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Victor Davis Hanson


acheive-mediocrityThe unlikely 2016 election of Donald Trump—the first president without either prior political or military office—was a repudiation of the American “aristocracy.”

By “rule of the best” ( the Greek aristokratia), I mean the ancien régime was no longer understood to suggest wealth and birth (alone), but instead envisioned itself as a supposed national meritocracy of those with proper degrees, and long service in the top hierarchies of government, media, blue-chip law firms, Wall Street, high tech, and academia.

The 2016 election and refutation of the ruling class did not signal that those without such educations and qualifications were de facto better suited to direct the country. Instead, the lesson was that the past record of governance and the current stature of our assumed best and brightest certainly did not justify their reputations or authority, much less their outsized self-regard.

In short, instead of being a meritocracy, they amount to a mediocracy, neither great nor awful, but mostly mediocre.  Let us count the ways they are and how Donald Trump is their repudiation.



american-civic-lifePittsburgh—It’s just before 7 p.m. on a frigid December night, and already the Allegheny Elks Lodge No. 339 on the city’s North Side is filling up quickly—both the long bar and the tables in the adjacent hall.

There’s a woman collecting for a 50-50 raffle. (You may as well give in; she won’t take no for an answer.) Elks volunteers young and old are manning the bar and the kitchen, where the special tonight is a gourmet grilled cheese (black forest honey ham, Gouda cheese, and bacon).

Upstairs a six-lane sparkling white and red art deco bowling alley straight out of the 1920s is filled with young people from a local league. The floor above that is where lodge meetings are held; it is a beautiful ballroom also straight out of the Roaring ’20s.

The beer is cheap and cold. The food is cheap and tasty. Soon the entire building is packed to the rafters, people lining the walls in the hall and the bar. It’s as if Frank Capra made a movie in this century.

Civic life like this has been dying for decades, accelerated by the isolating effects of gaming and smartphones, and the anti-social components of social media. Today, the sense of community, security and civic duty that fraternal organizations can cultivate is returning.



the-curseHow as Americans do we explain the intransigence of the Left when it comes to national security?  'Tis a mystery.

These people, these Democrats in Congress, are among the most privileged persons on the planet.  They have enjoyed, more than most, the blessings bequeathed by the Founders, the authors of the Constitution.  Yet they are determined, like Obama, to transform us into something this nation was never meant to be: a land without borders.

While all of them are on record supporting a border wall in the past, now that Donald Trump is president, they all oppose it with every fiber of their being.  They know that it will work, and they cannot abide Trump having a win.  These people – Schumer, Pelosi, Gutiérrez, etc. – are truly venal.

It should be obvious to every American by now that our “progressive” regressive Left does not have the best interest of Americans at heart.  Quite the opposite.  They have become a Curse blighting our beloved country.



trump-derangement-syndromeWashington has long been a stranger to principle other than the principle of self advancement.

Yet, something new seems to be emerging across the country. Politicians have long felt the need to disguise raw political agendas in the pretense of principle. That pretense has disappeared.

In this Age of Rage, voters seem to have no patience, let alone need, for leaders speaking of abstract principles. They want immediate unequivocal action in supporting or opposing President Trump.

For Democrats, that all-consuming purpose has led to the abandonment of core unifying values, including many that first drew me to the Democrat Party. While they would vehemently deny it, Trump is remaking the party in his inverse image. This past month shows how far that transformation has gone.



rino-romney-attacksJust as the Republican Party is purging itself of hackneyed lawmakers, bitter neoconservative commentators, and insatiable interventionists, along comes Mitt Romney to remind us of what we definitely are not missing.

In a late New Year’s Day sermon published in the Washington Post, the incoming senator expressed his disappointment in the president and, by extension, in all of us. It was filled with the sort of juvenile platitudes that at one time mollified Republican voters, but now either amuse or enrage them.

