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Jan Sobieski, Savior of Christendom

Jan Sobieski, Savior of Christendom

The front page headlines around the world of this morning’s (3/23) news are all the same – about the “driver,” the “assailant,” the “lone wolf,” the “knife-man,” the “knife-wielding attacker,”  who murderously drove his car across Westminster Bridge killing and injuring dozens of pedestrians, and stabbed a policeman to death trying to enter Parliament in London.

There is story after story about the victims and the policeman, who are named with photos and their life stories.  There is one story that is missing.  Search in vain through the newspapers and websites of the British and US press, for you will not find one about the perpetrator – not who he is, not his life story, not even his name. 

Scotland Yard is, at this writing, refusing to identify him.  They only describe him as “Asian” – which is PC code in Europe for “Moslem,” and his attack as “an act of international terrorism.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May denounced the attack as “sick and depraved” – never even hinting at who or what is responsible for such sickness and depravity.

So who and what is?  The answer may surprise you.  For as much as you and I and every reader of British tabloids know that the “Asian knife-man” is a Moslem motivated by Islamofascist barbarism, that’s not who and what. 

To learn who and what is responsible for that Moslem terrorist’s sickness and depravity, all Theresa May and every native-born Brit have to do is look in the mirror.

Last week (3/17), we discussed “The Suicidal Racism of Western Civilization.”   Now we turn to the West’s – including America’s – suicidal masochism.



borus-harpWelcome to the St. Patrick’s Day HFR! 

We start our celebration with a depiction of Ireland’s Coat of Arms, on which is Ireland’s national symbol, Boru’s Harp, named for Ireland’s national hero Brian Boru (941-1016), which resides at Trinity College in Dublin and is on the label of every bottle of Guinness.

harp-guinnessTake some time today to read about Brian Boru in TTP’s nutshell history of Ireland, Beyond the Pale (August 2006).  It will give you a special appreciation of the heroism of the Irish people.

And take a moment to enjoy Ronald Reagan’s Favorite Irish Joke in the TTP Humor File today.

Oh, yes, many TTPers with Irish ancestry or wish they had have asked me if I would take them on a exploration of the coolest places in Ireland.  How about sometime this summer?  Let me know –

OK – time for a pint of Guinness as we delve into the week.  Here we go…



steve-king-tweetI lived in Hawaii once for three years.  Growing up in Southern California, I had never experienced racism before.  Thus it was shock to me to be hated for the color of my skin.  Really hated for being a haole (how-lee).   

That was in 1971.  Barack Obama was ten years old attending Punahou School in Honolulu, where he was born and raised.  Other than the 2½ years he spent in Indonesia, he lived his formative years (until he was 18 and left for college) within and a part of the Hawaiian culture of haole-hatred.

As did Derrick Kahala Watson – born in Honolulu, went to Kamehameha School for ethnic Hawaiians, graduated from Harvard Law School in the same class (1991) as his friend Barack Obama.  In 2012 he made local headlines: Native Hawaiian Selection Made for Federal Judge.

On Monday (3/14), Obama – who appointed his law school friend to that federal judgeship – was in Honolulu.  On Wednesday (3/15), that friend, Derrick Kahala, issued the most outrageously lawless, unconstitutional ruling in the history of the federal judiciary.  Did Obama ask Kahala to do this?  Ask the NSA guys who tape their calls.

In any regard, Kahala seized his opportunity to act on the haole-hatred he grew up with by targeting America’s Chief Haole with his ruling.  For as you’ve by now guessed, haole means someone with white skin.

Which brings us to Iowa Congressman Steve King and his now-infamous tweet (see above) on Saturday (3/11) that “prompted outrage” by libtards everywhere. 



hfr031017This just might be the most fun HFR ever.  There’s also a part that could be the scariest.  Might as well enjoy ourselves first.

Let’s start with the prediction in the Inaugural Day HFR of January 20:  “Melania looked unbelievably stunning.  She will now rapidly become the most glamorous and idolized woman on earth.”

This week we could see this becoming true, only far more so.  Yesterday, Fox News reported: “Melania Trump’s Approval Ratings on the Rise.”  They would be far larger except for the deranged Trump-hatred of Moonbat Democrats.

The poll was taken a week ago.  On Wednesday (3/08), the First Lady hosted a White House luncheon in celebration of International Women’s Day.  A quote of hers at the event has quickly gone viral across the planet:

“As an immigrant myself, having grown up in a communist society, I know all too well the value and importance of freedom and equal opportunity.  Ideas upon which this great nation was founded and has continued to strive towards throughout its history.” 

Her beauty and elegance are breathtaking.  Yet that is only on the surface.  There is something far deeper.  Look at this picture of her taken at the luncheon.  Look into her eyes.melania-trump

Her eyes reveal the beauty of her soul.  Her eyes proclaim a serene joyousness in being alive, in being human, in being a woman, in being who she is.  There are no doubts or fears or qualms in those eyes.  There is no anger – there is only love and happiness.

In those eyes you can see why First Lady Melania Trump will become genuinely beloved by the American people and by people all over the world.

Will her husband?  That may seem impossible now, given that Democrats and their Fake News minions really are as wacko as depicted above.  Yet that too began to change this week.

Here we go with the most fun, the most illuminating, and certainly the longest HFR ever. 



vault-7Does President Trump read the HFR – and did he read what it said last Friday (03/03)?

“Indicting and prosecuting to the full extent of the law with the possibility of years in prison is the only way to stop Deep State-Democrat-Fake News Media Treason.


This needs to start at the top.  And at the top is not Chuckie Schumer, the editors of the Washington Post, nor the CIA leakers known to the FBI.  At the top is Former President Barack Obama.”

