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As California goes, so goes the nation – into a Democrat sewer

As California goes, so goes the nation – into a Democrat sewer

Kathmandu, Nepal. I’m back from Wheeler Expeditions’ 6th Himalaya Helicopter Expedition – a mind-boggingly memorable experience all of us will treasure for the rest of our lives.

I was hoping that this week’s news might be better than that of the last.  That hope has been dashed to the degree it’s given me a wide-awake nightmare.  Let’s start with how last week’s HFR (11/09) began:

“Obviously, the majority of voters failed their IQ test on Tuesday (11/06).  My initial reaction is: forget all the silver lining, Trump-really-won Pollyanna happy talk.  This turned out really badly. 


It shouldn’t have been close, it shouldn’t have been remotely close.  The Left, the flat-out Fascism that has taken over the Democrat Party, needed to have the hell beaten out of it electorally.  Now a preponderance of voters – your fellow citizens – gave the green light for that fascism to flourish.


And of course, whenever it’s close, the Dems will use every filthy trick they know to cheat their way into victories they didn’t earn.  Already provisional ballot boxes are being discovered in the trunk of someone’s car, recounts are demanded, suddenly losers like Arizona’s Enema surge ahead, and in many other states as well.


What do we do?  We fight.  There is no other choice, other than submission to being slaves of the Left.”

What we’ve got at the end of this week is the realization of just how much we have to fight to avoid that submission, how deeply entrenched the cultural and moral corruption of the Left’s Fascism has become throughout our country.



Yes, voters were stupid enough to give them the House

Yes, voters were stupid enough to give them the House

If we were tired of winning, we’re going to get a respite. Possibly a long one.

Here’s why you shouldn’t pay much attention to my prognostications and speculations:

I thought Republicans would gain 5 to 6 seats in the Senate, gain a governor, net, lose no more than 18, probably not more than 15 seats in the House. I was really really wrong.  November 6 was Black Tuesday.

It was dismaying to lose races I thought we would win (Arizona, Nevada, Montana). Doubly dismaying to win narrowly races we should have won big (Texas a purple state?). Triply dismaying so many of the Dem candidates were such obvious dirtballs (Sinema, Tester, Gillum, Abrams.)

Even more dismaying we should do so poorly when the economy is roaring, peace with North Korea is in the offing.

Yes, the Dems have cheated their way to victory in many close races – but they shouldn’t have been close in the first place.  Have most voters – especially middle class white women in the suburbs – lost all judgment and all moral sense?



voters-affidavitEnough is enough. Election after election, boxes of Democrat ballots show up in counties run by Democrat election supervisors to benefit Democrat candidates who, once they steal their opponent’s election night victory, will join the chorus warning of Russian interference in our elections.

Democrats have long pushed for voting ease at the expense of voting integrity, pushing measures from voting by mail, to Motor Voter laws, to same-day registration while opposing voter ID laws which requires people to show up on election day with proof they are who they say they are.

They claim Voter ID laws are designed to disenfranchise voters. So does the sudden appearance of mystery ballots days, even weeks, after elections without a documented chain of custody or certainty that other ballots weren’t destroyed or that the ballots found were cast by real, live American citizens.

It’s time for all this to end.  We need Election Day voting with a voter ID only and nothing but.



banana-republic-of-flConsidering what's going on for the umpteenth time in the República Bananera de Florida, the caravans of how many thousands making their way from Central America to our Southern border should be going in reverse.

We're Honduras now.  No Banana Republic -- past or present -- could really outdo Florida when it comes to electoral corruption

So who's responsible for this nauseating state of affairs?  The Democrats, no surprise, behave as if Boss Tweed were reincarnated in Miami Beach, bringing down their best Fusion GPS lawyer from the Perkins Coie mafia of Trump dossier fame to oversee the recount.

But the GOP hasn't got clean hands either. Rick Scott and his fellow Republicans cry foul when the election supervisors of Broward and Palm Beach counties act in a manner that would make Mayor Daley blush, but aren't they a little late?

Where have these GOP pols been for the last several decades?  This is nothing new.  Voter irregularities are as common in Florida as hurricanes -- and probably more toxic in the long run. Why, for godsakes, does the woman in Broward still have that job?



unprogressivesSome progressives lamented the now-apparent defeat of radical progressive African-American candidates such as gubernatorial nominees Stacey Abrams of Georgia and Florida’s Andrew Gillum by blaming allegedly treasonous white women. Apparently white women did not vote sufficiently en bloc in accordance with approved notions of identity politics tribalism.

