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Democrats, Poverty, and Rich-Bashing

Witnessing the scramble among Democratic presidential hopefuls to appeal to voters in the various states about to have primaries is not a pleasant experience. What has come to be the main theme of these candidates is the refrain that whoever isn’t rich, whoever has had a brush with poverty at anytime in his or her life, must want and is fully entitled to have governments engage in massive, relentless wealth redistribution. This is a pitiful and quite disgusting message to put out in America, the country to which the poor of the world used to — and often still — flock precisely to escape their poverty through hard work, entrepreneurship, and ingenuity.



"We need to throw every last molecule of s**t we've got at McCain and Palin," said a poster at the Democratic Underground blog.  "Demonize them.  Dehumanize them." Panic brings out the ugliness in ugly people.  And ugliness of this sort is not restricted to moonbat bloggers. "In the press galleries at the convention, journalists wrinkled their noses in disgust when Piper, Ms. Palin's youngest daughter, was filmed kitty-licking her baby brother's hair in place," wrote David Carr in the New York Times Sunday. How dark must your soul be for you to be "disgusted" by a six-year-old girl who is behaving lovingly toward her baby brother? News organizations have flooded Alaska with investigative reporters, hoping to dig up something -- anything -- bad to say about Sarah Palin.  As mayor of Wasilla in 1996, did she try to ban from the public library books that weren't published until 1998?  The sewer that is the left-wing blogosphere is pumping its bilge directly into the "mainstream" media.


You Don’t Have To Win To Win

If you were to describe in one word the Democrats fantasizing they can beat Bush in November, you would say Dean is a hothead, Clark an egomaniac, Sharpton a hustler, Edwards an ambulance-chaser, Kucinch a kook, Lieberman a moderate, and Kerry…?The word that Democrats want to apply to Kerry is “electable.”  What does this mean?  Exactly nothing, for that’s all he is -- that somehow he possesses some magical capacity to defeat GW.


When Taxes Are Not Seen For What They Are

In mainstream discussions taxation amounts to little more than the unpleasant burden that comes from government spending, no different from having to earn money so as to buy stuff in any normal household. Politicians make spending decisions, which become public policy and commit government to fund what was promised and the funding comes from taxes. No other source of revenue is even considered.

A recent meeting of top government economists and policy makers at the Washington-based Brookings Institute was addressed by several mainstream thinkers and their message was that unless taxes are increased, or at least the Bush tax cuts



"You arrogant ass.  You've killed us!"  So said the executive officer of a Soviet submarine to his captain in Tom Clancy's novel "Red October" after the captain had recklessly fired a torpedo that homed in on his own sub. NBC's David Gregory must have had similar thoughts as he noted, ruefully, that the news media's assault on Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin boosted substantially the television audience for her acceptance speech Wednesday night. No friend of Barack Hussein Obama -- and this last week has demonstrated he has no better, nor more unscrupulous, friends than those in the news media -- can be happy about that. Last night (8/03), her enemies learned firsthand why her nickname is "Sarah Barracuda."  With a smile on her face, Ms. Palin sliced and diced Obama with the skill she dresses a moose she just shot.



CARACAS, Venezuela -- On Monday afternoon, August 16, dozens of people assembled in the Altamira Plaza, a public square in a residential neighborhood here that has come to symbolize nonviolent dissent in Venezuela. The crowd was there to question the accuracy of the results that announced a triumph for President Hugo Chávez in Sunday's recall referendum. Within one hour of the gathering, just over 100 of Lt. Col. Chávez's supporters, many of them brandishing his trademark army parachutist beret, began moving down the main avenue towards the crowd in the square. Encouraged by their leader's victory, this bully-boy group had been marching through opposition neighborhoods all day. They were led by men on motorcycles with two-way radios. From afar they began to taunt the crowd in the square, chanting, "We own this country now," and ordering the people in the opposition crowd to return to their homes. All of this was transmitted live by the local news station. The Chávez group threw bottles and rocks at the crowd. Moments later a young woman in the square screamed for the crowd to get down as three of the men with walkie-talkies, wearing red T-shirts with the insignia of the government-funded "Bolivarian Circle," revealed their firearms. They began shooting indiscriminately into the multitude. A 61-year-old grandmother was shot in the back as she ran for cover. The bullet ripped through her aorta, kidney and stomach. She later bled to death in the emergency room. An opposition congressman was shot in the shoulder and remains in critical care. Eight others suffered severe gunshot wounds. Hilda Mendoza Denham, a British subject visiting Caracas for her mother's 80th birthday, was shot at close range with hollow-point bullets from a high-caliber pistol. She now lies sedated in a hospital bed after a long and complicated operation. She is my mother.



It is often claimed, especially by those who maintain that the war between Civilization and Moslem Terrorism is at root a “War of Ideas,” that we -- America, the West, Civilization as a whole -- are not at war with Islam, but the Jihadist interpretation of Islam; that our enemies are not any and all Moslems, but those “radical” or “fundamentalist” Moslems who have bought the Wahhabi-Jihadist version of Islam. Such claims frequently come with the plea for an “Islamic Martin Luther” to lead an “Islamic Reformation” that would rescue Islam from medieval Jihadists. Yet there is no such Anti-Osama savior, and the pleas dissolve into hopeless and forlorn fantasy. But then -- maybe not. Maybe we don’t have to hope in vain for a leader of the Islamic Reformation to emerge someday in the distant future. Maybe the Anti-Osama is already here -- and he lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



I wrote Fire and Nice for McCain's VP back in June in which I said Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would be the ideal running mate for Sen. McCain.  But I never thought he'd pick her. I underestimated him.  And Democrats will underestimate "Sarah Barracuda" at their peril. If I were Slow Joe Biden, I'd be worried.  A former journalist, Sarah Palin is careful about what she says and says it well, qualities for which Sen. Biden is not reknowned.   Sen. Obama picked Sen. Biden in part because of his reputed skill as a hatchet man.  But if Sen. Biden comes on too hard in the vice presidential debate, he'll look like a bully. Alaska is littered with the bodies of those who tried to bully Sarah Palin and failed.



A useful update to TTP’s “Gresham and the Currency of Islam” last week. Let’s see if the Voices of Peace claimed by this essay in Singapore’s main newspaper gain strength or will soon be muffled. -JWMoslems around the world are increasingly speaking out against the Islamist militants behind the recent terrorist attacks in Russia and Indonesia. In the wake of these recent attacks, there has been a chorus of condemnation of extremism.From Jakarta to London, Cairo to Paris, Moslems have been calling radio talk shows, writing newspaper columns and firing off letters to the media condemning terrorist acts in the name of Islam. These voices are crying out against the hatred and intolerance towards the West that remains widespread in Moslem communities. The violence of those who claim to be defenders of the faith, they argue, only tarnishes Islam's reputation.



One of the meta-reasons America won the Cold War is that Russians play chess, while Americans play poker. Chess demands great skill and intelligence, particularly at developing complex long-range strategies and anticipating your opponent's moves.  But it bears little resemblance to life in the real world.  It is completely static and open.  Nothing is hidden.  Poker is very different.  You have to guess what your opponent has and the extent to which he is bluffing.  In business, in politics, in life in general, the folks who know how to play poker will almost always fare better than those who know how to play chess.