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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 22 June 2006

We call To The Point "The Oasis for Rational Conservatives."  We've gotten a flood of emails this week asking if articles on certain websites claiming that George Bush has "a secret plan to abolish American sovereignty" are being pushed by Irrational Conservatives.

The answer is yes.  We all focus so much on the moonbats of the left - barking mad hairshirts like Algore, folks driven treasonously insane by Bush Derangement Syndrome - that it's important to recognize there are moonbats of the right.

The problem for me is that a number of them are friends of mine, so it's not easy for me to write this.

So I won't mention any names, or any websites - not even the ones that dream up cockamamie conspiracy theories to drive traffic to the site for the purpose not of informing their readership but gaining more advertising revenue.

The hype is that Bush is in cahoots with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in a secret plot to create a "North American Union," whereby Mexico and Canada would merge with the US to form one big borderless country with a single currency, the ‘Amero.'

The plot was supposedly hatched in March of 2005, when the three met in Waco, Texas, and agreed to create a Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

An agreement to seek ways to increase security from international terrorists and create more prosperity in North America?  Obviously, what else could that be but a plot to sell out America by the globalist traitor, George W. Bush?

Moonbat City.

That Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party, not Paul Martin of the Liberal Party, heads Canada now, or that Vicente Fox will soon no longer head Mexico (the presidential election is July 2, inauguration is December 1) doesn't matter.  The plot somehow continues.

The molehill this mountain is made of is a book written by a professor of international relations at American University, Robert Pastor, Toward a North American Community.  Pastor argues for a sort of European Union for Mexico, America, and Canada with a common currency he calls the Amero.

So when it was discovered to the horror of the conspiratorialists that Prestor was one of the authors of a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) paper called Building a North American Community - well, that just proves Bush is using the SPP to create a North American Union.

I'm sure you just said, "Huh?"  and asked, ah, just what is the connection between this SPP and the CFR?  You'll get an eyes-rolling response that everybody just knows the nefarious CFR controls American foreign policy so obviously the CFR is running the SPP.

But of course, if the connection is so known and obvious, there would be no need for FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests demanding the disclosure of who is saying what in the SPP "Working Groups" discussing how to increase security and trade.

Folks, this "plot" is made up, whole cloth.  It is paranoid nonsense, cynically pushed to generate advertising revenue.

For some weird reason which has to do with psychology rather than reality, a small but loud subset of conservatives easily falls prey to conspiracy theories about cabals of powerful people meeting in secret to take over the world:  the Bilderbergers, the Trilaterialists, the Council on Foreign Relations, or some such.

The world headquarters of this subset of conservatives is on a grassy knoll in downtown Dallas. 

The world is way too big and complicated to be run by secret cabals.  Believing in this sort of thing is kid stuff, it's not thinking like a grown-up.

I'm sorry to be so harsh, but it's really not helpful to let frustration over Bush's refusal to shut down the illegal invasion make one go wacko.

I have talked to a lot - a lot - of very plugged-in people here in Washington, and no one - no one - has a coherent, knowledgeable explanation of Bush's behavior regarding illegals.  There are a lot of theories - and that's all they are. 

But to jump from this mystery to loony-tunes hallucinations about the President of the United States secretly plotting to eliminate his country, especially when that president is a decent man of character and the antithesis of a Bill Clinton - well, it recalls that scene in old movies where someone loses it and his friend grabs his lapels and says, "Get a grip on yourself, man!"

The lesson to be learned is not to trust sensationalist websites that are conservative National Enquirers.  You laugh at Enquirer headlines blaring "My Baby's Father Was a Space Alien!"  Learn to laugh at websites blaring a political equivalent.


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