The reaction on the Right to Romney’s missive was fast and furious. His niece, head of the Republican National Committee, sided with Trump, while the President again teased the man he once teased with the prospect of a cabinet position, tweeting yesterday morning:



dprk-getting-a-mcdonaldsThanks to the flow of foreign information into the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea is changing from the inside out — and Kim Jong Un is running to catch up. The growing split between the North Korean people and the state is proving difficult for the Kim regime to reverse.

The influx of foreign media and knowledge has been growing for years, and like the red pill from The Matrix, it has the power to transform North Koreans’ understanding of the world. It permeates all levels of North Korean life, and civilians are becoming increasingly self-aware.

Foreign media infiltrating the North — South Korean dramas, in particular — have done the most to reshape the way North Koreans view their southern neighbors and, in turn, their own realities. From fashion to an awareness of human rights, foreign ideas now increasingly color the lives of ordinary North Koreans.



disorder-increasedRegarding my TTP article last week (12/20), The Left Vs. Thermodynamics, Julius Wroblewski on the Forum reminded me that “Many of the 9/11 Islamo-kamikazes and Aum Shinriyo gassers were STEM boys, after all.”

Great point. Julius.

STEM alone is not the central point. As Julius noted, a STEM education can be a fine thing but is not the solution by itself.

From my personal experience, there are problems with STEM programs as presently taught. I have been one of the State of Ohio finalist judges for the State Science Fair since 1991. I was a regional judge before that.  These many years of judging reveal some trends.

First, the understanding of the Scientific Method has eroded in the public schools  The second trend is an erosion of an understanding of thermodynamics itself and specifically the concept of entropy. And that enables us to defeat the left with it.

To be a leftist, fascist, communist, Islamic terrorist, etc. is to have a worldview that excludes universal thermodynamic laws. Their designs always fail given enough time. Always.




The President and First Lady with our troops in Iraq on Christmas night

Merry Christmas, America! As we gather with families and enjoy this holiday season, let us pause to consider: things could be much, much worse. Some perspective is in order.

The Christmas holiday this year delivers a welcome and much-needed time out. Our country is anxious on many fronts. Our nation’s leaders in Congress appear unable and unwilling to lead, and financial markets have turned volatile and fearful, giving up the gains of the past year as traders prepare for a slowdown.

Meanwhile, Democrats – especially their media propagandists and those planning to run for president in 2020 -- are desperate to topple President Trump.

So, where’s the good news?  How about this? Notwithstanding the gloom factory that is the liberal media, the country remains upbeat.  They know it’s a MAGA Merry Christmas.  Our troops in Iraq sure know it.



Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, April 27, 2016

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, April 27, 2016

Against what or whom is the contemporary Western public pushing back?

The French non-Parisians against new green taxes on already unaffordable gasoline?

Broke southern European Union nations against the financial demands of German bankers?

The Eastern Europeans against French and German open-border mandates?

The British masses against both the EU and their own government that either cannot or will not follow the will of the people and implement Brexit?

The American populists against outsourcing, offshoring, and illegal immigration?

The common target of all these populist pushbacks is an administrative and cultural elite that shares a set of transnational and globalist values and harbors mostly contempt for the majority of their own Neanderthal citizens who are deemed hopelessly unwoken to environmental, racial, gender, and cultural inevitabilities.



2nd-law-of-thermodynamics [Note by JW: Here is more proof that so much of the unique value of To The Point lies in the brilliance of TTPer contributions to the Forum. Duane Purvin’s comments on Victor Davis Hanson’s The Evil of the Global Elite (12/18) are an example, while Mike Ryan’s are simply breathtaking.  Again, the best Christmas Present you can give a friend or loved one is a Gift Subscription to TTP!]

Duane Purvin said:

“Even the Constitution is being re interpreted, the New Testament, Gender, conversion of concepts of individual liberty/freedom into identity politics and Reality as recognized by an educated, sentient man as now created and fed to humankind in the trough of social media, propaganda, omission and lies.”
The problem is a product of the humanities departments at the elite universities as Hanson pointed out. The sciences and applied science departments are much less of a problem.

Why? The intersection of Rationalism and Empirical science is known as thermodynamics.