According to this progressive orthodoxy, being female, gay, or minority trumps everything else. But, of course, no one believes in such mythical notions of solidarity, least of all progressives themselves.

White women were expected in Michigan, for example, to vote against a sterling African-American senatorial candidate John James, whose résumé was far more impressive than his victorious opponent, incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow.

The outraged identity politics industry has entered the realm of insanity when it screams at the “treason” of white women while bragging that 95 percent of black women voted for a white male Robert O’Rourke against Latino Ted Cruz—while deploring that 59 percent of white women who voted against white male O’Rourke.

And that’s only the barest start of how progressives aren’t progressive.



…and freedom and sovereignty

…and freedom and sovereignty

The French say many silly things, along with a few wise ones, although since the death of Voltaire (1694-1778), not lately.

One of the silliest came out of the mouth of M. le President, Emmanuel Macron, at the centenary observance of the end of World War I on November 11. Calling nationalism a “betrayal of patriotism,” the fey popinjay went on to caution the world against “old demons coming back wreak chaos and death.”

The media, of course, loved it, promptly casting Macron’s words as a “rebuke” to (who else?) Donald J. Trump and his soul mate, Vladimir Putin, who were both in attendance.

Far from fighting for the survival of the French nation in 1914, said Macron, the French soldiers were fighting for the “universal values” because—get this—“patriotism is exactly the opposite of nationalism.”

This of course is the exact opposite of the truth.  The French were fighting not for “universal values” but for national pride and the very existence of their nation.

The notion that “nationalism” is a form of racism (where all roads the Left doesn’t like lead to now) illustrates the linguistic mechanism by which cultural Marxists subtly change the color of our political discussions.



putin-eyes-libyaMoscow is deepening its military involvement in Libya while denying to its own people and the world that it is doing so, thus repeating the pattern that the Kremlin has followed in Syria and the Central African Republic.

Libya, with its oil and geographic location, is far more important to Moscow as a counter to the West than even Syria, where the Russians have been deeply involved in the local civil war.

During the Cold War, as Moscow military commentator Pavel Felgenhauer pointed out recently, “Libya was an important link in the USSR’s [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] global conflict with America and its allies.”

Today, given that Moscow views “the collective West” as “much worse” than it was in the Cold War days, Felgenhauer argues, the Kremlin again is looking to Libya as a base for countering and undermining Western influence (Novaya Gazeta, October 11).



Back to Mount Everest for my 75th

Back to Mount Everest for my 75th

Kathmandu, Nepal.  Welcome to the World Freedom Day HFR!  And to my 75th HFR!

Here is President Trump’s Presidential Proclamation on World Freedom Day. November 9 is a US federal government official observance celebrating the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent liberation of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Colonial Empire from Communist tyranny.  It is a special day for me, as I was privileged to play a substantive role in helping President Ronald Reagan achieve this.

Today is also a very special personal day for me as it is my birthday – my 75th birthday in fact.  I call it my Himalayan 75 that I told you about last September, as I embark once more on Wheeler Expeditions’ Himalaya Helicopter Expedition.

And best of all, both of my sons, Brandon and Jackson, are here in Kathmandu with me.  We’re operating two HHEs this fall season, and Brandon just finished leading the first, while Jackson is co-leading the second with me starting tomorrow.  What better birthday present could I have than my two sons joining me to make Wheeler Expeditions a family business?

Being in the Himalayas is isolated from the world.  So tell me – did anything important or interesting happen in the US or elsewhere this week?  Didn’t we have some kind of election?  How’d that turn out?

Okay, seriously, folks, here we go.



The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles

Nothing to do on Election Day but wait for the verdict.  We need a break from all the frenetic frenzy swirling around us.  So why don’t we all relax, forget about everything for a moment, take your mind off it all, while I tell you a story.

Gather around, boys n' girls, and let me tell you a story about moral debauchery during the greatest age of intellectuality mankind has ever known, about kings and concubines, dukes and adulterers, heroism and war, with an ending that will change the way you look at the most mundane everyday thing.

We are in 18th century France.  The Sun King, Louis XIV (1638-1715), is dead, his 72 year reign of total extravagance ending with a catastrophic war lasting 14 years and bankrupting his nation (the War of Spanish Succession 1701-14).  Louis' great-grandson is his only descendant left alive, who becomes Louis XV (1710-1774) at age five.

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