Written by To The Point News   
Friday, 29 June 2012

With the Roberts Court declaring it constitutional for the federal government to require Americans to do anything it wants or else pay a tax, Democrats can hardly wait to expand this newly-invented federal power beyond what was known as ObamaCare, but is now being referred to as RobertsCare.
In honor of the man who made these legislative proposals possible, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are calling them "Roberts Taxes."

"It has always been the Democrat Dream to complete the full establishment of the Nanny State in America," Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi said in a joint press conference.  "Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, this dream can now come true."

Here is their initial list:

*Federal Broccoli Act: Eat your broccoli, else pay the IRS $1,000.

*Federal Recycling Act: Fill your blue box and put on the curb, else pay the IRS $2,000.

*Federal Green Car Act: Make your next car battery-powered, else pay the IRS $3,000.

*Federal Domestic Jobs Act: Don't exceed 25 percent foreign content on family consumer purchases, else pay the IRS $4,000.

*Federal Obesity Act: Achieve listed BMI on your mandated annual physical, else pay the IRS $5,000.

*Federal National Service Act: Serve at the local soup kitchen or intern at the EPA, else pay the IRS $6,000.

*Federal Housing Efficiency Act: Don't exceed 1,000 square feet of living space per person in your household, else pay the IRS $7,000.

*Federal Population Growth Act: Don't exceed two children per couple, else pay the IRS $8,000. Note: exception for illegal aliens.

*Federal Carbon Footprint Act: Don't exceed the federal maximum carbon footprint, else pay the IRS $9,000.

*Federal Proper Living Act:  Don't exceed federal maximums on red meat consumption or watching television, else pay the IRS $10,000.

Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi  promised many more such acts to come.  "The sky's the limit with Roberts Taxes!" they proclaimed.