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epstein-chargedThe arrest Saturday (7/6) and indictment Monday (7/8) of (purported) billionaire, (confirmed) pedophile and major Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein indicates the Storm has finally begun. From now on, the only news Democrats get that isn’t bad will be worse.

CD roms the FBI seized from a safe in Epstein’s $77 million Manhattan town house suggest he was blackmailing hundreds of prominent people.

A decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has made Planned Parenthood very, very unhappy.

At a Social Media Summit yesterday (7/11), President Trump blasted the barons of Big Tech for lying to him about censorship, pledged to explore “all regulatory and legislative measures to protect free speech.”

For details and much more news, read on.



trump-on-census-citizenshipShould there be a citizenship question on the 2020 census? Will there be?

Those questions have been much in the news lately, because:

The Supreme Court ruled the question could be asked…if the Commerce Department provided a better rationale for asking it.

Then the Commerce Department said that because of time constraints, the census forms will be printed without a citizenship question.

President Trump countermanded that, ordered the Justice Department to revisit the issue with the courts pronto.

A day later, the president said he may issue an executive order to have a citizenship question included.



who-wants-to-loseA Supreme Court decision cast a little shade on an otherwise great MAGA week.

*President Trump won a big victory when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi folded like a cardboard suitcase on a supplemental appropriation to deal with the border emergency.

San Fran Nan’s surrender kills a Democrat talking point, deepens the rift between Progressives and what passes for moderates in her caucus.

*The Commerce department needs to justify better it’s reasons for including a citizenship question on the questionnaire for the next census, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday (6/27), with Chief Justice Roberts voting with the libs.

But Roberts voted with the conservatives on the big issue – that Commerce has the right to ask the citizenship question – so the setback likely will be temporary.

*In another decision yesterday, the Supremes ruled that reapportionment decisions are not justiciable.

This kills, dead, for good and always Democrat efforts to encourage judicial gerrymandering.

*The Silicon Valley fascists are trying to rig the 2020 election, President Trump said Wednesday (6/26). It’s time to punish them.

Mueller will testify. Flynn’s new attorney thinks Team Mueller withheld exculpatory information. Dem presidential candidates commit mass seppuku on live tv. For that and more, read on:



trump-re-election-campaign-launchIn the news this week:

*To the consternation of Democrats, Never Trumpers and the Lying Swine, President Trump did NOT order a military strike against Iran, but at the same time scared the mullahs (spitless).

*The president formally announced his campaign for re-election before by far the largest crowd in the history of American politics.

The overflow for the event Tuesday (6/18) was larger than all the “crowds” to date for all the Dem presidential candidates combined.

*The head of a sex cult tied to prominent Democrats was convicted on charges likely to put him away for life.

*On the eve of the first Democrat “debates,” Gaffetastic Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden stepped in it yet again.

There’s more news, mostly good news. Let’s get to it.



clarence-thomasAside from a setback in Israel, this was another great MAGA week – for the world, not just the USA.

*President Trump announced yesterday (5/30) he’ll impose tariffs on all goods coming from Mexico until such time as the flow of illegal immigrants coming through Mexico stops.

*The Supreme Court smacked around Planned Parenthood.

*In elections for the European Parliament, Brexit won big in Britain, Angela Merkel lost big in Germany.

*Thanks to U.S. pressure, the Hezbollah militia is withdrawing from Syria, Russia won’t sell S-400 missiles to Iran.

*A privately funded group headed by Brian Kolfage, a vet and a triple amputee, has built a half mile of border wall at a major crossing point near El Paso.

There’s lots more news. Let’s get to it.



trump-tweet-052319The news we’ve been anticipating for lo these many moons is finally here. Late last night President Trump authorized Attorney General Bill Barr to declassify documents pertaining to the origins of Spygate.

The shrieks of terror and howls of pain from Democrats were schadenfreudelicious.

In other news:

*British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation today (5/24) after exit polls indicated the brand new Brexit Party crushed establishment parties in elections yesterday for the European Parliament.

May is being bounced chiefly for bungling Brexit. But some think soon to revealed details about British spying on Trump’s campaign for president was also a factor.

Earlier in the week “populist” prime ministers in India and Australia were re-elected.

