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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Weekly Mind Food aims to show you what TTPers without a regular column, but with deep expertise in key fields, are paying attention to. We call ourselves TTP's Team B. Note the "Weekly Mind Food" category in the left side-bar now, which will have all our issues. They're Free Access, as are all the linked articles, so feel free to read them at your leisure - and to mail the article's URL to your friends!

Paul (internet tech, privacy, economics). Citizen K (hydrocarbon industry), and "devry" (online security, economics, Personal Plan B) are aboard. We also congratulate TTPers brenz90, dougk, edd7, and hardcharger for freelance link suggestions that met the test.

This week's Polis looks at polls and the media, and wonders about the TSA. Economos has some pretty important links for you, while Techne Logos looks hard at Facebook. Stratiootika covers the Mideast and China, and we add some resources at the end to help keep you sane through election season. As you can see around the world, a lot of your compatriots could use similar help right now.

To simplify your scans, I've divided the links into sections: Economos (global economy), Techne Logos (tech), Polis (domestic politics), Stratiootika (geopolitics & military), plus 1 Good News This Week item to brighten your week and/or make you better. Enjoy!



Lauren Lyster at Russia Today looks at ETFs - and specifically, the defects of the GLD gold ETF. More here. She's good - and it still blows my mind that I have to tune into Russia Today for stuff like this.

Techne Logos


Useful Web Resources

hardcharger suggested adding 1-2 clever web sites each week for bookmarking and use, to help people become smarter Internet users. Good idea.

  • The People's Cube. jkatzman: Political semi-parody site, with amusing materials. Keep your spirits up as you fight in this election.

Over The Hump: Good News This Week

The next several weeks are going to be stressful. I highly recommend reading a number of Dr. Joel Wade's articles here, as part of taking care of yourselves. I also recommend a specific kind of meditation - MBSR was developed at U. Mass. Medical, and has zero religious content unless you choose to add yours. This is a great fast explanation of what MBSR is and why, but the core is... it works.

If you want to start, I recommend the Body Scan meditation. No TSA required: ignore the video, and just listen. This is a simple 15 minute sequence, but if you have more time, try a 45-minute sequence.

Reader with questions or submissions for next week can send a message to joe, over at windsofchange dot net.

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