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So it’s come to this.  The most powerful, the most moral in its founding principles, the most prosperous and successful nation in the history of humanity has to choose between an egomaniacal buffoon and an evil crook to lead it.

Kafka himself couldn’t dream up the irony.  We are forced to choose between two lunacies and it’s a no-brainer.  We have to take a chance with the buffoon in order to stop the evil.

Just how evil is the person who has so justly earned the sobriquet of PIAPS – Pig In A Pants Suit?  Let me tell you a story….

The bottom line here is that Trump is an amateur, a piker, a nobody in the scandal department compared to Hillary.  No matter how much dirt she and the media dump on him over the next three months, it’s a molehill next to the Mons Olympus of Clinton Corruption.

There’s Benghazi-gate and Email-gate among so many others, but the real jaw-dropper is the Clinton Foundation combining treason and greed to a level beyond belief.  Here’s a summary from Wednesday (7/27) on the current IRS investigation of the Clinton Foundation….

In my Stillicide article yesterday (7/28), I pointed out that “the best thing Trump has going for him is a lack of fear of envy.”  That’s why he’s not intimidated by guilt-mongering and doesn’t pay obeisance to political correctness.  It’s the most necessary, albeit not fully sufficient, condition for standing up to the Left.

And Islamofascism.  On Tuesday (7/26), two piles of Islamic excrement butchered a Catholic priest in his church in Normandy, France in the name of Allah.  In response, French President Hollande vowed to “wage war by every means” upon the Moslems of ISIS.  With a Moslem population of 10% (6.3 million out of 63 million) in France, brave words by lily-livered French weenies mean nothing.

It’s worse in Germany because Angela Merkel is the world’s poster child for the fear of being envied.  Elsewhere in Europe, however, a revolt against Islamofascism is growing.  You’ll be stunned by this photo-essay depicting it…

We close with the morally magnificent achievement of our Hero of the Week.



OBlackMattersLet me introduce a new word into your vocabulary, a word that encapsulates the Left’s strategy to demolish every institution of American culture and the traditional values of American society. 

The word is stillicide.  The dictionary definition has nothing to do with politics, nor does it refer to some form of killing like suicide, genocide, homicide et al.  It refers rather to a physical process derived from the Latin stillicidium: stilla, drops, plus cidium, a declension of cadere, to fall.

Stillicide, stilliciduous, stillicidal thus refer to “a continual dripping of water falling in drops.”

How about that for a light bulb going on in your head?

It sure explains, just to take one example, why race relations in America have gotten worse, far worse, after Zero’s election in 2008. 

Why have Zero and his minions in the media done everything they could to divide us on race instead of uniting us, culminating today in the fascist thuggery of Only Black Lives Matter and the murder epidemic of white cops?

Because the hideous secret hidden in every Leftie soul is….



The Democrat National Committee collaborated with the Clinton campaign to sabotage Bernie Sanders, emails published by Wikileaks on the eve of the Dem convention indicated.

The news infuriated Sanders supporters, already grumpy because Hillary selected Sen. Tim Kaine, D-VA., who is what passes for a “moderate” among Democrats these days.

The firestorm swiftly consumed Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, D-FL, the DNC Chair, who was canned and blew town before the convention was gaveled in. Then in a stunning display of cluelessness, callousness, or both, Hillary made Debbie Dimwit honorary co-chair of her campaign.

Every mention of Hillary’s name Monday (7/25) was booed, beginning with the benediction (!). Some Sanders supporters chanted “lock her up,” as Republicans had in Cleveland.

Here’s a heads-up: Donald Trump will run as if he were in a Democrat primary. He’ll be to Hillary’s left on some economic issues, in sync with her on most social issues. He’ll aim his pitch at Sanders supporters, and the white working class Democrats abandoned.  Witness yesterday (7/26) his advocating raising the minimum wage in total ignorance of basic economics.



US&IranAllianceFor those who thought that America was stealthily pulling out of the Middle East in pursuit of a policy of gradual disengagement pursued by Obama, a shocking truth is beginning to unfold. Far from disengaging, the Obama administration has for some time now actually been forming a de facto alliance with Iran in its war against the Sunni Arabs.

Exploiting the conflict against Daesh (ISIS) as an opportunity to ethnically cleanse the Sunni Arab population of al-Anbar and other provinces in Iraq, the Iranian regime has poured military personnel and resources into the sixty separate and predominantly Shi’ite militias operating in that country.

These militias, commanded by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Qods Force leader – General Qassem Soleimani – have arrested, tortured, butchered and beheaded many thousands of innocent Sunni men and even boys, during their fight to ‘liberate’ the Iraqi cities of Tikrit, Ramadi and Fallujah.

The next target for the Iranian-backed militias is Mosul, Iran’s second largest city and home to over two million Sunnis. American airstrikes have already begun around the outskirts. An unprecedented human catastrophe will quickly develop unless the West wakes up and exposes Obama’s duplicity.

The only way to combat Daesh (ISIS) is to recruit and engage the Sunni tribes in Iraq. They are best placed to root out the Daesh terrorists who have occupied their homeland for the past two years.