*The administration is sending 1,500 more troops to the Gulf to protect American troops and diplomatic personnel for Iranian threats.

The additional troops are for force protection only, are not – as numbnuts left and right assert – the start of a buildup for a ground war.

*Progressives want to throw all pro-Lifers out of the Democrat Party. Two recent polls make clear this would be a catastrophic mistake.

There’s a lot more. Let’s dig into it.



deputy-atty-general-rod-rosenstein-retiresThe biggest news in a week filled with big news is:

*The Justice Department revealed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein ran a massive sting. Coup plotters are royally screwed.

*End game is approaching with Iran. Despite their bellicose rhetoric, the crisis is more likely to end with a whimper from the mullahs than a bang.

*President Trump unveiled his plans for immigration reform, is contemplating invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 to throw out of the country illegals who cross before reform can be enacted.

Nancy Pelosi backtracked from her assertion there is no crisis at the border, signaling a deal may be possible this year.

*The signs abound the Spygate tsunami will reach landfall next week. Democrats are – and ought to be – scared spitless.

Here we go with this week's HFR! Enjoy the Read!!! 🙂



2020-dem-hopefuls Who will President Trump run against next year?

It’s way too early to know, and the revelations of the next 2-3 months will shake things up a lot. But it’s fun to speculate.

I hope it will be Creepy Uncle Joe Biden for several reasons, but not even many Democrats are fond of corrupt racist perverts who are really stupid.   So here’s what I think will happen to Slow Joe, Breadline Bernie, and other various sad sacks.



mueller-monsterIs Robert Mueller Dr. Jekyll? Or is he Mr. Hyde?  Judging by the Special Counsel’s final report, he’s both.

Volume I killed the Russia collusion narrative dead, then drove a wooden stake through its heart.  After crushing moonbat hopes in Volume I, the Mueller report revived them in Volume II by implying President Trump may have obstructed justice.

The Lying Swine jumped on “obstruction” with the same zest and enthusiasm with which they flogged the bogus collusion narrative.

Democrats and Fake Newsers marched arm-in-arm, in lockstep, to promote collusion. But now their interests sharply diverge.



china-bidding-bidenIt’s fun to watch Democrats cannibalize each other.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who leads big in polls for the Democrat nomination for president, was preparing to throw his hat in the ring. So other Dems are trying to take him out.

Biden touched me inappropriately in 2014, Nancy Flores, a former Democrat state senator in Nevada, said in this article last Friday (3/29). That wasn’t the only time Biden has done that, the far left Webzine Vox chimed in later that day.

That’s for sure. Biden is by no means the only pervert sexual predator among prominent Democrat politicians, but he is the only pervert sexual predator stupid enough to molest his victims at public events.

These clips of “Creepy Uncle Joe” nuzzling, fondling, sniffing and kissing women and children, compiled two years ago by Richard Armande Mills, are sure to gross you out.  His corruption, with his son Hunter for example, may gross out voters even more.



death-blossom”Death blossom.”

Back in 1991, U.S. soldiers in Operation Desert Storm coined that evocative trope to describe how Iraqi soldiers – panicked at the first sound of gunfire – would shoot wildly in all directions.

Thanks to Q, millions of civilians now know what a “death blossom” is.

Q used “death blossom” to describe Democrats – panicked because Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of Trump “collusion” with Russia -- who fire off wild accusations of obstruction, money laundering, mob connections.

Since he began posting on 4chan and 8chan -- -- in November 2017, the letter Q has become as popular a symbol of resistance to a corrupt elite as was Zorro’s Z in the Disney television series.  Here’s what he’s saying will happen this week.



dems-ides-of-march“Beware the Ides of March,” the soothsayer in Shakespeare’s play warned Julius Caesar.

That was good advice. On that date (March 15, 44 BC), Caesar was stabbed to death.

Democrats also should heed the soothsayer’s warning.

*Rep. Adam Schiff scheduled a hearing of the House Intelligence Committee for March 14, with Felix Sater the only witness.

The purpose of this hearing – like last week’s featuring disgraced Trump lawyer Michael Cohen – is to distract attention from real news breaking that day that could embarrass Democrats.

