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deputy-atty-general-rod-rosenstein-retiresThe biggest news in a week filled with big news is:

*The Justice Department revealed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ran a massive sting. Coup plotters are royally screwed.

*End game is approaching with Iran. Despite their bellicose rhetoric, the crisis is more likely to end with a whimper from the mullahs than a bang.

*President Trump unveiled his plans for immigration reform, is contemplating invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 to throw out of the country illegals who cross before reform can be enacted.

Nancy Pelosi backtracked from her assertion there is no crisis at the border, signaling a deal may be possible this year.

*The signs abound the Spygate tsunami will reach landfall next week. Democrats are – and ought to be – scared spitless.

Here we go with this week's HFR! Enjoy the Read!!! 🙂



nadler-schiff-vs-trumpWe all know the horrors of addiction—lives destroyed, families shattered. It wrecks the fabric of society. Unfortunately, the Democrats have contracted an extraordinarily virulent form—investigating Donald Trump has become crack cocaine to them with maybe fentanyl and methamphetamine thrown in.

The likes of Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff seem to be sucking on this pipe for dear life, day and night, giving them barely time to breathe or eat. Even when getting a rare touch of sleep, these putative public servants clearly have Trump on the brain. They never think of anything else—or, seemingly, do anything else.

And they are far from alone. Legions of Democrats and their media lackeys suffer from the same addiction.



Grand Mufti Amin Al-Husseini with Hitler – Nov. 28, 1941

Grand Mufti Amin Al-Husseini with Hitler – Nov. 28, 1941

If you harbor any doubts that the Democrat Party has fully embraced anti-Semitism, you can put them to rest by tuning in to C-SPAN and watching the replay of a single congressional session that began at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday (5/15).

The representative standing at the Rostrum, proudly presiding over the floor proceedings for the United States House of Representatives was none other than Rashida Tlaib.  She actually pretended the founder of Palestinian Anti-Semitic terrorism was a benevolent protector of Jews.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer have gone beyond their disgraceful defense of Tlaib’s grotesque distortions of Middle East history and have decided to rub the electorate’s face in a calculated exercise in bigotry.

And there can be little doubt that this was part of a well-thought-out strategy.  Here’s what it is.



change-my-mindBrainwashing isn’t a secretive event that takes place in hidden rooms. No hypnotists or vials full of chemicals are required. It takes place every day on a massive scale across the United States.

Unlike Raymond Shaw in The Manchurian Candidate, brainwashing does not turn people into hypnotized zombies who would be ready to kill a presidential candidate at a command. Instead, it transforms them into the sort of people who would be willing to kill someone for political reasons.

The distinction is why so few people understand the sources of political radicalism and violence.  The art and science of brainwashing is well known. We don’t know it because we choose not to.

Here it is explained how the Left has become an evil cult dedicated to brainwashing America.



evil-chinaThe Chinese Communist government does not have so much a strategy to translate its economic ascendance into global hegemony as several strategies. All of them are brilliantly insidious.

China is not Russia. It differs from Russia in underappreciated ways that transcend its obviously vastly greater population, far-larger economy, and ascendant military.

China is patterning its neocolonialist agenda after both the British Empire of the 19th century (without the pretensions of a Western nation’s paternalistic “burden” of spreading civilization) and the Pacific expansionism of Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere of the 1930s and 1940s.

This history might explain why Japan, of all its Asian neighbors, knows all too well what China is up to.  It’s about time the West knows it just as well.




Russia tries to maintain a finger in every conflict in the Middle East, with President Vladimir Putin seeking to cultivate connections with various parties in multiple quarrels.

Presently, however, the Kremlin’s access is being curtailed: Moscow, for instance, cannot find an entry point into the exploding crisis in Gaza.

Furthermore, Putin clearly disapproves of the removal of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in Algeria under pressure from street protests.

Similarly, the Russian head of state opposes the ousting of his Sudanese counterpart, Omar al-Bashir, by military coup.

Moscow has been unable to employ any useful assets to make a difference in all three. The war in Yemen is also beyond Russia’s reach.

Everywhere he looks in the Middle East, Putin finds himself stuck in a tar baby of failure.



end-of-daysFor most people, particularly in the United States, things have never been better. Yet, the newspapers and airwaves are filled with stories of impending disaster.

Many of the doomsday scenarios have been around for some time but doomsday has yet to arrive.

We were told by The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc. that the Trump election would be an economic calamity and that we would be in major new wars by now.

It wasn’t and we’re not.  For the past three or four decades, we have been told by environmental zealots that the end of the world is near.  It isn’t, not even remotely close.



nadler-cites-barr-w-contemptA tip of the HFR tam o’shanter to TTPer Doug Kemp who posted this meme on the Forum.  It brings to mind John Wayne’s comment that “Life is hard – and it’s a lot harder if you’re stupid.”  Congressman Teapot – all 5’4” and 240 lbs. of him – really is a hubristic idiot and is about to get precisely what he deserves.

How mind-numbingly stupid is it for some two-bit Congresscritter – all puffed up with delusionary self-importance because he wields a ten-ounce piece of wood called a “gavel” – to actually believe he can put the Attorney General of the United States in an imaginary jail cell that doesn’t exist on Capitol Hill for obeying the law?

The words used above to denote proto-hominid IQ levels are not hyperboles.  There is something mentally wrong with these people.  When we call them libtards we mean they really are in fact mentally retarded.  What’s really spooky is not that they were born that way, they have chosen to be as an act of adult free will.

First they chose to be morally retarded – embracing infanticide, hatred of their country, the politics of envy and fascist control of others, etc. – which has resulted in their mental dementia.

At any step along the way, they could have reflected on where they were going and chosen to go elsewhere, and chose not to.

Which brings us to Democrats and turtles.  Here we go on another great HFR!



©2019 Jack Wheeler

©2019 Jack Wheeler

Burma is a hidden country, sandwiched between India, China, and Thailand, along with a bit of Bangladesh and Laos.

During the Cold War under a Soviet-aligned Military Marxist dictatorship, guerrilla rebellions broke out.  In the 1980s as a private operative for President Reagan’s strategy to terminate the Soviet Empire, I clandestinely crossed from Thailand into Burma on more than one occasion with Karenni and Karen guerrillas.

The military junta resisted, even changing Burma’s name to "Myanmar," Rangoon to "Yangon," and moving the capital to an empty plain called Nay Pyi Taw in 1989.

Twenty years later the junta began relenting and freeing up the country, so much so by 2015 I was confident enough to take a small group of friends to explore the country.  We had a wonderful enlightening time.

Now I’m thinking of doing this again next year, as a number of you have asked if I would.  What I’d like to show you is a small sample of what we saw – just a hint, a taste of all there is in this extraordinary land.  All the photos are mine.

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