Written by John Arceri   
Thursday, 20 September 2012

"It's unbelievable," said an unemployed waitress. "How can Obama be leading in the polls and likely to win enough electoral votes for a second term despite the worst economic performance by any President in the past 100 years?"

"It's downright frightening," said A small business owner. "What is the real plan that Obama and the Democrats have for their ‘transformation of America' and, more importantly, how are they going to achieve that plan and how will it affect my business and my family?"

The answers to these critical questions is clear. There is enough evidence, both direct and circumstantial, to provide reasonable answers. Yet, the reasons for Obama's showing in the polls and his transforming plan are kept masked by a media and a public who is seduced by the silver-tongued politician.

Obama's ability to mask his intentions produces an almost opium-like effect. That mask, however, will be removed once re-elected and America will, more clearly than ever, see and feel the impacts of the ‘plan'.

There is no question that this has been the worst managed economy by any President in our history. Unemployment has not improved despite massive government spending, deficits have soared over $16 trillion, our credit rating has dropped for the first time ever and family income is down $4,000 per household.

Despite this performance, with only a few weeks to the election, Obama is ahead in most polls. This anomaly has never happened before. Why is it happening now? Simple!

Debt and deficits are of no concern to Obama and the Democrats. It is simply the price we must pay to assure the ‘transformation of America'. It is a matter of the end justifying the means. To make this transformation they must be assured that they will have an overwhelming majority of committed, loyal and dependent voters for the long term.

To accomplish this they simply throw fiscal responsibility out the window and buy these votes, effectively ‘buying America'. After all, this election is not one of ‘four more years' but twenty or more years.

There are about 130 million people who voted in the last Presidential election. So, if Obama can get 66 million or more committed, loyal and, most importantly, dependent voters, he will have that solid long term majority. Let's do the arithmetic and see how he is doing in this ‘buying' scheme.

Let's start with his already committed and loyal base, black and Hispanic voters. He will get close to what he got in 2008; namely, 98% of the black vote and 65% of the Hispanic vote. Combined that could give Obama some 25 million votes.

Let's then move to the ‘buying plan' Obama has enacted during his term.

Food stamps: the number of people on food stamps has increased by 47% to a stunning level of 47 million people.

Obamacare: has given some 30 million people medical benefits they didn't have before.

Welfare: he has given a clear perception to those on welfare and considering going on welfare, that they can get these benefits by not looking for work, that all work requirements may be waived. That brings to him another 6 million or more devoted followers.

Environmentalists: he has solidified the support of radical environmentalists by placing suffocating regulations on businesses and rejecting such projects as the Canada to Texas pipeline. It is estimated that there are some 5 million of these people.

Immigration: as was predicted, Obama instituted a liberal immigration policy by Executive Order a few months ago. This endeared some 11 million people to him. Although they may not yet be able to vote, Obama is betting that he will get this changed in his next term and the positive influence on the families and friends of these immigrants will result in a huge cache of votes now.

Same Sex Marriages: as was also predicted, Obama announced a few months ago his full support for same sex marriages. There are some 9 million gay and lesbians who are now fully devoted to Obama.

Extended unemployment benefits: in the past several years the benefits for unemployment compensation has been increased from a few months to a few years. There are now some 13 million unemployed people that love the need not to work for many years. Obama is their hero.

Government employment and salaries: Despite the recent economic woes, Obama and the Democrats have greatly expanded and supported government employment and great increases in wage compensation. Government employment has increased by 15% while private sector jobs have increased only by 1%.

In addition, in the past 3 years, alone, total federal government workers making more than $100,000 have doubled and the average compensation of government workers are twice that of private sector workers. There are 21 million government employees. None of these workers or their families are interested in any cost cutting, fiscally responsible administration.

The above represents some 170 million voter opportunities. Although each category of voters are not mutually exclusive (i.e. overlaps since an environmentalist could also be unemployed and on food stamps) and many may not yet be able to vote, it is easy to see how Obama and the Democrats can easily get over the 66 million votes - a majority level of committed, loyal and dependent voters that will stay with him and the Democrats for decades.

When you also consider the fact that each of these voter opportunities have families and friends that will also support them, it is easy to see how they can get a super majority (well over 85 million voters).

For many of these avid supporters, who are dependent and appreciative of Obama, it is no longer what is good for the country but what is good for them. America has been bought and it should be of no surprise to anyone that Obama is polling so high and has a high probability of winning re-election despite terrible performance. His performance is just not important to his supporters.

Now having bought the country, what is Obama and the Democrats' plan? More important, how are they going to implement the plan and how will we be affected?

Their goal has been clearly expressed; namely, achieve ‘Shared Prosperity'. This expression had been used frequently by Obama and the Democrats recently and in the convention. They have clearly implied that ‘shared prosperity' simply means creating a one class system where those earning above average income must ‘contribute' their ‘excess earnings' to those making below average income.

Since they have not explained how they are going to achieve shared prosperity we only need to look at what they are doing, their personal history and the advice they are getting from others to identify their plan to achieve ‘shared prosperity'.

First, we look at how the words ‘shared prosperity' has been used in the past.

It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few and for the few ‘ and to replace it with shared prosperity'. Karl Marx (the founder of Communism), 1875.

I have a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared by all'. Obama, August 2012.

Now let's look at the closeness between Obama's thinking and that of Karl Marx. Obama's idol while attending Harvard Law School was Professor Roberto Unger. Obama attended many of Unger's courses. Unger, a radical Brazilian communist, advised Obama that America needed major transformation, a major ‘revolution'.

