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time-shrunkThis is the cover of the current issue of TIME Magazine on newsstands this week.  The issue is date-forwarded to October 2.  The cover story is entitled, “Divided Democrats Debate Their Future as 2020 Looms.”

“Can anything save them?” is the plaintive question on the cover.  When I showed this to my wife, she instantly answered, “No – all they have is anger and hate.  Nothing can save them until they rid of it.”

As usual, she nailed it.  The enemies of America – foreign and especially domestic – are in beaucoup deep kimchee.  Welcome to the winningest HFR in quite a while.

Now there are two kinds of winning.  First is when your enemies are taking it in the shorts.  Second is when you’re getting cool stuff accomplished.  We have both kinds this week.  The first is more fun as it’s schadenfreude in spades.

So here we go – you’re going to love this… but be warned, it’ll make you cry at the end (no fair peeking…)



providential-presidentRemember the day for it may go down in history – September 19, 2017 – the day the leaders of the world learned America has a Providential President.

No one ever has talked to them like that – ever, not even Ronaldus Magnus.  Trump’s speech to the UN was Reaganesque on steroids.  The most entertaining moment came when he condemned “the socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.”

Watch Trump’s expression in the clip below after he delivers this line:

“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.”  
The leaders had just applauded his call for “the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in Venezuela.”  But when they heard that, they were stunned into silence or nervous laughter.  As he waits through their shock, his smirk tells you he knew exactly what he was doing.

He was fully aware that the majority of people he was talking to were corrupt socialist despots – this is the UN General Assembly after all – who justify their rule with the same socialist bromides of being “for the people” as does Maduro.

So he stood there through their shock, daring them not to applaud – which they then reluctantly did.  Then he drove it home:



mount-everestIs seeing Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain at 29,032 feet, on your bucket list?  Funny thing is, trekkers who spend two weeks huffing and puffing up steep Himalayan trails to Everest Base Camp never see the mountain, except its point at the top as it’s always blocked by other mountains in the way.

Above is a view of Everest no one gets to see – the entire “Western Cwm” above the Khumbu Icefall, with the full Southwest Face of Everest on the left and straight ahead its sister peak of Lhotse, the world’s 4th highest mountain at 27,940 feet.

No one, that is, except for those who’ve been with me on my three Himalaya Helicopter Expeditions.  Now I’m leading my fourth and last this November.  This is beyond any doubt the single greatest one-week adventure it’s possible to have on earth right now.

For in going to Everest and Lhotse we’re just getting started.  We go to all eight of the highest, most magnificent mountains in the Himalayas.  We visit remote Sherpa villages, and a hidden Tibetan kingdom forbidden to get to until recently – it’s the last remaining true traditional Tibetan culture in the world.

The High Lama of the Kingdom of Lo

The High Lama of the Kingdom of Lo



trump-un-address[This is the full text of the President’s historic speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday 9/19.  Full video follows,  TTP considers this the single greatest speech ever given by a world leader to the General Assembly in the history of the United Nations, and the single greatest speech delivered by an American President in the last 30 years.]

Mr. Secretary General, Mr. President, world leaders, and distinguished delegates:  Welcome to New York.  It is a profound honor to stand here in my home city, as a representative of the American people, to address the people of the world.

For more than 70 years, in times of war and peace, the leaders of nations, movements, and religions have stood before this assembly.  Like them, I intend to address some of the very serious threats before us today but also the enormous potential waiting to be unleashed.

We live in a time of extraordinary opportunity.  Breakthroughs in science, technology, and medicine are curing illnesses and solving problems that prior generations thought impossible to solve.

But each day also brings news of growing dangers that threaten everything we cherish and value.  Terrorists and extremists have gathered strength and spread to every region of the planet.  Rogue regimes represented in this body not only support terrorists but threaten other nations and their own people with the most destructive weapons known to humanity.

To put it simply, we meet at a time of both of immense promise and great peril.  It is entirely up to us whether we lift the world to new heights, or let it fall into a valley of disrepair.



art-of-president-dealsRelax. Calm yourselves. Things are going lots better than President Trump’s enemies – and some who claim to be his friends – say they are.

Read and watch President Trump’s speech to the UN General Assembly yesterday (9/19), up on To The Point today. No president before him has told so many truths so directly to pompous jerks who needed to hear them. This president didn’t kiss ass. He kicked it.

His UN speech is the clearest statement of MAGA Mr. Trump has yet made. This is not a president who has “flipped” to Democrats, or is being bamboozled by them.

Nor is this a president who is intimidated by, or being drugged by “globalists” on the White House staff.

This is a president who is clearly in charge, who knows what he wants to do, is doing it.

Mr. Trump revels in deal making, which involves give and take. The key to success is to give up what is unimportant to you to get things you really want.



patience-grasshopperIf Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller were wearing waders and carrying a rod and reel, he couldn’t signal more clearly he’s on a fishing expedition. Every lawyer on his staff contributed to Dems. He’s said to be looking into things that have nothing to do with the election, employing Gestapo tactics.

