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Written by Jack Kelly   
Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A policeman walking his beat late one night spotted a drunk on his hands and knees in front of a lamppost, peering intently at the ground.

"I'm looking for my car keys," explained the drunk after the cop asked him what he was doing.  

After helping the drunk search for a few fruitless minutes, the cop asked: "Are you sure this is where you dropped them?"

"No, I lost them in the park across the street," the drunk replied.

"So why are you looking for them here?" asked the exasperated cop.

"Because the light is so much better," the drunk replied.

The joke illustrates the "streetlight effect" -- bias in scientific studies which occurs when researchers look where it's easiest rather than where answers are most likely to be found.  I was reminded of it by a lengthy article in the New York Times on Sunday (12/29). 

That's because while it's hard to find the truth when you look in the wrong places, it's harder still when you are only pretending to look.
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Written by Caroline Glick   
Thursday, 02 January 2014

For all of my life, America has stood for freedom in the world. Until now. Ever since Obama’s rise to power, America’s “Freedom Agenda” – the promotion of and support for expanding freedom and democracy – has been squelched.

Supporting, for example, the Green Revolution in Iran in 2009, and the protesters in Ukraine today would have been no-brainers if the Obama administration had the slightest inclination to cultivate US allies and the cause of freedom more generally.

Both the Iranian democracy activists then and the Ukrainian protesters today demonstrated through their actions that they do not seek the mere overthrow of unrepresentative, repressive governments. They seek freedom, and are willing to work for it.

The situation in Iraq, and in Ukraine – as well as in Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan and beyond – makes clear that Obama has killed America’s freedom agenda. And that isn’t all.

Obama doesn’t simply neglect democratic forces in favor of authoritarian regimes. In country after country, under his leadership the US sides with anti-American forces of authoritarianism against pro-American forces. Why?
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Written by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard   
Thursday, 02 January 2014

We enter the year of the all-conquering US dollar. As the global security system unravels - with echoes of 1914 - the premium on the world's safe-haven currency must rise.

As the Fed turns off the spigot of dollar liquidity, it will starve the world's dysfunctional economy of $1 trillion a year of stimulus. This will occur through the quantity of money effect, hitting in a series of hammer blows, regardless of whether interest rates remain at zero.

It is hard to imagine a strategic and economic setting more conducive to a blistering dollar rally, a process that will pick up speed as yields on 10-year US Treasuries break through 3% (as of today, 01/02, it is at 2.992).

We’re going to enter a brave new world in 2014. The democracies are on the back foot. It is no longer Francis Fukuyama's "End of History," but history returning in tooth and claw. So with that caveat let me try to make sense of global economic forces.

The annual rite of new year predictions is never easy. It is nigh impossible in the midst of a global regime change with so many political bombs primed to go off at any moment. But here we go.
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Written by Richard Rahn   
Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's resolutions are difficult to keep. That is why I find it easier to make them for others, rather than myself, as part of my other-people improvement program.

The country would not be on the road to ruin if those in government would follow the New Year's resolutions I propose for them, starting with President Obama (as part of my fantasy world).

Resolution #1:  The President should start telling the truth.

As is well known, the president has difficulty telling the truth, which, as most children learn at an early age, can lead to many troubles.  He must have a review committee to verify the truth of his statements and speeches before he makes them.  This would also have the side benefit of causing the president to say far less.

Resolution #2:...
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Written by To The Point News   
Friday, 03 January 2014

I got an email the other day from a Nigerian prince. He's got a MILLION DOLLARS and he wants to give it to me for FREE!


And all I have to do is give him all my bank account numbers so he can transfer the money!

I was just about to do it, but then I got ANOTHER email.  It's from a KENYAN prince, and he wants to give me FREE healthcare for life!
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 27 December 2013

Well, here we are - the last HFR of 2013.  We start looking forward to what's in store for 2014 next week.  For now, let's reflect on what's been going on in the world.

The best political cartoonist in the country is the IBD's Mike Ramirez.  On Christmas Eve (12/24), he epitomized the year-long train wreck of the Republican Establishment:


And sure enough, right on cue, yesterday (12/26) Reince Preibus issued a RNC statement wishing everyone a "Happy Kwanzaa!" - proving Ramirez right about the GOP being the Stupid Spineless Party.
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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas. If that offends you, why should I care? It's your problem, not mine. Let me explain your problem a little more fully.

You folks don't want to be called "liberals" any more because most everyone else has figured out you don't believe in liberty but its opposite - the repression of individual liberty by a fascist nanny state.  So now you demand to be called "progressives" - but we will not comply.

For you believe in a regression away from freedom.  You are part of the past, not of the future.  You deserve to be called "regressives."  Another thing you are a regression from is reality.  Christmastime is an opportune moment to focus on one fundamental aspect of reality about America:  America is a Christian country.

It's your job to deal with that, because you're not going to change this fact. America has always been a Christian country, and - open wide now, because you're going to have to swallow this - it will continue to be.

You have been waging a war against Christmas and Christianity, but you are going to fail.  Here's why.
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Wednesday, 25 December 2013

I want to wish you the Merriest of Christmases today, Wednesday December 25, but according to the song, the First Day of Christmas is the day after Christmas, December 26.

Ancient Christians celebrated "The Holidays," as our militant secularists insist on referring to them now, starting with the day after the birth of Jesus and ending on January 6th with the visit of the Magi in Matthew 2:11 known as the Epiphany. Start with 12/26 and end with 1/6 and you get: the Twelve Days of Christmas.

You may be really tired of hearing Christmas songs by now, including this one, yet you may still be wondering what the heck partridges in a pear tree and eight maids a-milking have to do with the birth of the founder of Christianity.

So I thought we might take a break from Serious Thoughts About World Events, and take a look at the song's origin, meaning, and myth.
Written by Richard Rahn   
Thursday, 26 December 2013

If you think things are bad, you might be consoled in knowing that most things for most people on the globe were never better than in 2013.  We may pine for "the good old days," but in truth the good old days were not so good for most people compared to now.

The good news is that most people are living longer with more real income and more security than they did a year ago, a decade ago, or at any time in history. Global personal safety is at a record high. The number of people killed in wars last year was at most a few thousand -- a tragedy, but only for a minuscule portion of the world's population -- unlike the tens of millions killed per year during the world wars of the last century. Violent crime and murder rates are declining almost everywhere in the world.

Life expectancy is highly correlated with economic well-being and the quality of medical care. Global poverty is diminishing at a very rapid rate, and very few now starve to death, but when they do, it is almost always caused by incompetent or venal governments.

If things are really getting better, which they are, then why so much pessimism?  Science writer and frequent TTP guest columnist Matt Ridley explains it well in his book The Rational Optimist:
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Written by Steve Grammatico   
Friday, 27 December 2013

News item:  New York Post, December 27, 2013:  Women Comprise Biggest Opposition to Obamacare

OBAMA: That's impossible. I'm polling below zero?

WHITE HOUSE POLLSTER: I've never seen anything like it, sir. The "negative numbers" poll hypothesis was discarded a generation ago. The only explanation is that even the imaginary voters we regularly survey to boost your ratings are down on you.

OBAMA: Intolerable. I want my blocs back. Women--my women!-- have slip-slided away. HHS?

KATHLEEN SEBELIUS: We're paying for abortions now, Mr. President. Regain women's loyalty by paying them to have abortions, say $500 per protoplasmic blob.  And think of the benefits to humanity of all the fetal stem cells we'd harvest.

OBAMA: Make it so. George?

SOROS: Giff generous bonus for twins und triplets, zir.

OBAMA: Excellent! New fertility and abortion clinics will spring up all over the country to cash in, meaning an uptick in the next year's jobs reports.

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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Friday, 20 December 2013

Jack Kelly sure is right - Christmas has indeed come one week early.  Not only has there been the series of judicial decisions he itemizes - but day before yesterday, the clueless losers trying to con twenty-somethings into buying Zerocare completely and totally jumped the shark.

Just in case you got lost in the Asteroid Belt and didn't see it, Zero's two-digit IQ lobbyists of OFA (Organizing for America) actually tweeted this pitch:

The nerdy metrosexual twit in his onesies is an OFA employee named Ethan Krupp.  Dubbed "Pajama Boy," the tweet has gone instantly mega-viral with a tsunami of ridicule and mockery flooding the internet.  Two samples plucked from the flood:
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WHAT TO READ 2013 Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Last January, we started the year with What to Read (1/03).  It was a list of books I'd read during 2012.  So many of you found it useful that I thought I'd provide such a list for 2013.

I thought I'd do this now, a week before Christmas, to give you a chance to provide a Christmas present from the list.  The links are to the Kindle edition on Amazon, each with multiple comments and quotes.  You can inexpensively gift someone instantly with the Kindle edition - I read all of these on my iPad - while there's still time for Amazon to deliver a hard copy, or there's your local bookstore.

I kept the list not to all the books I read this year, but to just those I thought would be of real interest to TTPers.  There are several I think it quite important for you to consider. I'm sure you'll find at least one or two fascinating either for yourself or someone you care for. Or a regressive libtard you want to educate and/or infuriate.  

And, please let us know on the Forum what books rang your bell this year.  Here we go.

Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror
Erik Prince

I've known Erik since he was 15 years old, as his father Ed was my friend.  Ed Prince was one of the finest men I've ever known - and Erik is the same.  Erik is an extraordinary American patriot hero - and who was treacherously betrayed by his country's leaders.  His book just came out last month, and I cannot recommend it more highly.  If we ever get a rational pro-American government again, Erik should be our #1 choice for Secretary of Defense.
Written by Jack Kelly   
Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas has come a little early for lovers of liberty, thanks to five federal judges and a White House task force.

*The National Security Agency's collection of "metadata" on nearly all telephone calls made to, from or within the United States appears to violate the Fourth Amendment ban on unreasonable searches and seizures, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said Monday (12/16).

"I cannot imagine a more ‘indiscriminate' and ‘arbitrary invasion' than this systematic and high-tech collection and retention of personal data on virtually every single citizen for purposes of querying it and analyzing it without judicial approval," Judge Leon said. 

*During oral arguments in a different case last month, U.S. District Judge William Pauley also expressed skepticism about the legal basis for the NSA collection program.

Three more judges gave us Christmas presents.
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Written by Jack Kelly   
Thursday, 19 December 2013

The portrayal of Santa Claus as an old white man makes her uncomfortable, wrote Aisha Harris in Slate Dec. 10.  Santa should be portrayed as a penguin instead, she said.

It bothers me not at all that Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were black.  But if it did, would that justify me demanding you pretend they were white?

"This is ridiculous. Yet another person claiming it's racist to have a white Santa," said Megyn Kelly (sadly, no relation) on her Fox News program.  "And by the way, for all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white."

Liberals exploded with indignation.  To call Santa white is "racist," they said. 

"Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change," Ms. Kelly retorted.  "Jesus was a white man, too. He was a historical figure. That's a verifiable fact -- as is Santa."

That incensed liberals more.  "Fox News' Megyn Kelly refuses to apologize after declaring that Jesus, Santa were white," said the New York Daily News.

Next thing you know, that racist Jezebel will claim the sun rises in the east, water flows downhill, it gets dark when the sun goes down.
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Written by Matt Ridley   
Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Recently, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, outraged the Left by claiming people of low IQ need people of high IQ to carry them on in life.  Mr. Johnson has thus sparked a recent burst of interest in IQ, that despite the Left's apoplexy has been encouraging in one sense.

As Robert Plomin, probably the world's leading expert on the genetics of intelligence, put it to me, there used to be a kneejerk reaction along the lines of "you can't measure intelligence," or "it couldn't possibly be genetic." This time the tone is more like: "Of course, there is some genetic influence on intelligence but . . ."

The evidence from twin studies, adoption studies and even from DNA evidence is relentlessly consistent: in children, in Western society, the heritability of IQ scores is about 50 per cent. The other half comes equally from family (shared environment) and from unshared individual experiences: luck, teachers, friends.

This numerical precision easily misleads us into thinking genes and environment struggle against each other. In fact, they are like two pillars supporting an arch: nature makes you seek out nurture, which brings out your nature. But here is where things get interesting.

The acceptance of genetic influence on intelligence leads to some surprising, even paradoxical implications, some of which turn the assumptions of both the Right and the Left upside down.  Particularly to those of Mr. Obama, who is totally clueless in this regard.
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