Nothing like it exists within the programs favored by the Left. Show me a conservative university department, and I will bet a box of donuts that thermo is part of the curriculum in one form or another. Either to be taught as physical laws or as spiritual or philosophical virtues.



googleIt’s time for all of us to admit that Alphabet, Inc. is the 21st century equivalent of Ma Bell: it is an almost all-controlling monopoly that restricts consumer choice in order to maximize profit for the company.

We all know what Ronald Reagan did to AT&T. He broke up that monopoly so Americans could have real choices and the free market could actually work.

So it’s time for the Trump Administration to break up the Alphabet, Inc. monopoly. But unlike the Ma Bell monopoly, Alphabet, Inc.’s monopoly—which includes the search-engine behemoth Google—isn’t just about greater competition and more choices for the American people.

It’s about so much more: free political discourse and our privacy rights as citizens.



mueller-trumpAll of Washington is focused on the political peril President Trump faces from Robert Mueller's investigation. But the Mueller probe could very well turn out to be a disaster, not for Trump, but for the Democrats.

The special counsel was appointed to investigate whether Trump engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election. If Mueller finds incontrovertible evidence of a criminal conspiracy between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, then the president will be -- and should be -- removed from office.

But it is very likely that Mueller will not find evidence that Trump conspired with Russia – resulting in Mueller or federal prosecutors in New York's Southern District finding evidence for some other charge unrelated to a conspiracy with Russia -- such as Trump's hush-money payments to alleged former mistresses or crimes related to Trump's family business.

That would be a nightmare scenario for Democrats, for three reasons.



The Admiral Kuznetsov in the PD-50 floating dry dock in Murmansk in 2010

The Admiral Kuznetsov in the PD-50 floating dry dock in Murmansk in 2010

It's bad enough that Russia’s only aircraft carrier was damaged in a mishap involving the country’s largest floating repair dock -- the only one big enough to maintain the flagship of the Russian Navy.

What's worse is that the decades-old dock is now sitting on the bottom of Kola Bay, not far from the major Arctic Circle city of Murmansk.

But even that may not be the extent of the bad news.

The dock, even if it is raised to the surface, may be beyond repair, meaning Russia’s only aircraft carrier, several of its largest naval ships, and at least one ballistic-missile submarine may not be able to be serviced for months, if not years.

That’s a not-insignificant setback for Kremlin efforts to upgrade the country’s fleet, experts say, an effort that parallels a larger ongoing modernization of Russia's armed forces.  Indeed, Putin’s plans for Russia’s Navy are sinking.



putin-primitive-politiksMoscow’s dispatch of strategic bombers and heavy transport planes to Venezuela last week (12/10), and its subsequent obliging Washington to remove them only four days later (12/14), highlights both what has and has not changed in the in the “new cold war” between Russia and the United States.

Indeed, as Moscow-based military expert Aleksandr Golts argues, the appearance of two Russian Tu-160s in Latin America this week highlighted that the present-day hostility between Russia and the US could far more easily go “hot” than was the case in the “old” Cold War (Otkrytyye Media, 12/12).

That’s because, given the weakness of the Russian Federation today compared to the strength of the Soviet Union in the past, Russia’s nuclear stockpile remains the only resource Putin has that allows him to claim any kind of superpower status for his country.

This results in a foreign policy of “Putin Realpolitik” –  not the sophisticated kind reflected in the works of Henry Kissinger, where the major powers balance economic, political and security interests, but a primitive kind that’s dangerously delusional..



bitter-investigationAs a White House Advisor to President Clinton during his entire impeachment proceedings, I’m experiencing 1998 déjà vu.

That’s as prosecutors once again work overtime to turn extramarital affairs and the efforts to keep them secret into impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors.

Except it’s worse.  Unable to get the witnesses to compose the stories they want, today’s prosecutors are discovering they can simply compose the crimes by manipulating the pleas of men desperate to protect their families. That never happened in 1998.