On March 14, the depositions of Christopher Steele and David Kramer in a libel suit will be made public.  And that’s just one of the many knives out for the Dems the middle of this month.



dead-48hrs-agoI thought it was very bad when Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives. Thanks to the clown show put on yesterday (2/27) by Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), I’m rethinking that.

The new chairman of the House Oversight Committee scheduled a hearing for Wednesday, with President Trump’s former personal lawyer the only witness, to give the Lying Swine something to cover instead of the president’s historic meeting with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam.

It was ludicrous to think Michael Cohen – who shortly will begin serving three years in prison for crimes that have nothing to do with Trump – would have some “bombshell” to reveal to the Committee he didn’t tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller or the Southern District of New York.

But this was an opportunity for Democrats to throw brown stuff at the president, hoping some of it would stick.

Things didn’t go according to plan. The Dems’ hangover this morning was the groggy realization that Cohen put the stake through the heart of multiple anti-Trump fantasies.



how-to-make-them-angryIn what almost certainly will be the last thing he does before submitting his final report to Attorney General William Barr, Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed an additional sentencing recommendation in the Paul Manafort case Saturday (2/23).

Leftists had high hopes for what they might find in it.  Alas for them, there was no mention of Trump, or Russia, or collusion.

Yet hope springs eternal in the libtard breast. Trump/Russia dead-enders just adjusted their predictions, pretended their disappointment never happened, notes liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Now it’s Mueller’s silence that’s damning for Trump, says Franklin Foer of the Atlantic.

Moonbats pin their dwindling hopes on Mueller’s final report. Those hopes took a blow Monday (2/25).



trump-tweets-021819 Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s interview on Sixty Minutes aired Sunday (2/17), previewed last Wednesday (2/13), is the strongest evidence yet hammers are now poised to drop on the evildoers.

McCabe confessed to orchestrating a coup to oust a duly elected president. Would he do that unless he knew proof of his sedition is about to be made public?

The only possible defense McCabe can mount is the coup attempt was justified. The purpose of the Sixty Minutes interview was to get his spin out before he’s indicted, and to throw shade on his arch enemy, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

It’s not working, the coup plotters know it, and they know Mueller will not lay a glove on POTUS.  They’re in a panic, they see the hammer coming down above them.




The most popular Democrat in America today is… Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

A newly elected Member of the House of Representatives, barely a month in office, with no prior accomplishments whatever is the newest political rock star.

Should we laugh? Cry? Fear her, or celebrate her celebrity?

Why has AOC (Airhead of Congress) become so well known, so popular among Democrats, in so short a time?  Here’s why.



Ralph “Coonman” Northam wearing same Blackface plaid pants

Ralph “Coonman” Northam wearing same Blackface plaid pants

Isn’t this the most beautiful headline you’ve seen in quite a while?  Especially because it’s from CNN written by it’s hyper-lib editor Chris Cillizza on Wednesday (2/06):  THE COMPLETE AND UTTER COLLAPSE OF VIRGINIA’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

What’s going on in Virginia “is a classic example of the truism that evil always destroys itself, because that is the nature of evil,” thinks Unseen1.

If you haven’t been following events there (thus missing out on delicious schadenfreude), here’s a synopsis of the beautiful nightmare unfolding for the Dems:



President Trump’s  on Tuesday (2/05) was easily the best State of the Union address I’ve ever seen – and I watched all of Ronald Reagan’s.

But, as you can see, it wasn’t a good night for Bernie Sanders, Ms. Occasional Cortex, and all the other Dems including Pelosi who grimaced and refused to stand.

A SOTU is a speechwriter’s nightmare. It consists of a laundry list of the president’s (alleged) accomplishments, followed by wish list of the bills the president wants Congress to pass. It’s hard to weave a coherent, uplifting theme into that mishmash.

And SOTUs are too long. They last, typically, an hour or so. One of the first rules of the thumb I learned as a fledgling speechwriter was nobody is interesting after 20 minutes.

There are exceptions to every rule. President Trump spoke for 82 minutes, the longest SOTU since Bill Clinton spoke for 84 minutes in 2000. Clinton’s SOTU that year was excruciating. But, for me, time flew by Tuesday night.



trump-tweet-012819 Does the “news” depress you? Need something to cheer you up? Read mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, please don’t hurt me any more “correction” from the London Telegraph on January 26:  Melania Trump – An Apology.

