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war-based-on-deceptionTwo days after being appointed White House Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci appeared on the political talk shows on CBS, CNN and Fox News this Sunday (7/23).   “Mooch” was impressive.

Smart, confident, articulate, quick on his feet, Mooch treats the Lying Swine with the contempt they deserve.  Just look at how he handled a BBC interviewer on the White House lawn yesterday (7/26):


Mooch shouldn’t be caught in a lie, or engage in gross hyperbole. But you and I shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Trump, and others in the White House, routinely deceive the news media.

The Lying Swine lie constantly about Trump, so this isn’t immoral, and it’s good strategy. The president realizes he’s in a war, recognizes who are his main enemies, is following Sun Tzu’s advice to defeat them: All war is deception.

Trump’s enemies assume they’re smart, he isn’t. It’s exactly the opposite – so much so the president takes advantage of their assumption.  From which arises the question:  Is Trump Sun Tzu-ing the media on Jeff Sessions?  



media-meltdownBetween 2008 and 2016, the media were unapologetic about their adoration of President Barack Obama. Now, they are energized by their thorough loathing of President Donald Trump.

In tragic fashion, the Hubris of deifying Obama has now come full circle to the Nemesis of demonizing Trump. The common denominator of the two extremes is the abandonment of disinterested reporting.

When Obama announced his candidacy for president in 2007, the media relinquished all pretenses of objectivity. Instead, journalists quickly started worshipping candidate Obama in a manner never quite seen before, not even in the days of the iconic liberal presidents like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

By the time of the 2016 presidential race, the media had fully lost their credibility as disinterested guardians of objective truth. The John Podesta Wikileaks trove revealed that a number of marquee reporters were openly colluding with Clinton to defeat Trump.

Once the media crossed the Rubicon of partisanship, there was no turning back. The unchecked ebullience that they had showed for Obama has now been replaced by an undisguised hatred for Donald Trump. Just as journalists saw no negative repercussions in their adoration of Obama, they are now able to denigrate the conservative populist Trump without consequences.

What caused the media's Trump meltdown? There are a variety reasons.



justice-for-justineThis picture is of people marching in honor of Justine Damond of Australia, shot and killed by a Somali Moslem police officer without cause in Minneapolis on Saturday July 15.

What would justice for Justine truly be?  For the Islamophilic mayor of Minneapolis to the entire nation to recognize that Islamophobia kills.

It is a cherished fiction on the Left that there exists an “Islamophobia Industry,” a well-funded group of propagandists who spread hatred of Moslems solely to line their pockets.  This is as ridiculous as it is libelous, but there really is an Islamophobia Industry, and it is a group of well-funded propagandists.

In reality, however, it is not in the business of spreading “anti-Moslem bigotry.” Instead, it propagates the idea that Moslems in the U.S. are the recipients of widespread discrimination and harassment, and so must be accorded special accommodation and consideration.

That idea has just taken the life of Justine Ruszczyk Damond, a woman from Sydney in the prime of her life at age 40.





Nordstream 1 in black, Nordstream 2 in red

Nordstream 1 in black, Nordstream 2 in red

A raft of top European companies will be forced to pull out of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project with Russia or face crippling sanctions under draconian legislation racing through the US Congress.

Berlin and Brussels have threatened retaliation if Washington presses ahead with penalties on anything like the suggested terms, marking a dramatic escalation in the simmering trans-Atlantic showdown over America’s extra-territorial police powers.

A consortium of Shell, Engie, Wintershall, Uniper, and Austria’s OMV is providing half the $11 billion funding for the 760-mile pipeline through the Baltic Sea to Germany. “This is a spectacular interference in internal European affairs,” says Isabelle Kocher, the director-general of Engie in France.

There are many voices in Europe, however, who see Nord Stream 2 as spectacular collusion between Berlin/Brussels and the Kremlin.  Here’s how it’s easy to see why.



the-unipartyThe Republican congressional leadership’s failure to repeal Obamacare has led to suggestions that, perhaps, they should have approached their task through “Regular Order.”

Since Congress has not operated under “Regular Order” at all since 2006, and with decreasing frequency in the decades before that, many may be excused for not knowing what these procedures are. Far from being arcane ephemera, they are the indispensable catalyst that makes American government responsible to the people.

Casting aside “Regular Order” was essential to the rise of the unaccountable administrative state and the near-sovereignty of party leaders, lobbyists, and bureaucrats.

