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mass-shooters This is not going to be a normal HFR.  For this has not been a normal week.  It has been a culmination.  The longer you have been a TTPer, the more you understand what is going on.

And almost no one else does.  Who among the vast multitudes of media pundits, twitterati, Hollywood celebs, academics, or politicians of either party grasps that what we are witnessing is the wages of auto-racism?

We are drowning in countless examples of white auto-racism this week.  To pluck out two at random…



Alex Alexiev 1941-2019

Alex Alexiev 1941-2019

A true American hero, great champion of freedom, known to TTPers for his many articles over the years, and one of my dearest friends for 37 years, Alex Alexiev, suffered a sudden massive heart attack on Sunday morning, July 28, and passed from this Earth.

It is hard to cope with the loss of such a friend, such an extraordinary man.  Let me tell you about him.

[Note: We are running Alex’s final article, written a few days ago, as a companion piece: Trade War with China? No, It’s Worse!  He had no idea it would be his last.]



You just watched what happened to the Democrat Party and their Fake Newser minions this week.  Total train wreck.  Schadenfreudelicious.

You read Michael Goodwin yesterday (7/25) describe how Mueller Disaster Dooms Dems’ Impeachment Hopes, and can read today (7/25) Jack Kelly musing on the weirdness of Mueller Puzzles.

Yes, it’s fun to gloat over a defeat of bad guys trying to do you harm so enjoy the moment – but the President made it clear just how serious the moment is on Hannity last night (7/25).

“This should never happen to another president of the United States again. This is an absolute catastrophe for our country… This was treason. This was high crimes. This was everything as bad a definition as you want to come up with. This should never be allowed to happen to our country again.”

Here we go……




©2019 Jack Wheeler

What’s it like to be this close to a leopard in the African bush?  I took this picture (and more below) last week.

Back home, it’s hard to go to sleep now without being serenaded by hippos snorting in the lagoon below your thatched bungalow or hyenas whooping out in the bush.  Memories of a Dream Safari like this will remain vivid for the rest of your life.

“Safari” is the Swahili word for “journey.”  We associate it with exploring Africa, but the world is full of other places where you can have a life-memorable Dream Safari adventure.  And you don’t have to reach remotest Africa or Asia to find them.  Let’s talk about one in particular.




NY Post Cover July 4, 2019

Welcome to the Fourth of July HFR!

It’s America’s Birthday, when the most noble document in human history was ratified and made public, the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

The word Aristotle would use for “noble” above is kalon.  Often translated as noble and honorable, or badly mistranslated as beautiful in the sheer physical sense, kalon for Aristotle is a term of morality.  The kalon is the morally noble, morally honorable, morally admirable – thus it is the morally beautiful.

We don’t have a word for this in English, and may be elusive to grasp for it expresses a philosophical aesthetics – not in the crude popular sense of that term as subjective sentiment regarding art or music, but elegantly embodying an objective moral truth.

Thus when we refer to “America the Beautiful,” we mean something vastly more than its physical beauty like amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties.  We mean America the Kalon, America the Morally Beautiful.

And that is because of the moral beauty of our country’s founding principles stated in our Declaration of Independence.  Its essence is expressed in the second sentence, the most magnificent statement of a moral ideal in human history:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Note it states an ideal towards which it is America’s moral duty to strive.  Since humans at any time are imperfect, it is irrelevant that the ideal’s authors were imperfect in our eyes now, such as some owned slaves who were not granted these rights.

It is highly likely, for example, that a future generation of Americans will condemn ours today for allowing the unforgiveable immorality of infanticide, of mothers murdering their own children fully capable of surviving out of their wombs.  Perhaps they will demand any statues or memorials to our pro-abortion politicians be torn down.

Further, for however much America has not lived up to its moral ideals in the 243 years since 1776, it has nonetheless lived up to them to a greater degree than any other nation on earth.

The perfect must not be the enemy of the good, we must not be compared to some political heaven but to other societies here on earth.  Where else are people freer to control their own lives, granted more liberty, or capable of pursuing their own happiness?

Let its critics carp.  The fact remains that America for all its faults and flaws is still morally beautiful, deserving of our love and admiration.