Meanwhile, Robert Wray was confirmed as FBI director Aug. 1. I haven’t heard a peep from him since. Perhaps he’s still hanging pictures in his office, finding his way to the rest room and the cafeteria. I’m pretty sure he’s doing something. But I’ve no idea what it is.

Many conservatives want Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired, because he hasn’t indicted Hillary or fired Mueller yet. I think haven’t figured out the Trump-Sessions feud was theater; that the president wouldn’t have gone through that charade without some purpose in mind.

Which is why this is a request for patience.



dems-voter-fraudIf you have no idea what happened at the second meeting of President Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in New Hampshire on Sept. 12, I’m not surprised.

Though a horde of reporters attended the meeting, almost all of the media stories that emerged from it simply repeated the progressive left’s mantra that the commission is a “sham.”

Almost no one covered the substantive and very concerning testimony of 10 expert witnesses on the problems that exist in our voter registration and election system.

The witnesses included academics, election lawyers, state election officials, data analysts, software experts, and computer scientists.

Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. But this can't be done alone.

The existing and potential problems they exposed would give any American with any common sense and any concern for our democratic process cause for alarm.



chart-of-death-from-major-hurricanesHurricanes Harvey and Irma were as powerful as the big South Florida hurricanes of 1926, 1928, and 1935, but the death toll was very small compared to the earlier hurricanes in the area, even though the population is now more than 10 times the size.

The Great Galveston hurricane of 1900 is estimated to have cost 6,000 to 12,000 lives. The hurricanes that have hit the U.S. in the last 50 years have resulted in relatively few lives lost, with the exception of Hurricane Katrina where an estimated 1,833 died.

The reason so few people die now is the better forecasting, the development of weather satellites, and much better infrastructure. The Katrina disaster was not the fault of the weather forecasters but the fault of state and local government leaders.

Since the end of the last ice age about 8,000 years ago, sea levels have been slowly rising at about 1/8 of an inch or 0.3 centimeters per year (i.e., a foot every 120 years). The rise in sea levels has been slow enough that it has been easy for mankind to adapt. Most buildings and infrastructure are rebuilt every 30 to 70 years, so building the new structures higher is done as a matter of course.

Despite the alarmism coming from some, there is no evidence that sea levels are rising faster than the historic rate – nor has the Arctic ice cap melted, nor has the Earth’s temperature risen at the rate forecasted by virtually all of the major climate models.



topless-carwashStrippers and police joined forces last Saturday (9/16) in California to raise money for two wounded police officers.

Two police officers were wounded in a gun battle at a marijuana farm northeast of Sacramento, and City Limits Showgirls decided the best response was to get naked and wash cars for donations, according to The Los Angeles Times. The LA Times reported”

“The shirtless carwash at City Limits Showgirls in Marysville on Saturday raised $2,560, the strip club wrote on Facebook. A long line of cars snaked outside the fundraiser, which was held in a tented parking lot.

 The charity event was held for Yuba County sheriff’s Deputies Phillip Bronson and Andrew Everhart, who were shot multiple times on Aug. 1 at a Rastafarian church’s marijuana farm in Oregon House, a small community northeast of Sacramento.”

The strip club’s Facebook page is filled with thankful comments.
 “Thank you for your Community spirit,” one woman posted. “Great job Ladies.”


“I’m a retired cop,” a man wrote. “I thank you for putting [forth] the effort to help. Your hearts are golden.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what America is all about. Two police officers are wounded in the line of duty and strippers rush to the rescue.

I want to live in a nation where everybody is able to come together during tough times and lend a helping hand – strippers included.

That’s the spirit of unity that beat the Nazis and the Japanese. Topless car wash fundraisers is what separates us from the savages in ISIS. We have the freedom to support the police however we choose, even if it means that topless women are washing cars.

It’s also a genius way for men, who might not otherwise, donate some money to a great cause. A man’s wife might be anti-strip club, but is she really going to be against raising money for wounded police officers?

Props to these great women who joined forces to aid these police officers. God bless this country.

David Hookstead is a reporter for The Daily Caller.



Candidate Trump’s “No Amnesty” pledge August 31, 2016

It’s 6am and I’m back in the HFR saddle.  I’m very grateful for Rod Martin and Jack Kelly so ably standing in while I was gone – thanks, guys!

I always look forward to early Friday mornings, ready to roll with the HFR.  Yet it’s called the Half-Full Report to avoid being Pollyannic – and let’s face it, Pollyanna is in the Intensive Care ward this week hoping she won’t be on life support soon.

This has been building for some time – a series of unforced errors accumulating towards disaster.  And now it has come to this: #AmnestyDon is the new hot Twitter hashtag; Leftists, Never-Trumpers Gloat over MAGA Voters’ DACA Dismay is the headline this morning, and people are burning their MAGA hats.

This is true tragedy, a self-inflicted one of Greek Mythology proportions.  President Trump has dug himself into a deep hole, and it’s not just his DACA dance with Chuck and Nancy.

Yes, that’s pretty glass-emptying.  Yet, actually, lots of cool stuff happened this week.  So let’s get to it.

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