For at 5:30am Saturday morning (03/04) he tweeted just what the HFR advocated the day before.  The response was hysterical.  After all, no one – no one – has the huevos to take on the entire Deep State-Democrat-Media Complex, right?  Exactly wrong – not with Donald J. Trump.  Big mistake.

For no one but Trump would have the chromium-vanadium steel cojones to take on the Deep State by going straight for its jugular, right for the throat of its emperor.  It’s like Alexander going straight for Darius at Gaugamela.



Chuck Schumer and his buddy Putin in New York

Chuck Schumer and his buddy Putin in New York

I have a confessions after the Fake News Sessions Non-Scandal breaking yesterday (03/02).  First, I was obviously wrong in Trump Triumphant the day before (03/01) for thinking there were grown-up adults among the Dems, in contrast to psychos like Maxine Waters, who would now abandon their delusions and recognize the reality of Trump’s Presidency.

No such luck.  Chuck Schumer and all his ilk are just as treasonously insane as Maxine.  The good news is that, by contrast to his Pub predecessor who never fought back, we have a president who will.

Indicting and prosecuting to the full extent of the law with the possibility of years in prison is the only way to stop Deep State-Democrat-Fake News Media Treason.

This needs to start at the top.  And at the top is not Chuckie Schumer, the editors of the Washington Post, nor the CIA leakers known to the FBI.  At the top is Former President Barack Obama.



President Trump addressing Congress Feb 28 2017

President Trump addressing Congress Feb 28 2017

“Mr. Speaker – the President of the United States!”  The instant Donald Trump entered the House Chamber with that announcement of House Sergeant-ofArms Paul Irving last night (02/28), I knew something was different.

His bearing, his presence, made my head snap back.  He was fully and completely, in a way than ever before, presidential.  Before the election, after the election, at the Inaugural, since the Inaugural, he was always the Donald Trump we have known.

But from the very moment he stepped into the Chamber to thunderous applause, he was different.  OMG, it hit me as I’m sure it hit millions watching, he is the President!  Everyone on the Chamber floor knew it, for from that moment of entry on, he owned the room.

 The Pubs were ecstatic, the Dems were immobilized in shock.  As he proceeded to deliver one of the most magnificent presidential addresses to Congress in history, receiving innumerable standing ovations, all the Dems could do was sit on their hands with deer-in-the-headlights expressions on their faces as it sunk in what was happening.  (Full text of the speech here, full video below.)

There were no disruptions, they sat there mute – with lady Dems in silly white dresses – not believing what they were witnessing:  that all their efforts at delegitimizing this man’s presidency were over.



the-worlds-messIn his historic press conference last week (02/16), President Trump stated an obvious truth:

“To be honest, I inherited a mess.It's a mess. At home and abroad, a mess.”

No sane person can disagree.  For the last eight years, the Zero Presidency was a ridiculous disaster either creating or doing nothing about a vast welter of serious problems all over the world.

The question is: what should Trump do about it? 

That is, as an America First President, he sees his job is to attend to America’s problems first and foremost, that it’s not his job to clean up every mess on earth.  What is his job is to focus on the messes that most critically affect our national security and our economy.

Let’s identify some of the biggest.  Numero Uno is Chicom China, then comes Putin’s Russia, Erdogan’s Turkey, Euroweenie Europe, and Mullah Iran, while right next door to us is Drug Cartel Mexico and an entire country on the verge of mass starvation, Chavista Venezuela.  There’s lots more, but that will do for starters.

None of the major messes will be cleaned up quickly nor with any one solution.  So what follows is a series of suggestions to consider that might contribute to the cleanup process.



wildest-show-on-earthThe NY Post has it right:  this week has been a circus – both here in Washington DC, and very regretfully, here at TTP (more on that later).

The week was capped off yesterday afternoon (2/16) by Trump’s mind-blow of a press conference in the East Room of the White House.  You can read the full transcript here – or watch the full video.

Read or watch and enjoy.  For the HFR, the best moment came when Trump told Jim Acosta of CNN he wasn’t going to be calling CNN “Fake News” anymore – that he was changing CNN’s nickname to “Very Fake News.”

The takeaway from this event is not that Trump went on an “epic rant” reading the riot act to the Lying Swine enemedia – it’s that he was having fun doing so.  He was enjoying himself, as he admitted right on camera.

After a week of celebration by the Lying Swine, getting their first scalp (Mike Flynn’s), toasting themselves in every bar in DC that next they’d get Kellyanne then Preibus, and Dan Rather braying that Flynngate will be Trump’s Watergate causing him to resign – the last thing in the world these putzes expected was this from The Donald.

Instead of being cowed, humbled, and on the defensive, he from the get-go was on the offense, on the take-no-prisoners-attack, and having a good time doing so.  The putzes were, and still are a day later, in a state of Shock and Awe.   They better remember the feeling the next time they contemplate taking on this president.  Here’s a reminder he Tweeted this afternoon (02/17).  It’s war all right:

trump-fake-news-tweetHere we go with this week’s HFR!



flournoyThat didn’t take long, did it?  24 days into the Trump Presidency, the Fake News Media (FNM) claims its first scalp.  This “scandal” should have been a joke.  Now it’s a tragedy, because the White House didn’t laugh it out of the park at the inception, let the FNM blow it up into a cause célèbre, and then caved.

A very dangerous tragedy, because the White House allowed collusion between the FNM and the CIA to damage the presidency.

Let’s review what happened.

In late December, Trump’s National Security Advisor-designate Michael Flynn had phone conversations with Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kisylak.  Langley promptly leaked to the FNM and Democrats suffused with Trump Hatred, like lunatic-commie Maxine Waters (D-CA) that Flynn, as a private citizen was in violation of the Logan Act.