“If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.”  ---Winston Churchill

Happy Fourth of July!  Today we celebrate the founding of America’s freedom by commemorating the greatest act of political and moral genius in human history – the writing of The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson.  An excellent way of doing so would be for your family and loved ones to gather together and read it aloud, savoring every extraordinary word.

Savor the words well, for it is quite possible that this may be our last happy Fourth – if we do not take Churchill’s warning to heart now, not waiting until next year when it will be too late.

To do so, we must be specific and explicit about the threat of enslavement we are facing.  In Churchill’s day it was external – Nazi Germany.  For us today, the threat is internal within our own borders.  Let us name and define it.

It is this:  The Fascism of AINOs.



For some time now, I have been watching with growing concern the increasing viciousness of the Left attacking any conservative website that attracts their attention and ire.

Once that happens, not only is the site ruined but those who run the site are personally demonized, with the Left determined to ruin their lives.  This is only going to get worse and more demented as we approach and enter the coming election campaign.  Any pro-Trump site will be targeted and diabolically so.

So we are going to be proactive and preempt this before it happens to us.  Here is what we are going to do.

*Close down the TTP Facebook and Twitter pages.  These are the two primary culprits in conservative demonization via social media.  We’re out.  We will closing them by June 30.

*Discontinue the Free List.  There are thousands there, so many with made-up spam names I can’t count them.  Our article alerts are going out to far too many people we don’t know, and it’s now too dangerous to do so.

I will be sending out an email alert to the Free List to notify them that if they want to get TTP they are welcome to subscribe.  However, the Free List will terminate on June 30.

*Discontinue article sharing.  There are members who are sending out our articles, even the HFR, to hundreds of people who are on their mailing list each week.  This again is now too dangerous to continue.  TTP will now be Members Only as it was intended to be.

*Put a Login Page in front of the Home Page for Members to enter their username/password, with an automatic Password Reset and Contact Us (i.e., Miko) links if there is a problem.  Once Members do this, up comes the real home page as usual for them – without having to login again, so the Member Menu will show them logged in.

This will take effect on Sunday June 30 so everyone will have had adequate notice.  After that date, no one will be able to access the TTP Home Page without logging in as a Member first.

Hope this is all clear.  We must do this proactively to protect TTP and its Members.  Thanks….  Jack



©2019 Jack Wheeler

©2019 Jack Wheeler

Welcome to the Door to Hell.  Otherwise known as the Darvaza Gas Crater in the Kara Kum Desert of Turkmenistan.

Possessing one of the world’s largest reserves of natural gas, when Turkmenistan was part of the Soviet Union in 1971, Soviet engineers discovered a massive gas pocket in the Kara Kum.  The drilling rig collapsed into a huge cavern 230 feet wide, releasing gas into the air.  The engineers ignited it, expecting the gas to burn off in a matter of days.

The gas in the crater is still burning to this day, 48 years later – as you can see.  I took the picture above earlier this month.

It’s a memorable experience, driving for hours across an empty desert wasteland after crossing the border from Uzbekistan, and suddenly there it is.



The President is 73 today, June 14

The President is 73 today, June 14

Our POTUS started his birthday off right this morning on Fox and Friends, by applying the F word to Nervous Nancy Pelosi – the F word that she and the Democrat Party need to be described with at every opportunity:  Fascist.

Responding to Pelosi’s latest unhinged rant against him last night, accusing him of a “criminal cover-up” with no evidence whatever, the President said Pelosi “ought to be ashamed of herself – it’s a disgrace… it’s a fascist statement.”

Exactly.  Inside “Democrat” Pelosi is a fascist screaming to get out.  Inside every Democrat mediocrity running for president in 2020 is a fascist screaming to get out.  It’s not hidden on the inside for ilk like Occasional-Cortex or Ilhan Omar – they’re full frontal fascist in open daylight.

While they claim to be “democratic socialists,” we need to demand ubiquitously they be labeled “democratic fascists” – while reminding everyone what that means:  you can vote your way into fascism, but you have to shoot your way out.