The Michael Cohen Sentencing Memo of November 30 took aim directly at both Cohen and President Donald Trump. It was used, unethically, to cast the president as directing a criminal conspiracy to make “secret and illegal” payments.  Then again, when has Mueller and his gang done something ethically?



hollywood-deadYesterday (12/10), I received an email from the Motion Picture Academy informing me that if I didn't pay my dues, I wouldn't be able to vote in the Oscar nominations in a couple of weeks.

I debated for a few minutes.  Dues have inflated since I joined in the eighties and are now a hefty $450 per annum.  Nevertheless, spendthrift that I am, I bit the proverbial bullet and went for it. Call it the inability to break a bad habit. Or an addiction to the non-stop influx of screeners that arrive at my door every December, not that I watch many of them. (I suspect I'm not alone in that.)

But it wasn't just the money that had made me hesitate.  On one level, I wouldn't have re-upped up for $4.50, let alone $450.  I mean -- what was the point of this? Does anybody care who wins the Oscar anymore?  I certainly don't -- and I'm a voter.

Here’s why this year the Oscars will continue on their downward spiral toward life support.



ca-rigged-electionsThe conventional wisdom among experts who monitor elections in America is unvarying: Voter fraud is statistically insignificant.

These sanguine claims are made despite the fact that internal controls are often so poor, or even nonexistent on election integrity, that it is nearly impossible to know if voter fraud has even occurred.

In every critical area—voter identification, voter registration, duplicate voting, absentee ballots, ineligible voting, ballot custody, ballot destruction, counterfeit ballots, voting machine tampering—gaping holes exist that invite systemic fraud.

But so what? How relevant is voter fraud, if the entire system is already rigged to favor one party – the Democrats –  over the other?

Come to California to see what’s going to roll out across America in time to guarantee a progressive landslide in 2020. It may be perfectly legal. But it’s so rigged it would make Boss Tweed blush.



deep-state-hitmanRobert Mueller’s legal team may write a damning report on Trump’s ethics, based mostly on flipping minor former business associates of Trump’s and transient campaign officials by threatening them with long prison sentences.

So far, we know that the U.S. government decided to intervene in a political campaign to help one candidate and to smear the other — under the pretext of Russian “collusion.” That would be Obama’s government helping Hillary to smear The Donald.

And so it hired or made use of spies and informants including Hank Greenberg, Stefan Halper, Felix Sater, and others to contact Trump campaign officials to catch them in supposed collusion traps.

It enlisted the help of foreign intelligence agencies, specifically the British and Australians.

It misled FISA courts into granting warrants to spy on Americans and, post factum, threatened long prisons sentences with those surveilled and interviewed.

Why has Robert Mueller investigated absolutely none of this?



how-dishonest-is-muellerThe pattern and purpose of Mueller’s investigation and the endgame is becoming clear, and yes, it’s clearly get the president at all costs.

The team Mueller hired really foretold the story — Andrew Weissmann as the stop-at-nothing pit bull and a group of Democrat lawyers, including some who have represented the Clintons, had the obstruction of justice charge ready to go on day one.

The investigation, I believe, has come up truly empty on its central charge related to the president — collusion with the Russian government. They are now trying to find someone, anyone who had any contact with Julian Assange with the aim of calling that collusion-lite.

But mostly what Mueller’s team is doing is bludgeoning witnesses on unrelated charges to piece together a case against the president. They are shaping that case through the indictments -- and threats of indictments -- that are being used to get guilty pleas to make the president seem like an obstructor or co-conspirator. They are literally creating the crimes.

Let’s review what Mueller and his team are doing:



Hmaga-at-the-g-20e came, he saw, he took yet another step towards Making America Great Again.

President Trump scored major successes at the G-20 summit that concluded over last weekend in Argentina (12/01-02).

Specifically, the community of nations agreed in their official communique to “necessary reform” of the World Trade Organization, a top White House priority, recognized the decision of the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, and to still utilize “all energy sources and technologies, while protecting the environment.”

In addition, the Chinese promised to up their purchases of U.S.- made goods and to discuss other demands in exchange for postponing an expected hike in tariffs; President Xi also committed to designating the deadly drug Fentanyl as a controlled substance in China, and vowed to help with de-nuclearizing North Korea.

