Written by Dr. Joel Wade   
Monday, 23 July 2012

Time goes by, whether you are working toward your highest values or not.  If you'd rather do the former, well, that's what I enable people to do as a Life Coach.

Coaching is not an abstract indulgence; working toward your goals is not something that is esoteric or unattainable. Life Coaching can help you to reach your goals, whether small and practical or expansive and life-changing.

Let me get very specific; through personal coaching with me you can:

·         Build a better marriage. Learn to grow in empathy, manage the conflicts that are bound to arise in a marriage, practice specific behaviors that can increase your positive feelings, and work together as allies for greater joy and love between you.

·         Plan and prioritize to achieve your specific goals, form an effective strategy for taking reasonable steps toward your goals; and plan for the complications that usually throw people off of their game, so that you can get back on track immediately and see your plans through to completion.

·         Become more optimistic. Taking on a problem solving stance can have a tremendous positive impact on your life, your health, and your success.

·         Increase your overall positive emotions and experiences with friends and loved ones.

·         Strengthen your willpower, and hone your skills for taking effective actions of all kinds - whether that means accomplishing specific tasks at work, learning new behaviors in your relationships, or taking on new activities that bring more joy to your life. The skill of learning and mastering new skills is transferable across your whole spectrum of activities.

·         Become more resilient in hard times and in the face of challenging opportunities. When times are difficult is when you have the greatest opportunity to earn a strong reputation with yourself, building the foundation of a life you can be proud of.

·         Overcome challenging emotional and psychological hurdles. While my work at present is as a life coach, my training and background for decades has been as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I bring that depth of knowledge and experience to my coaching with you.

I cannot diagnose and treat psychological problems as a therapist would in our coaching work, but there are a wide variety of interventions that I can show you and guide you through that may have a very positive impact on issues such as depression, anxiety, panic, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and problems with focusing. There is less mystery and more effective action that you can take now than there ever has been.

·         Engage and master the ideas and visions you've been putting off until you're ready. Waiting until you are ready is not an effective strategy; let's get you ready, and get you started towards actually achieving what you've been thinking about doing for years.

These are general possibilities, but I always tailor our work to who you are and what you personally are looking to accomplish. That is why I always begin with a free 20-30 minute phone conversation, so we can both get an idea of what your goals are and what it would be like to work together.

I am very good at what I do, I've been at it for a long time (over 30 years), I am constantly studying and learning and consulting with colleagues about effective developments and interventions in coaching and psychology, and my clients are very happy with the work we do. I take pride in my work and have applied myself at it consistently over several decades.

What you won't get from me is a lot of hype about miracles happening in a single session, or how I can change your life in 2 hours, guaranteed! There are plenty of these folks who promise the world, and while I have been impressed with their showmanship, I have been less impressed with the actual progress of their clients over time.

Real, lasting change takes work, it takes willpower, and it takes commitment; it is not something that can be done for you by somebody else. My role is not to change you, my role is to champion your cause, guide you through the process that will lead you to your goals, and keep you moving forward when you get thrown off course, while you strive for your best life.

Our coaching is done by phone, so I can work with you wherever in the world you are. I have clients across the country, and on 5 continents, so we can make your geographical circumstances work, whatever they may be.

 Below you will also find a few statements form people who have worked with me, so you can have an idea of what others have experienced.

For this week only you have the opportunity to make this commitment to yourself, your goals, and your good life at a substantial savings: 5 hours of coaching for $575, or 11 hours for $1,125. On Monday, July 30, these prices will go back to my current price of $600 for 5 hours or $1,250 for 11 hours of coaching. Please take me up on this offer today - this is not an abstraction, this is a path to actually, tangibly reach your goals.

Don't put this off for another week, another month, or another year. Call me today at (831) 464-3374, or e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

All my best,


Joel F. Wade, Ph.D.
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One of the best decisions I made was to hire Dr. Joel Wade for my personal coach. I am a psychotherapist and coach and am educated about what it takes to be an effective coach. I'm also picky! I can wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Joel Wade's coaching skills.

I have brought up a diverse number of personal and professional challenges and he has expertly and comfortably coached me through each one. I believe he is one of the very best at what he does. Not only will I continue to work with him, but also I have and will highly recommend him to others.


Joel handled my case and more so my person, with the utmost professionalism and care. He was a coach, a mentor and a friend. He was a great listener but also brought forth quick results that came from within me, through his guidance. I accomplished a lot personally through him and would work with him again without hesitation.

Joel was instrumental in helping me find pathways and enlightenment to what was once a dark place. I cannot give enough credit to him, his discipline and his personal approach to me.


Joel has an acute ability to get at the heart of any issue. He assisted me with defining success, goal setting, preparing an action plan and overcoming obstacles. His insight was excellent on the reality of what to expect in certain situations instead of a "pie in the sky" attitude that would have only set me up for failure.

I am very satisfied with Joel Wade's coaching and would recommend him to anyone wishing to better themselves and achieve lasting results.


I am pleased that I hired you as my life coach. During our weekly phone sessions, I learned to focus on my strengths and those of my family. I also learned to focus more on what I wanted to achieve and less on what I didn't have or what I have not accomplished.


I truly enjoyed your workshop. You did not have us dwell on the past; instead you gave us the tools to move on with our future. I use these tools every day.


I have to tell you the effect is dramatic.  I haven't a clue as to how Joel does it.  He has this magic way of getting you to talk completely at ease about what he thinks is important, of guiding you towards better directions, and somehow, without even really trying, I've become much more productive.... What Joel has to offer is uniquely valuable.  It's not an expense - I look at it as an investment on which I'm getting an immediate ROI.


"A highly skilled clinician, trained in a variety of psychological disciplines, Joel Wade is a man of immense sensitivity and compassion who has a wide repertoire of problem-solving strategies to bring to the practice of Coaching."
-Nathaniel Branden, PhD., author of "The Art of Living Consciously."