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Thursday, 01 November 2012

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My favorite ad of the 2012 campaign wasn't done by a campaign, or by a PAC. It was done by one guy, Thomas Peterffy, who thought America needed to hear something. Remember this next time you see proposals that would force all election-related ads to go through the political parties or PACs.


So, let's talk political ads for a moment. If you haven't seen this ad, I'd encourage you to email it to your liberal-leaning friends with children. No comment necessary. Less is more here, just let it speak for itself.

Of course, it has been done better... by Vladimir Putin. Boy, is that a damning statement for an election ad:

Speaking of done better, check out the way Independent Women's Voice is handling the same demographic. Tasteful, disarming - and utterly lethal, since many women have experienced this. It will be part of a 3-spot, $7.4 million ad buy. The other 2 ads are just as razor-sharp. I'm glad they're on our side...

The Young Cons went after the idea of persuading young people in their own way, with MTV's rat-a-tat style. Bit more of an ad for the 20s-30s set than college, but that's a key demographic, and this is pretty good:

About that last segment on The Young Cons ad... just when you thought Obama's supporters couldn't get creepier... Yes, deserved parodies have already begun, and yes, the school in question is in trouble now. I'm seeing a lot more backlash about the state of educational indoctrination, as well as the Xinhua media, and we need to fuel both forms of resistance. Shown in full below, to remind Jack of his fabuloso adventures in North Korea:

Mind you, THIS is even creepier - Lord in heaven, save us from pedophiles, be they sexual or political.

To cleanse your brain and make you laugh, I offer you this ad, done by Putin's party to celebrate his birthday. You have not lived until you've heard Vladimir Putin singing "Hy found my threeel, hon blubry heeel..."! And yes, that's him.

Another thing to know: all of the scenes with the hot women are copies of staged scenes that Putin starred in, and arranged to have televised. Putin's performances go deeper than the macho thing, though that's part of it. The scenes we laugh at are part of a Quixotic attempt to restore Russia's destroyed male ethic using a mix of personal example, organized sport, and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Not sure that works if personal opportunity is absent... and dude, weren't you bare-chested when you were on the horse?!? Just askin'. Hat Tip: Foreign Policy's Passport blog.


Techne Logos

Bill Whittle, on the Space Shuttle's last hurrah:


Never mind Ann Coulter. Listen to Jimmy Carter's pollster and adviser Pat Caddell re: Benghazi. His reaction is human, not ideological - and bang on. Much of America's MSM has become Xinhua, and after Benghazi and Fast and Furious, we've reached a point where "would they cover for political mass murder like Xinhua?" is no longer a silly question. Or the certain answer it must be, in a free society. After the election, what happened in Benghazi must come out, officially, and must be publicized. When and if it does, the credibility of the media's liars will take another deserved step-change hit. Each of us has a part to play in that, manana.

Useful Web Resources

hardcharger suggested adding 1-2 clever web sites each week for bookmarking and use, to help people become smarter Internet users, or just improve themselves. Good idea.

  • How Many of Me? hardcharger: This one constantly bemuses and amazes my friends. There are probably a few people with your first and last names walking around in the USA. The site uses statistics to show you the real odds. If you're Paul Ryan, there should be about 772 more...

Over The Hump: Good News This Week

It's up to YOU to make good news this week. So we bring you this short public service message on voting, from Ranger Up!

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