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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Tuesday, 18 March 2008

That didn't take long, did it?  That's the way it is with frenzies, whether they're dotcom bubbles or phony messiahs.  A few moments of "the madness of crowds," then it's down the rabbit hole of history.

So there goes another Great Black Hope, the Great Liberal Dream of absolution from America's racist sins dashed yet again.  Better luck in 2012 or 2112, O ye liberal sinners, because it's over in 2008.  Obama is toast.

You know he's toast when Chris Matthews, who poses as a tough-guy bully but is really just a liberal pussy wallowing in white guilt, goes apoplectically over the top proclaiming Obama's speech in Philly today to be "one of the great speeches in American history," surpassing Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream and "worthy of Abraham Lincoln."

To see the total absurdity of this, try imagining Martin Luther King's reaction to a Jeremiah Wright sermon.  You can be quite confident he would publicly denounce it as the most vile racism and walk out of the church.  Obambi and his not-proud-of-her-country wife stayed for 20 years.

This smooth-talking charismatic con man is lying through his teeth when he said he wasn't really aware of his pastor sermonizing "God Damn America."  God Damn America?  No, God Damn Barack Obama. 

Damn him because he pretends to be a "healer" of America's "racial wounds," yet belongs to a church of hatred for America.  Damn him for his being such a profoundly false messiah, for saying exactly what should not be said:

"Race is an issue that I believe this nation cannot afford to ignore right now."

That's a quote from his Philly speech, and his main argument.  Yet "race" is exactly what our country should ignore, and the whole victimist guilt-mongering grievance-politics scam that goes with it.

If there is anybody positioned to argue this, it should be this half-white/half African-black guy, a guy who is not a member of any one race, a guy who is not African-American at all but outside any racial category.

Obama is not African-American in any way whatever.  He has no ancestor who was brought over here in chains from Africa to be a slave.  He has nothing in common with Americans who did have such ancestors. 

But his wife does.  She's one of them.  And tragically for The Obamarama, she chose to hate America for it.  (There's a fascinating discussion of how she does by the pseudonymous Spengler in the Hong Kong publication Asia Times.)

If Obama had married a normal woman and went to a normal church and if if if if, he would argue that race is unimportant, that it does not matter what racial tribe you belong to.  What matters is who you are as an individual human being. 

What matters is that you, no matter what your racial ancestry, have had the incredible good fortune to be an American.  What matters is that you live in a country that enables you, more than any country that has ever existed in history or exists right now, to achieve a life worth living.

That is what matters, not race, and that is why America is a morally beautiful country, a morally noble nation.  That is why Americans can so proudly sing God Bless America and cannot sing it without tears in their eyes.

And that is why a follower of a preacher of racist hate who shouts hatred of whites and Jews and America in his sermons no longer has any chance to reside in the White House.

Because this still is a country with a majority of patriots, and because of YouTube.

Thanks to YouTube, videos of "Reverend Wright" preaching God Damn America have now been seen by scores of millions.  There's no way to take it back, no way to ignore it, no way to excuse it. 

The frosting on the cake is that Hillary gets the blame.  These videos have been on YouTube for some time.  Sean Hannity has been complaining about Obama's church for a long time.  Only when the story felicitously (for Hillary) explodes on major TV news channels like ABC does it acquire legs.

You can count on blacks blaming Hillary for planting the videos and story with ABC, with destroying Obama's candidacy - Hillary, not conservatives, not Republicans, not John McCain.  This is just too, too wonderful.

The Democrat Party is about to implode.  Vast masses of Democrats will be rendered catatonic when they realize that Obama is finished yet they have to give him the nomination in order to get the black vote yet they have to give it to Hillary because she's arm-twisted the superdelegates because no one who sings God Bless America will vote for Hussein Obambi in the general.

Obama is history, the Dems are stuck with Hillary, and they will come unglued with panic that McCain will win in a Reaganesque electoral sweep.  The blacks will blame Hillary, the white Dems will blame Obama.  We're talking Democrat Götterdämerung.

Thanks, Obambi.  We really appreciate it - really.  You have damned your party and yourself.  You may now go to hell.


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