We apologize unreservedly to The First Lady and her family for any embarrassment caused by our publication of these allegations.  As a mark of our regret we have agreed to pay Mrs. Trump substantial damages as well as her legal costs.”
Not only is Melania Trump the most beautiful and sophisticated First Lady ever, she has a backbone of tempered steel. Smear her, and you’ll pay a price.

Actually, the entire Fake News Media is paying a price. The most underreported news last week was that more than a thousand “journalists” – chiefly at Politico, Buzzfeed, and Gannett – lost their jobs.

Fake Newsers are being fired or are about to be bankrupted out of business.  Here’s how.



spygateStunning Spygate revelations will drop before the end of the year, the rapidly accelerating amount of seemingly unrelated stuff being made public now inclines me to believe.

Here’s what I conclude from Jeff Carlson’s masterful exposé in the Epoch Times (11/28): Spygate: The True Story of Collusion. How America’s most powerful agencies were weaponized against President Donald Trump.

And from Dan Bongino’s bestseller:  Spygate, The Attempted Sabotage of Donald Trump  As well as my own sources..

So – this is what I think we’ll learn by year’s end:



flynn-doom-of-muellerLt. Gen. Michael Flynn is scheduled to be sentenced next Tuesday (12/18). He pled guilty Dec. 1, 2017 (the day after being formally charged) to one count of lying to the FBI about his telephone conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing recommendation is here. Flynn’s plea to Judge Emmet Sullivan is here. You should read both carefully.

Flynn’s sentencing has been postponed three times. It may well be yet again.  You can see why with this Fox News headline of early this morning (12/13):  Judge in Flynn case orders Mueller to turn over interview docs after bombshell claim of FBI pressure.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ordered Mueller to turn over the FBI documents by 3pm tomorrow (12/14).  Fox noted Judge Sullivan is putting “Mueller under the microscope,” which is another way of saying it’s Mueller who could be in beaucoup deep kimchee, not Flynn.

There are indications in his sentencing memo that Mueller already knows this.



Yes, voters were stupid enough to give them the House

Yes, voters were stupid enough to give them the House

If we were tired of winning, we’re going to get a respite. Possibly a long one.

Here’s why you shouldn’t pay much attention to my prognostications and speculations:

I thought Republicans would gain 5 to 6 seats in the Senate, gain a governor, net, lose no more than 18, probably not more than 15 seats in the House. I was really really wrong.  November 6 was Black Tuesday.

It was dismaying to lose races I thought we would win (Arizona, Nevada, Montana). Doubly dismaying to win narrowly races we should have won big (Texas a purple state?). Triply dismaying so many of the Dem candidates were such obvious dirtballs (Sinema, Tester, Gillum, Abrams.)

Even more dismaying we should do so poorly when the economy is roaring, peace with North Korea is in the offing.

Yes, the Dems have cheated their way to victory in many close races – but they shouldn’t have been close in the first place.  Have most voters – especially middle class white women in the suburbs – lost all judgment and all moral sense?



Surf’s Up!

Surf’s Up!

According to most published polls, Democrats have a 50-50 (or better) chance to win control of the House of Representatives, while Republican gains in the Senate likely will be minimal.

The signs on the ground, electoral history, and logic say something very different.

Thanks to early voting (walk-in and absentee), 35 to 40 percent of all votes in most states will be cast before election day.

According to polls, Senate races in Florida, Arizona, Indiana and Montana are nail biters. But Republicans are crushing Democrats in early voting in Florida, Arizona and (especially) in Indiana and Montana.  This is yuge, because in every election before this, Democrats “won” early voting, typically by large margins.

The other big sign is the phenomenon of the Trump rally. There has never been anything like this. The president is drawing enormous, enthusiastic crowds wherever he goes.  People who line up eight hours or more before a rally are highly likely to vote.  Zero, by contrast, can’t fill high school gyms in deep blue territory.

So here’s why polls differ from reality.



Jack Wheeler is traveling home from Israel today, so he asked me to fill in on the HFR.

This has been a great MAGA week. Things got off to a fast start Monday, got better as the week wore on.

For some reason, Fauxcahontas Warren thought Monday (10/15) was a good day to make public a DNA test that indicates maybe, between six and ten generations ago, she had an ancestor who was an American Indian, or Hispanic.

