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Written by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard   
Wednesday, 15 October 2014

France may look like the sick of man of Europe, but Germany's woes run deeper, rooted in mercantilist dogma, the glorification of saving for its own sake, and the corrosive psychology of ageing.

"Germany considers itself the model for the world, but pride comes before the fall," says Olaf Gersemann, Die Welt's economics chief, in a new book, The Germany Bubble: the Last Hurrah of a Great Economic Nation.  (Released last month in a German edition, hopefully an English edition will soon follow.)

Mr. Gersemann says the Second Wirtschaftswunder - or economic miracle - from 2005 onwards has "gone to Germany's head". The country has mistaken a confluence of exceptional events for permanent ascendancy. It cannot continue to live off exports of capital goods to China and the BRICS as they hit the buffers, or by stealing a march on southern Europe through wage compression, a zero-sum game.

Marcel Fratzscher, head of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), makes a parallel critique in his new book, Die Deutschland Illusion, no translation needed.

It is the self-deception of a country "resting on its laurels," prisoner of the "household fallacy" that economies are like family budgets, and falsely reassured by the misplaced flattery of foreigners who rarely look under the bonnet at the German engine below.
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Written by Dr. Joel Wade   
Friday, 17 October 2014

We are all familiar with the basic guidelines for good health: exercise, eat right - more fruits and veggies, less red meat, fewer calories, more fiber, less sugar - don't smoke, don't abuse alcohol or drugs.

If we follow these guidelines and maintain an optimal weight, we can avoid or at least diminish the risk or severity of many common health problems.

But there is another dimension to our health. How we think and feel, how we interact with others, and the kinds of things we spend our time doing can have a huge impact on our physical health.

There is a clear difference, for example, between people who are more optimistic and people who are more pessimistic. Optimists have greater longevity - living an average of about eight years longer than pessimists.

They have healthier hearts, more resilient immune systems, and even have fewer bad events happen to them. This isn't magic, it's because they take active steps to anticipate and avoid those bad events.
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Written by To The Point News   
Friday, 17 October 2014

Now that President Zero is finally no longer being worshipped and his popularity having fallen off a cliff, it's interesting to see the same thing happen to Mrs. Zero.

To The Point has always viewed her as such, but we welcome the public which is at last seeing things our way.

The principal reason is the hatred school children and now their parents have for her Food Fascism.  The WaPo reports that even school nutritionists are balking over her school lunch agenda.

This week (10/15), the photo of a pathetically paltry school lunch costing $3 in accordance with Mrs. Zero's Food Fascism went viral.  There is now an explosion of parental anger towards her all over the country.

She compounded this by becoming a laughingstock this week.  Believe it or not, the White House released a six-second repeating loop of her dancing with a turnip.  Here she is with her turnip - promoting healthy eating, you see - bopping to "Turn up for what?", a rap song by some rapper calling himself Lil John:
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 10 October 2014

Yesterday the New York Times condemned Republicans for conducting a "grim" and "dismal" campaign that blames "Obama and the Democratic Party (who) run a government that is so fundamentally broken it cannot offer its people the most basic protection from harm."

The New York Times can't stand it when Republicans tell the truth...

On the bright side, there's a wonderfully cheery story in the New York Times on Tuesday (10/07) - cheery for us, doom and gloom for the libtards at the Times:  The State-by-State Revival of the Right...

No wonder his popularity is in the pits and everyone who loves America hates his guts.  Headline from the London Daily Mail on Wednesday (10/08):  Obama slams GOP as party of billionaires then attends $32k-a-head fundraiser hosted by billionaire property tycoon named Rich Richman...

Now is the time to say J'Accuse! to Chief Justice John Roberts.  The suspicion that he was blackmailed (over illegally adopting his children) emerged after switching his vote at the last minute to rationalize the faux-constitutionality of Obamacare (June 2012).   This week, that suspicion was confirmed...

The Conservative Treehouse really nails this story:  Fifth Child Dies to Support President Obama's Illegal Immigration Goals...

Is Patrick Howley the HFR Hero of the Week?
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Monday, 06 October 2014

hc2_hani6_omg.png hc3_young_red_dzao_girls.png

Last February, we had our adventure to Hidden China II.  Like Hidden China I the previous September, it was absolutely extraordinary.  Breathtakingly memorable. 

So much so that Hidden China III is similar to its predecessor - similar, but not the same.  It's been upgraded, and includes a visit to the tribal peoples of North Vietnam - the young ladies above are Red Zao - plus a luxury overnight cruise in the World Heritage Site of Vietnam's spectacular Ha Long Bay.  In fact, all told we go to six World Heritage Sites.

Our primary focus is China's most stunning and fascinating region, Yunnan.  It has a multitude of incredibly colorful ethnic cultures who are not Han Chinese and have preserved their traditions.  And it has places that will completely blow you away - like Tiger Leaping Gorge, the Luoping Rapeseed Fields, or the thousand year-old Hani Rice Terraces pictured above, clearly one of the great wonders of the world.