But the Sunni tribal leaders have good grounds to believe that America has now joined forces with Iran to wage war on the Sunni Arabs and they will be reluctant to help a coalition that may inevitably lead to their own destruction at the hands of sectarian Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias.



OilinTexasOil rigs in the Permian Basin of Texas are still being built even at $45 oil, defying shale skeptics

Oil prices have tumbled to a three-month low as surging supply once again exposes the chronic global glut and threatens to perpetuate the energy slump for another year.

US crude contracts crashed through key technical barriers to $42.40 yesterday (7/26) before recovering slightly in late trading on profit-taking. They have fallen by 9% over the last four sessions.

Speculators have given it an extra push. Data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the US shows that 52 hedge funds have taken out large short positions, betting that the summer sell-off still has a further leg to run.

Prices are unlikely to re-test the February lows of $26 when asset prices were tumbling across the world and markets were in a full-blown ‘China panic,’ pricing in a global recession that never happened. 

The latest oil tremors reveal little about the underlying health of the global economy, which has so far shrugged off Brexit fears and may be accelerating.



Texas-flagAll plagues, whether they are biological or destructive policy ideas, begin at some specific place and time. The city of Austin, Texas, is now the place of origin of what could be a very costly experiment.  (Yes, Texas – which is a Red State overall, but the people who run Austin, like Houston, are Hyper-Blue  –JW.)

Unneeded and ill-considered regulation is annoying, costly and damaging, and it fuels corruption. Those in the political class love to regulate. They love the power regulation gives them over their fellow citizens.

They love the fact that the threat to regulate causes the potentially affected to make campaign donations, or provide speaking fees or gifts to avoid having the regulation imposed.

They love the fact that promising to maintain or “enhance” a regulation causes the beneficiaries (often big business) to keep the payoff money flowing to them.

Those who have jobs in regulatory agencies have many incentives to keep the number of regulations ever-growing as a way of obtaining more job security, status and power. In sum, much of the regulatory apparatus is fundamentally corrupt and destructive.  This is what’s happening in Austin.



Within each of us exists a deeply personal, subjective inner experience. We each have our own DNA, our own history and our own very personal experiences.

We have the stories we’ve created that hold the meaning of our experiences and the feelings that flow from those stories.

We have the choices and actions that have formed our character – and the people, opportunities and relationships that have influenced us, blessed us and challenged us.

Within every person is a world, and our personal worlds are more unique, strange and magnificent than most of us realize. Grasping this can turn our relationships from stale melodramas into rich adventures. 

In my work with couples, the most common source of trouble is not grasping this, the cause of which I call a failure of curiosity.



Back in the HFR saddle again.  I can’t thank Jack Kelly enough for his great HFRs while I’ve been gone.  Thanks, Jack!


One takeaway from the GOP convention – Donald’s speechwriter sure is a lot better than Melania’s.  It was delivered strongly with every word clearly articulated, and hit a lot of good notes.  The best line was contrasting Hillary’s slogan for her followers, “I’m with her,” with his “I’m with you.”

Here’s the full text as prepared for delivery.

The trillion-dollar question is, Can we trust him to keep all the promises he made – especially when he provides no specifics on just how he’s going to achieve them?

Reuters is reporting that Trump is considering Harold Hamm as his Energy Secretary.  Finally, a positive reason and a very good one to vote for Trump, rather than just as a vote against Hillary.  Trouble is, there are almost no others.  Here are two immediate examples…

Thus it should come as no surprise to you who the HFR Hero of the Week is…

The 2016 Republican Party Platform is 66 pages and worth reading.  It even says the Ninth and Tenth Amendments are “the foundations of personal liberty” (p. 22).  What Trump needs to pay laser-focus attention to is “Honest Elections and the Right to Vote” (p. 23)…

Libtards never cease to amaze with yet another example of looney tunes fascism.  On Wednesday (7/20), we saw the emergence of their latest cause:  use government guns to force us to eat less meat, with the audacity to blame our obesity epidemic on it instead of garbage sugar foods…

We close with the Question of November millions of voters must answer for themselves.  And then, an enjoyable Best News of the Week.



GrandPrismaticSpringThis is the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone.  It’s not in some exotic remote place in the world, but right here in America.

You don’t get this view of it from the walkway along side.  I was able to take it from a helicopter.  Such a view helps you realize how beautifully spectacular America is.  It’s that view I’d like to give you now, away from being flat on the ground surrounded by all the garbage of the latest newspaper headlines.

I’ve been asked by a friend whose kids have been raised in Europe to show them the American West, about which they know next to nothing.  Their view of the US has been limited to places like downtown Manhattan and Palm Beach.  My friend wanted them to experience the staggering grandeur of the West, its extraordinary history – plus the thrilling patriotism and cheerful friendliness of the people who live there.

The kids had the time of their lives, with an appreciation and love for America they’ll never forget.  I’d like to share what we saw with you.  It will refocus on what America really is – as beautiful, as glorious, as historical, with as decent a people, as any country that has ever existed in human history.

We have every right to be proud of our country, to be proud to be Americans.  Let’s experience this together.  Enjoy.


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