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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 12 April 2013

Grytviken, South Georgia Island, Antarctic Ocean.  It's a shame I can't transmit pictures where I am, but at least I can send this text for Miko to post on TTP.  Then again, there are no pictures that could do this place justice, for you can't put awe into a photo.  That's something you can only experience first-hand.

There is no place on earth I know of with more spectacular geology, geography, and jaw-dropping scenery, combined with such a hyper-abundance of wildlife it puts Africa's Serengeti to shame, than South Georgia.  Add to this one of history's most heroic sagas, the perseverance of one man to overcome odds that are beyond belief, which can serve to inspire us to surmount the travails our country faces today.

It is considered the most impressive accomplishment in the history of exploration.  Let me tell you the story - and the lesson we can learn from it.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 05 April 2013

Wilhelmena Bay, Antarctica.  This is a land of ice caps, gigantic glaciers, and frozen earth.  The waters of the bay are filled with icebergs, chunks of glaciers calved off and fallen into the sea.  In a month or two, the bay will be frozen over with pack ice, but now at the end of the austral summer, it is teeming with life.

Rookeries of gentoo and chinstrap penguins cover the patches of bare earth on the shore.  Crabeater and Weddell seals are lounging on the bergs sunning themselves.  A pod of humpback whales is slowly skimming the surface, scooping up massive mouthfuls of seawater containing hordes of krill, tiny shrimp upon which they feed.

It is a wondrous world on a sunny summer's day. Soon, however, the sun will vanish over the horizon and not reappear for months, plunging this world into a dark, lifeless, frozen hell.  The Ice Ages still exist here, just as they do in the Arctic, where life blooms extravagantly in the northern summer, then vanishes with the sunless winter.

It is a world that seems alien, remote, and exotic to us.  Yet it is in this world that our species emerged from evolutionary history.  Human beings are children of the Ice Ages - and we make a grave mistake to think we are no longer. 
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 28 March 2013

It was ten years ago this week, in late March 2003, that I launched To The Point.  I was almost 60 then, and I am perilously close to 70 now.  I figure the only way to keep from slowing down is to speed up.  So I am launching a series of what I call Hidden Adventures.

Adventures and expeditions to amazingly cool places in the world that few people know about, and far fewer have ever been to.  I start tomorrow with The Hidden Atlantic, which begins here in Ushuaia, where I and the people with me board an expedition vessel bound for Antarctica and South Georgia, home to fur seals and penguins numbering in the millions; the world's most isolated community at Tristan da Cunha; the island the Brits exiled Napoleon on, St. Helena; and secretive Ascension Island, with its joint US-Brit military base.

I'll be at sea for a month, and most of the time be in touch with the world only with my satphone.  I have to admit, I am really looking forward to this, not having to pay attention to all the craziness in Washington and everywhere else in the slightest way.

Of course, TTP will still be here! I'll be posting my articles whenever I can.  Jack Kelly will be manning the HFR ramparts, and Miko will make sure the TTP Weekly Report with a full complement of articles goes out every Friday.

So -what Hidden Adventures are upcoming? (Hint: look in the TTP left side bar.)  And what's the Easter message in this?
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 21 March 2013

Stanley, Falkland Islands.  I was enjoying a pint of the local microbrewery's Peat Cutter Stout at the Globe Tavern when a Falklander on an adjacent bar stool engaged me in conversation.

"Where are you from, mate?" he asked.

"America," I replied.

"You're an American, are you?  Well, I have to tell you, Yank, I think your President Obama is disgusting."

This did not elicit the response he was expecting.  I raised my glass and with a huge smile across my face exclaimed, "I'll drink to that!"

Taken aback, he queried, "You Americans are supposed to believe in freedom. Why do you have a president who won't stand up for ours?"

"Because he won't stand up for our own freedom, much less anyone else's.  His goal in life is to destroy our freedom, not protect it.  He's a fascist interested only in expanding his power, just like the Falklands' enemy Christina Kirchner.  That's why he will side with her and not with you."

He looked at me quizzically, blinked a few times, then asked, "Can I buy you a beer?"
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Tuesday, 12 March 2013

 "He's one of these narcissistic, charismatic sociopaths history has been bedeviled with for millennia.  These folks are pathological liars, they care nothing for ‘the people' whom they pretend to love, their lives are devoted to ruling over others and controlling their lives, they bring misery to those they rule yet are worshipped nonetheless.  Obama-worship is like some kind of religious cult, whose high priests are the media elite.  Obama feeds off it, so his desire for more power and creating more misery increases.  The human capacity to worship such sociopaths is one of life's mysteries."

Asunción, Paraguay.  The Congressman who told me that during the dinner conversation I described in The Traitor in the White House (2/20/13) voiced what I have never understood:  the human capacity to worship evil.

The Congressman was talking about Zero, but his words apply even more so here in South America to the man the whole continent is fixated on right now, Hugo Chavez.  On every TV news show, in every newspaper and magazine, it's Chavez 24/7.  And most all of it is lies.

Let's start with what every spook agency in the world knows - from Langley to Whitehall to the KGB/FSB and China's MSS - but no major media outlet is reporting:  Chavez didn't die on March 5th in Venezuela, he died January 3rd in Cuba.
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