Okay, we’re off on another chock-full HFR.  We start with what’s called The Trump Curse, and it struck last night in Oakland, California, providing the President with an early birthday present.



trump-d-day-message Yesterday, June 6, at Omaha Beach in Normandy France on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, President Trump commemorated the sacrifice and heroism of those who fought that day in 1944 to liberate the world from Nazi evil and protect America from it.

To call the President’s speech magnificent is beyond understatement.  It was so good that CNN’s Jim Acosta and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough had nothing but praise for it.  I could not encourage you more to watch it entire.  It will move you to tears.  It certainly did me.

This was the culmination of an extraordinary two weeks during which President Trump and First Lady Melania bestrode the world stage with grace, elegance, and class.



The Fourth Pearl of Shing ©2019 Jack Wheeler

The Fourth Pearl of Shing ©2019 Jack Wheeler

I just returned from an extraordinary exploration of Central Asia.  I’ll be going into more depth of what we learned and experienced in Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan in the near future – but right now I’d like to share with you just one exquisite experience.

It’s a hidden unknown wonder tucked into the Fann Mountains of western Tajikistan called the Seven Pearls of Shing.

The Shing River flows through a high narrow valley dotted with small villages of Mountain Tajiks who have lived here for thousands of years.  Thanks to ancient rockfalls eons ago damming up the river in stages, there is a series of seven stepping-stone lakes in the Shing Valley, each of uniquely breathless beauty.

Here’s what we saw.  All the photos are mine, with none photoshopped or have the saturation jacked up.  The colors are real.



nadler-cites-barr-w-contemptA tip of the HFR tam o’shanter to TTPer Doug Kemp who posted this meme on the Forum.  It brings to mind John Wayne’s comment that “Life is hard – and it’s a lot harder if you’re stupid.”  Congressman Teapot – all 5’4” and 240 lbs. of him – really is a hubristic idiot and is about to get precisely what he deserves.

How mind-numbingly stupid is it for some two-bit Congresscritter – all puffed up with delusionary self-importance because he wields a ten-ounce piece of wood called a “gavel” – to actually believe he can put the Attorney General of the United States in an imaginary jail cell that doesn’t exist on Capitol Hill for obeying the law?

The words used above to denote proto-hominid IQ levels are not hyperboles.  There is something mentally wrong with these people.  When we call them libtards we mean they really are in fact mentally retarded.  What’s really spooky is not that they were born that way, they have chosen to be as an act of adult free will.

First they chose to be morally retarded – embracing infanticide, hatred of their country, the politics of envy and fascist control of others, etc. – which has resulted in their mental dementia.

At any step along the way, they could have reflected on where they were going and chosen to go elsewhere, and chose not to.

Which brings us to Democrats and turtles.  Here we go on another great HFR!



©2019 Jack Wheeler

©2019 Jack Wheeler

Burma is a hidden country, sandwiched between India, China, and Thailand, along with a bit of Bangladesh and Laos.

During the Cold War under a Soviet-aligned Military Marxist dictatorship, guerrilla rebellions broke out.  In the 1980s as a private operative for President Reagan’s strategy to terminate the Soviet Empire, I clandestinely crossed from Thailand into Burma on more than one occasion with Karenni and Karen guerrillas.

The military junta resisted, even changing Burma’s name to "Myanmar," Rangoon to "Yangon," and moving the capital to an empty plain called Nay Pyi Taw in 1989.

Twenty years later the junta began relenting and freeing up the country, so much so by 2015 I was confident enough to take a small group of friends to explore the country.  We had a wonderful enlightening time.

Now I’m thinking of doing this again next year, as a number of you have asked if I would.  What I’d like to show you is a small sample of what we saw – just a hint, a taste of all there is in this extraordinary land.  All the photos are mine.



envy-of-the-world How cool is this to wake up in the morning to this Drudge headline?  Except if you’re a Democrat fascisti realizing there will be 6 more years of Trump making America even greater than ever.

And how about the Drudge kicker links above the giant headline? Hispanic Unemployment Lowest Ever... Best for women since 1953... Record jobs even for high school dropouts!