The Logan Act bans private citizens from negotiating with foreign powers that are in dispute with the US.  Langley huffed that Flynn was “negotiating” with Kisylak.

The instant Maxine began braying through the FNM megaphone, Trump and his Transition Team should have responded: “This is a joke, right?”  But they didn’t.  Big mistake.  Why brings us to Francis Flournoy.



swearing-in-jeff-sessionsKrytocracy.  Remember the word. 

If you Google it, the very first hit at the top of the page is this article from April 2005:  America Now Functioning As ‘Krytocracy’.

The second hit is: KRYTOCRACY: A Government of Judges, Rule by the Arbitrary Feelings of Unelected Judges.  You’ll note that both are about an article in TTP I had written a few days earlier.

So here we are, 12 years later, with headlines this week declaring the consequences of the blatantly unconstitutional krytocratic tyranny we continue to suffer from today.  Here’s how Trump will put an end to it…

The most fun of the week was on Capitol Hill.  Here’s one reason:

Attorney General Eric Holder: Justice on Hold.  Attorney General Loretta Lynch: Lynching Justice.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions:  Justice is back in Session

There’s just no competition, Super Bowl 51 was the greatest ever hands down.  Brady and Belichik are the greatest ever.  The famously expensive Super Bowls ads, by contrast, were the worst ever.  Impossibly brain-dead – anti-Trump commercials for football fans?  What were these corporate board-roomers thinking?

I’ll never drink another Bud again – neither will a lot of others.  Meanwhile, here’s the belly laugh of the week: Liberals in Despair over Patriots Win.  How nice.  Oh… and the best SP51 ad?  Is there any doubt?



reagan-trumpI love maps.  Even though you may not, you are about to see a map that will make your jaw drop to your breastbone.  But first a story.

It was January 21, 1981, in the Cabinet Room of the White House with its windows looking out upon the Rose Garden.  Having been inaugurated President the day before and 12 of his 14 Cabinet-designates already approved by the Senate, Ronald Reagan convened his first Cabinet meeting.

When the topic of the Soviet Union came up, Secretary of State Alexander Haig mentioned that US policy towards the Soviets since the onset of the Cold War in 1947 had been one of “Containment” (formulated by George Kennan).  Reagan responded, “Not any longer.”

There was a quite pregnant pause of silence.  Then National Security Advisor Richard Allen asked, “Mr. President, what do you think our Soviet policy should be?” 

Reagan looked at him directly in the eye.  “Well, Dick,” the President of the United States replied, “how about, ‘We win, they lose’?”

Those four words are what won the Cold War and caused the mighty invincible Soviet Union to cease to exist.  Those four words are what will enable President Trump – and us – to do the same to the Fascist Left in America, and cause the Democrat Party as presently constituted to reside on the ash heap of history.



On January 24, 1995, President Bill Clinton delivered his State of the Union address to a Joint Session of Congress.  These remarks during the address received a standing ovation from all Democrats and Republicans alike:


You may have to watch that more than once to believe your eyes and ears.  Meanwhile, what right-wing extremist xenophobic racist Islamophobe said this in response to Trump’s 90-day travel ban on citizens from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen?

“Kudos to President Trump for his brave decision. Trump banned the citizens of countries in the embrace of Iran and prevented the Iranians from entering. They can only be dealt with through preventive measures.  It is not necessary for America to host backward people, it has received enough before. What would a Yemini, Iraqi, Iranian, Somali or a Syrian do in America? They have destroyed their countries, they should not destroy America.” 

The answer is this man, Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Police Chief of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

And so we launch into Week Two of Trump.  The most fabulous news of the week?  Just two words: Neil Gorsuch.  He’s being touted as Scalia’s successor.  Okay, but the truth is, he’s better than Scalia. Much better.  Why?  Just one word:  Chevron.

There’s lots more… here we go.



Ereyesterday (01/31), I spoke at a meeting on Capitol Hill on Terrorism in the Balkans.  Representatives from 13 European countries were present, together with several US Congressmen and Senators. 

George Soros

George Soros

The presentations were focused on the threat of various Islamofascist groups such as ISIS and Iqwan (Moslem Brotherhood), plus lone wolf Salafis. 

I decided to focus on something else.  Here’s what I said:


‘Terrorism’ takes many forms.  There is the horrific form of ISIS with publicized beheadings, the senseless slaughter of random ‘infidels,’ the infiltration of Moslem ‘refugees’ who proceed to demand Sharia law in non-Islamic lands.

There is another form of terrorism that I would like to address – and that is the purposeful undermining of democratic institutions within targeted countries, the destruction of a country’s culture and moral values, accomplished through bribery and corruption of a targeted country’s politicians, academia, and media.

This form of terrorism is more dangerously insidious than its Islamic counterpart – for it subverts a country’s own people to become traitors to themselves, to their own land, to their own culture, to their own values.

It is a form of terrorism that has no other motivation than nihilistic hate, no other goal but annihilation for the sake of annihilation, no other purpose but fascist totalitarianism for the sake of controlling other people’s lives.

The world’s number on perpetrator of this form of terrorism – which I call Fascist Subversion – is the world’s most evil billionaire, George Soros.




Ever hear that term?  It’s the British equivalent of our being flabbergasted.  This has been a week of being gobsmacked.  Note that the term has two sides.

As Theresa met Trump at the White House late this morning, she declared, “America and Britain can lead the world together again,” while Trump made it clear that Britain was the US’s “premier ally.”  They will work together on accelerating Brexit, the UK’s exit from the stifling EU, and a US-UK free trade deal.  Tomorrow, however, is another story…

More gobsmacking.  It’s actually overwhelming how much of it there has been in the seven days since The Donald became President Trump.  So let’s start with what gobsmacked me the most personally at the very moment he took the oath of office.

