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WEEKLY MIND FOOD 10/17/12 Print E-mail
Written by Joe Katzman   
Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Weekly Mind Food aims to show you what TTPers without a regular column, but with deep expertise in key fields, are paying attention to. We call ourselves TTP's Team B. Note the "Weekly Mind Food" category in the left side-bar now, which will have all our issues. They're Free Access, as are all the linked articles, so feel free to read them at your leisure - and to mail the article's URL to your friends!

Beyond our regular contributors, we also congratulate TTPers edd7, hardcharger, jwheeler, and jwrobelski for freelance link suggestions that met the test.

To simplify your scans, I've divided the links into sections: Economos (global economy), Techne Logos (tech), Polis (domestic politics), Stratiootika (geopolitics & military), plus 1 Useful Web Resource and 1 Good News This Week item to brighten your week and/or make you better. Enjoy!


Debate video... no, not national. I wanted to focus on a key state Senate race instead, pitting the promising talent and service of Josh Mandel [R] against current ultra-liberal Sen. Sherrod Brown [D].


  • The Heart of the Matter (June 11/12). jkatzman: Still right on-target re: how we got here, and what's wrong.

  • Too big to maintain? (Washington Post, Oct 12/12). jkatzman: George Will joins Dallas Fed chair Richard Fisher in saying that maybe it's time to break up the "too big to fail" banks.

  • A Lonely Redemption (NY Times, Sept 15/12). jkatzman: I'm not sure S.B. "Sandy" Lewis needed to be redeemed. An insider's account of crookedness on Wall Street.

  • Your Job or Your Health Insurance (Political Calculations, Oct 16/12). jkatzman: The site specializes in displaying and explaining data.

Techne Logos


Lara Logan's speech in Chicago. I am sorry beyond words at some of the wellsprings of her clarity, and admire her for choosing to think and to be clear.

  • The Emerging Doctrine of the United States (RCW, Oct 9/12). jkatzman: By STRATFOR's George Friedman. He's not far off. What do you think of it?

  • Lara Logan's War Cry (The Daily Beast, Oct 9/12). "The CBS News and ‘60 Minutes’ correspondent stunned a Chicago audience with her interventionist critique of America's response to the attacks in Libya."

  • Stunning Letter: Infantry Colonel Communique to Secretary of the Army (Michael Yon Magazine, Oct 10/12). jkatzman: Written in 2010 by Col. Harry Tunnell, the Brigade Commander of 5/2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Deeply and unsparingly critical of the current effort's conduct and odds of success.

  • Attack on Pakistani schoolgirl galvanizes anti-Taliban feeling (CNN, Oct 16/12). jkatzman: 14-year old Malala Yousufzai is becoming a global and regional symbol, and not a moment too soon. Malala wins TTP's October "steel balls award", beating the likes of Abdulateef Al-Mulhim, Lara Logan, and Felix Baumgartner. She may be the 2012 winner.

  • Arab Spring and the Israeli enemy (Saudi Arabia's Arab News, Sept 6/12). jkatzman: RSN Commodore (Ret.) Abdulateef Al-Mulhim put a target on his back, by saying so honestly that the Arab world's problems lie elsewhere.

  • Surveillance Drones, Take Two (Francis Fukayama, Sept 20/12). "It's pretty clear to me that we have not begun to think through the political consequences of living in a world where sophisticated drones can be operated by lots of other countries besides the United States, and by private individuals within the US."

Useful Web Resources

hardcharger suggested adding 1-2 clever web sites each week for bookmarking and use, to help people become smarter Internet users, or just improve themselves. Good idea.

This video is an official introduction to the Israeli Defense Forces' Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat system. It isn't an accident that a pretty girl is doing it. The Israelis have discovered that if you make a qualified hot babe the instructor, the troops will run through walls to look good in front of her.

Over The Hump: Good News This Week

Are you kiddin' me? There's only one candidate for that, and he has nothing to do with Politics. It's Felix Baumgartner, jumping to earth from the stratosphere and breaking the speed of sound with his freakin' body! He is awesome. His mission was awesome. That is all.

Reader with questions or submissions for next week can email me (thanks to the great scrim service!)

For The Constitution!

Joe Katzman


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