That would make Lieawatha between 1/64th and 1/1012th Native American, or Hispanic. At the 1/1012th number, Warren would be 99.999 percent white, less Native American (or Hispanic) than the average white person.

In almost as breathtaking a stupid as Fauxcahontas making her DNA test public, George Soros and other wealthy leftists financed a caravan of 4,000 Honduran “migrants” who planned to enter the U.S. illegally.

That's ending badly for the Dems.  But this HFR is just getting started -- let's go...



spy-gateWhat we’ve learned in the last few weeks about the conspiracy to frame President Trump should make us rethink much of what we thought we knew about it before.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offered to wear a wire to a meeting at the White House to gather information that could be used to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office, the New York Times “reported” Sept. 21.

The story was based on a memo written by disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

The “Rosenstein-McCabe feud dates back to angry standoff in front of Mueller,” said this Washington Post story Oct. 10.

The key takeaway from the WaPo article is that McCabe perceived Rosenstein as a threat,” noted ThunderStrzok.

Rosenstein won. Which is good, because McCabe is a very bad guy.  Spygate is being unlocked.  Here’s how.



believe-in-somethingJack Wheeler asked me to fill in for him on the HFR this week. What a week it’s been!

After yet another stunt by the despicables, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted, 11-10, this afternoon (9/28) to send to the Senate floor the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

There was to have been a cloture vote Monday, a confirmation vote Tuesday (10/2).

But late today, President Trump ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to update the file on Judge Kavanaugh. The investigation is to be limited to current allegations, and completed in less than a week.

The president issued the order because Sen. Jeff Flake requested it at the Judiciary Committee hearing today.

Flake caused hearts to flutter when he said he might vote against Kavanaugh unless there is another one week delay for the FBI to investigate. But this was largely kabuki.  Here’s what’s going on behind the curtain.



kavanaugh-hearing-insanityAmericans now view the GOP more favorably than they do Democrats, according to this Gallup poll.  Which, Gallup notes, hasn’t happened often:

“The Republican Party’s favorability rating for the last decade (averaged) 39%, compared with the Democratic Party’s 44%.”

 In most polls this year, more Democrats than Republicans have said they’re likely to vote in the midterm elections. But “voter enthusiasm” among Republicans is spiking, has “soared past” Dems in some battleground states.

“In some cases, we’re talking MAJOR gaps now, with the Rs on top,” says political analyst Larry Schweikart.

Pastor Bill Kent explains why: “We are willing to walk barefoot over broken glass and hot coals to vote GOP after this repulsive smear campaign by Democrats.”

Later today, we may know a lot more how this backlash will play out – if, as I suspect, Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley will spring a perjury trap on Chrissy Blasey Ford.



field-of-fightChristine Blasey Ford’s dubious, ever shifting charge she was molested by Judge Brian Kavanaugh when both were teenagers is getting blanket coverage from the Enemedia.

The Lying Swine play down the really important news this week -- President Trump’s order Monday (9/17) to declassify and “unredact” portions of documents pertaining to the FBI’s investigation of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Democrats in Congress and the Enemedia fear full disclosure will reveal the “investigation” was a sham, part of a plot to frame President Trump.

In which they were complicit. Exposure likely will lead to electoral disaster for Democrats, could result in jail time for lawmakers and journalists who knowingly took part in it.

Why am I confident of this?  It has a lot to do with that signature you see above.



tool-of-the-loserLeftists rejoiced Tuesday (8/21) because it seemed Inspector Javert… er, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, was closing in on the evil Drumpf. Impeachment is back on the table.

On Tuesday, a jury in Alexandria Va. found Paul Manafort, the president’s former campaign manager, guilty of 8 of 18 counts of tax evasion and fraud.

Also on Tuesday, Michael Cohen, formerly Trump’s personal lawyer, plead guilty to eight counts of tax fraud.  It was announced within an hour of the Manafort verdict, even though Cohen’s plea bargain was signed last April 24.  Just a coincidence, right?

What’s most important about the simultaneously-timed Manafort conviction and the Cohen plea deal is they’ve happened during the dog days of August.  As per usual, leftists will grossly overplay their hand. Over the next few days these facts will dribble out:



angry-liberalsJack Wheeler is in the Arctic this week. He asked me to fill in on the HFR.