All in all. this has been a Yuge week for Trump and America.  Let’s enjoy it…




Northern Syria

It is astounding how much misinformation and lack of knowledge there is regarding Syria today.  This is ground zero for the war on ISIS and Jihadist Fascism, yet very few know what’s really going on.  You are soon to be among them.

Let’s start with a quick story.   In the pre-dawn hours of August 24 last year, 2016, a heavily armed force of the Turkish military dubbed Euphrates Shield invaded Syria and seized the border town of Jarabulus on the Euphrates River (see map).  The excuse was to rescue the city from ISIS.

What actually happened was that a series of anti-ISIS Arab Military Councils had formed their own militias in the region composed of local fighters.  They had succeeded in liberating the town of Manbij from ISIS south of Jarabulus a few weeks before, and were now poised to take Jarabulus as well.

But just as they were about to enter the city, the Turkish Army arrived.  Within hours, the Arab militia fighters born and raised in Jarabulus saw ISIS terrorists shave their beards, change their black garments for Turkish uniforms, and join the Turks.

In other words, the Islamist and ISIS-supporting leader of Turkey, Recip Erdogan, ordered his army into Syria not to attack ISIS as his propaganda proclaimed, but to prevent the anti-ISIS militias from defeating ISIS in Jarabulus.



trump-sworn-inFinally the day has come.  Deliverance Day, the end of the Nightmare of Zero.  A new dawn for America with more freedom, more prosperity, and more moral normalcy of traditional values. 

It is a day to celebrate with joy and exuberance.  Yet it is far deeper than that.  You may be like me, experiencing emotions hard to describe or contain. 

Watching Trump speak at the Lincoln Memorial last night, seeing him and his family in front of the giant statue of Lincoln as a chorus of Marines sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic while fireworks exploded over the Reflecting Pool of the Mall – frankly, it made me cry and shiver with goosebumps.

What is happening before our eyes is a true historical moment.  The throngs of people massed at the Inauguration Eve celebration last night knew it.  They were hugely happy – calling out “We love you!” to Trump – and at the same time there was a solemnity to their happiness. 

What they were feeling was far more than what revelers at, say, Times Square feel celebrating the Ball Drop on New Years Eve.  They knew they were witnessing and participating in the rebirth, indeed possibly the salvation, of their country.  They were experiencing an overwhelming sense of awesomeness that was palpable among them  It certainly was what I felt.

As this day unfolds, it may be as hard for you to contain these feelings as it is for me.  Savor the moment of this extraordinary day, January 20, 2017.  It is a day you will never forget.



yellow-journalismTo understand this revolting week, we need to talk about Porter Goss and the Rogue Weasels at the CIA.  But before we do, let me tell you a story…

… Trump’s press conference on Wednesday (01/11) was explosively historic.  He called Buzzfeed, that first published the obviously phony dossier, “a failing piece of garbage.”  The CIA leaking it was “something that Nazi Germany would do.” 

Then Jim Acosta of CNN started yelling questions, to which Trump responded, “Not you, your organization is terrible.”  Watch and enjoy…

… Meanwhile, on Tuesday (01/10) night in Chicago,  Zero gave his farewell address.  At least that’s what I heard.  One of my major 2017 New Years Resolutions is to never ever pay any attention whatever to anything Zero says from now on.



The Sphinx – photo by Jack Wheeler

The Sphinx – photo by Jack Wheeler

Luxor, Egypt.  Haven’t you always wanted to go to Egypt?  To see the Sphinx and the Pyramids, sunset on the Nile, the Tomb of King Tut, experience ancient mankind’s most glorious civilization?

It’s all here – and yet, tragically for millions of Egyptians, people around the world who dream of seeing all of this and so much more are afraid of coming here.

Why?  For that you have to read Joel Wade’s The Benefits of Ignoring TV News in today’s TTP (01/12).

When I announced our visit to Egypt, I got a number of replies saying they’d love to go, they always wanted to, but it was just too scary now.

These are folks who have been watching way too much TV news.  Maybe they’re scared now to go to Ft. Lauderdale.

Joel is talking about the damage that watching TV news can do to individuals.  Here you see the damage it is doing to an entire country.



Happy New Year!  We say good bye to 2016 in this last HFR of the year.  And what more fun way to say da svidanya than to watch Zero close out his presidency becoming an object of ridicule by the Russian government?

This morning (12/30), the Russian Embassy in London sent out this Tweet:

lame-duck-tweetThat was followed by the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, publicly mock Zero as a “loser, angry and shallow-brained.”  With the inauguration of President Trump in three short weeks, “the curtain falls, the bad performance is over.”

If that prospect doesn’t cause you to raise glass of champagne tomorrow night in celebration, then nothing will.

There are big silver linings to Zero’s perfidy over Israel and his midnight deluge of stupid rules.  We learn from a multi-billionaire who John Galt is. 

There’s the coolest news of the week.  It involves the term disintermediation and a guy named Sean Spicer.  You’re going to stand up and cheer over this.  The laugh your head off at the New York Times’ reaction.

Here we go with the end-of-2016 HFR…



Happy what-to-readNew Year! And welcome to the fifth annual TTP What to Read.

We initiated this tradition with a list of the books I read and recommended in 2012, the first What to Read. That was followed a year later with What to Read 2013, then What to Read 2014, and What to Read 2015 a year ago.

Each of the links below are to the Kindle edition on Amazon, containing multiple comments and quotes.  I read all of these on my iPad.

I kept the list not to all the books I read this year, but to a baker’s dozen of those I thought would be of real interest to TTPers. There are several I think it quite important for you to consider.

I’m sure you’ll find at least one or two fascinating either for yourself or someone you care for. Or a regressive libtard you want to educate and/or infuriate.