It was an all-round win-win for the president, who needed one.



young-kimYoung Kim was poised to become the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress.

Her 14-point lead was the lone bright spot on an otherwise dismal night for Orange County Republicans. But, over the past week, Republicans have watched the first-generation immigrant’s lead evaporate. With thousands of provisional ballots left to count, her commanding lead is now underwater. She lost one week after the election.

There’s no evidence of ballot box shenanigans. No need. Democrats know it’s easier to erode voter integrity laws than to stuff ballot boxes.

How does a 14-point Republican lead disappear? Merciless and unsparing, California Democrats have systematically undermined California’s already-weak voter protection laws to guarantee permanent one-party rule. Here’s how, step by step.



not-found-yetLike a long-running TV soap opera, the Boy Scout Show, starring the lugubrious Robert Mueller as the big bully himself, is back.

Off the air for some months as the people who brought you “Senator Spartacus Battles Brett Kavanaugh” and “Midterm Mayhem,” along with a special workshop on “How Democrats Can Manufacture Ballots at the Last Moment to Steal an Election,” the Big Bully Boy Scout is once again entertaining thousands across the fruited plain.

Well, it’s entertaining the media pundits in Washington and New York, anyway.

The producers of this interminable entertainment have learned a thing or two from other soap operas. For one thing, some of your favorite characters who had seemed to be written out of the script have made miraculous recoveries and, word has it, are signed for important parts in the entire season that just got underway.

One thing that several observers have noted is that only one tranche of characters is getting the limelight. Roger Stone suggested as much when he observed, in one of the best lines of the entire series, “John Podesta makes Paul Manafort look like St. Thomas Aquinas. Where is the New York Times?”



Laura Loomer Has Been Silenced By Twitter

Laura Loomer Has Been Silenced By Twitter

My name is Laura Loomer. As you may have heard, I was permanently banned from Twitter for life on November 21, 2018, and then I was banned for 30 days from Facebook less than 24 hours later, in another example of collusion by tech giants to censor conservative voices.

What was my offense?

Did I spew hateful, violent rhetoric towards anyone as we frequently see Leftist celebrities and politicians do online?


Did I post racist comments or call for genocide against a group of people?


Did I incite a riot or call for the President to be assassinated, like Leftists often do on Twitter?


The tweet that Twitter decided to ban me for was a tweet full of facts about Sharia law. It was a tweet directed at Ilhan Omar, a newly elected Congresswoman, a politician, a public figure, which pointed out that her support of Sharia law does not make her an ally for gay people, women, or Jews, as Twitter would like you to believe.

This is the tweet that earned me a lifetime ban. Is this “hateful conduct,” as Twitter accused me of practicing?



Theinvader-alliese is a war on for hearts and minds of Americans, and it began long before the first rocks were thrown on Sunday (11/25) along the United States-Mexico border, and federal agents deployed tear gas in defense against aggressive foreign nationals attempting to force their way into our country.

But the media coverage of the border skirmish is more telling of the nature of this conflict than canisters of lachrymator.

The worst offender was perhaps the Associated Press. Making no mention of projectile attacks by foreign nationals directed at Americans, the AP quoted one Honduran to keep the narrative slanted favorably toward would-be illegal aliens. “We ran, but when you run the gas asphyxiates you more,” Ana Zuniga told the AP “while cradling her 3-year-old daughter Valery in her arms.”

What sort of mother would attempt to penetrate a heavily guarded border as part of a violent mob with a toddler in arm?



black-caucus-response-to-low-unemploymentIn the last decade, every single House Democrat sent to prison for financial crimes was a Congressional Black Caucus member.

In the last twenty years, it’s been over 80%. After the midterms, the CBC has grown past a record 50 members. But that doesn’t mean it’s getting better. Power makes it worse.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is the most famous freshman member of the CBC in the 116th Congress. The CBC’s PAC boasted that she is “the first Somali-American and first Muslim woman elected to Congress”.

