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criminal-referralCongressional lawmakers made a criminal referral yesterday (4/18)to the Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It was against former senior-level Obama administration officials, including employees of the FBI connected with the unverified dossier alleging collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as those involved in the warrants used to spy on a former Trump campaign volunteer.

The lawmakers also made a criminal referral on former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and threats made by her DOJ against the FBI informant, who provided the bureau with information on the Russian nuclear industry and the approval in 2010 to sell roughly 20 percent of American uranium mining assets to Russia.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee member Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Florida, along with ten other colleagues sent the letter Wednesday to Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray criminally referring:

*Obama FBI Director James Comey

*Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

*Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch

*Obama FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

All for their involvement in the investigations into President Trump and alleged violations of federal law. The letter states:
“We write to refer the following individuals for investigation of potential violation(s) of federal statutes. In doing so, we are especially mindful of the dissimilar degrees of zealousness that has marked the investigations into Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, respectively. Because we believe that those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as every other American, we want to be sure that the potential violations of law outlined below are vetted appropriately.”



germany-recessionThe economic outlook in Germany is deteriorating with alarming speed and any mistake by policy-makers could push the country into a full-blown slump, a leading economic institute has warned.

“The danger of recession has increased markedly. It is a notably more critical picture than a month ago,” says the Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK) in Düsseldorf.

The IMK’s early warning indicator says the recession risk over the next three months has jumped suddenly to 32.4% as trade tensions mount and liquidity ebbs away in the international financial system.

Germany is heavily reliant on world trade and is therefore a bellwether for the broader health of the global economy. Its industrial sector lurched abruptly from boom to bust early in the last downturn and proved to be a leading indicator for the Great Recession.



danger-minesGolan Heights, Israel.  Today, April 17, is Israel’s Memorial Day, when all Israelis pay homage to those who died fighting to preserve Israel’s freedom and very existence.

At precisely 11am, sirens sound for two minutes.  Everyone in the entire country stops whatever they are doing to stand silently in this homage.  This includes anyone driving on the streets and roads.  Cars and trucks stop wherever they are, people get out to stand silently on the road.  We stood here on the Golan Heights.

We looked down upon the Hula Valley, where Syrians aimed their artillery, mortars, rockets, and sniper rifles upon the farmers below in their fields and villages.  The snipers would even fire into the windows of homes to murder men, women, and children inside.

There is a profound lesson here to be learned for America, for we – indeed all of Western Civilization, formerly and what should still be known as Christendom – is threatened by the world’s worst imperialism in the history of mankind.



treason-definiton-in-govtWhat a delicious hors d’oeuvre Michael Horowitz gave the world on Friday!

The inspector general for Department of Justice finally issued his eagerly awaited (eagerly awaited by some of us, anyway) report on Andrew McCabe, the disgraced former deputy director of the FBI.

Note that this is only an appetizer. In the coming weeks, Horowitz will follow up with entrees on the FBI’s partisan activities in the 2016 presidential election and, later, another report on (if I may employ the term) collusion with the State Department.

As of today (4/17), it is unclear exactly what the scope of the inspector general’s inquiries will be.

Speaking for myself, I hope the desert course includes a close look at the January 5, 2017 meeting at the Obama White House.



trump-tweets-041718President Trump’s tweets indicate the hammer soon will fall on former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former FBI Director James Comey.

The potshots they took at each other this weekend suggest Lynch and Comey think so too.

“Slippery James Comey” is a “slimeball” who “committed many crimes,” will go down as “the WORST FBI Director in history, by far,” the president said in a tweetstorm Sunday (4/15), and again Monday.

Trump was responding to Comey’s criticisms of him in Comey’s book, in bookstores this week.

Reviews – even by lefties – have not been kind.



lebanon-on-mapMike Ryan is filling in for Jack Wheeler this week.

President Trump uses an advanced management strategy that has the deep state baffled.

John Bolton joined the White House and was in the hot seat immediately.

Oh no, They Didn’t!  Assad used chlorine gas as a chemical weapon. And those missiles are very smart.

Attorney Michael Cohen was raided at the same time a fire broke out in Trump Tower. Coincidence?

Child traffickers dealt a serious blow, and we are back with more fun with Zuck!

All this in this week’s HFR!



masada-israelMasada, Israel. The story of Masada is one of epic heroism. At Israel’s creation in 1948, its founders were determined to create a paradigm shift in how Jews looked upon themselves.  Here is where they found it.

For centuries Jews had passively accepted their fate of being murderously discriminated against.  Now they had to see themselves as warriors willing to fight or die for their freedom.  The epic heroism of Masada provided the perfect historical basis for such a paradigm shift, with every Israeli schoolchild imbued with it from kindergarten on.

No more pogroms, no more Jews lying down and taking it.  Like the heroes of Masada, Jews were now to be feared and respected for their absolute determination to defend themselves against evil and ruthless enemies.

It’s a lesson America has to learn and take to heart today.



ayn-rand-questionWhoever was surprised by the hate-fest against the National Rifle Association and conservative Americans in general that followed the Parkland, FL school shooting must not have been paying attention.

Over the past half century, a ruling class formed by our uniformly leftist educational system and occupying the commanding heights of corporate life, governmental bureaucracies, the media, etc. accuses its targets of everything from murder and terrorism to culpable psycho-social disorders (racism, sexism, and so forth).

When one side rejects persuasion in favor of war, what are the other’s options? To convince our opponents to accept us as equals? To reform them? Fat chance! Decency for ourselves is our objective. Hence, the words and deeds by which we deal with those who make war on us must aim at affirming ourselves, despite them.

Hence, the practical question: what is to be our war?



spot-the-difference-trumpLee Smith's seminal The Strong Horse: Politics, Power and the Clash of Arab Civilizations  (2010) explains how the Arab world typically follows the leader with the most strength and power, i. e. the strong horse.

This proclivity for the powerful does not restrict itself to the Middle East, however.  Xi Jinping these days is a pretty strong horse.  Nor does it even restrict itself to dictators.  Winston Churchill may have been the strongest horse of the last hundred years, having led the allies from the brink of defeat to victory in World War II, sometimes through sheer force of will.

Now it's Donald Trump's turn.

Russia, China, Syria, Iran, North Korea, among other countries and non-state actors, not to mention a whole host of domestic foes, have all aligned themselves against him (and consequently America) in various degrees.

At the same time, an investigation into his inner circle threatens to sweep up virtually everyone from his personal lawyer to his son while his adversaries chortle.

But these adversaries, ambitious and vengeful as they are, have little idea of the chaos that will ensue in this country should Trump fall, the ruptures that will occur.



no-calm-no-patienceWhat helped elect Trump was a collective weariness with demands put on a country $20 trillion in debt. America is currently running a $57 billion a month trade deficit.

The poverty of inner-city Detroit, or rural Central California, or West Virginia does not suggest an endlessly opulent nation, at least as a visitor might conclude from visiting Manhattan, Chevy Chase, or Presidio Heights.

Universities and colleges have taken for granted that they can count on massive federal student loan subsidies to increase vastly the number of administrators, pay for an expanding apparat of politicized and nonteaching staff, increase tuition beyond the rate of inflation and not dare to be held accountable for dismal graduation rates, poorly educated graduates, or ossified systems of tenure.

For all this and so very much more, what cannot go on won’t.  We have reached the limits of our patience.

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