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Joe Katzman

Global defense analyst & culture warrior.


Welcome to 2018! This is Joe Katzman standing in for Jack Wheeler, who is guiding TTPers in Portugal right now on the TTP New Year’s Celebration week.

The storm is not yet upon us, though the Inspector General's release date approaches.

Meanwhile we have Iran blowing up, Yemen blowing up, Steve Bannon blowing up, Rocket Man hit by a tactical nuke of mockery, your computer's security blown up, Miko recovering from a medical procedure (send him some good wishes in the Forum) and my stomach blowing up with some form of food poisoning.

It may not be the Earth-Shattering KA-BOOM we're all waiting for, but for now, it'll have to do.

Because I'm writing this with ongoing food poisoning, I'm going to narrow my focus and cover the most important topics as I see them:

  • Bannon Blowed Up Real Good
  • The Storm
  • Shhh, Iran is Having Massive Protests
  • Messin' With Fatty III
  • Ye Men in Yemen
  • Computer Security: Intel and the 21st Century Horse Stirrup
  • Smack Down


HALF-FULL REPORT 9/11/15: 14 Years Later, They’re Winning

"I wish none of this had happened."

"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

-- J.R.R. Tolkien, the Fellowship of the Ring

Fourteen years ago, the world changed. What we didn't fully realize was the nature of the change that was coming. But come it has. Come it will. From Iran and Europe to Bergdahl and Bernie, Trump trolling to economic engineering, Culture wars, Catholicism, and Whiskey Firenados - I bring you the Half-Full Report. Tragedies, thoughts, hopes, and triumphs await...




TheCampOfTheSaints-220pxThis article has been given a major update. It includes an overview of recent events to give readers a sense of the ground truth, and looks more deeply into the strategic fulcrum around Islam. Note esp. the time conjunction with al-Qaeda's 20 Year Plan.

The biggest immigration issue on the globe has very little to do with America. Its resolution will change the world.

European debates about immigration - or more accurately, the demographic replacement of local populations to benefit political elites - have been suppressed for a long time. As European economies falter, and huge waves of new refugees pile up on its shores, the elites are losing their ability to control the debate. Anti-immigration parties are rising, some countries are flat-out insisting on Christian refugees only, and the EU's erasure of internal border controls is under fire. Glenn "Instapundit Reynolds" ddid a great job laying out recent developments. That's your shot. "Germany's Muslim Demographic Revolution" from The Gatestone Institute is your chaser. What these briefings don't fully explain is why Americans need to pay attention.

This "Camp of the Saints" refugee wave is a strategic fulcrum - in 3 different ways...


Europe’s Camp of the Saints Crisis: 9/11/15 Update

Per Brant's recommendation, we are making this update its own article. TTPers who want to understand the 3 strategic fulcrums linked to this crisis should read the original anchor article

As of September 11, 2015, "Refugees" continue to pour into Europe. This is only the start. European reactions to date ensure the flood's continuation, and so does the sheer number of likely entrants. Violence is guaranteed to accompany any reversal of this flow, via riots and terrorism. The same is true for any non-reversal.

As things stand, Al-Qaeda's 20-Year Plan seems ready to hit the Total Confrontation phase and include Europe more or less on schedule. That phase was planned to begin around 2017. This update clarifies the scale and scope of both the flood, and the effects it's having within Europe. It also looks at the real political mechanism behind the crisis, and offers some projections into possible futures.


HALF-FULL REPORT 09/04/15: What Profiteth a Man?

If you're a fan of outrage porn or kabuki theater, I ain't your guy. Which makes me unqualified to report on 90% of what passes for "news" these days. The treasonous sellout to Iran hit a new milestone; Europe's Camp of the Saints crisis continues to evolve; and the crook who managed to get herself kicked off of the Watergate Committee by another Democrat can't get kicked off of her own farcical repetition quite so easily. Funny how life is.


We'll mention some of that stuff, but as we cover the news we're going to look past the symptoms. It's becoming blindingly obvious that the federal GOP may die a suicide. Meanwhile, people talk about Trump, but what's behind his rise? A familiar but unconventional source says that there's much more to it than just the political landscape. Can doing the wrong thing legally be the right thing? Are we thinking the right way about education and about sex offender registries? Are we thinking the right way about the political war we're caught in? We've got some provocative proposals and a masterclass for that last one. And at least one of your fellow Americans will make you very proud. Here we go...


HALF-FULL REPORT 08/28/15: Comments working again

The Chinese Roller Coaster took the whole world for a ride this week, but that wasn't the only thing going on. Europe is fracturing along several important axes, with follow-on effects that will be both good and bad.

The Iran treason involves Iranian money to key American politicians. We have a quick round-up of American news, along with some implications for activists. There are good signs from the culture, if you know where to look.

Richard Feynman puts in a guest appearance. And a band of unlikely heroes showed us some very important truths. Let's roll!