She’s also the first member of Congress who had to deny being married to her brother.  Then there’s her rabid anti-Semitism, her trespassing arrest, opposition to an FGM law, the campaign finance fines.

Rep. Omar is already a train wreck before taking office, but that just means she fits right in at the CBC.



New York Gov. Cuomo and New York City Mayor De Blasio

New York Gov. Cuomo and New York City Mayor De Blasio

The malady known as Trump Derangement Syndrome is marked by a sudden explosion of crazy talk and sometimes actions coming from people formerly regarded as sane.

Think of the threats of impeachment before Trump was even inaugurated. Or the fantasies of unhinged celebrities such as Kathy Griffin, Robert De Niro and Madonna that the president or his family suffer violence and maybe death.

Yet now, two years into a Trump presidency, a new malady is emerging, one that reflects a less hostile view of him. It is an implicit recognition that the most unlikely commander-in-chief has not only survived, but is thriving in some ways.

I think of this new disease as Trump Imitation Syndrome because its sufferers are behaving in ways that are downright Trumpian.

New Yorkers — aren’t we lucky? — are getting a double-dose of it, courtesy of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio.



“This was an Obama judge, and I’ll tell you what, it’s not going to happen like this anymore.”

--President Trump, Nov. 20, 2018

Judge Jon S. Tigar is back in the news.

I wrote about him  nearly two years ago:

“A federal judge ruled recently that an inmate serving a life sentence for murder in California must receive sex-reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense.


The inmate was Rodney James Quine, 57, twice married and the father of two daughters. I write ‘was’ because while in prison he changed his name to Shiloh Heavenly Quine. Quine began living as a woman in 2008, when prison officials authorized hormone treatments at taxpayer expense. Quine then began pushing for a sex change operation, to be paid for by California taxpayers like everything else in prison.


Enter Barack Obama. In 2013 Obama appointed Jon Tigar to the federal bench. Tigar, who evidently shares Obama’s fascination with the world of the transgendered, assigned himself to Quine’s case and appointed a team of San Francisco lawyers and the Transgender Law Center to represent Quine.


The result of Tigar’s ruling in Quine’s favor is that the state of California must now provide sex reassignment surgery for prison inmates.



dem-party-then-and-nowOn November 6, it seemed the Republicans might hold their majority in the Senate and in the House.  Sadly, they lost their majority in the House. The mystery is why so many Democrat candidates who are so obviously ethically challenged won in races that should not have even been close.

How and why do Democrats continue to vote for unqualified, dishonest candidates?  Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Gillum, Krysten Sinema, Stacey Abrams, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – they and so many others are hard-left socialist-fascists whose goal in life is to control your life like a totalitarian monster.

They are a blight on the Constitution and the guaranteed freedoms of US citizens. Yet tens of millions of Democrats voted for them.  Why?



0-gets-uglyObama showed his true self in comments about President Donald John Trump on Monday (11/19).

It was not pleasant. Unable to articulate a reasoned argument using facts, Obama attacked the president in a manner that if it were the other way around would be deemed racist.

Maybe it is.  Anybody out there think Barry is an anti-white racist?

Obama said, “The reason we don't [invest in climate change policies] is because we are still confused, blind, shrouded with hate, anger, racism — mommy issues.”

Mommy issues?



voters-affidavitEnough is enough. Election after election, boxes of Democrat ballots show up in counties run by Democrat election supervisors to benefit Democrat candidates who, once they steal their opponent’s election night victory, will join the chorus warning of Russian interference in our elections.

Democrats have long pushed for voting ease at the expense of voting integrity, pushing measures from voting by mail, to Motor Voter laws, to same-day registration while opposing voter ID laws which requires people to show up on election day with proof they are who they say they are.

They claim Voter ID laws are designed to disenfranchise voters. So does the sudden appearance of mystery ballots days, even weeks, after elections without a documented chain of custody or certainty that other ballots weren’t destroyed or that the ballots found were cast by real, live American citizens.

