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Three ISIS suicide bombers killed 43 and injured 239 at Turkey’s Ataturk International airport Tuesday (6/28). The three-part attack “was carried out in a way that suggests the kind of advance intelligence, careful study of a target, and cool execution that would normally be practiced by Western special forces.”

America isn’t on this list of countries where ISIS claims to have covert units in place.  But CIA Director John Brennan said he’d be “surprised if (ISIS) is not trying to carry out that kind of attack in the United States.”

* * * *

Gunmen have taken at least 20 hostages today in a café popular with diplomats in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.  You’ll never guess what they were shouting.

* * * *

One of the guns used in the terrorist attack in Paris last November was purchased illegally from a gun owner in Phoenix. The seller committed at least two federal firearms violations, but hasn’t been prosecuted. Judicial Watch suspects the seller was participating in the infamous “Fast and Furious” operation in which ATF deliberately permitted “straw purchases” for Mexican drug cartels and let guns “walk” across the border.

* * * *

There were no new bombshells in the report of the Benghazi Committee Tuesday. But there were chilling new details confirming what those who were paying attention already knew. 

“Benghazi was a foreseeable disaster (the administration) failed to prevent,” summed up Richard Fernandez of PJ Media. “And in the aftermath it was a catastrophe whose lessons they were determined to ignore.”

* * * *

Donald Trump was in Pennsylvania Tuesday to deliver a speech on trade so profoundly economically illiterate it could have been given by Bernie Sanders.  It was also profoundly hypocritical, since the merchandise Trump sells – including those stupid hats -- is manufactured abroad.

* * * *

Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met for half an hour Tuesday on her government airplane at the airport in Phoenix.  They didn’t discuss the FBI investigation of Hillary, Ms. Lynch said. Not even the Lying Swine believe that.



Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia

There couldn’t be a more appropriate and exotic place to discuss death cults than here.  In the distant highlands of central Sulawesi undiscovered by any Westerner until little over a century ago, are a people called the Toraja who take propitiation of their deceased ancestors to a limit unmatched anywhere else.

Yet most interestingly, the Toraja have combined their ancestor worship with a devout Christianity.  Tana Toraja (the Land of the Toraja) is a Christian haven within the world’s largest Islamic population.  Churches here are as plentiful as mosques elsewhere in Indonesia, while a giant statue of Christ towers above Tana Toraja high on a mountaintop.

The Toraja are a people with deep pride and confidence in the worth of their culture.  If there were anyone among them who lacked that pride and confidence, who felt ashamed and apologetic of their culture, they would be despised.  If that someone felt so ashamed and apologetic that they wished and worked for their culture’s destruction, they would be regarded as demented.

There are such people among us, among our fellow Americans.  There is a name for these people:  Democrats.  And it is critically important to understand something fundamental about them.



Brexit was an historic reassertion of Britain's ancient liberties. It was also a monumental repudiation of the left and its ever-growing nightmare of government by remote, unelected, unaccountable bureaucracies and the subversion of all democratic process.

Thomas Sowell has described this elitist trainwreck as "The Vision of the Annointed." It is everywhere and always the same, give or take a gulag or two.

Brexit was Lady Thatcher's dying hope, having come to understand that the EU was "fundamentally unreformable." Her dream has finally been fulfilled.

An independent Britain, free to set its own course and determine its own future -- as it has done for a thousand years before the Brussels behemoth was even a thought -- will preserve and extend its heritage of liberty and innovation. The Continent will fall deeper into its increasingly despotic quagmire, unless it breaks up well before that.

Immediate market disruption aside, some are concerned about the long term economic impact of Brexit. They shouldn't be. 



If Donald Trump were a referendum, like Brexit, he’d win in a walk.

It came as a shock that Brits voted to leave the European Union because almost the entire ruling class/establishment/elite opposed Brexit.

“Levels of dissatisfaction with leadership have reached revolutionary levels,” wrote Gerard Baker in the Wall Street Journal.

“It’s a paradox of mass modern democracy that voters feel themselves governed by rulers who ‘neither see nor feel nor know,’ a political-business nexus that feeds on itself and promotes its own interests while mouthing platitudes at election time to keep the populace at bay.”

Three-fourths of the American people believe the government in Washington no longer operates with the consent of the governed, wrote Greg Orman and Pat Caddell in RealClear Politics June 5. Two-thirds think America is in decline.