Hard to imagine the depth of Dem abysmal gloom over this, compounded by the fright and panic overwhelming them, explained by Kim Strassel today (5/03) in For Fear of William BarrWhich brings me to the Forum.  Here we go with another great HFR!



authentic-italyMy wife Rebel and I were having dinner with Italian friends in Rome a while ago, who asked, “Why not a Wheeler Expedition in Italy?”

I answered, “We’d love to, but it has to be an adventure to really cool places in Italy that folks who’ve been to Rome-Venice-Tuscany don’t know about and would love to go to if they did.  It has to be to the real authentic Italy for a true experience of a lifetime.”

Our friends smiled – to us and each other.  “We’ve been exploring just those places for years – it’s our hobby.  We’d start in the Apennines of course, Italy’s mountain spine, to Abruzzo…”

And that is how, after many months of exploring and planning, Rebel and I with our Italian friends created the unique and extraordinary adventure of Authentic Italy.  I’d like to invite you to experience the Italy you’ve dreamed of and you’ll never ever forget.



new-christian-crusadeAt the end of this month, April 2019, the lesson is clear:  We need a New Christian Crusade against the enemies of Christendom, Western Civilization, and the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence.

Since the start of 2019, countless churches in France have been vandalized, looted, desecrated, and set on fire.  The libtards of Newsweek reported it thus (3/21):  Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated All Over France – and Officials Don’t Know Why.

Right.  Just like every official in France can’t still explain how Notre Dame’s roof and spire burned down April 15.  The latest from yesterday’s (4/25) New York Times: Notre Dame Fire Investigators Focus on Short-Circuits and Cigarettes.

Right.  Any cockamamie excuse will do in order to ignore the unmentionably obvious – arson set by Moslems.

That’s just the start of a chock-filled HFR.  We’re off!



©2019 Jack Wheeler

©2019 Jack Wheeler

The first time I went to Mongolia was in 1963.  I was 19 and by myself.  It was a colony of the Soviet Union back then.  No arat (Mongol nomad) living in a ger (conical tent like those above) had ever heard of America much less met somebody from there, so I was a real novelty.

I was a novelty again when I got back home.  Just about the most obscure course in the UCLA history department was on Mongolian history.  There were about a half-dozen students, and when the professor asked us each why we were in the course, I answered, “Because I’ve just been there,” he couldn’t believe it.

All those 35mm slides from back then are in one of the many boxes containing my pictures of yore.  By 2005, however, when I ran an expedition of some 2,500 miles criss-crossing the country north to south, east to west, there were digital cameras so I can share a few pics with you.  It took a while for Mongolia has no roads, just 4WD tracks.



game-over Happy Good Friday!  This is a day of celebration for all Christendom – as the ancient Catholic catechism says, on this day, “Christ showed His great love for man, and purchased for him every blessing.”

And tonight, Passover begins for Jewish people around the world.  Pesach Sameach!

Coincidentally, this is a good Friday for America, as proclaimed on the cover of today’s (4/19) New York Post:

trump-clean And we’re just getting started.  What a week – here we go!



africa-on-map We’ve seen maps of Africa all our lives – but most people have little if any grasp of just how large Africa is.  It’s gargantuan – and with a bewildering number of countries. 50 in all.  I’ve had the good fortune to have been to every one.

As I have learned, often the hard way, traveling in Africa is daunting – and often outright dangerous, extremely so.  It is Africa’s misfortune that out of its vast size and over four dozen countries, there is a surprisingly small number of places that are both safe and worth going to.

Political instability, ethnic strife, humongous corruption and street crime are so widespread across the continent, you have to search hard for exceptions.

Plus, even if those were absent, where are there places that are really cool, bucket-list cool worth all the expense, time, and effort to get to and experience?



my-turn-to-investigateWhat’s that deafening sound?  Wow it’s loud, like squeals from an entire sounder of stuck pigs.  Oh, look!  It’s the Democrats and their media lap poodles squealing in terror over Bill Barr about to slit their throats.

The AG’s Senate testimony on Wednesday (4/10) did it.  TTP attached the video of his words to Kim Strassel’s Barr Brings Accountability this morning (4/12).

Yes, Roger Simon is right, that POTUS’ replacement of testicularly-atrophied Jeff Sessions is The Democrats’ Worst Nightmare.