Unger realized, however, that unlike the Russian revolution, a physical revolution in America was not feasible at this time. He strongly recommended to Obama that revolution could be accomplished in America by ‘controlling politics and the votes ‘at any cost'.

Obama's personal history clearly indicates his strong hate for ‘colonialists' - namely, those British and American businessmen that entered third world countries, raped them of their resources and left the country poor and desperate. He saw this in Kenya where his father was born and where he spent considerable time. He saw this in Indonesia where he lived with his step father. He saw this in Hawaii where he lived with his grandparents.

In all locations he was strongly advised by his mentors that the only way to compensate the people was by a communist-type revolution trying to strip the ‘colonialists' of their profits and give it back to the poor.

We next have to look at the methods Obama and the Democrats may use to accomplish their goal of shared prosperity. A first step is to see how Karl Marx, Obama's primary ‘advisor', accomplished it.

Marxism: In 1875 Marx wrote his Communist Manifesto in which he laid out the major steps (he called them ‘planks') the masses of people need to take to achieve shared prosperity. The top three ‘planks' were:

Abolish private property: "Take all property and give it to the masses."

Institute progressive graduated taxes: "Assure the above average income earners are taxed as high a level as possible so there are resources to give to the masses."

Abolish the rights of inheritance:  "Do not allow above average earners to unfairly leave their fortunes to their children and grandchildren. Instead take this money and more fairly share it with the masses."

Obamaism: It is logical that Obama's plans to achieve shared prosperity will mirror, to a great extent, the principles of Marxism. Since neither Obama nor any Democrats have been specific on how they will achieve shared prosperity, one can lay out the possible tactics they may use. These tactics can effectively be implemented rapidly with having bought the majority of voters.

If Obama gets a super majority in the Senate and control of the House of Representatives, as he did in 2008, his plan can be fully enacted in just 4 years. Even without Congressional support he will, as he has many times in the past, use Executive Orders to bypass Congress to achieve his plan. Here is how he may do it:

1.   On abolition of private property.

The 5th Amendment of our Constitution will not allow Obama, at this time, to simply ‘take' private property. Instead he will move to reduce the value of above average valued private property by new taxation policies. He will also appoint two additional liberal justices to the Supreme Court to get a better ‘interpretation' of what he can Constitutionally do to ‘take' more of the remaining value of private property.

2.   On graduated taxation

The Constitution gives Congress extensive taxing powers. Almost never is an action of taxation ruled unconstitutional. Obama and the Democrats will simply move to revise the tax codes so that those people earning above average incomes will be forced to give their ‘excess earnings' to those earning below average incomes. Here are possible/probable tactics:

*  Incomes over $75,000 will be taxed up to as much as 75%. That includes normal income, pensions, social security benefits, dividends, capital gains and interest income.

They must go down to this low level of income. Higher taxes on just the top few percent of earners will not provide enough money to reach shared prosperity for all.

75% top tax rates are exactly what Socialist France has enacted resulting in the flee of businesses and professionals to other countries resulting in even higher tax rates on those making even less.

*   Deduction for home mortgages for homes valued over $100,000 will be eliminated

*   After all those with high price homes don't deserve or need any such tax breaks

*   Property tax deductions on homes valued over $100,000 will also be eliminated for the same reasons.

*   Deductions for second home mortgages and equity loans will also be eliminated for the same reasons.

*   Social security benefits for those making more than $100,000 will be eliminated.  

After all, if you are making this amount from pensions, interest, dividends, capital gains, etc. you do not need any supplemental, ‘free' income from the government. We need these monies to assure those making below average incomes are made ‘equal'

*   Medicare benefits for those making over $100,000 will also be eliminated.  If you are making this amount you can afford paying for your own medical insurance.

O   A 75% value added sales tax will be placed on all purchases of ‘luxury' items such as big cars, jewelry, vacations, etc.  Basically a ‘luxury' tax on everything you buy that those making below average can't afford

The above actions will also work to lower property values since a loss of deductions will lower home values and be a constitutional ‘taking' of property.

3.   On abolition of inheritance rights

Allowing an individual that has accumulated wealth to simply leave it to his children or grandchildren will be looked at as the most unfair of all present laws. After all, these children have not earned the money nor do they deserve getting it.

In addition, them getting this ‘free' money, enables them to seek a better education and further separate those making below average incomes from those making above average incomes. This frustrates the goal of ‘shared prosperity'.

85% inheritance or estate tax will be implemented:   Let the government take your excess wealth and better distribute it to those more in need of such resources.

The Obama and Democrats' plan is clearly unmasked.  They will achieve ‘shared prosperity' by doing whatever is necessary to create the one class of citizens; namely, taking all they can from those making above average incomes and give that ‘excess' money to those making below average incomes.

The Republicans have a completely different idea of ‘shared prosperity'

"Real prosperity is the child of opportunity -- not shared wealth." Governor Romney, August, 2012

  "Equal opportunity is the goal, not equal outcomes." Congressman Paul Ryan, August, 2012

If Obama and the Democrats prevail in November our country will be in an irreversible direction that can only be turned around by a second American revolution. We will no longer live in an America we once lived in. Our grandkids will never live in an America you once lived in.

We have less than a few weeks to try and prevent going into this irreversible direction. We all need to assure all vote, all donate, all volunteer to help get the vote out and vote for Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan.

If nothing else, it is hoped that this report has raised the necessary sense of urgency to get involved in this critical, urgent effort. Without a sense of urgency we cannot prevail.

John Arceri is Vice President of the Caxambas Republican Club of Southwest Florida, and Precinct Committeeman for Precinct 194 in Marco Island.