Long-developing cracks in the Western political establishment’s century-old paradigm suddenly widened this year.

In the US Donald Trump, a reality television star and real estate developer, improbably became the Republican Party’s nominee for president. Bernie Sanders, a socialist and long-time Senate crank, challenged the Democrats’ pre-anointed nominee Hillary Clinton, who prevailed only by dint of money and un-democratic “super-delegates.” Meanwhile in Europe, the UK voted to leave the European Union, perhaps opening the flood-gates to more defections.

These three events share a common theme: populist and patriotic passions roused by arrogant elites have fueled a rejection of Western establishments and their un-democratic, autocratic, corrupt paradigm.



A mob of starving people advanced on the presidential palace chanting, “We want food”. They were met by soldiers and police dispatched by the tyrant from his lavish palace decorated opulently with a golden sun, giant rock crystal mirrors, sparkling chandeliers and towering oil portraits.

The scene wasn’t 19th century France, but 21st century Venezuela.

And if you are wondering why you haven’t seen it on the news, it’s because Venezuela is a Socialist disaster area that was once being used as a model by the left. Now it’s a place where the vast majority of people can’t afford basic food staples and a third are down to two or fewer meals a day.

Obama laughed and joked with deceased monster Hugo Chavez, who handed him a copy of the anti-American tract, “Open Veins of Latin America” that had even been disavowed by its own author. Obama called the book a “nice gesture,” but Eduardo Galeano, its author, had told an audience that the left “commits grave errors” when in power.

Venezuela, once a wealthy oil state, where the doctors offering “universal health care” have no medicine and starving people loot government stores looking for food, is yet another example. 50 people are dead in the latest food riots. Their graves are yet another “grave error” of the left.




Italy is preparing a €40bn rescue of its financial system as bank shares collapse on the Milan bourse and the powerful after-shocks of Brexit shake European markets.

An Italian government task force is watching events hour by hour, pledging all steps necessary to ensure the stability of the banks. “Italy will do everything necessary to reassure people,” said premier Matteo Renzi.

“This is the moment of truth we have all been waiting for a long time. We just didn’t know it would be Brexit that set the elephant loose,” said a top Italian banker.

The share price of banks crashed for a second trading day, with Intesa Sanpaolo off 12.5%, and falls of 12% for Banka MPS, 10.4% for Mediobana, and 8% for Unicredit. These lenders have lost a third of their value since Britain’s referendum five days ago.

“When Britain sneezes, Italy catches a cold. It is the weakest link in the European chain,” said Lorenzo Codogno, former director-general of the Italian treasury and now at LC Macro Advisors.




The Brexit vote is just the beginning of the revolt against unaccountable institutions and persons. The global political-economic class reacted with horror when a majority of British citizens said “enough is enough,” by voting to leave the EU.

Rather than government by citizens for the citizens, the world has increasingly become government by unaccountable bureaucrats for bureaucrats.

As a result, there is emerging a middle class revolt against the mandarins of the EU, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the OECD and other supranational organizations designed to supersede national laws and sovereign rights.  It’s about time.



Britain’s vote yesterday (6/23) to leave the European Union is the most significant international political development this century, the first good news for lovers of liberty in a very long time.

What was revolted against was the attempt by globalist elites to impose an undemocratic and unworkable political union.  I think the turning point in Brexit’s upset victory were the efforts of EU honchos to force member countries to take in hordes of Muslim “immigrants,” and the rioting in Calais Monday and Tuesday by “immigrants” demanding to go to Britain.

* * * *

Democrats gave us a vivid illustration this week why here as well as in Britain, “levels of dissatisfaction with leadership have reached revolutionary levels.”

In support of President Obama’s efforts to conceal from the American people that the killer in the worst mass shooting in American history was a radical Islamist, a registered Democrat and a fan of Hillary Clinton, Democrats conducted a series of stunts to blame the murders on a rifle Omar Mateen didn’t use, Republicans, Christians, and the NRA.

Democrats are fighting for a “bad, stupid bill,” said Gawker.  “The use of error-prone and unfair watch lists is not the way to regulate guns in America,” said the ACLU.

* * * *

President Obama got smacked around by the Supreme Court, and by a U.S. District court judge, an Obama appointee.

* * * *

The political prosecutions of Baltimore police officers is backfiring on racist demagogue States Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

* * * *

Hillary Clinton is more unpopular than ever, but her lead over Donald Trump is growing.


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