It’s time for all this to end.  We need Election Day voting with a voter ID only and nothing but.



banana-republic-of-flConsidering what's going on for the umpteenth time in the República Bananera de Florida, the caravans of how many thousands making their way from Central America to our Southern border should be going in reverse.

We're Honduras now.  No Banana Republic -- past or present -- could really outdo Florida when it comes to electoral corruption

So who's responsible for this nauseating state of affairs?  The Democrats, no surprise, behave as if Boss Tweed were reincarnated in Miami Beach, bringing down their best Fusion GPS lawyer from the Perkins Coie mafia of Trump dossier fame to oversee the recount.

But the GOP hasn't got clean hands either. Rick Scott and his fellow Republicans cry foul when the election supervisors of Broward and Palm Beach counties act in a manner that would make Mayor Daley blush, but aren't they a little late?

Where have these GOP pols been for the last several decades?  This is nothing new.  Voter irregularities are as common in Florida as hurricanes -- and probably more toxic in the long run. Why, for godsakes, does the woman in Broward still have that job?



unprogressivesSome progressives lamented the now-apparent defeat of radical progressive African-American candidates such as gubernatorial nominees Stacey Abrams of Georgia and Florida’s Andrew Gillum by blaming allegedly treasonous white women. Apparently white women did not vote sufficiently en bloc in accordance with approved notions of identity politics tribalism.

According to this progressive orthodoxy, being female, gay, or minority trumps everything else. But, of course, no one believes in such mythical notions of solidarity, least of all progressives themselves.

White women were expected in Michigan, for example, to vote against a sterling African-American senatorial candidate John James, whose résumé was far more impressive than his victorious opponent, incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow.

The outraged identity politics industry has entered the realm of insanity when it screams at the “treason” of white women while bragging that 95 percent of black women voted for a white male Robert O’Rourke against Latino Ted Cruz—while deploring that 59 percent of white women who voted against white male O’Rourke.

And that’s only the barest start of how progressives aren’t progressive.



…and freedom and sovereignty

…and freedom and sovereignty

The French say many silly things, along with a few wise ones, although since the death of Voltaire (1694-1778), not lately.

One of the silliest came out of the mouth of M. le President, Emmanuel Macron, at the centenary observance of the end of World War I on November 11. Calling nationalism a “betrayal of patriotism,” the fey popinjay went on to caution the world against “old demons coming back wreak chaos and death.”

The media, of course, loved it, promptly casting Macron’s words as a “rebuke” to (who else?) Donald J. Trump and his soul mate, Vladimir Putin, who were both in attendance.

Far from fighting for the survival of the French nation in 1914, said Macron, the French soldiers were fighting for the “universal values” because—get this—“patriotism is exactly the opposite of nationalism.”

This of course is the exact opposite of the truth.  The French were fighting not for “universal values” but for national pride and the very existence of their nation.

The notion that “nationalism” is a form of racism (where all roads the Left doesn’t like lead to now) illustrates the linguistic mechanism by which cultural Marxists subtly change the color of our political discussions.



putin-eyes-libyaMoscow is deepening its military involvement in Libya while denying to its own people and the world that it is doing so, thus repeating the pattern that the Kremlin has followed in Syria and the Central African Republic.

Libya, with its oil and geographic location, is far more important to Moscow as a counter to the West than even Syria, where the Russians have been deeply involved in the local civil war.

During the Cold War, as Moscow military commentator Pavel Felgenhauer pointed out recently, “Libya was an important link in the USSR’s [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] global conflict with America and its allies.”

Today, given that Moscow views “the collective West” as “much worse” than it was in the Cold War days, Felgenhauer argues, the Kremlin again is looking to Libya as a base for countering and undermining Western influence (Novaya Gazeta, October 11).



vote-americaToday, November 6, 2018, America takes an IQ Test.  Or perhaps we should say a common sense test. Or even more a test to see the degree to which it has been brainwashed.