And, please let us know on the Forum what books rang your bell this year. Here we go.



partridge-in-a-pear-treeI hope you had the Merriest of Christmases yesterday, Sunday December 25, but according to the song, the First Day of Christmas is the day after Christmas, December 26.  That’s today.

Ancient Christians celebrated Christmas starting with the day after the birth of Jesus and ending on January 6th with the visit of the Magi in Matthew 2:11 known as the Epiphany.

Start with 12/26 and end with 1/6 and you get: the Twelve Days of Christmas.

No doubt you’re really tired of hearing Christmas songs by now, including this one, yet you may still be wondering what the heck partridges in a pear tree and eight maids a-milking have to do with the birth of the founder of Christianity.

So I thought it might be entertaining, as we recover from all the festivities, to take a look at the song’s origin, meaning, and myth.

First published in London in 1790, it was a "memory and forfeits" game played by children in the form of a song, where the leader recites a verse, each player in turn repeats it, the leader keeps adding verses until a player’s memory fails him/her and has to forfeit a piece of candy.

Even though The Twelve Days of Christmas was a kids’ song-game, it nonetheless had a deep religious meaning. Unlike the PC Happy Holidays of today, centuries ago Christmas was above all a religious celebration. All of the song’s twelve gifts are Christian symbols.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me



trump-xmas-msgMerry Christmas!  The days of “Happy Holidays” are over, as is the whole multi-culti libtard diversity Orwellian con game.  America is having a Merry Christmas – and if the hopeless losers of November 8 can’t, it’s not possible for us to be less concerned.

The picture and its message you see above is funny, right?  Actually, it’s much more than that. 

Recall the days of yesteryear, when in 2008 it was absurdly ridiculous for Americans to consider electing a president with absolutely no qualifications whatever, so hardline Leftist he approved his Communist preacher praying for God to damn America, so mysterious he didn’t even have a valid birth certificate, simply because of the color of his skin.

Yet he was elected anyway as no criticism mattered, if you dared criticize him you were a racist.  Once in the Oval Office, he initiated the most scandal-ridden presidency in US history – and none of that mattered as well.  He proceeded to “fundamentally transform” our country straight into a cultural cesspool.  Any objection to him and his policies was proof you were a racist bigoted homophobe, something irredeemably deplorable.

Big time Bad Karma.  Which brings us to something called the Overton Window.  A seismic shift is happening more important than a mere election.  Read on – this HFR will give you a revelatory perspective on the world.



Sarcophagus of King Tut.  Photo by Jack Wheeler

Sarcophagus of King Tut. Photo by Jack Wheeler

This is sudden, as an extraordinary opportunity has just emerged.

The world’s most courageous leader today is Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.  Egypt, the largest and most important Arab country, had been taken over by the Islamofascists of the Moslem Brotherhood, Iqwan Muslimi.  Obama was on their side and supporting them.

Al-Sisi, as commanding general of the Egyptian military, had the incredible cojones to stand up to both Zero and Iqwan, and swept them aside.  He was then elected president in the first actually free and fair election Egypt has ever had in its 5,000-year history.

A dear friend of mine has over the years developed a close personal friendship with Sisi, ever since he was a lowly colonel.  That friend is a United States Congressman who, in early January is leading a CODEL (Congressional Delegation) to Cairo to meet President Sisi in the Heliopolis Presidential Palace.

He has asked me to lead a parallel delegation from the Freedom Research Foundation, which I founded in 1984, composed of people interested in exploring the extraordinary business opportunities President Sisi is supporting in Egypt today.



shellshock-hillaryIsn’t this just the nicest picture of Hillary you’ve ever seen?  She’s still in total shellshock arriving at the party she held for her donors at The Plaza hotel last night (12/15).

Today it was announced that FBI Director James Comey has declared there is no evidence Russians hacked the US election.

Comey noted that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper agreed with the FBI’s assessment, while the only intelligence official pushing the Russian Hack Fake News story was the CIA’s John Brennan, who, Comey said, “takes his marching orders from President Obama.”  Ouch.

In response, Bitter John Podesta wrote a screed in the WaPo this morning (12/16) about the FBI being broken.  Maybe, John, but you and Hillary and every other Dem losing schmuck in the country are still residing along that river in Egypt.  You can stay there and stew in your bile for as long as you want.

Meanwhile, 72 hours from now, Donald J. Trump will officially and legally be President-elect of the United States.  This Watermelon Recount Russian Hack Fake News CIA Attempted Coup d’état Farce will be over.  Flipping Electors is a Dem hallucination.



trump-putinLet’s make this clear at the outset:  The world’s most powerful man isn’t.

Yesterday (12/14), Forbes Magazine issued its list of “The World’s Most Powerful People 2016.”  74 names are listed, one for every 100 million of the world’s 7.4 billion.  It’s fun to see Zero plummeting to #48, Chuckie Schumer dead last at #74, and Hillary not on the list at all.

But it’s a Forbes Farce to claim Vlad Putin is #1.  It’s like claiming the naked emperor really has some clothes on.  Putin has been pulling off the world’s greatest bluff for years now – 2016 is the fourth year in a row he’s been Forbes’ Numero Uno.

It’s like all those ubiquitous pictures of a bare-chested big-muscled Putin riding horses and killing tigers – when the guy is five-foot-six, and I know from personal experience not that strong.  It’s like all those giant statues of Lenin everywhere in the days Russia was the Soviet Union, when Lenin was actually five-foot-one.

The notion that Trump will be Putin’s puppet is ludicrous.  It’s the other way around.  Trump the consummate deal-maker knows how to smoke out a bluff better than anyone.

That said, there’s no doubt that Putin will not instantly fold with Trump, but will continue bluffing until Trump calls his hand. 