************ President Trump had a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki Monday (7/16). Leftist heads exploded.

If meeting with Soviet/Russian leaders, saying nice things about them during summits is treason, then every president from FDR onward committed it.

************ Trump sought the summit to finalize a deal to end the civil war in Syria, I speculated in the HFR July 6. Putin also seems willing to abandon his support of the mullahs in Iran, and to help Trump free North Korea from Chinese influence.

The tell good deals are being made was the ear to ear grin on the face of Jon Huntsman, our ambassador to Russia, during his appearances on Fox News Sunday and Meet the Press the day before Trump and Putin met.

************ Leftists accuse adversaries of what they themselves have done. Their prolific use of the T-word may soon come back to haunt Brennan, Comey, Clapper et al.

Former intelligence officers Fiona Mikayes (Air Force/DIA), Bryan Dean Wright (CIA), and Kevin Shipp (CIA) say Brennan is the eminence gris behind efforts to insert “informants” into the Trump campaign, which began soon after.

They detect in the increasingly hysterical tweets of Brennan, Comey and Clapper the distinctive odor of flop sweat.

************ Members of the cabal had another sphincter tightening moment this week when Republican lawmakers said Lisa Page has been a very cooperative witness.

Page’s testimony “tends to confirm the suspicion that the Mueller probe is a cover-up operation to obscure the criminal use of counterintelligence capabilities to spy on a rival presidential campaign and then sabotage the presidency that resulted,” Thomas Lifson said.

************ Is Peter Strzok an agent for Iran? Did the mullahs blackmail Obama? If so, that would make sense of Zero’s puzzling behavior, and John Kerry’s panicky reaction to a threat from the mullahs to reveal all about Western collaborators.



peter-strzokAmericans got their first good look last week (7/12) at Peter Strzok, the FBI agent at the center of the cover up of Hillary’s email scandal and the plot to frame President Trump led by Robert Mueller.

Sharp questions from Reps. Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, John Ratcliffe and Louis Gohmert triggered Strzok, who looked less like a victim of GOP persecution, more like a smug sociopath who tells preposterous lies.

That, and the content of Mueller’s indictments released the next day (7/13), are clear signals that Mueller’s Deep State coup attempt to overthrow an elected government of the United States has failed.  Read on…



Why do Swamp Things criticize absolutely everything President Trump says or does, when it exposes them as shallow, dishonest, hypocritical jackasses?

Establishment elitists and NeverTrump fellow travellers got the vapors over what the president said at the NATO conference. Watch above – and smile -- as Trump utters the words that triggered them so.

It’s a bad idea for Germany to buy natural gas from Russia because it makes Germany vulnerable to blackmail, and because what Germany will pay for the gas could finance Russian aggression, the president said.  And it’s way past time for the 28 other NATO nations to bear their fair share of the common defense.

In what alternate universe must one dwell to think prodding NATO allies to spend more on defense, and depriving Russia of billions of euros of hard currency helps Putin?



Democrats, so demented with hate they are morphing into violent Nazi Fascists, have chosen poorly.  The President by contrast has chosen wisely.

It should be embarrassing to some social conservatives that they refuse to see this.

An additional cross President Trump must bear as he battles Democrats, the MSM, the entrenched bureaucracy and the GOPe to make America America again is supporters suffering severe brain fog.

In hindsight, we can see why President Trump chose wisely for Kavanaugh over social conservative favorite Amy Coney Barrett.  Here’s why…



independence-day-2018Jack Wheeler is giving some lucky TTPers a tour of lovely Portugal today, so he asked me to fill in on the HFR.

No really big news broke this holiday week, but there were harbingers of big shoes soon to drop, starting Monday.


More than 20,000 Americans work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. How many ICE agents do you think will vote for Democrats this year?


If President Trump were worried about Special Counsel Robert Mueller, would he be planning a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin?


President Trump won’t announce his nominee for the Supreme Court until Monday, but the MSM, relying on the usual “anonymous sources,” say the frontrunners are District of Columbia Circuit Court Judge Brian Kavanaugh and 7th Circuit Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett.