You would think that with all economic indicators at or near an all-time high, unemployment at an all-time low (notably for minorities and women), wages rising as they haven't in years, the country at peace with the threat of evil doers from ISIS to North Korea on the wane, and an incredible, indeed unprecedented, number of presidential accomplishments in 20 months this election would be the proverbial no-brainer for voters.

But no,  the president – say the demented Dems and their propagandists -- tweets too much, is a braggart, insults people, is a totalitarian, a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, etc., etc.

Never mind what he actually does provides no evidence of that, indeed often proves the opposite. He has bad manners.  The country must throw him and his party out.  The media says so and it has to be.

This is "can't stand prosperity" on steroids.  It is a country shooting itself in the foot to please a group of "elites" whose sensibilities are offended and, even more, who are driven by envy and a lust for power.  See what I mean by an IQ Test?



Pelosi Galore celebrating last night – due to Fox?

Pelosi Galore celebrating last night – due to Fox?

“Why can we call the Democrats taking the House this early?” Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked analyst Chris Stirewalt at 9:30pm east coast time last night (11/06). “Because we’re just that good,” Stirewalt replied with a proud smirk.

That just about sums up Fox’s election coverage of the 2018 midterms. It was a self-indulgent display of self-promotion, bickering, and irresponsibility as the entire House was called before polls in the western part of the country had even closed.  It was still 7:30pm in Arizona and 6:30pm in California.

One has to wonder how many people were deterred from voting when they heard Republicans had already lost the House.

Last night, Fox News jumped the shark – and may have cost Republicans their House majority.



revenge-of-wwIn the wake of the elections, progressives are accusing white women of betraying the sisterhood.

Amid the inevitable outrage fest touched off by the election results, hardcore partisans on the left solidified around one particular angry narrative: If and when Democrats lose, it is because white women remain insufficiently woke.

The Usual Suspects crafted this argument around exit polls of the Senate race in Texas, which revealed that white women broke for Republican incumbent Ted Cruz by a significant margin — 60 percent cast ballots for him rather than for Robert Francis O’Rourke (“Beto” to you), who received just 39 percent of their support.

This 20-point margin in the Lone Star State was enough evidence for commentators to lob a variety of creative slurs at white women as a class, who make up about a third of all Americans.

Feminists raced to label white women “footsoldiers of the patriarchy,” and left-wing pundits piled on. If this doesn’t sound like legitimate feminism, that’s because it isn’t.  Autonomous women are all well and good, it seems, until they autonomously turn out to support Ted Cruz.



trump-tweet-110718Did President Trump just get a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking losing the House, or a beautifully wrapped early Christmas present?

That would be the Dems installing Nancy Pelosi as the new Speaker — and that's a gift that just keeps on giving.

The 78-year-old Democrat from California, who was House Speaker from 2007 until the GOP took control of the chamber in 2011, is poised to resume that powerful position — and she wants it.

Botoxic Pelosi will be leading a Cast of Crazies running the House come January, including Mad Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff-for-brains, Elijah Cuckoo Cummings.  Dems may be celebrating, but there’s an argument to be made that they will be putty if POTUS’ hands.



China’s new Central route bypasses both the Northeast (Northern) and Northwest Passages

China’s new Central route bypasses both the Northeast (Northern) and Northwest Passages

[TTP views China’s seizure of Russia’s Eastern Siberia as an inevitability – the only question is how many years in will take.  See Chinese Siberia from November 2006. Here Dr. Sukhankin reveals the latest development in Beijing’s strategy.]

An article published on October 5 by the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) discusses Russia’s strategy in the Arctic region and the evolving role of China therein (, October 5).

Among other points, the piece notes that “the Arctic region is one of the key elements of Russian national security” and “one of two regions where Russia plays the role of a great power.” At the same time, the article alludes to “growing international competition in the region.”

It frames the United States and the European Union as Russia’s main regional competitors. But China is notably presented as a “strategic partner” for whom “the Arctic region is not a top strategic priority” and whose efforts to build up its naval strength are related to a desire to challenge the US, not Russia.

Russia’s  assumptions appear questionable at best.  Here’s why China is set to sideline Russia in its Arctic backyard.