I believe Trump will call for cards and soon.  Here are two tests for my prediction.



trump-air-force-oneGetting tired of winning yet?  Hope not, ‘cause the show is just getting started. 

This morning (12/09), the Daily Mail reports in detail how Trump is exactly right in claiming Boeing’s cost for the new Air Force One is over $4 billion. 

Even CNBC News had to admit:  Trump’s Air Force One Tweet Was A Brilliant Move.

When I called Jack Kelly to thank him for the great HFR he wrote in my absence last week, he told me something I didn’t know – that Marine General and Defense Secretary-designate James “Mad Dog” Mattis has a huge bear rug lying in his living room.

“The thing is,” Jack tells me, “is that the bear isn’t dead – he’s just afraid to move.”

OK – we’re off!  The HFR is packed this week with good news you need to know.  Plus there’s a very important announcement at the end – and there’s the HFR Hero of the Year.  Here we go…




The President and First Lady of the United States

What can you say to this picture, taken at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, except OMG?

A multi-billionaire President and the hottest First Lady in US history.  A billionaire who can’t be bought, can’t be intimidated, who’s flamboyantly proud of being a self-made capitalist, who refuses to apologize for his wealth, who genuinely loves his country and is determined to defend it, who knows just what it takes to create widespread prosperity with plentiful good jobs…

… and a wife that leaves the wife of every other leader on earth in the dust.  A First Lady so stunning that if she were standing next to a Ferrari (and you didn’t know who she was), you wouldn’t notice the car.

The focus so far is the impact Trump will have on America.  It’s time for that focus to go global.  There’s not only a new sheriff in town in America – there’s a new sheriff in town for the entire world.

As in so many Western movies, the job of the new sheriff is to rid the town of the corrupt old sheriff and his gang of bullies.  In the movies, this is normally done with bullets and fists.  They still have their place.  As Mad Dog Mattis says, “Some folks need killing” – like ISIS terrorists.  It’s why we have a military – why Trump will have a military of warriors instead of Obama’s transgenders.

For the most part, however, Trump will be a game-changer for America and the world on far deeper and foundational levels.  The first level will be economic, the second cultural, the third and deepest psychological.  It is going to be absolutely fascinating to watch how these unfold.



World's Sexiest CorpseLast Friday (11/25) at age 90, Fidel Castro finally croaked.  Cuban-Americans danced in the streets of Miami.  Liberals mourned.  A mystery I’ve found puzzling for almost 60 years rose again to confront me.

When I was 14 years old in 1958, my father was able to take my family to Moscow on a filming assignment.  We went to Lenin’s Tomb, where a huge line of Russians waited their turn to enter and see the corpses of Lenin and Stalin encased in glass displays. 

We went to the front of the line, as "foreign guests."  Everyone from the guards to the people in line were so reverential, as if this were a holy, sacred place.  There was complete silence as we entered the tomb with a number of Russians and proceeded between the two bodies under glass, nobody making the slightest sound.  It was impossibly creepy.

It was also hard for me not to laugh.  All over Moscow we had seen huge statues of Lenin and Stalin, making them look like giants towering above the rest of us mere pygmies.  Yet I had learned in the research I'd done back home that they were not much taller than midgets – Lenin was five-foot-one, while Stalin was under five-four.

What really got to me was all the pretending that these two monsters were moral giants.  What would the world think of Germans flocking to the tomb of Hitler, with Hitler's body on display under glass and worshipped? 

I was only 14, yet I knew that these men had murdered millions, that they were among the most evil men who had ever lived, that they were moral equivalents of Hitler.  The reverential silence, the worship of evil, displayed by these Russians all around me as we slowly shuffled past their corpses was terrifying and mysterious.  Suddenly, I didn't want to laugh.

When we came out again onto Red Square, I felt overwhelmed by a question:  Why would people worship evil? 



JW in Afghan 1988This picture was taken in Afghanistan in 1988, at the height of the Afghan Mujahaddin’s struggle to liberate their country from the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union.

Yet only two of those pictured are Afghan – the white-bearded gentleman in the middle, famous commander Moli Shakur, and his aide standing behind him.

The man on the left of the picture is yours truly.  The man on the right is the man who should be the next Secretary of State.

Here’s why.

President-elect Trump is wisely considering a number of qualified candidates for SOS.  What I am about to say is in no way to criticize them.  The however is that with one exception, they will run Foggy Bottom according to their world-view.

The exception is the man you see gently cradling an AK-47 in his left hand – for his world-view almost uncannily coincides with that of Donald Trump.  He’s US Congressman from California Dana Rohrabacher.

With Dana, President Trump will get a Trump State Department – not that of anyone else.



A Tale of Trump in Two Charts. 

The first is Low Priced Stocks vs. the S&P 500 over the last 22 years.  The first shaded section is the early 2000s dotcom crash, the second is the Lehman 2008 collapse.  But the key data point here is the fork-in-the-road divergence starting in early 2013, with the S&P rocketing up and the low caps racing for the basement.

LPS vs S&P chartWhat happened?  The SEC launched its enforcement of Dodd-Frank, particularly its making stock brokers and investment advisors criminally liable for recommending high-risk shares to clients.  The obvious consequence is that brokers abandoned any high-risk/low-priced company.

The second chart is that of the Russell 2000 (the bottom 2000 stocks in the Russell 3000) since Trump’s election.  It closed last night (11/23) at 1342.09, a record high with a win streak of 14 consecutive sessions, the longest in over 20 years.

Russell 2000 ChartWhat’s the connection?  Trump has pledged to repeal Dodd-Frank.

There’s so much more – this Thanksgiving HFR is going to be one of the most enjoyable you’ve ever read.  I guarantee it….



