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“Government works better now than probably it ever has,” President Barack Hussein Obama told the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart last month.

In which alternate universe is the president dwelling? He certainly isn’t living in America. It seems he is living in an alternate reality created by a pathological narcissism – among other mental maladies.

Being clinically nuts isn’t one of the grounds for impeachment (“Treason, Bribery, or other High crimes and Misdemeanors”), under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution. Maybe it’s time to consider Article II’s Section 1, Clause 6 and the 25th Amendment designed to clarify it.   It’s probably the only way for SloJoe Biden to live in the White House.

Consider how Martian it is of Zero to make his claim given this small sample of examples to the contrary:

*Atrocious security at the Office of Personnel Management permitted the Chinese to acquire personal data on more than 21 million federal workers, most of them applicants for security clearances. The theft of background investigation data has created a massive threat to U.S. national security that will last for decades, cost billions to mitigate, intelligence officials say.

The Chinese didn’t even need to hack into OPM’s poorly secured database to get the info, because OPM Director Katherine Archuleta had hired a Chinese company to help manage it.

*The private email server Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used, illegally, to conduct official business, almost certainly was hacked by hostile foreign intelligence services, said former Deputy CIA Director Michael Morrell.

Secrets from five U.S intelligence agencies were found in a random sample of just 40 of the roughly 33,000 emails Ms. Clinton turned over to State, said the inspectors general for the Intelligence Community and the State Department.

“It is more likely than not that information classified higher than secret is present in this collection,” the IGs said. The inspectors general found classified info on 10 percent of the emails they examined. One wonders what secrets may have been in the emails Ms. Clinton hasn’t turned over.

*The primary job of the Department of Homeland Security is to secure our borders. DHS isn’t doing it. Illegal immigrants comprise 3 percent of the population, 30 percent of the federal prison population. We spent $1.87 billion to incarcerate violent illegal immigrant felons last year.

Last year DHS released into the general population 30,558 criminal aliens who among them had almost 80,000 convictions — including 250 homicides, 386 kidnappings, 373 sexual assaults, 994 aggravated assaults. Violent felons released by DHS in 2013 committed 1,000 additional crimes.

*In security tests, the Transportation Security Administration missed 95 percent of bombs and weapons.

*Dylan Roof was able to purchase the gun he used to murder 9 people in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina because the FBI failed to keep current the database of prohibited persons.

*Dysfunction in the Secret Service is so great, “it really is a miracle that (President Obama) hasn’t been assassinated,” says author Ron Kessler.

*A year ago, the nation was scandalized by reports of secret waiting lists at Veterans Administration hospitals, of senior managers falsifying records to collect bonuses. Since then wait times have increased by 50 percent. A third of the vets on the waiting lists have died awaiting care. Current VA Secretary Robert McDonald’s claim he’s fired 60 senior executives for falsifying records is false.

*After spending $2.2 billion on it,, still doesn’t provide insurance companies with accurate information. In a “secret shopper test” conducted by the Government Accountability Office, 90 percent of false applications were accepted. All but one of 23 Obamacare coops lost money last year.

*The rate of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid is roughly five times greater than for private health insurers. Fraud in credit card transactions worldwide is just 0.04 percent.

*Amtrak has by far the worst safety record of any railroad, somehow manages to lose $6.65 each time it sells a $9.50 hamburger.

He spent most of his time as director of the agency in the Department of Health and Human Services that monitors scientific misconduct “navigating the remarkably dysfunctional HHS bureaucracy,” said David Wright in a scathing resignation letter in March. Tasks that took a couple of days as a university administrator required weeks or months, he said.

The greatest threat to America is government dysfunction, said Robert Gates, Mr. Obama’s first secretary of defense. Americans agree.

For the president to say it “works better now than probably it ever has” indicates he is seriously delusional, utterly dishonest, or both. Which does much to explain why his government is so dysfunctional – and why we need to think about the 25th Amendment.

Jack Kelly is a former Marine and Green Beret, and was the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force during the Reagan Administration. He is the national security writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette