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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Tuesday, 23 November 2004

This picture of Teddy Roosevelt is a family heirloom. The reason is that the man standing in front of TR is the Chief of the Secret Service Presidential Bodyguard - my grandfather Lucien C. Wheeler.

Lucien was with the Secret Service guarding the lives of four presidents (TR, Taft, Wilson, and Harding). He admired and revered TR above all. While he passed on many years ago, I feel quite sure he would feel the same towards GW. George W. Bush is a man’s president, just like Teddy Roosevelt.

Lucien would also have been extremely alarmed at what happened regarding the president in Chile last Saturday, November 20. However much Lucien would have delighted in GW’s rescuing his Secret Service counterpart from the Chilean police, and laughed over the Chilean newspapers denouncing GW for “behaving like John Wayne” (“Don’t those fools understand that John Wayne is a hero to Americans?” I can hear him asking), he would also have immediately suspected something far more sinister than the puffed-up egos of Chilean security officials.

His suspicion would have quickly zeroed in on Hugo Chavez, dictator of Venezuela.

The night before, Friday the 19th, a car-bomb killed Venezuelan State Prosecutor (equivalent of our Attorney General) Danilo Anderson in a Caracas suburb. Chavez had charged Anderson with branding opposition leaders as criminal and jailing them. There is evidently a group of military officers determined to stop this, and stop Chavez. Knocking off Anderson was a trial run for knocking off Chavez himself.

Hopefully they will succeed, the sooner the better. Chavez hates America - and George Bush personally - more than does his idol Fidel Castro. There is no evidence, however, that any US agency is assisting the anti-Chavez military cabal - but that doesn’t mean Chavez doesn’t believe one is.

We all know that John Kennedy tried to have Castro killed - giving rise to perennial speculation that in payback Castro was behind the assassination of JFK. The terrible suspicion is that Chavez may have tried to pull off in Santiago a repeat of what he believes to be history.

The tip-off was not only the attempt to block Secret Service agent Nick Trotta from protecting the President. The attempt was a clear double-cross, because all security arrangements are made and agreed upon for the POTUS (President of the United States) between the Secret Service and host country security well in advance and etched in stone. The Chilean police knew and agreed that Trotta would be with the President, yet they blocked him in a complete surprise.

Far worse than this was Chilean President Lagos’s refusal to have guests at a State Dinner go through a metal detector. No one attends a function with the POTUS, either here in the US or anywhere in the world, without going through a metal detector, and this was agreed to way beforehand in Santiago. At the last moment, Lagos refuses - then cancels the dinner when the Secret Service won’t budge.

Ricardo Lagos is a left-wing anti-American socialist whose hero is Salvador Allende, who almost turned Chile over to the Soviets, and a great friend of Hugo Chavez. Was there a plan to slip a firearm into this dinner in Santiago and assassinate GW? No one in Washington is sure - but there is a very frightened and angry buzz of worry that there might have been.

Protecting the POTUS is arguably the most important job on earth. Lucien would be quite proud of how the Secret Service is doing it. His successors today would assure him that they are determined to do an even better job in the future so that the scare in Santiago will never come close to being repeated.

Update: Saturday, November 27, 2004

There is a Reuters report today that the Colombian Marxist guerrilla group FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) planned an attempt against President Bush when he was in Cartagena on his way back from the Santiago conference.

Hugo Chavez is FARC’s principal supporter. There is very little chance that FARC would ever have planned such an attempt without the express authority and approval of Chavez. This development greatly increases the odds that an attempt on the president was indeed plotted in Santiago, and that Hugo Chavez was behind it.

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