Thanksgiving TurkeyOn Thanksgiving Day, Americans gather with their family and friends to celebrate the blessings that Providence has bestowed on their beloved country.

A deep appreciation of these blessings involves understanding that they were earned.  It is to understand the awesome truth of how “God helps those who help themselves” applies to the Mayflower Pilgrims and their First Thanksgiving at America’s birth.

This is an appreciation and understanding of which those on the Left are incapable – for it would mean celebrating the capitalist freedom that made that original Thanksgiving possible.  That made America possible.

This no liberal, no Democrat, no leftie can do.  Thus they must distort history instead.

The distortion starts in Kindergarten, with the childish make-believe of your kid's school play portraying the noble Squanto teaching the helpless Pilgrims how to feed themselves. So let’s drop the curtain on the distortion and watch the real thing.

The real history of the Mayflower Pilgrims was recounted by their leader, William Bradford (1590-1657) in his book Of Plymouth Plantation, completed in 1647.  It is as effective a refutation of socialism and affirmation of capitalism as there has ever been.  Here it is entire.

Little more than three weeks ago, our freedom and abundance was threatened as never before by a Fascist Left determined to destroy it.  

With Donald Trump, Americans chose the embodiment of capitalist abundance over being impoverished wards of The State.

Churchill defined Marxism, be it Socialism or Fascism, as “the gospel of envy.”  It is the gospel that Obama, Hillary, the Enemedia, and all Democrats preach.  It takes extreme moral courage to reject it. 

Yet that moral courage is exactly what a majority of American voters demonstrated on November 8th.  Only American voters could be so envy-free to elect so opulent a capitalist businessman who proudly flaunts his earned wealth rather than apologizing for it.

Now more than ever is the time to focus anew on all that we love about our country, to know that Providence has always smiled upon it - for we, like the Pilgrims have chosen capitalist freedom over socialist slavery. 



We have to preface this HFR with an urgent notice.  The dates of Rendezvous XV have been changed

They are now one week later, Friday January 27 to Sunday January 29.  That’s because so many TTPers (myself included) will be in Washington for the celebratory presidential inauguration of President Trump on January 20.

RXV a week after DJT’s ensconcement in the Oval Office is an ideal time to discuss how we move forward into the Trump Era.

However – we cannot commit to the major expense of a Rendezvous until we know how many of you will attend.  This is not a profit-making venture, we operate it on a break-even basis as an opportunity for TTPers to gather together personally. 

Thus we are offering a discount price of $395 for Rendezvous XV for the next 10 days, that is until Monday November 28 – after which the price will be $425. 

So – please call or email Miko now to confirm your attendance at what will be the most exciting and joyful Rendezvous ever!  Call Miko at (202) 656-3008 or email him at  It’s a good idea to do it now.


OK, here we go. Right now (11/18), we know nothing about most of Trump’s cabinet picks; we just know who’s been going in and out of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.  It’s all speculation so far, some of it terrific, some of it terrible.

The worst so far is this morning’s Fox headline: Trump Offers Flynn Post of National Security Advisor.  Pray this isn’t true, or that DJT will withdraw the offer when he realizes that retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is a paid lobbyist for the sponsor of ISIS, the Islamofascist dictator of Turkey Recip Erdogan.

On election day, Nov 8, The Hill (newspaper of Capitol Hill) published an op-ed written by Flynn under his own byline: Our Ally Turkey Is in Crisis and Needs Our Support.  It is disgustingly dishonest, paid bootlicking of arguably the Number One Enemy of America among world leaders today.

On Nov 11, the Daily Caller disclosed who Erdogan was using as a cutout to pay off  Flynn – a Turkish crony businessman named Ekim Alptekin via a Dutch shell company called Inovo BV.

On Wednesday (11/16), Trump announced that lobbyists will not be allowed in his administration.  Flynn would be disqualified as NSC Director by that alone.  Let’s hope he is.



Mourning in AmericaThere is no word in the English language for schadenfreude – a German word that translates to “joy in the misfortune of others.”

British writer Alistair Cooke calls schadenfreude "an unworthy emotion, which may be why we don't admit to it by having a word in English."

Yet only saints don’t feel or enjoy schadenfreude.  This is particularly so when we feel the misfortune and misery of others is deserved.  That’s why audiences cheer when the villain in a movie gets his in the end.

Or how about this news: Oregon Official Who Persecuted Christian Bakers Loses Election.  Don’t you feel like shouting, “Hallelujah!”?

That’s why it’s fun to see celebrities and college crybabies going bananas protesting Trump’s landslide victory.  They hate America, want to see it ruined, and fully deserve all the heartache and despair they’re feeling.

Right?  However…

Even though schadenfreude is fun to feel, we don’t want it to linger in our hearts.  The longer it lingers, the more corrosive it is to our souls.  Okay, laugh at the losers, but then start feeling something better.  What would that be?

Let’s look to Beethoven for the answer.



Kathmandu, Nepal.  By the time you read this, I’ll be at Mount Everest Base Camp.  I’ll be getting election results by satphone.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Donald Trump will win the presidency on Tuesday.

That’s if the election is honest, which it very likely is not.  On Friday (11/04), the famous hacker known as “Guccifer 2.0” reported that software installed in Federal Election Commission computers has been rigged for the Democrats.

This may be done via a technique known as Fraction Magic within GEMS election systems which counts about 25% of all votes cast throughout the US.

So what happens if Hillary wins the presidency illegitimately?  We will have a treasonously corrupt criminal as president, whose chief aide and lesbian lover of 20 years is a Radical Moslem spy for Saudi terrorists.  We will have a Second Civil War.



When one of the world’s best financial analysts and I find ourselves agreeing with one of the world’s most repulsive SJWs (social justice warriors), you know things are getting über-weird 12 days out from November 8.