When you watch the video in Strassel’s, note carefully Barr’s words after he says “I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal.”  He then says, “I’m not talking about the FBI necessarily but intelligence agencies more broadly.”

You can bet all three of Obama’s intelligence directors – not just FBI’s Comey, but CIA’s Brennan and National Intelligence Director Clapper – hearing those words suddenly noticed the red laser light dot over their hearts and said to themselves, “OMG, he’s targeting me!”  You betcha.



Tristan da Cunha ©2019 Jack Wheeler

Tristan da Cunha ©2019 Jack Wheeler

All right, I confess.  I am a nesophile.  I’m addicted to nesophilia.  It’s not on any list of psychiatric disorders, however.  The term was invented – a “neologism” – by one of the 20th century’s most eminent philosophers, Sir Isaiah Berlin (1909-1997) in 1938 while in Ireland.

When there, he combined the Greek word nesos – island, with philia – love, and declared he was a nesophile – a lover of islands.  That’s me.

I suppose that’s obvious by now – for I’ve lost count of the number of islands I’ve written about on TTP

And there are so many more to go!  Yet I’ll be writing only about ones that are interesting, not even if they’re famous.  I just got back from Majorca and Ibiza, for example.  Nice enough, pretty enough – but, frankly, boring.  There’s no real there there, as Gertrude Stein said about Oakland, California.

So let’s take a quick look at some islands that would blow Gertrude Stein away – such as the one that has the bed Napoleon died in.



No one can honestly say POTUS Trump hasn’t got the best sense of humor since Ronald Reagan.  Yesterday (4/04) he tweeted meme master Carpe Donktum’s latest, poking fun at Creepy Joe, entitling it, “Welcome Back Joe!”.

welcome-back-joe“It’s fun to watch Democrats cannibalize each other,” noted Jack Kelly in “The Hit On Creepy Joe” on Wednesday (4/03).  Biden certainly has earned his sobriquet with all his pedophilic sniffing and groping on repeated YouTube display.  There’s something mentally wrong with this guy.

That seems to be an occupational hazard of many if not most professional politicians.  Since age 26, Biden has been nothing but – elected a City Council member in his local Delaware town in 1969, then a Senator in 1972 until Obama’s VP in 2008.

He’s never earned a real paycheck in his life.  Instead, he’s spent his whole life trying to control other people’s lives.  That’s what attracts people like him into politics, for there’s something not right with them mentally to begin with.

Yesterday (4/04), Patricia McCarthy explained that “The 2020 Democrat Candidates Are Psychotic.” To be psychotic is to be so delusional that you can’t determine what is real and not, and to lack any empathy for other real human beings.

If you have psycho delusions of grandeur, feeling you’re more important than anyone else with a compulsion to control other’s lives since you know what’s good for them and they don’t, what do you do?  Become a politician.



river-rapids[This is the third article in TTP’s new Monday feature on Adventure & Exploration.  Hope you enjoy it – JW.]

Are you up for a real adventure in your life?  Not group tour stuff but the real deal, the genuine article, the Real McCoy.

Ready?  This is going to be true High Adventure in both senses of the word – for our entire experience is going to be over two miles high (11,000ft/3,400m) in a hidden region of remotest Asia where the world’s most exotic culture still exists… that of Tibet.

Having driven many thousands of kilometers crisscrossing Chinese-Occupied Tibet, I’ve seen how Beijing has destroyed Tibetan culture, turning it into a Disney-type fake theme park for Chinese tourists.

Yet there’s a part of Tibet that the British, when they ruled India, prevented China from capturing.  Monasteries over a thousand years old still flourish there today.  There’s nothing else like it on earth – and in the remotest part of it is The Grand Canyon of the Himalayas.  Running its Class IV and V rapids is one of the greatest whitewater experiences on our planet.  This is High Adventure.



donald-dems-daddy Champagne and popcorn aren’t the usual combo for a celebration, but they sure are this week.

