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NY Post cover, May 8, 2018

NY Post cover, May 8, 2018

“What did they know and when did they know it?” and “It’s not the crime; it’s the cover-up” are two of the biggest journalistic clichés of our time.

But clichés or not, sometimes they are true and they both apply (and then some) to the astonishing Eric Schneiderman situation.

This appalling scandal  should be nothing less than a spiritual crisis for the Democrat Party and so-called liberals and progressives everywhere.

It should.  But it probably won't be, even though the level of hypocrisy is stratospheric.  And that is the essence of the problem.

But the initial question immediately arises.  Since now six women (the NY Post has the latest per the cover story above) have reported near identical pathologies on the part of Schneiderman.

Didn't anyone know about this?



Massive Trump Rally – Washington, Michigan, April 28, 2018

Massive Trump Rally – Washington, Michigan, April 28, 2018

When President Trump presided over a business roundtable in Cleveland last weekend, it was one of several events he has hosted in the Midwest since Election Day.

Trump held a raucous victory rally in Ohio just a few weeks after he won the presidency, and has since made frequent trips to Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan: He will visit Elkhart, Indiana today (5/10)

Trump skipped the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last month and instead campaigned in central Michigan. The president’s courting of voters in the Heartland is a shrewd political calculation by Team Trump.  The POTUS has this figured out:

Democrats have been counting on the Great Lakes to deliver a Big Blue Wave this November to help win back control of Congress, but with no compelling message aside from impeachment, no policy agenda for the economy or national security, and no tactical strategy to lure swing voters back, Democrats might reverse the historical trend of the out-of-power party gaining more power in the midterm election.



escape-the-plantation Welcome to the Mayday HFR.  Fortuitously timed with this being the week of May Day, May 1st – or as TTP calls it, Commie Day.

Mayday is the international signal of distress that been in use since the 1920s.  For that is the HFR’s theme this week.

Listen – can you hear it?  Vast swarms of Fascist Lefties, from Washington DC to Mexifornia, from Democrats on Capitol Hill to Social Justice Warriors throughout the land, are screaming “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!” in panic and terror.  The sound is simply Schadenfreudelicious.

They are screaming about so many things causing them to lose their minds that it will take a while to cover them – so let’s get going…



What May Day should be, happy and joyous

What May Day should be, happy and joyous

What Commies and the Fascist Left have done to May Day

What Commies and the Fascist Left have done to May Day

Berlin, Germany.  For millennia, especially here in Europe, the First of May was a happy, joyful celebration of life after winter, with dancing around a Maypole and crowning a pretty girl with flowers as Queen of May.

I grew up in California. When we were kids, my sisters would always get up early to pick flowers, and leave them in a basket at the front door for Mom, our family’s Queen of May.

Today is a national holiday in Germany, as it is in over 30 other countries in Europe and dozens of other countries around the world.  But not as May Day.

Instead, it’s called International Workers Day.  Since it was the invention of Communists in 1889, it should be called Commie Day.  Only Communists could take an innocent celebration of springtime and turn it into celebration of murder, terrorism, hate, and envy.

Here’s the story.  It begins not in Europe but in America.



john-wayne-advice-to-jwThere’s a story of an American at a bar in Mexico City.  After a couple of Dos Equis with the locals, he asks them, “Amigos, there’s something I don’t understand – I love Mexico, it’s beautiful, full of natural resources, people work hard, so why is Mexico so poor?”

One of the locals smirks and says, “Why that’s easy – it’s because you gringos stole half our land.”  The American takes a tug on his beer and says, “Really?”  The local responds, “Yes, and what’s worse – you gringos stole the half with all the paved roads!”

Overmorrow this Saturday, millions of us gringos will celebrate May 5th.  Yet Cinco de Mayo is a phony tradition, a joke on los Norteamericanos, then exploited as a marketing gimmick by Mexican restaurant chains as an excuse for us to get wasted on Jose Cuervo.

So at TTP, our tradition on May 5th is to explain la verdad, the truth, so you’ll understand why it should be called Cinco de Farsa, The Fifth of Farce.

