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end-the-iran-dealFor the past eight years, the Obama administration did everything in its power to empower Iran.  That included enabling Russia to became the leading member and the protector of the Iranian regime and its nuclear program.

This has created President Trump’s most urgent foreign policy challenge.  To face it, he has three basic options – the best of which is to cut a deal with Russia to ditch Iran.

The problem is that since Trump’s election, the Democrats, their allied media outlets and powerful forces in the US intelligence community have been beset by a Russia hysteria unseen since the Red scares in the 1950s. 

That Obama bent over backward to cater to Putin’s interests for eight years has been pushed down the memory hole, while the Clinton Foundation making hundreds of millions with corrupt Russian allies of Putin is ignored. 

How will Trump overcome this to make his greatest deal?



no-brains-no-problemPresident Trump has said he is going to move on to tax reform after the debacle with Obamacare repeal. Is there any reason that we can expect greater success with the tax reform effort?

I argue no, unless the rules in the House and Senate are modified, and those in Congress whose brains are connected enough to distinguish between tax rates and tax revenues take control.

An example of brains that are not connected.  New York State has been running TV ads, claiming that it is a good place to do business because it offers special tax breaks for new businesses moving into the state.

On one hand, these same people who gave New York some of the highest taxes in the country on the argument that it would not hurt job creation and growth, are also telling us that special tax breaks will create jobs and growth — talk about brain disconnect!

Here’s how to overcome policy-brain disconnect on tax reform.



ryancare“RINOcare.”  Aka Ryancare/Obamacare 2.0.  This entire debacle is ridiculous.  My question asked of many on Capitol Hill is:  Why is Trump being rolled on this?

The consensus answer is that McConnell and Ryan have conned him into believing that a full repeal cannot get past a Dem filibuster, that only a partial repeal can under “Senate rules” requiring it to qualify as a “reconciliation” bill needing only a simple majority.

Got that?  The key word in that sentence is “conned,” because it’s all nonsense.  A simple majority vote is all it takes to eliminate the filibuster.  There is nothing in the Constitution nor any law requiring 6o votes to pass a bill instead of 51 – it’s a tradition, nothing more.

Which is why Chuck U. Schumer is the Perverse Hero of the Week right now.  (For the real HOTW, see below at the end – but no fair peeking, dessert comes after the main course…)

Welcome to another enlightening, alarming, and in the end, joyful HFR….



Jan Sobieski, Savior of Christendom

Jan Sobieski, Savior of Christendom

The front page headlines around the world of this morning’s (3/23) news are all the same – about the “driver,” the “assailant,” the “lone wolf,” the “knife-man,” the “knife-wielding attacker,”  who murderously drove his car across Westminster Bridge killing and injuring dozens of pedestrians, and stabbed a policeman to death trying to enter Parliament in London.

There is story after story about the victims and the policeman, who are named with photos and their life stories.  There is one story that is missing.  Search in vain through the newspapers and websites of the British and US press, for you will not find one about the perpetrator – not who he is, not his life story, not even his name. 

Scotland Yard is, at this writing, refusing to identify him.  They only describe him as “Asian” – which is PC code in Europe for “Moslem,” and his attack as “an act of international terrorism.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May denounced the attack as “sick and depraved” – never even hinting at who or what is responsible for such sickness and depravity.

So who and what is?  The answer may surprise you.  For as much as you and I and every reader of British tabloids know that the “Asian knife-man” is a Moslem motivated by Islamofascist barbarism, that’s not who and what. 

To learn who and what is responsible for that Moslem terrorist’s sickness and depravity, all Theresa May and every native-born Brit have to do is look in the mirror.

Last week (3/17), we discussed “The Suicidal Racism of Western Civilization.”   Now we turn to the West’s – including America’s – suicidal masochism.



Obama and his FBI Director

Obama and his FBI Director

The FBI is investigating Russian meddling in our election, including “whether there was any coordination” between the Trump campaign and Russia, Director James Comey said at a public hearing of the House Intelligence Committee Monday (3/20).

There is no evidence to date Russian meddling affected the outcome of the election, or that anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with the Russkies, Comey admitted.

The Russians were more interested in messing with the U.S. and with Hillary than in trying to elect Trump, whom they didn’t think could win, Comey said.

Two questions.  Why is he then testifying at all?  Why indeed is this Obama holdover still running the FBI?



vault-7This is about What We Know and.. What We Don't Want To Know.

Let’s start by looking at what Wikileaks revealed about the CIA in their recent “Vault 7” document dump, which you can find here.

I am taking these leaks as real. Whether you like Julian Assange and his team or not, they have a stellar record of presenting the truth.

The ruling gangs in DC and allied media look very, very bad in comparison. I believe Wikileaks far more than I do politicians and news-readers, and I think that's the only rational choice.

Also, please bear in mind that new batches of CIA leaks may appear at any time. According to Assange, the recent batch was less than 1% of what they have. Perhaps the remaining documents will be very mundane, but I rather doubt it.

With that said, there are five big revelations I think you should see:



keep-calm-frac-onThe US shale industry has become a hydra-headed monster for Russia – and OPEC too. Before they have contained one threat, fresh dangers keeps popping up in new and expanding zones.

This war of attrition in the crude markets is lasting far longer and biting deeper than the energy exporting states ever imagined. It profoundly alters the geo-strategic contours of energy, and the global balance of power.

New technology is reviving old US fields already written off as largely exhausted, and in the latest twist the impetus is spreading to 'super-basins' in Latin America that threaten to replicate the US success story in short order.

"The tiger is out of the cage and it is going to be very hard to put it back in again," says Gerald Kepes, upstream chief for IHS Markit. "There are multiple basins that could really take off."  Yes, out of the cage and eating the Russian bear alive.



dutch-electionLast week, the Dutch elections of March 15 were billed around Europe and beyond as a battle royal between the forces of populist evil, as represented by Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party (PVV), and virtually everybody else in the motley crew of Dutch electoral politics.

The victory of prime minister’s Mark Rutte’s VVD party (which lost 20% of its seats) over Wilders’s PVV (which added 25%), was greeted rapturously as a monumental defeat for populism and a great triumph for Europe across the political spectrum. In fact, it was nothing of the kind.

If its coverage showed anything, it was that the European press, much like the American mainstream press, has become a one-trick pony that is good at demonstrating political bias, but rather useless in helping one understand where Europe is going.

For these elections did have some profound implications for the future not only of the Netherlands, but all of Europe, that were nearly completely missed in the tons of ink spilled on partisan post-mortems. Most profoundly: an openly Islamist party made it into a European parliament on its very first try.  This is a paradigm change documenting the growth of political Islam in Europe.



good-or-bad-pubsDo you think the federal government spends too much? Taxes too much? And should reduce the deficit?

Most Americans agree except when it comes to specific spending programs they like. The people “hire” members of Congress to make these difficult choices.

President Trump released his “short budget” this past week, which is a general statement of his priorities and changes he wishes to make in the “discretionary” portion of the budget.

Predictably, the special interests immediately sent out their press releases and videos explaining that if the program they are wedded to is cut or eliminated, it will mean the end of civilization as we know it, and worse.

The question now is:  Will Republicans in Congress side with their President, or with the corrupt special interests?


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