Written by Robert Agostinelli   
Thursday, 27 September 2012

Last Sunday night on 60 Minutes Barrack Obama confirmed the shame and detachment of his Ideology from all freedom loving people. He also laid bare his ineptitude as our Commander -in - Chief.

The synchronised and in the case of Libya bloody assaults on American outposts was yet again a direct confrontation of the "Grand Satan" by the illiberal forces of Islamists in their unyielding war against the West.

These forces have much in common with those of other extreme ideologies born from the same illiberalism; Nazism and Communism are comrades in arms for totalitarianism is the predicate of all three.

The burning of our colours murder of our government representatives and desecration of our sovereign property all on the September 11th anniversary of infamy are the direct result of the anxious conviction of our enemies that we are weak and can be had. The incubator of evil from time immemorial remains weakness and our President and his indoctrination are directly responsible for this not only sorry but dangerous state.

Bowing, apologizing and driven by a conviction that the emasculation of our Nation is his moral duty has led us to the precipice of war and vulnerability.

All of the great leaders of the English Speaking people's from Roosevelt, Churchill, Thatcher, Reagan, Bush and Blair stood tall to face down tyranny. It is our moral responsibility. Today as the leader of the free world President Obama is negligent to a fault. Why? He simply disagrees with this interpretation of his responsibilities of his office.

His flat unemotive interpretation of last week's events as "bumps in the road" is again seen through the prism of his ideology as just that. He is on a mission to humble our standing, because it is deserved. His position is weak when interpreted through a traditional and logical reflex yet for him "leading from behind" and assaulting our freedom of speech and apologising to our enemies is the proper and "sophisticated" approach.

This is pure sophistry of the highest order.

We are in a battle with an enemy with a marked conviction that we are weak and lack the long term will to defend our way of life. Mr. Obama?s approach merely affirms this view leaving the fanatics and their maniacal ways the sense of ultimate victory and our demise.

The American way is a searing reminder to these forces of evil of the failure of their way and force of freedom.

Mr. Obama's conduct is a reminder of how fragile that pre-eminence is.

Robert Agostinelli