Associate Deputy Attorney General Scott Schools, “the most important unknown person in D.C.,” will leave the Justice Department Monday. It isn’t clear whether he jumped, or was pushed.


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned yesterday (7/5). leftists will hang his scalp on their lodgepole, go after other administration officials with renewed vigor.

Reading between the lines of Trump’s tweets, I get the impression there is some substance to leftist charges of ethics abuses.  “Within the agency, Scott has done an outstanding job.”

In terms of policy, Acting Director Andrew Wheeler is Pruitt on steroids. So leftist joy may be short lived.


If you look up “presstitute” in the dictionary, you’ll find a photo of New York Times reporter Ali Watkins, 26.




how-to-lose-the-battleWhat impresses me most about the very stable genius in the White House isn’t the brilliance and thoroughness of his strategic planning, his boldness in going where no political leader has gone before, or his determination to drain the swamp.

It’s Trump’s patience. He’s holding fire until as many Swamp Things as possible are in the kill zone, the cases against them are airtight, and their exposure will have the most effect on the midterm elections.

Many conservatives think we know more about what’s going on in FBI/DOJ than in fact we do. Some think they know more about that than President Trump does.

We don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors. All warfare is deception. The president can’t fool our enemies without also misleading us.



the-red-hen The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va. has been getting lousy reviews on Yelp! ever since owner Stephanie Wilkinson denied service to Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family last Friday night. Here is one of the most devastating, from an expert in the hospitality industry:

trump-tweet-062618 A transplant from New York, Ms. Wilkinson is a cousin of actress Meryl Streep. Here’s a photo of Ms. Wilkinson with her husband and son, wearing pink pussy hats at a demonstration in Washington D.C.

wilkinson-family It serves Ms. Pussy Hat Wilkinson right that her restaurant is now The Dead Hen.



With the publication of Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation in the New York Times (5/16), we officially entered the Yes, I ordered the Code Red phase of Obamagate.

“The ‘Trump was spied on’ claim went from tinfoil hat conspiracy theory to totally justified, of course, in truly record time,” notes Mollie Hemingway.

With literally pathological chutzpah, the WaPo – see above – pretended the FBI spied on Trump to protect him.  Anyone who believes that must also believe MS-13 gang members are not animals.




Headline, May 7, 2018: Reuters/Ipsos Backs Away from Own Poll Showing Trump Surge

“Follow Stormy Daniels so you can stay informed of what’s important in our country,” satirically tweeted Roseanne Barr.

The Fake News Media gave more coverage last week to the claim of an aging pornslut that she had consensual sex with Donald Trump than they did to actual news.

Despite this, the president’s job approval rose. Which mystifies the Lying Swine.

Perhaps the most surprising result at the end of a week convulsed by scandal was a Rasmussen poll finding President Trump with a positive approval rating of 51 percent, the highest level since March of last year,” wrote Tina Nguyen in Vanity Fair.

Reuters, as you can see above, is so stunned by Trump’s approval gaining 10 points since last month they refused to publish their own poll.

Most Trump supporters think he did have a fling with Stormy, knew lawyer Michael Cohen paid her $130,000 to keep her mouth shut, this poll indicates. But we don’t care.

Why aren’t we as scandalized as leftie journos think we ought to be?



iran-secret-nuke[This astonishingly insightful analysis of Jack Kelly needs to be read by your Congressman and Senators – please consider sending it to them –JW]

There was “nothing new” in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dramatic news conference Monday (4/30) in which he exposed Iran’s nuclear weapons program, say Obamunists and NeverTrump fellow travelers such as Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN).

In one way that’s true. Those who have been paying attention have known for years the mullahs were Hell-bent on obtaining nuclear weapons, that Obama’s Iran deal would do nothing to stop their pursuit of nukes or slow it down, almost certainly would accelerate it.

But that’s not what Obamunists and Corker – who turned the Senate’s treaty making power on its head to get the Iran deal through – told the American people.

By dismissing Netanyahu’s disclosures as, yawn, “nothing new,” Obamunists are telling us they are not the most easy to bamboozle dufuses in the history of humankind. They are, instead, bald-faced liars –  either the most corrupt cowards ever to head and staff a U.S. administration… or traitors.

Everything President Obama did during his eight years in office has harmed the United States. It is becoming ever more likely that this was not by accident.

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