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I am in such a state of awe over this week that I’m left with only one question – where’s this guy’s wheelbarrow?

From his “Drive Them Out!” speech in Riyadh on Sunday (5/21) to the leaders of every Moslem country on the planet, to his being the first sitting US President in history to pray at the Western Wall and have Israel fall in love with him (5/22-23), to his scolding yesterday in Brussels (5/25) the leader of every NATO country right to their faces for expecting America to pay for their defense  – our president has a pair big enough for a wheelbarrow.

The contrast between this mensch and his schmuck predecessor could not be more stark.  We have at last a real man and a real American with no apologies for being either as President of the United States.  His predecessor was the opposite of both.

Nonetheless, while Trump was making America great again to the world’s leaders, the “breakout star” of the presidential excursion was Melania.  This is the week that the world fell in love with Melania Trump.

This week could be seeing the unraveling of the entire Fake News agenda.  As their Russia-Trump Collusion Myth evaporates with no evidence whatever to support it, real Obama and Clinton crimes are now appearing.  And n addition to all this, in the last few days we’ve finally seen the Seth Rich murder scandal gain traction.

Every libtard, DemFascist, Fake News pundit, and Capitol Hill RINO is in a total frenzy of fear and rage over the Monday (5/22) release of Trump’s fabulous FY2018 budget that cuts $1.7 trillion in entitlements.  There’s other fun news too.  Here we go…



drive-them-outLet’s make this clear at the outset.  President Trump’s speech in Riyadh on Sunday (5/21) – from which the above is a quote – is one of the greatest speeches of any world leader in our lifetimes.

See for yourself – the full video and text are appended below.  I could not possibly encourage you more to watch and read it attentively.  But first, consider the context.

His audience was not simply Saudi royals starting with King Salman, but the leaders of every Moslem-majority country in the world, 54 in all. And in this place to this audience, he was the absolute antithesis of an apologetic appeaser like Obama. 

Trump spoke to them politely and graciously, with every diplomatic courtesy and nicety that protocol calls for.  But he spoke to them as a man, stand up and straight from the shoulder, not some metrosexual favor-currying pansy like Zero. 

He spoke to them as The President of the United States and proud of it – but without a hint of bullying or threat.  He spoke to them with complete respect for himself and his country – and with respect for them as well without any hint of gratuitous condescension. 

This is a speech of pure presidential genius that only Ronald Reagan could have matched.  And yet, although it was delivered in a Moslem country to an audience of Moslem leaders, I took it personally – that Trump’s speech had a message for me as an American, a message for all those who love America.



loserPresident Trump just gave ISIS its new name: Losers! Short for Evil Losers!

If you think that’s no big deal, you’re wrong. It’s a big deal. This is – literally – weapons-grade persuasion from the most powerful Master Persuader of our time.

President Trump’s clever nicknames for people are not random. They are deeply engineered for visual/auditory impact and future confirmation bias.

In this case, the visuals will be provided by future terror attacks. That reinforces the “evil” part, obviously.

But more importantly, the Losers! will be doing nothing but losing on the battlefield from now until “annihilation.” They are surrounded, and the clock is ticking.

Quickly, name one other way you could label/insult the Losers! that would be as powerful as the word Loser! You can’t do it with any other name or insult that is also repeatable in polite company.

What kinds of people join the Losers!? Mostly young males. And you know what brand young males do not want stamped on their foreheads?  Right: Losers!

If you call them monsters, they like it. If you call them ISIS or ISIL they put it on a flag and wave it around. If you call them non-Muslim, it just rolls off their backs because they have Korans and stuff.  Loser! is different. No one joins the Loser! movement.



trump-make-israel-greatPresident Trump’s visit to Israel over the last two days (5/22-23) was a reminder to Israel, a nation of miracles, that miracles still happen. 

For the longest time – those eight long years of Obama – it must have seemed that the nightmare would never end.

Enter Trump and everything is different. America is back, and so is Israel. The slump is over, finished. For Israel, how refreshing to welcome an American President as a friend. Modern Israel will never be quite the same ever since this visit.

The entire world saw an American President bestow kindness, friendship, respect and protection to the Jewish State and let no one (like Iran) try anything foolish. It’s like that when the biggest guy on the block puts his arm around you for the entire neighborhood to see.

This was not the time for politics. It was the time for symbols and it was a time for television to broadcast those symbols, however limited, in America.

Trump’s magnificent farewell speech at the Israel Museum roused the audience to its feet when he said, “Iran routinely calls for Israel’s destruction – not with Donald J. Trump.”

 CNN did not play that, neither did MSNBC or ABC, CBS or NBC. Fox News and the BBC did.  And so does TTP -- full video and text below.



