Written by Robert Agostinelli   
Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Joe "The Smirker" Biden's off-the-wall non-stop rudeness to Paul Ryan in their debate last week was repulsive to all Americans who value plain decency and courtesy.

His boss, Mr. Obama, by contrast announced that he "could not be prouder" of his vice-president, deeming his debate performance and his treatment of Mr. Ryan as "terrific."

This presents Mitt Romney with a marvelous opportunity, in the second presidential debate tonight (10/16), to ask his opponent if he really is proud of his El Segundo interrupting Mr. Ryan 85 times and laughing about the prospect of Iran nuking Israel.

Mr. Romney has an even greater opportunity, however, to ask his opponent if he agrees with Mr. Biden's incredible lies and distortions during his "terrific" debate.

Vice President Joe Biden's buffoon behavior has been well documented over the years. His surly, screaming incoherence dressed as "care and concern for the little people " has equally been discounted as hypocritical as is his use of Scranton as a political prop for his chaotically-left beliefs .

The one arena where the ill-informed have longed to give him credit is in his foreign policy experience. Ironically this is probably the scene of his most indecent exposure.

From his detached sense of realism in Iraq and his infamous partition plan to his haughty miscomprehension of Russian politics to his embrace of multi- lateral organizations from the UN on down as a substitute for real leadership, he has simply been appalling.

Yet in last week's debate with Paul Ryan, he combined all of his worst traits into one while borrowing his boss's talent for inventing and willing a non-existent world into his own reality.

From his dangerous belittling of the consequences of a nuclear Iran - including a redefinition of the security concerns from the long established worry of enrichment to a sole worry about the existence of a  weapon delivery system - to  glossing over the Syrian problem, to his stunning statement that this Administration his restored international respect for our nation, this was Joe at his best.

The ramble of lies, half-truths and mythical capacity to convert grotesque errors in judgment into iconic leadership is consistent with the fairy tale that "Obamaland" remains.

Ignoring the many deadlines previously imposed and ignored by this administration while simultaneously taking credit for the very sanctions they attempted to undermine, the breath of misrepresentation is beyond any boundary normally defined as politics as usual. 

The strident statements that Obama and Netanyahu are in complete agreement on intelligence and strategy and this administration remains Israel's greatest friend is an insult to all who were forced to listen to this bald faced lie.

No US President has ever been more alien to Israel than Obama.

In the blizzard of chaos and denial of responsibility Joe's range was magnificent. From his insistence that the simultaneous surge and announcement of withdrawal in Afghanistan was both agreed with military brass and the essence of tactical leadership, to his affirmation (denied by virtually every expert in the field ) that the Afghans are ready to defend their nation, his arc of the crazy touched the truly weird.

He redefined our initial objective of the war from defeating our sworn Islamist enemy and their state sponsors of terrorism to a simply mandate of getting those who attacked America; reducing an eternal battle with a multi-faceted enemy to the equivalent of hunting down Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in the person of Bin Laden.  

Joe's never-never world continued to Libya and the origin of that depth of "leadership from behind." Here offence should have turned to rage. In the absolute abdication of leadership he ignored his Administration's own ridiculous misrepresentation of the predicate of the 9-11 attack in Benghazi as a you tube video when it was obvious to the naked eye from moment one that it was a coordinated terrorist attack with deadly intent.

Joe's contempt for all of America was in his denial of knowledge of the prior on-the-ground demand for greater military protection by embassy personnel denied by the State Department - which until further notice remains part of the Executive branch.

This is the ultimate self-implication of Joe and his boss.  Leadership means taking responsibility. Leadership means having the sense to recognize the reality on the ground and sending out the signals to everyone in your Executive branch as to the priorities of defending America.

This is not a question of blaming some State bureaucrat as a follow up to the failure to protect US personnel after the implausible blame on the video - nor of having Hillary take the fall.  (Just what does Obama, with his access to all classified records, have over Hillary and her husband that could force her to humiliate herself this way?)

This is about the priorities of this Administration and their self-indictment of their contempt for the Nation and everything for which it stands.

Mr. Biden's buffoonery has moved from amusement to dangerous and like his boss he deserves to be fired.

Will Mr. Romney explain exactly why to Mr. Biden's boss tonight?    

Robert F. Agostinelli is co-founder of  The Rhone Group, a private equity firm based in Paris, London, and New York. He is listed among "The World's Billionaires" by Forbes.