Last night (10/27), over two fingers of Ardbeg neat (you don’t insult the best Islay single malt with water or ice), financial guru Michael Markowski and I discussed the bottom line consequences of who wins the White House.

We agreed that hell is coming to breakfast for the stock market no matter who wins.  The complete unsustainability of negative or near-zero interest rates is just one example (see Michael’s video on this below). 

If Trump wins, his policies of eliminating regulatory hamstrings, raising interest rates instead of taxes, cutting spending, repatriating corporate offshore trillions, etc. will result in a V-shape recovery similar to that of Ronald Reagan’s in the early 80s.

If Hillary wins, her policies of more government regulation and taxes will result in a flatline L-shape anti-recovery similar to that of FDR’s in the 1930s, prolonging the Great Depression.  The scariest part of this scenario is that the only way we finally got out the Depression was with World War II. 

Hillary, in other words, will use the coming inevitable crash as all Lefties traditionally use crises – as a rationale to expand government power and control over our lives.  Trump, on the other hand, will use it to expand economic freedom and opportunity which ends the crisis quickly instead of prolonging it and possibly ends in war.

And now for the fun cover story of today:

Stroking Gun



Democracy Cease to ExistPresident George Bush denounced what he called an “Axis of Evil” in his famed 2002 State of the Union Address little over 4 months after 9/11: Iraq, Iran, North Korea.  That it was – but another Axis of Evil had risen in America itself. 

The Marxist Left in the Democrat Party had morphed into being unvarnished Fascist – seeking power not for any ideological purpose or rationale, but simply for power itself.  What they retained of Marxism was its morality – that the end justifies the means. 

Since their end was power for the sake of power, then any means to get it and keep it, any lie, any dirty trick, any hypocrisy, any threat, any violence, any corruption they could get away with, is the moral thing to do.  The only thing wrong in their eyes is getting caught – which their Enemedia allies were dedicated to preventing.

Under Barack Obama – a treasonous hate-filled racist president dedicated to weakening America and strengthening her enemies in every way possible – the Democrat-Fascist/Enemedia Axis of Evil has reached an epitome of power. 

And just like a dictator in a banana republic or African hellhole – like Maduro in Venezuela, Mugabe in Zimbabwe, or the Castros in Cuba – they will do anything, perpetrate any depravity or dishonesty, to keep it.





“Either we are going to win this election or we are going to lose this country.” 

That sums it up, doesn’t it?  Either/Or.  It’s a binary choice.  Trump made this clear in an extraordinary speech yesterday (10/20) in Delaware, Ohio.  I strongly encourage you watch it entire.

When the Pub candidate race began some 18 months ago, I was repulsed by Trump.  I still was when he gained the nomination, and very grudgingly supported it only because the alternative of Hillary was a nightmare from which we might never wake up.

Now he’s causing me to think of Arnold Toynbee (1889-1975).  For many years, the 12 volumes of his monumental A Study of History has occupied a pride of place in my library.  (The link is to Wikipedia not Amazon, as the latter only offers abridged versions, not the entire set which sells for over $1,000 on Ebay.)

Toynbee’s thesis on the rise and fall of civilizations is one of “challenge and response.”  Civilizational success is determined by the extent of using challenges as opportunities to grow; failure comes when that ceases. 

Yet Toynbee’s thesis applies to the lives of individuals as well.  They can grow and succeed as moral human beings in response to personal challenges.  As I watched the third debate Wednesday night and his Ohio speech yesterday, it dawned on me that this has happened to Donald Trump.  This is not the same man of yesteryear.   



Avoiding Prosecution“Such a nasty woman.”

Truer words have never been spoken about Hillary Clinton.  Yet they may cost Donald Trump the presidency.

Trump’s offhand observation came near the end of the third debate last night (10/19).  His potentially fatal error was using the word “woman” instead of “person.”  Because of it, millions more women may now vote for the nastiest and most vile candidate for president since Lyndon Johnson for no other reason than – she’s a woman.

If that isn’t sexist, what is?

On Monday (10/17), the non-partisan psephologists at FiveThirtyEight analyzed the “gender gap” between men and women voting Democrat since 1952, concluding that, “Men Are Treating 2016 as a ‘Normal’ Election; Women Aren’t” – 

“Men are favoring the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, in typical numbers, but a historically overwhelming share of women say they will vote for the Democrat, Hillary Clinton… women are winning this election for Clinton.”

Eight years ago, American voters engaged in the most racist election in their country’s history.  Are we about to engage in the most sexist?

The gender gap is now larger than we’ve ever seen.  Here’s what it looks like as 538 mapped it out by electoral votes:



Question of the WeekThat’s the question of the week, isn’t it?  “Important for whom?” is the follow-up question.  It’s critically important for the Pub Elite because “We’ll control the rubble,” as I wrote about on Wednesday (10/12).

But is it important for the rest of us?  The Pubs will say it is, so their majorities in Congress will block her lawlessness and Scotus appointments.  The riposte is, you didn’t stand up to Zero for 8 years, so how can we possibly believe you’ll stand up to her?

We are now 25 days away from knowing whether America has a future or not.  Right now it’s looking like the latter.

The entirety of the corporate media has abandoned the slightest pretense of any objectivity whatever and is waging an all-out war of Trump, with every lie, smear, and distortion they can dream up. 

“There is nothing the political establishment will not do — no lie that they won’t tell, to hold their prestige and power at your expense,” said Trump yesterday (10/13).  Their pathological perfidy is directed at him because, “our campaign represents a true existential threat like they haven’t seen before.”

“This is our moment of reckoning as a society and as a civilization itself.”  Trump said that last night, and he is right.


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