No ifs, ands, or buts.  This is a Victory Week for the POTUS, for America, for you and me.  Time to feel good, pop the corks, and plunge your fingers into a bucket of well-buttered popcorn to watch the show

How can we not when the week began waking up Monday morning (3/25) with this NY Post cover?

no-collusion-no-obstruction It’s been a barnburner of a week and this is a barnburner of a HFR.  Let’s go!



easter-island-heads hms-bounty [This is the second article in TTP’s new Monday feature on Adventure & Exploration.  Hope you enjoy it – JW.]

In the Spring of last year, 2018, we conducted our first Islands of Mystery and Legend.  For those of you who weren’t able to join us then and requested a second opportunity, here we go.  It’s this coming August:  August 14-27, 2019.

For those who regard our planet as endlessly fascinating, there are few places on earth they yearn to see more than the world’s two great Islands of Mystery and Legend lost in the remotest South Pacific – Easter Island and Pitcairn Island.  You’ll see why with all the photos.



downsyndrome-kids-in-the-white-house Yesterday (3/21) was World Down Syndrome Day.  The President and Vice President celebrated it by welcoming DS kids to the White House.  Gotta love the boy on the right wearing the iconic neon red Trump tie.

trump-tweet-032119 What a contrast to the Death Cult the Dems have become, who insist mothers kill such children in their own womb for not deserving to live.

Here’s another contrast.  Why is Congressmoslem Ilhan Omar (D-Sharia) in tears now?  Saddle up, you’re going to love this HFR….



[Today we introduce a new feature of TTP: on Mondays, my column on Adventure & Exploration.  Each Monday we’ll explore some astounding but little known part of our world.  Our initial exploration will be across the Sahara Desert.  It’s an experience unlike anywhere else.  I hope you enjoy it. – JW] 


©2019 Jack Wheeler

A Trans-Sahara Expedition, crossing the remotest heart of the world’s largest desert, has always been one of the truly great explorations possible on our planet.

Unfortunately, it’s far too dangerous to do today, with banditry and terrorist attacks on travelers.  Someday this will cease.  So I thought I’d show you what an extraordinary experience it was to cross the Sahara when it was safe back in 2003 – for it will be again.

sahara-map In the center of the Sahara is the country of Niger.  We’re going to cross it from one end to the other to find one of our world’s special places, of achingly lonely beauty, of fascinating and friendly peoples, and mysterious lost cities, hidden oases, and camel salt caravans.

We’ll end by exploring on foot an astounding region where Niger, Libya, and Algeria come together – it will blow you away.



NY Post Cover Monday March 12, 2019

NY Post Cover Monday March 12, 2019

Welcome to the Cornucopia HFR.  Pelosi caving is just the start of it this week.  It’s not just that she blinked – so did Schiff and Nadler.

With the collapse of Bobby Mueller in failing to find any evidence of Trump-Russia “collusion,” the Dem Witch Hunt that Schifty and Fatso were planning to perpetuate with endless subpoenas and investigations has collapsed also.  As CTH explains in Failure to Launch (3/11), they’ve surrendered.

We’ve barely begun reveling in this cornucopia week.  Saddle up, let’s go….



atlantic-paradise For the past two weeks, we explored The Atlantic Paradise of Madeira, then The Atlantic Paradise of Faial.  Our grand finale this week is the most magical of all.

It’s almost surrealistically beautiful as you can see. The islanders are friendly, hospitable, devoutly Christian, and proud members of Western Civilization.  A great many speak English, but there are not a great many of them.  They number 140,000 spread out over 300 spectacularly scenic square miles.

They love drinking parties, cheerful festivals, and bright colors – with their charming homes painted the color of key lime pie, raspberry mousse, or oceanic blue, and gaudily decorating prayer chapels called Imperios.

They love liberty so much they’ve had this motto emblazoned on their coat of arms for centuries:  Antes morrer livres que em paz sujeitos Rather die free than live in peaceful subjugation.  This is a TTPer’s true paradise.



national-emergency This is National Emergency,” the latest work of America’s Patriot Artist Jon McNaughton.

From left to right, the traitors depicted are:  Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Many more could be added, from the gaggle of Dem presidential aspirants like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker to big tech fascisti like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

Yet they are not merely traitors to America.  They are traitors to the entire human race, born and unborn.  They have become fully Satanic, worshipping horrific evil with their only moral code being any means whatever are justified to achieve their fascist ends.