Which is, to begin with: Nobody in Mexico cares about May 5th.  Only we, us gringos, pretend to.  For if you ask just about any reveler at the nearest Pancho Villa’s Cantina or some such Mexican-themed bar anywhere in the US, just what is being celebrated on May 5th, you’ll get either a blank stare or "It’s their July 4th " ignorance.

So first the true history of Mexico.  You’ll learn more about Mexico’s history in ten minutes than you ever did in school or anywhere else.

Then the reality today — the horrific truth of how treasonous Dem fascists and their useful idiot Rino masochists are using Mexico to destroy their own country.



iran-secret-nuke[This astonishingly insightful analysis of Jack Kelly needs to be read by your Congressman and Senators – please consider sending it to them –JW]

There was “nothing new” in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dramatic news conference Monday (4/30) in which he exposed Iran’s nuclear weapons program, say Obamunists and NeverTrump fellow travelers such as Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN).

In one way that’s true. Those who have been paying attention have known for years the mullahs were Hell-bent on obtaining nuclear weapons, that Obama’s Iran deal would do nothing to stop their pursuit of nukes or slow it down, almost certainly would accelerate it.

But that’s not what Obamunists and Corker – who turned the Senate’s treaty making power on its head to get the Iran deal through – told the American people.

By dismissing Netanyahu’s disclosures as, yawn, “nothing new,” Obamunists are telling us they are not the most easy to bamboozle dufuses in the history of humankind. They are, instead, bald-faced liars –  either the most corrupt cowards ever to head and staff a U.S. administration… or traitors.

Everything President Obama did during his eight years in office has harmed the United States. It is becoming ever more likely that this was not by accident.



What Mueller really is

What Mueller really is

Robert Mueller has plenty of questions for President Trump, and maybe he will get to ask them. Most of them are perjury traps rather than real questions for the president.

Surprisingly, they contain very little that wasn’t in the public domain though prior leaks. In other words, the president is not a target because they have nothing implicating him, and so they want to use the interview to create such material.

But the conduct of the investigation by the special counsel and his team has raised a lot of questions as to its foundation, conflicts of interest, fairness and methods.

If you believe the last Harvard Caps-Harris Poll, much of the public supports Robert Mueller going forward with his investigation, although the Washington Post reported yesterday (5/01), “The number of people who say the Mueller investigation should continue is shrinking.’

That shrinking would no doubt continue if Mr. Mueller were required to answer a few questions himself.  In a deposition under oath with threat of perjury.  Such as:



hillary-gazeThere are lots of possible counterfactuals to think about had Hillary Clinton won the presidency as all the experts had predicted.

The U.S. embassy would have stayed in Tel Aviv. “Strategic patience” would likely still govern the North Korea dilemma. Fracking would be curtailed. The — rather than “our” — miners really would be put out of work. Coal certainly would not have been “beautiful.”

The economy probably would be slogging along at below 2 percent GDP growth.

China would be delighted, as would Iran. But most important, there would be no collusion narrative — neither one concerning a defeated Donald Trump nor another implicating a victorious Hillary Clinton.

In triumph, progressives couldn’t have cared less whether Russians supposedly had tried to help a now irrelevant Trump; and they certainly would have prevented any investigation of the winning Clinton 2016 campaign.

In sum, Hillary’s supposedly sure victory, not fear of breaking the law, prompted most of the current 2016 scandals, and her embittering defeat means they are not being addressed as scandals.



Time Magazine April 25, 1938

Time Magazine April 25, 1938

The apparent discovery last week (4/23) of the mummified remains of Reza Shah (1878-1944) by Iranian archaeologists must have sent chills up and down the spine of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Reza is the symbol of the kind of government most Iranians want: secular, tolerant, modern. His name has often been chanted in the nationwide demonstrations that have continued unabated for weeks.

We don’t get anything approaching a decent picture of the national tumult -- foreign journalists are forbidden to travel outside Tehran -- but I asked a well-informed Iranian if he could tell me where the demonstrations were going on, and he said “it’s easier to tell you where there aren’t any.”

The country is convulsed, and the “return of Reza Shah” will be widely taken as an omen.