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WEEKLY MIND FOOD 08/08/12 Print E-mail
Written by Joe Katzman   
Wednesday, 08 August 2012

Note from Jack Wheeler:  I can't thank Joe Katzman enough for this new feature of TTP.  It's outstanding, and each week it keeps getting better.  Enjoy this one -- and the videos.  Thanks, Joe!

Weekly Mind Food aims to show you what TTPers without a regular column, but with deep expertise in key fields, are paying attention to. We call ourselves TTP's Team B. Note the "Weekly Mind Food" category in the left side-bar now, which will have all our issues. They're Free Access, as are all the linked articles, so feel free to read them at your leisure - and to mail the article's URL to your friends!

Paul (internet tech, privacy, economics). Citizen K (hydrocarbon industry), and "devry" (online security, economics, Personal Plan B) are aboard. We also congratulate TTPers bobbear, edd7, hardcharger, mrapp, saldanna, and skye for freelance link suggestions and forum submissions that met the test.

To simplify your scans, I've divided the links into sections: Polis (domestic politics), Techne Logos (tech), Economos (global economy), Stratiootika (geopolitics & military), plus 1 Good News item to brighten your week and/or make you better. Enjoy!

Techne Logos: The Rrrrest of the Story

citizenk2: When an entire lake disappears, and the Gulf of Mexico flows north, it gets people's attention. The first project I obtained for Kimmins Industrial Service as director of marketing was the dismantlement/demolition of the salt mill at Jefferson Island, and the History Channel is missing a few key pieces of info. Here's the video, and the rrrrest of the story:

The shaft which had leaked, had long had a problem leaking slightly. It had been dug too close to the outer perimeter of the salt dome.

Diamond Crystal (or its predecessor) had not reported the proper underground location and extent of that shaft.

The area of the mine were the leak occurred had been used as a graveyard for worn out mining equipment of copper strip mining size taken down into the mine in pieces to be reassembled for use. Removal cost vs. sale of scrap was cost prohibitive.

Two young miners, during a break, had sneaked off to the abandoned area to smoke a "joint" and first discovered more water than normal. They warned the rest of the miners. That is how all escaped safely.

Diamond Crystal operated the mill with barged in salt for 3 more years before closing the mill. This was to strengthen their lawsuit against Texaco.

Texaco won the suit.

Techne Logos


  • Conservatives Have a Secret (American Thinker, July 30/12). edd7: Why America's constitution is conservatism's golden key. I hope we can all discuss change in DC in at the Nov. victory rendezvous!

  • What Is Wrong With Multiculturalism? Part 1 | Part 2. (Milton K. Wong lecture by Kenan Malik, June 4-7/12). jkatzman: Gets at both personal and institutional dynamics.

  • Conflict of interest? Only for the whites... (Black Steam Train, July 26/12). jkatzman: An Austraian aboriginal eviscerates greedy white "fauxboriginies", complete with pictures and government grant listings. Perfect illustration of Malik's lecture.


saldanna: Rep. Kelly (R-PA-3) rips government red tape. A classic.


  • The Impact of Regulatory Costs on Small Firms (PDF file from US Small Business Administration, September 2010) prosenberg: Try not to choke on the numbers... In 2008 - before Obama's gusher of new rules - U.S. federal government regulations cost $1.75 trillion, 14% of U.S. national income. Costs per employee were 36% higher in small firms than in medium-sized and large firms.

  • How to keep the young unemployed (WSJ MarketWatch, Aug 1/12). jkatzman: Working so far.

  • Got Gold? (The Big Picture, Aug 7/12) devry: There is only one realistic solution for solving a debt problem in the Western world: inflate the debt away. There is also only one asset that central banks both own and keep on their balance sheets that has no counterparty risk and is considered a tier 1 asset: gold. Protect yourself with gold, or risk the consequences.

  • China to Boost the Global Economy? Nope it's also a Total Ponzi (Mike Krieger, Aug 7/12). hardcharger: Riffs on and links to a NY Times article re: Chinese investments. For my money, he's figured it quite well. It's not so much a matter of which economy's Ponzi scheme "wins" but which one lasts slightly longer than another.

  • Why China is losing the solar wars (CNN money, Aug 2/12).


Over The Hump: Good News This Week

From hardcharger. Most of all, from Ken Pridgeon in Baytown, TX:


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