What can be done to stop them?



snake-attacks-birdThis is a real picture, taken by famed French nature photographer Laurent Schwebel.  I want you to look at this picture long and hard so it burns into your brain.  It should give you nightmares preventing a good night’s sleep.

For this is what the Democrat Party is going to do to America in the November 2020 election – eat and swallow it whole.

President Trump is going to lose reelection in 2020 to whomever the Democrat candidate will be, no matter how pro-infanticide, anti-gun, and Anti-Semitic Fascist Left they are.

Not only that, the Democrats will expand their majority in the House, and gain majority in the Senate.  Further, a substantial number of Republican governorships and state legislative majorities will fall to the Democrats as well.

How can all this be so confidently predicted with 100% assurance?  Because the awful truth of Stalin’s observation now guarantees it in America.



atlantic-paradiseLast week we explored The Atlantic Paradise of Madeira.  Now we venture further out into the Atlantic to another paradisical island called Faial (fee-ahl).

During the Middle Ages there were legends of islands in the unknown Atlantic as the remains of the “lost continent” of Atlantis, based on Plato’s myth after which the unexplored ocean was named.  (As we discussed in The Real Atlantis, the basis of the myth is the Minoan Civilization of Crete in the eastern Mediterranean.)

This intrigued the man who launched Europe’s Age of Discovery, Portugal’s Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-1460).  After Henry’s revolutionary new caravel sailing ships discovered Madeira in 1418, and Portuguese settlers began flocking to the uninhabited island, in 1431 Henry dispatched his commander Gonçalo Velho to see if the rumors were true.

Velho found them 850 miles off Portugal.  He and his men were the first human beings in history to set foot on them.



CPAC 2019 started off Wednesday (2/27) with a bang with this video.  The highlight of course is President Trump speaking tomorrow morning (11:30am 3/02).  As you know, he returned from his Hanoi Summit with Kim Jong-un a little early.

The first thing that drops your jaw about this event is the amazing extent to which our POTUS is greeted as the world’s greatest rock star by the Vietnamese.

Actually, because the Fascist Fake News Media suppresses it, few understand the extent to which President Trump is a hero to countless millions in countries all over the world.  But how astounding it must be for Vietnam Vets to see this in Vietnam still run by the same Commies they fought a half century ago.

Yet there it is, especially among young Vietnamese guys in Hanoi – the grandchildren of the Viet Cong, who so admire Trump they are flooding Hanoi barbershops to get Trump haircuts.

What POTUS pulled off yesterday (2/28) – walking from the summit – stunned tout le monde, not least the Norks and Chicoms.  What a cold shower awakening to what they are up against in El Donaldo.  Here we go, a great HFR for a great week.



madeira-paradise At Wheeler Expeditions, we define an “expedition” as an adventure with a purpose, with a mission to be accomplished.

We have hard core adventure expeditions exploring the Gobi Desert or the Amazon, overland expeditions across Central Asia or the Sahara, helicopter expeditions through the Himalayas or the Albanian Alps, cultural expeditions to Israel’s Holy Land or tribal people in Southeast Asia, safari wildlife expeditions to Zambia or Borneo.

Then there’s a fun expedition – with the purpose and mission to simply enjoy being in magical places with luxury accommodations, wonderful food and wine, surrounded by natural beauty, Goldilocks weather (not too hot, not too cold, just right), exploring something cool to see and do around every corner, just relax and have fun.

Ideally, such places would be easy to get to and nearby – not half-way around the world.  And where it won’t cost an arm and a leg to have a life-memorable experience you’ll always remember with a smile.  Oh, without a lot of time, say in about 10 days or so.

Well, there are such places – and we’re going to a trio of them this coming June.  We call them Atlantic Paradises. We’re going to focus on one this week – the Portuguese island territory of Madeira.



jussie-was-lyingSo, last May Roseanne Barr gets fired within hours by ABC after SJWs freak out condemning one single short tweet as “racist” (which it wasn’t, she was ridiculing ValJar’s looks, not her race, thought she was Saudi, not black).

