright to Jacob (Genesis 25:29-34).  That's someday, it sure isn't now.  Right now, the people who love freedom more than any other are a group of Moslems in the Horn of Africa. 

They are the people of Somaliland, who would rather be impoverished and free than sell their freedom for pottage.  Their story is a heroic saga, epically inspirational.  Let me tell it to you.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 01 March 2013

Mogadishu, Somalia.  Who would ever guess that you can have a fantastic lobster dinner here, in what is billed as "the most dangerous city in the world"?  And that there's a first-class restaurant that serves it?

Ahmed Jama managed to escape the bloody horror of warlord anarchy that enveloped Mogadishu in the early 90s.  As a refugee in London, he borrowed money from relatives and opened a restaurant that did well - but he always dreamed of returning to his country when the time was right.

His friends though he was crazy when he said the time was 2008.  The hyper-terrorist lunatics of Al-Shabaab still controlled most of the city.  Ahmed went back anyway - and his restaurants promptly became a terrorist target.  The latest attack was last September, when two Al-Shabaab suicide bombers killed 18 people at his The Village restaurant.

Ahmed rebuilt and reopened it in less than a month.  Here is Ahmed in front of it today:
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Wednesday, 20 February 2013

This past weekend I had a private dinner with three Congressmen.  I can't tell you who they are, other than one is the chairman of a powerful committee, the second the chairman of another major committee, the third a freshman.  I can't tell you where the dinner took place either.

Ostensibly, we gathered to discuss threats to national security such as Islamic terrorism, Iran, Pakistan support for the Afghan Taliban, and the Chicoms.  After we got into this for a while, I decided to see what would happen if I said what I really wanted to say:

"Fellas, what about the single greatest threat to America's national security, far greater than anything else?  That's the traitor in the White House."

I expected them to recoil in shock and dismay, but they didn't blink an eye.  All three nodded grimly in agreement.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 14 February 2013

Please tell me you're not so into masochism that you subjected yourself to watching Zero's latest Ode to Fascism on Tuesday night (2/12).

The slightest attempt to make the tiniest-eensiest reduction in federalie spending growth is depicted by the Fascist-in-Chief as "heartless," "brutal," and "savage."  CommieMedia rags like the LA Times always without exception call any reduction in spending growth a "cut" that is "axeing," "slicing", and "slashing" government programs that women and children couldn't survive and will die without.

The dreaded Sequester Monster scaring everyone cuts nothing (except Defense of course).  It merely marginally reduces automatic increases in federalie budgets.  This is called The Budget Baseline Con.  Here's a chart by CATO showing sequestration is a miniscule slowdown of increasing trillion-dollar deficits.

So... is there no hope?  No hope that we can rescue our freedom from the maw of Leviathan?  It's not just that our Constitution has been trashed.  It's that America is no longer a democracy.  It is a mafiacracy like Putin's Russia or Chavez's Venezuela.  Democrats from Zero to the punk who stole Allen West's seat did not get honestly elected last November.  Democrats win by acting on Stalin's dictum, "It's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes." 

We can't get out of this, we can't aspire to a solution until we understand the basic reason and cause for how we got into this tragedy in the first place. 
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