We go in early March, the best time to see them in 2015, when the crowds from China's National Holiday have vanished and the weather is perfect. Note, however, this is an adventure.  We stay in the best hotels and dine in the best restaurants when we can - but that's not always.  We're going to places where tourists aren't.  And our schedule is demanding so we can see them all in two weeks.  Let's get started.  And yes, the pictures are real.
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 09 October 2014

Josey Wales made the issue very clear:


"Now remember, when things look bad and you think you're not going to make it, then you've got to get mean - I mean plumb mad dog mean.  Because if you lose your head and you give up, then you neither live nor win.  That's just the way it is."

America is dying of an epidemic of Political Ebola spread by Liberal Fascists.  It is no use to bemoan and wring our hands over it.  The only thing to do is get plumb mad dog mean.

In this regard, let's ask:  What allows Libs - Liberal academics and teachers, pundits, reporters, TV talking heads, New York Times editorial writers, Dem politicians - to denounce and ridicule Conservative values and beliefs, which they never ever do with those of Moslems?

It's a softball question - it's because Libs are terrified and intimidated by Moslems but not by Conservatives.

So let's ask a more difficult question:  how do we make Libs as afraid of us?
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Written by Senator Ted Cruz   
Wednesday, 08 October 2014

The Supreme Court's decision on Monday (10/06) to let rulings by lower court judges stand that redefine marriage is both tragic and indefensible.

By refusing to rule if the States can define marriage, the Supreme Court is abdicating its duty to uphold the Constitution. The fact that the Supreme Court Justices, without providing any explanation whatsoever, have permitted lower courts to strike down so many state marriage laws is astonishing.
This is judicial activism at its worst. The Constitution entrusts state legislatures, elected by the People, to define marriage consistent with the values and mores of their citizens.  Unelected judges should not be imposing their policy preferences to subvert the considered judgments of democratically elected legislatures.
The Supreme Court is, de facto, applying an extremely broad interpretation to the 14th Amendment without saying a word - an action that is likely to have far-reaching consequences.

It is beyond dispute that when the 14th Amendment was adopted 146 years ago, as a necessary post-Civil War era reform, it was not imagined to also mandate same-sex marriage -- but that is what the Supreme Court is implying. The Court is making the preposterous assumption that the People of the United States somehow silently redefined marriage in 1868 when they ratified the 14th Amendment.
Written by Jack Kelly   
Friday, 10 October 2014

Muhammad Hamzah Khan, 19, planned to fly to Turkey, then cross the border into Syria to join the terrorists of the Islamic State. But the FBI arrested him at O'Hare airport Oct. 4.

Ankara has "allowed its Syria border to become a two-way ‘jihadist highway,'" said Turkish journalist Kadri Gursel. Most of up to 12,000 foreign fighters got to IS via Turkey, where some wounded jihadis have received free medical care.

"Turkey's support was vital for the jihadists in getting in and out of the country," wrote Orhan Kemal Cengiz in the newspaper Zaman.

"Turkey paved the way for us," an IS fighter, in Ankara for medical treatment, told the newspaper Aydinlik.

The Turks also "provided the bulk of ISIS' funds, logistics, training and arms," said Middle East expert Daniel Pipes.  

Turkey supported Jabhat al-Nusra, (the al Qaida affiliate President Barack Obama called "the Khorasan Group"), said Francis Ricciardone, our ambassador there until June.

By "Ankara," "Turkey," and "the Turks," they mean the Islamist government of Recep Erdogan, prime minister since 2003, president since July, whose policies are as controversial within Turkey as are Mr. Obama's in ours.
Written by Jack Kelly   
Wednesday, 08 October 2014

Thomas Eric Duncan, 42, flew to Dallas Sept. 20, five days after he helped an Ebola-stricken woman get to a local hospital in Monrovia, Liberia.  He died of Ebola this morning (10/08) in a Texas hospital after potentially infecting over 100 people.

Many countries have restricted air travel from Ebola-ravaged countries. The Obama administration won't.

The only way epidemics have ever been contained is by quarantine. Restricting entry of those who've been exposed to Ebola is a must, said Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

Yet Thomas Frieden says a travel ban would "backfire."  He's Obama's director of the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control.

That's ridiculous, said Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who before entering elective politics headed the Louisiana Dept. of Health and Hospitals, been an assistant secretary in HHS.

"How, exactly, would stopping the entry of people potentially carrying the Ebola virus be counterproductive?" he asks.
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Written by James Delingpole   
Tuesday, 07 October 2014

They thought it couldn't be done.  It was humanly impossible, declared a global consensus of psychologists and psychiatrists, to be more narcissistic than His Ultimate Excellency, the American Messiah Himself, Barack Hussein Obama.   

It took an Englishwoman - what else? - to prove the experts wrong.  She has taken self-love to its ultimate extreme by marrying herself in an "incredibly empowering" ceremony attended by almost 50 of her friends.

Grace Gelder married Grace Gelder at an "idyllic farmhouse in rural Devon." Her parents were not present - "mainly for logistical reasons" - but, according to an interview this week (10/04) in the Guardian, they did send "supportive texts throughout the day."

