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Getting In On African Oil

A great many conservatives are seriously steamed about George Bush even thinking about sending American soldiers to fight and possibly die in some Liberian Rumble in the Jungle. 

Liberal Democrats only advocate putting American soldiers in harm’s way when they perceive no US national security interest.  Whenever there is such an interest, they are dependably opposed.  Thus they were against the War in Iraq but are now all for Americans getting shot in Liberia by rival gangs of heavily armed thugs stoned on marijuana.

The last place in the world American soldiers should be sent to is some anarchic hell-hole



I never thought I'd feel sorry for Hillary Clinton.  The truth is I don't.  But I'm grateful to her for removing a stigma from the guy I wanted to be president, Rudy Giuliani.  We have many months yet to go in this presidential election cycle, but already it's becoming notorious for whopping misjudgments.  Until recently, the stigma for having run the worst campaign in modern history seemed to be a dead heat between my guy Rudy for forsaking the earlier contests to focus on Florida, and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson who thought he could win the GOP nomination from his hammock.  But Hillary Clinton is overtaking them.  How does one go from being the "inevitable" nominee of the Democratic party to a rapidly sinking underdog?  It helps to have a charismatic opponent like Sen. Barack Obama, and to not be very charismatic yourself.  But most of Hillary's wounds are self inflicted.



Today, what would Reagan do? He would appeal for the liberation of women in the Muslim world, he would call for the freedom of Sudanese Christians from slavery and genocide, he would demand that the brainwashing of Palestinian and Iraqi youth to become suicide bombers be stopped.


Don’t Trade With Aliens

There is a group of human beings whom I find to be unintelligibly mysterious.  In fact, I believe them to be aliens who, while visiting earth occasionally, actually reside in a space ship floating in the interstellar ether.  I am referring, of course, to currency traders.

For the most part, other kinds of traders — guys who make it their profession to trade things like stocks or bonds or commodity futures — are normal people.  For the most part, currency traders are nuts.

There is simply no explanation for the euro rocketing up far above the dollar since the US



[Jack Kelly makes as good a case as can be made for John McCain.  I remain afflicted with what he calls MDS.  Yet I readily admit he makes a good suggestion for a vaccine. ---JW] The race for the GOP nomination for president is all but over, save for weeping and gnashing of teeth among conservatives. I don't think Sen. John McCain would be a good president.  He lacks the temperament for it; he has virtually no managerial experience, and the economy is, as George Will put it, "a subject with which McCain is neither conversant, nor eager to become so."  But there is a big difference between being a mediocre president -- as one could argue George W. Bush has been -- and being an awful one.  Yet many conservatives talk about Sen. McCain as if he were Satan's first cousin.  What Web logger Roger L. Simon calls "McCain Derangement Syndrome" is as irrational and unbecoming as is the Bush Derangement Syndrome that afflicts so many liberals.



Last Friday, July 30, three suicide bombers blew themselves up next to the U.S. and Israeli Embassies and Prosecutor General's Office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Three Uzbek security men, including the Israeli ambassador's bodyguard, were killed and eight were civilians wounded. The attacks coincided with the start of the trials of radical Islamists accused of perpetrating massive March terrorist attacks killing 35 people and wounding scores. Two terrorist groups, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), and Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for the attack. The two organizations are well known in the global jihadi movement.


Coming Soon: DOW 10,000

I do not have a crystal ball and cannot predict the future.  Yet there is now in place a full alignment of “the correlation of forces,” driving the US economy forward.  Thus I am going to predict that the DOW will be above 10,000 by October.  What’s more, it will stay above 10,000 throughout 2004. Did Y2K Cause the Recession?

There is an interesting theory claiming that Y2K helped precipitate the recession.  Remember that it began March 2000 when the Dow and Nasdaq peaked.  What happened was that in preparation for Y2K, corporate America compressed four years of IT



When Democrats and Republicans agree quickly on something, it's usually either a meaningless gesture, or a raid on the federal treasury. The economic stimulus package agreed to by President Bush and congressional leaders will be more beneficial to politicians than it will be to our economy. The deal -- the principal element of which is to give income tax rebates to people who pay little or no federal income tax -- is driven by fear our economy may be going into recession.  Since the definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative growth, we're not in one yet, and neither the Congressional Budget Office nor the Federal Reserve thinks we'll go into one this year.  But the economy is weakening, for two principal reasons.


Our Challenge In Georgia

Georgians enthusiastically elected Mikheil Saakashvili president of Georgia on Sunday, Jan. 4. He is a the youthful, center-right leader of the Georgian opposition who overthrew President Eduard Shevardnadze in the "Rose Revolution" last November. Mr. Saakashvili has received more than 80 percent of the vote in elections that were the most peaceful and transparent since Georgian independence.


Short China

The World Health Organization or WHO announced today that “the worst is over” regarding the SARS epidemic in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canada.  WHO pronounced Vietnam for being the first country to eradicate the disease, and praised it for doing so transparently, quickly, and efficiently.

One reason Vietnam was able to do so is because it closed its border with China.  For notably absent in the WHO announcement was any praise for China.  The worst is not over for China.  The worst — far worse — is yet to come.

90% of SARS cases worldwide to this day are