And what do we wake up to this morning with the huge lead headline on Drudge?  A disgustingly obscene photo of a disgustingly depraved Trump-hating scumbag who was arrested yesterday (2/21) for his disgusting crime linking to this story: Jussie Smollett Returns to ‘Empire’ Set as Fox Struggles to Decide His Fate.

“Struggles”?  The evidence of Smollett’s hoax is overwhelming.  The retard wrote a check to pay his two accomplices staging his phony MAGA attack.  The two perps have confessed.  Fox pretending to be a conservative media company is as much a hoax as Smollett.

In announcing Smollett’s arrest yesterday, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Smollett orchestrated a "phony attack" in order to take "advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career."  Visibly upset, Johnson said to reporters:

"I'm left hanging my head and asking why? Why would anyone, especially an African-American man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? How could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol? How can an individual who has been embraced by the city of Chicago turn around and slap everyone in this city by making this false claim?"

The noose is the key to all of this.  Take a look at this picture:



Dhaulagiri – North/Northeast Face ©2019 Jack Wheeler

Dhaulagiri – North/Northeast Face ©2019 Jack Wheeler

For the past three weeks, in our exploration of the greatest mountains of the Himalayas, we’ve learned the route to Everest, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu, that to Makalu and Kanchenjunga, and to Manaslu and Annapurna.  In our final route, we’ll explore Dhaulagiri – and two fascinating regions nearby.

Remember this sat photo from last week?

annapurna-range This week, we’re not only going to the 7th highest mountain on earth, but the Hidden Tibetan Kingdom of Lo in Mustang, and the Sacred Blue Lake of Phoksundo in the wilds of Dolpo – yes, it really is that unbelievable color of blue.

By the end, we’ll have been to all eight of the “eight-thousanders” (8,000 meters+) in the Himalayas of Nepal – a feat few people have ever experienced.



Last Saturday through Tuesday (2/09-12), the Carnivale di Viareggio began with its now world-famous Corsi Mascherati, the Parade of Gargantuan Floats.  These towering massive paper mâché concoctions of political satire can stand fifty feet high and weigh forty tons – and that indeed was the size of the parade float that took everyone’s breath away:  that of God Emperor Trump created by Italian sculptor Fabrizio Galli.

God Emperor Trump is a larger-than-life mythical figure.  Then there is the living human being – who we discovered this week is not a superman.  He is a man who has just broken his promise to America.  What a shame, as it overshadows what a truly awful week it was for the Fascicrats.




Annapurna I ©2019 Jack Wheeler

For the past two weeks in our exploration of the greatest mountains of the Himalayas, we’ve learned the route to Everest, Lhotse, and Cho Oyo, and that to Makalu and Kanchenjunga.  This week we explore Manaslu and Annapurna.

height-of-himalayan-giants We first note that the five “eight-thousanders” (over 8,000 meters high) we’ve been to so far are on Nepal’s borders, while Manaslu and Annapurna (along with Dhaulagiri, we’ll get there next week) are entirely within Nepal.  (Shisha Pangma is in Chinese Tibet.)  So we get to go completely around them.

We ended  our experience with Kanchenjunga by returning to our home base in Kathmandu, the famed Yak & Yeti hotel.  We’re up at dawn the next morning to board our ultra-high altitude AS 350 B3 Eurocopters and head north for Manaslu.  Here’s the trekking route around the world's eighth highest mountain at 8,163 meters/26,781 feet.



What a glorious week.  Where do we start?  How about saying hello to the flip side of MAGA:

MABA – Make Alexandria a Bartender Again.

Miss Occasional-Cortex certainly earned her sobriquet of “3B” this week – the Bug-Eyed Brainless Bolshevik – for the childish lunacy of her “Green New Deal” (the link is to the actual bill she submitted to Congress yesterday 2/07).  As one wag observed:  “It looks like something a four year-old in Soviet Russia dreamt up.”

Yet with this, you couldn’t have clearer proof that Global Warming – defined in the bill’s first sentence as “human activity  is  the  dominant  cause  of  observed climate change over the past century” – is the Left’s substitution of Marxism as the new ideological rationale for full fascist government control over everyone’s life.

That in fact is why 3B’s crusade is a cause for celebration.  So is the whole week.

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