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Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s interview on Sixty Minutes aired Sunday (2/17), previewed last Wednesday (2/13), is the strongest evidence yet hammers are now poised to drop on the evildoers.

McCabe confessed to orchestrating a coup to oust a duly elected president. Would he do that unless he knew proof of his sedition is about to be made public?

The only possible defense McCabe can mount is the coup attempt was justified. The purpose of the Sixty Minutes interview was to get his spin out before he’s indicted, and to throw shade on his arch enemy, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller Special Counsel explicitly to take investigation of  “collusion” with Russians out of McCabe’s dirty hands, Jeff Carlson explains here.

McCabe’s assertion Rosenstein took part in the coup plot is false, DOJ said last Thursday (2/14).

The FBI fired McCabe for lying repeatedly to investigators.

Rosenstein’s rebuttal “confirms that Andrew McCabe was illegally recording the president,” says Dawson S. Field. “McCabe is lying by claiming RR authorized it. Since the wiretapping started BEFORE RR was confirmed, he couldn’t have authorized it.”

When he talked about wearing a wire, Rosenstein was mocking McCabe.

Imagine the DAG mocking your request to open an investigation into the president because you have no evidence and then trying to act like Rosenstein was serious to make it look like you aren’t an insane person that illegally spied on a political campaign,” says Chaos Actual.

If his lips move, McCabe is lying.  Yet, because no coup plotters have been arrested yet, none ever will be, Eeyores say.

The MSM haven’t reported what they’re doing (because they don’t know), so Eeyores assume U.S. Attorney John Huber and his 470 investigators sit on their hands. No leaks suggest the opposite. The fruits of their labor will be evident soon.

Before prosecution of coup plotters can begin, there must be in place an Attorney General who cannot credibly be accused of a conflict of interest. William Barr was confirmed last Thursday (2/14).  And Rosenstein must be gone too – and he will be in three weeks.

Mueller must fold his tent and slink away without accusing the president of a crime. He’s winding up his investigation, says Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, who would know.

Mueller won’t lay a glove on Trump.  Why? Well, would Adam Schiff promise endless investigations of the president if he thought Mueller was going to nail him?

NBC News, the New York Times, and the Washington Post have done stories to prepare moonbats for disappointment.

Some analysts think Mueller’s been on Team Trump all along. His overt behavior – especially the Gestapo raid on Roger Stone’s home – screams otherwise. But if we look past the theater, another picture emerges.

Mueller indicted Stone for lying to the House Intelligence Committee. Leftists applauded, says the Gestapo raid was justified.

Can you remember the last time anyone was prosecuted for lying to Congress?

I can’t. But if it’s the hot new thing, I can think of others who perjured themselves in Congressional testimony.

If DOJ prosecutes Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Christine Blasey Ford, and Hillary for lying to Congress, it’ll be hard for Leftists to claim it’s unprecedented, or unfair.

Sedition can be hard to prove. Perjury, by comparison, is a slam dunk. An additional charge gives prosecutors leverage to get smaller fry to rat out the masterminds of the coup plot.

Is this an unintended consequence of an overzealous prosecutor not thinking things through? Or is it a carefully baited trap?

My respect, admiration – awe – of President Trump’s intellect, patience and courage is greater now than ever.

Savor how our very stable genius anticipated his enemies’ every move before he declared a national emergency to finish the border wall.

Leftists are filing lawsuits. Most will be thrown out.

Legitimate court challenges can start only where the wall is being built, only after construction begins, and only when the funds to pay for it are derived from the Declaration of Emergency.

Trump has three pots of money: $1.375 billion Congress just appropriated; $3.1 billion he can reprogram without declaring an emergency, and $3.6 billion freed up by the Declaration of Emergency.

Curiously, this wasn’t mentioned in MSM reporting.

The appropriations bill has lots of bad stuff in it, Jack Wheeler noted in last week’s HFR. So why did the president sign it?

M­ostly, Trump signed it to win the court battle.

Because (and only because) Trump signed the bill, he can legitimately claim he has exhausted all Constitutional options; that Congress failed, and that an emergency was necessary,” Larry Schweikart says.

By including some funding for the wall, Congress undercut Democrat arguments.

“Trump is doing something recognized by this and previous Congresses as good policy, and is using a combination of non-emergency and emergency authority to spend more on it than this Congress directed,” noted Byron York. He’s “not embarking on policy Congress has forbidden.”

Congress could pass a concurrent resolution to override Trump, but he can veto it, and the veto will stick.


The fact Congress could pass a resolution guarantees Trump will win in court, says liberal law Prof. Jonathan Turley.

The courts were not created to protect Congress from itself,” he concluded. “Congress has been heading to Hell for decades, and it is a bit late to complain about the destination.”

Democrats can bitch, but they can’t win, in Congress or the courts. Game. Set. Match.

President Trump thought things through on how to get a border wall. “Anybody who doubts (Trump’s) vengeance needs to read his chapter (in the Art of the Deal) about how he always gets revenge even if he has to wait years,” says Wyatt.

I think the president is gunning for Hillary and Zero, knows the battlefield must be prepared carefully before he strikes at them, knows that when he strikes, he can’t afford to miss.

Indictments of banks for money laundering, crackdowns on human traffickers and pedophile rings, the conviction of El Chapo, suggest battlefield prep is nearly complete.

Coup plotters think indictments will come soon, McCabe’s Sixty Minutes interview indicates.

The day after CBS released the preview clip, a spokeswoman for McCabe climed what her boss said in the interview wasn’t true. Evidently McCabe’s lawyers don’t think it was a good idea to confess to plotting to overthrow the president. The hasty walk back suggests panic.

Trump wants the evildoers brought to justice as much or more than we do. It was him, not us, they may have tried to assassinate.

The president knows more about who did what when, and how to prove it, than we do.

Donald Trump has done more for America in two years than any other president in my lifetime – including the sainted Reagan – did in four.

Now he’s about to do more.  He’s swinging his hammer and the bad guys see it coming down upon them.


Jack Kelly is a former Marine and Green Beret and a former deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force in the Reagan administration.