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Written by Joe Katzman   
Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Welcome to a new feature on To The Point
, which aims to show you what TTPers with deep expertise in key fields are paying attention to.

This week's set is mentioned as an initial example, so many of the entries are mine. That percentage will shrink as we bring on new contributors. Maybe you'll be one of them!

More on that selection process below - but first, this week's reads.  Note:  names are TTPer "handles" on the Forum.

Over The Hump: Good News Wednesday

  • jkatzman: Is SpaceX changing the rocket equation? (Smithsonian Air & Space, Jan. 2012). Yes. Read it and recall the joy of the 1960s-70s space program, and its endless frontier. That joy may be returning to us, soon.

What's Next? Team B is Recruiting

Those of you who have been to TTP Rendezvous know how much knowledge and experience can be found within the TTP community. Team B has already reached out to several members as an initial core, and those of you who have been to Rendezvous events will recognize them.

Here's the thing, though: I don't have emails for everyone, and I do not claim to know the full depth of expertise within the TTP community.

I'd like to find out.

I'll start by saying that this is going to be a competitive selection process. If each contributor sends in just 1-2 links per week, by 10 contributors, we have 20 links. I can segment them by subject to break things up a bit, but going much higher than that risks reader overload.

So, we're looking for a small core of people with really deep expertise in specific areas, especially knowledge related to economics, key industry sectors, technologies shaping our world, geopolitics, etc.

Skye -- please join us!

I am a bit flexible about the areas covered, so if you have an area of deep expertise that you aren't sure would fit with Team B, I say "try me." I'm even considering Careers & Management and/ or Lifestyles link sets...

If you think this call-out describes you, and you'd be willing to send me a link or 2 each week of "all y'all really ought to read this" stuff from publicly-available web sites, email me to explain your desired focus area and background, and throw me an example link or 2 (joe at windsofchange dot net, subject "Team B application").

Having said all of that, TTP is a forum about freedom. We're going to live that way here, not just preach it.

So - if you're not an "official" contributor, but stumble on something insanely great, you can still email me (joe at windsofchange dot net, subject "Team B item"). No guarantees, but if it is insanely great, you'll end up in the week's links. And even if I decide not to include it, there's always an open avenue in the Forums to add it there.

I look forward to hearing from you, to working with and for you, and to delivering great TTPer food for thought each week. A TTP bonus cookie to anyone who can use this week's forum to explain both the "Team B" appellation, and the original "FTC" from which the feature's sign-off is derived.

For The Constitution!

Joe Katzman, Founding Editor, Defense Industry Daily


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