Here's the bride/groom tossing her wedding corsage to her admirers:

Written by Richard Rahn   
Tuesday, 07 October 2014

When the government "fines" you for not buying health insurance, is it, in fact, a fine, a tax or government extortion?

The biggest U.S. banks have been "fined" something in the neighborhood of $125 billion (yes, billion) over the past five years, without anyone in the banks or the banks themselves charged or convicted of criminal wrongdoing. How can that be?

Countless individuals have had their property (automobiles, cash and bank accounts) seized by state, local and federal law enforcement officials, including the IRS, without being convicted of wrongdoing. How can that be?

The distinction between a tax, a fine and government extortion is not trivial, particularly when fines are running into the tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue for the government.

The  basic and clear provisions of the Constitution's Article I and the 4th and 5th Amendments are violated on a daily basis by all too many ignorant or corrupt law enforcement officials, and upheld all too often by judges who think their own opinions trump the Constitution.  How can we put an end to this?
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Written by To The Point News   
Friday, 10 October 2014


HALF-FULL REPORT 10/03/14 Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 03 October 2014


This picture of Teddy Roosevelt is a family heirloom. The reason is that the man standing in front of TR is the Chief of the Secret Service Presidential Bodyguard -  my grandfather Lucien C. Wheeler. For 20 years (1902-1922), Lucien guarded the lives of four presidents: TR, Taft, Wilson, and Harding.

I have such fond memories of Papa as a young boy.  He spoke with reverence about the Secret Service and its sacred duty to guard the President.  I can only imagine the contempt and disgust he would feel over what Zero has done to it.  I know what he would say:  "The fish rots from the head."

In the wake of a trio of scandals, Julia Pierson had to resign as Secret Service Director on Wednesday (10/01).  And just how did the press learn of these scandals such as a felon with a gun being in an elevator with Zero?  They were leaked by Secret Service agents themselves disgusted by Julia's incompetence and considered her "a joke from Day One."

Secret Service leaks embarrassing Zero are just the start of what promises to be an endless succession.  This was made clear by Piers Morgan of all people (remember him?), who explained how Zero "committed professional suicide" last Sunday (9/28) on 60 Minutes...

Two more gifts came out of Zero's big mouth this week.  Yesterday (10/02) at Northwestern University, he uttered what the WaPo's Chris Cillizza reports were "28 Words Democrats Wish Obama Really Didn't Say." ...

Here's a trio of Good News rulings for the week... followed by the HFR Hero of the Week.  We have five candidates...

And here's why Abbott and Costello make the HFR think of Ted Cruz.
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OBOLA OBAMA Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Thursday, 02 October 2014

It's too soon to answer the question the IBD is asking this morning:  "Is Ebola Obama's Katrina?"  Yet the Zero Administration's malfeasance makes the question already worth asking.

Thomas Eric Duncan is a Liberian citizen with a Liberian passport, living in the capital city of Monrovia.  On Monday, Sept. 15, he helped carry (was in physical contact with) a family friend sick with Ebola to her home, who died early the next morning.  With him at the time was the lady's brother, who then died of Ebola the day after his sister, Wednesday the 17th. 

On Friday the  19th, knowing that he had been doubly exposed to Ebola, he left for the United States.  It is hard not to conclude that he came here for the medical treatment that he would die without if he remained in Monrovia, and could care less who he infected along the way.

Thanks to this, people are freaking out everywhere, especially in Dallas with parents pulling their kids out of schools, as five of their schoolmates were exposed to Duncan after he reached Dallas. The London Daily Mail reports that over 100 people were in contact in Dallas with Duncan, many of whom are now quarantined.

So - how does all of this make Zero "Obola Obama"?

Try this on.  Yesterday (10/01), Josh Earnest, the pathetic dweeb who recently replaced the pathetic dweeb who's name I can't bother to remember as White House Spokesman, announced that the Zero Government has no intention of preventing Ebola carriers from entering the United States.  Obola Obama.
Written by Ed Meese and Ken Blackwell   
Wednesday, 01 October 2014

[TTP has long maintained that voter fraud is a primary means by which Democrats win elections - which accounts for their fanatical opposition to Voter ID laws.  Here, Ronald Reagan's Attorney General, together with the former Ohio Secretary of State, explain the fraud of Eric Holder's opposition. ---JW]

Attorney General Eric Holder, who announced his resignation last Thursday (9/25), leaves a dismal legacy at the Justice Department.  Of all his legal innovations, one was especially pernicious: the demonizing of state attempts to ensure honest elections.

As a former U.S. attorney general under President Reagan, and a former Ohio secretary of state, we would like to say something that might strike some as obvious:

Those who oppose photo voter-ID laws and other election-integrity reforms are intent on making it easier to commit vote fraud.

That conclusion is inescapable, given the well-established evidence that voter-ID laws don't disenfranchise minorities or reduce minority voting, and in many instances enhance it, despite claims to the contrary by Mr. Holder and his allies.

As more states adopt such laws, the left has railed against them with increasing fury, ascribing racial animus to people who are trying to safeguard democratic integrity. But there's something even worse than name-calling:
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