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Written by Dr. Joel Wade   
Thursday, 11 December 2008

"Want your kids to be happier, more resilient,
better prepared for life's challenges?"

"Give the gift that inspires kids with a tale of
strength, true grit, and joy!"


   In 1988 I met and spent several days with a band of San people - the Bushmen of the African Kalahari Desert.  It was the adventure of a lifetime!

  This was what we call "a first contact"........ these people had never seen folks outside their own, isolated world. They'd heard of other people - their ancestors had been threatened with extinction by other groups.  The survivors made their way deep into the heart of the Kalahari.

  In the isolated but harsh desert, they were unbothered.  They survived and actually flourished, finding methods of sustaining themselves where few people would dare to venture.  Yet these are some of the most gentle and dignified people I've ever met.

  In my psychology and life-coaching practice, it's grit and determination that consistently propel people to achieve their goals.  The challenges of a difficult life often help individuals to excel.

  You must understand that we all share the same human nature.  Doesn't matter whether you're a nomad African hunter-gatherer --- or a kid in suburban American society. 

  It's the same optimistic, purposeful, and playful spirit that's always seen us through tough times....... and builds the foundation for good times and successes ahead.

  This is precisely the story of The San People of the Kalahari.

  I told the tale to my own kids, and they were enthralled.  They encouraged me to write it down and share it with loads of other kids. 

  The book is written for children --- to give them a sense of what life is like for these people.  But also to help kids learn the sense of strength and resilience that flows through our common human heritage.

  With the spirit of optimism, purpose, and humor the San People demonstrate, anyone can overcome the challenges and obstacles of life.  I want my kids, your kids, all kids to learn to grasp the opportunities they're blessed with.  Exactly like the San People, the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert!

  Purchase the delightful book and receive an audio CD of the story.  I read it and I've included actual voices and sounds of the San People.  Kids are enraptured by the sounds and get more from the story with this additional learning aid.

  Doesn't matter if it's your kids and grandkids or some neighborhood kids.  Everyone from six to ninety-five will be caught up in the adventure.  Order several copies for all your favorite children.

                            Click here for complete ordering details of this gem of a book.

With all my best wishes for a great Christmas and Hanukkah in your family's home,

Joel Wade

P.S. Here's what Dr. Jack Wheeler, who led this expedition, has to say about The San People of the Kalahari:

   "Dr. Joel Wade's The San People of the Kalahari will make a marvelous and memorable Christmas or birthday gift for children.   It tells the amazing story of mankind's original way of life for hundreds of thousands of years - and how it is still practiced by the San Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert of Africa."

   "Dr. Wade tells this story simply and clearly, with pictures taken while he was with these people, which makes it easily fascinating to learn about how we lived at the dawn of humanity.   I couldn't recommend his book more highly - for the young, adventurous, and curious of all ages."

              --Dr. Jack Wheeler

P.P.S.  Give your favorite kids a gift that will entertain while making them stronger, better young people. 
            Go here for the easy ordering details.


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