Murdered by Islamic terrorists and their appeasers

Murdered by Islamic terrorists and their appeasers

In the months before weeping little girls with nails in their faces were carried out of the Manchester Arena Monday evening (5/22), the authorities of that city were hard at work fighting the dreaded threat of Islamophobia.

While Salman Abedi, the second-generation Muslim refugee terrorist who maimed and killed dozens in a brutal terrorist attack, stalked the streets wailing, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah,” Manchester police were busy with more important things.

The Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are one of only two police forces in the UK to list Islamophobia as a hate crime category.  You might read that sentence again to let it sink in.

Earlier this year, GMP Chief Constable Ian Hopkins honored Tell Mama (“Mama” stands for “Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks”) for fighting Islamophobia.

The Islamophobia lie killed 22 people in Manchester. It happened on the watch of the GMP.

No one takes Islamophobia more seriously than the Greater Manchester Police. When Muslim “sex grooming” gangs were abusing little girls in Rochdale, the GMP dutifully covered it up. On one of the recorded interviews, a police officer can be heard yawning as a girl describes her abuse. 



liberals-on-immigrantsPrague, Czech Republic.  The West that birthed globalization is now in an open revolt over its own offspring, from here in Eastern Europe to southern Ohio.

About half of the population in Europe and the United States seems to want to go back to the world that existed before the 1980s, when local communities had more control of their own destinies and traditions.

One reason is we have never really resolved the contradictions of globalization.

An Islamic State terrorist does not hate the United States any less because he now wears hoodies and sneakers and can text his girlfriend. More likely, Western fashion and high-tech toys only empower radical Islamic hatred of Western values.

Elites who benefit from Westernized globalization often gain enough wealth and leisure to have the latitude to trash it -- as a way of dealing with their own guilt over their exalted status.

At no time in the history of Western civilization have American college students ever been so pampered -- with latte bars, trauma counselors, rock-climbing walls and upscale student unions -- and yet so critical of the very global civilization that guaranteed them such bounty.



rr-population-chart-052317Vilnius, Lithuania.  It is hard to succeed if everyone is leaving. Some of the former communist countries are suffering from a population death spiral, with double-digit population declines over the last 25 years, as can be seen in the chart.

The problem is not only that people are leaving these countries, but all too often it is the most productive who are leaving -- i.e., young adults. Those who are the least mobile -- the unskilled, those with physical or mental disabilities and the elderly -- i.e., the dependent class are staying.

Latvia has lost almost a third of its population since it regained its independence in 1992. This would be equivalent to the United States losing approximately 100 million people. Other former communist countries have also lost major portions of their populations. The population loss is not only a result of emigration, but also very low birth rates (well below replacement).

As noted, as taxes on employment are raised, it both discourages work and drives people to places where the real after-tax wage is higher. But the real job-killer is not income taxes, it’s….



time-cover-may-18The current cover of TIME Magazine, issued yesterday, May 18, is the Lying Swine media’s ultimate descent into Fake News Lunacy.

It brings to mind the old question of whether a witch doctor actually believes in the delusions he’s dispensing to his primitive devotees, or is he aware of his being a voodoo con man?

If the former, then the witch doctors at TIME, the Slimes, WaPo, ABC-CBS-CNN-NBC-AP are becoming literally and clinically deranged with psychotic hate for the President of the United States.

If the latter, then they should be regarded with disgust as AINOs – Americans In Name Only – who either just don’t care about the incalculable damage their delusions will cause to their country, or maliciously want to cause the damage.

Whichever of these options is the case, you and I and all patriots have only one option.  Although Jack Kelly this morning (5/19) and I yesterday (5/18) stated it, that option was made most brilliantly clear by Newt Gingrich last evening…

It’s a full HFR this week, with in-depth analysis of what’s really going on, a quartet of fun good news, and a HFR Hero of the Week that may be a real surprise the recipient.  Buckle your seat belts, we’re off…



trump-tweet-051717This is not only Trump’s truest tweet, it is the most profound “truth to power” statement of modern times.  So when will President Trump start treating the FNM as America’s enemy for real?

From the day of his electoral victory over Hillary Clinton last November, the FNM has waged flat-out relentless war upon him.  Since last week, their war has escalated into flat-out mental derangement.

On Sunday (5/14), Carl Bernstein declared it was “appropriate” to question Trump’s mental stability and fitness for being president.

No, Carl, what’s appropriate is for Americans to question the media’s mental stability and fitness for being journalists.

Let’s cut to the chase.  The bloodlust derangement of the Fake News Media and their traitorous Deep State sources is going to get worse until it is stopped with a sledgehammer.

The only way Trump can win the Fake News War waged against him is to go on the offense.  That should include:


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