Herewith, a summary of what “Regular Order” means, what purpose it once served, why and how it was shunned, and of what has ensued.  In short, if you want to end Republican-Democrat Uniparty collusion to frustrate what voters want, restore Regular Order.



freemarkets-not-cronycapitalismCalling someone a capitalist is a pejorative term in many media and left-leaning political circles. Malcolm Forbes saw it as a market opportunity — when a number of competing business magazines seemed to almost be embarrassed in having to defend capitalism — so Forbes magazine proudly refers to itself as a “capitalist tool.”

The opponents of capitalism have succeeded in clouding the minds of many, by failing to distinguish between real capitalism and crony capitalism.

Real capitalism exists with private ownership, rule of law, free markets, free trade, and limited government intervention in people’s economic lives.

Crony capitalism exists when politicians and government bureaucrats collude with business people to restrict competition and obtain monopoly advantages.  When President Trump and others talk about the “swamp” of Washington, much of what they are referring to is crony capitalism.

Yesterday (7/24), the President realized the swamp is a sewer:




hillary-framed-trumpOK, it’s the National Enquirer, smirked at by people who pretend they are real journalists working for the Fake New Media.  This cover story appeared Wednesday afternoon (7/19).

Yet it got the immediate attention of the London Daily Mail, which ran a huge story that same evening (7/19): 

National Enquirer releases 'exhaustive investigation' into 'evil Hillary Clinton' claiming she framed the Trump family over Russia and the Don Jr. meeting was a setup.

TTP, however, beat them to the punch Wednesday morning with Paul Roderick Gregory’s Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?

The bad news is that the Democrats’ coup attempt to overthrow the presidency – an act of unvarnished treason in the eyes of many – is proceeding apace.  Their first major scalp was Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from any DOJ investigation of the Collusion Hoax on March 2nd.

So what’s to be done about Mueller?  A lot, and here it is….   Welcome to an amazing HFR  Ready to learn what the real consequences will be if the Traitor Left succeeds in its coup attempt against Trump?  Here we go…

(NOTE: If you think you have not been getting the usual email alerts in your mailbox for sometime now, even though you are subscribed, please feel free to email us at and we will re-add you to our mailing list. Thank You! - Admin)



gobi1There are few places on earth that evoke more mystery and adventure than the Gobi Desert.  We’re going to explore it in October.

What you see above is the Hanging Monastery of Datong.  It’s been suspended on a vertical cliff  for 1,500 years, where over 100 Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist monks live and worship today.

In the Gobi, there’s an oasis with the strangest forest on earth, an ocean of giant dunes sprinkled with cobalt blue lakes that many consider the world’s most beautiful desert, mountains candy-striped like rainbows, lost ghost cities, medieval walled cities where people live as they have for centuries, and the greatest treasure trove of ancient Buddhist art on the planet.

Then there’s Crescent Moon Lake.gobi12Let me show all this to you…



ttp-membership-chartWe at TTP are so gratified over the tremendous response we got to our survey.  So many of you took the time to take it, and to respond with substantive comments.  Thank you all!

I thought I’d share with you what we learned – and quote the best comments. 

We asked, How long have you been a TTPer? An amazing 77.4% of you have been with us more than three years, 17.4% since the very beginning of TTP in 2003!  We have to be doing something right to keep so many of you that long. 

We strive to give you “insights and viewpoints not available elsewhere” – and 83% of you agree.  You’re interested in history, geopolitics, and a worldwide perspective, not simply the US.  And you trust us.  That means a lot.

These days, the number of news sites you can trust is shrinking rapidly.  The entire “Mainstream Media” in print, television, and the web has become “American Pravda” – a disinformation machine producing nothing but Democrat Agitprop

To The Point’s goal has always been to be an Oasis for Rational Conservatives.  For conservatives to have such an oasis of sanity from all the insanity we’re deluged with 24/7 is more important than ever.  We’re so grateful TTPers see this.



hillarygateAccording to an insider account –  Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign by Jonathan Allen, released in April – the Clinton team, put together the Russia Gate narrative within 24 hours of her defeat.

The Clinton account claimed that Russian hacking and election meddling caused her unexpected loss. That her opponent, Donald Trump, was a “puppet” of Putin.

Trump, they said, “encourages espionage against our people.” The scurrilous Trump dossier, prepared by a London opposition research firm, Orbis, and paid for by unidentified Democrat donors, formed a key part of the Clinton narrative: Trump’s sexual and business escapades in Russia had made him a hostage of the Kremlin, ready to do its bidding.

That was Hillary's way to say that Trump is really not President of the United States—a siren call adopted by the Democrat party and media.  So let’s talk about Hillary and the Orbis dossier.


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