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trump-amundsenAs the dust settles a week after President Trump accused former President Obama of spying on him, it’s clear:

The president’s tweets shifted the focus from “Are Trump and Sessions in bed with the Russians?” to “Did Obama spy on Trump?

When the attorney general flipped the special prosecutor meme on Democrats, we got an indication of how profound the shift has been:

Congress now will investigate Russian meddling in our election, AND surveillance of Mr. Trump.

Since there isn’t evidence Russian meddling affected the outcome of the election, or that the Trump campaign collaborated with the Russkies, the president can only benefit from having Congress spell that out.

Is all this because the President got lucky after a reckless tweet?  Let’s ask famed polar explorer Roald Amundsen.



clint-eastwood-quote-on-obamaThe revelation making the rounds again about Obama, how he sneaked through $221 million to his Palestinian terrorist friends during the last hours of his presidency, makes it elaborately clear that he was always in it for himself and for his pals.

For eight years Israel was betrayed and America was duped by a charmer.

There are movies about such men -- Tony Curtis in “The Great Impostor,” or Matt Damon in “The Talented Mr. Ripley” -- about men skilled in the art of deception. Through guile, a ready smile, a quick tongue, they charm their way up the ladder from one bamboozled household to the next.

Their papers are never in order, but they manage. They manage to reach the top. Both Curtis (whose film was based on a true story) and Damon did not know a thing about medicine or airplanes but they managed to run hospitals and to fake it as pilots. They got caught. But before that they had everybody fooled.

Sound familiar? Surely not to Progressives who wanted to be fooled or didn’t really care. So long as Obama was their choice he could do no wrong.

But to the rest of America, and the world, the damage bitterly lives on.



Fed Chair Janet Yellen

Fed Chair Janet Yellen

On three separate occasions since 2013, the US Federal Reserve sent shock waves through the global financial system when it tried to tighten monetary policy, and each time it was forced into partial retreat to halt the mayhem.

Over recent months the Federal Open Market Committee has been careful to take the global pulse before acting. It now hopes the coast is clear. Yesterday's (3/15) quarter point rise in the federal funds rate to 1% has been so loudly signaled in advance that investors have already adjusted.

Emerging markets seem better prepared, so far able to shrug it off. China has restored confidence in its exchange rate regime. Capital flight appears to be under control. Europe's shift towards bond tapering reduces the risk of a rocketing dollar. "We're not overly worried about downside shocks," said Janet Yellen, the Fed chairman.

Yet nobody really knows whether the world can handle a total of six rate rises over the course of 2017 and 2018 as sketched in the Fed's 'dot plots' scenario.



einstein-quoteThe recent (3/03) attack on a BBC television crew in Hunan province, China, reveals once again the Communist Party of China’s brazen thuggery and out-of-control bullying.

To physically attack a major foreign media crew, smashing their equipment, and then to force them to sign a confession is the most public example of what has been apparent for several years: Xi Jinping’s regime behaves more like gangsters than government.

Yet just as the assault on the BBC helps highlight China’s aggressively repressive behavior toward anyone, Chinese or foreigner, deemed to dissent or threaten the regime’s interests, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

If government-backed thugs can behave that way toward the international media, imagine how much worse it is for Chinese people?

Since he became president, Xi has presided over a dramatic deterioration in human rights over the past four years:



comrade-hillaryAre you shocked that the Russians might have had an interest in who won the U.S. presidential election?

Nations have always had an interest in who rules the nations they deal with — both opponents and friends — and that they often try to influence the outcomes should come as no surprise.

Mr. Putin had a clear-cut Russian national interest in discouraging oil and gas fracking in the United States and elsewhere. The Russian economy and budget are highly dependent on foreign oil and gas sales — and high oil prices. Increases in the world supply of oil and gas depress the prices of these commodities.

So it is completely rational for the Russians to do whatever they can to discourage production by others, including the U.S.  If you follow the money they spent to do this, where do you think it leads to?



ronaldreaganIn honor of St. Patrick’s Day today, it’s only appropriate to relate Ronald Reagan’s favorite Irish joke, as he was fond of telling it with such exuberance.

An Irishman was walking along Inchydoney Beach in County Cork – Ireland’s most beautiful and not far from my ancestral village of Ballyporeen – when he came upon an old encrusted bottle washed up on the shore.

He picked it up, brushed off the sand, saw it was still stoppered and wondered what was inside.  He carefully broke it open at the neck on a beach rock, and to his great surprise out popped a Leprechaun, an Irish genie.

leprechaun“Oh me man!” the Leprechaun exclaimed.  “I was in that horrid bottle for a hundred years and you be settin’ me free!  Well, I’ll be givin’ you two wishes before I’m on m’ way!”

“Two wishes?” the Irishman asked incredulously.  “Anything I want?”

“Anything – you just name it and it’s yours,” came the answer.

The Irishman couldn’t believe his luck.  He thought for a moment, then said, “Firstly, what I’ll be wantin’ is a glass of the best Irish ale – but a very special glass!” he added quickly – that no matter how much I drink it will always be full.”

Poof!  There was a glass in his hand overflowing with Irish Red Ale.  He took a sip – it was the best beer he’d ever had in his life.  He drank and he drank and he drank, and five minutes later he hadn’t made a dent, the glass was still overflowing with Irish Red.

But by now the Leprechaun was getting impatient.  “Listen me man!” he chastised.  “I appreciate you settin’ me free and all, but I was in that bottle for far too long, I’ve got things to do, so you’ll be makin’ your second wish now!”

The Irishman thought good and hard.  Finally he made his decision.  He held up his overflowing magic glass, looked at it admiringly, and told the Leprechaun, “Ya know – I think I’ll have another one of these!”

There’s no doubt about it – God loves the Irish.



hfr031017This just might be the most fun HFR ever.  There’s also a part that could be the scariest.  Might as well enjoy ourselves first.

Let’s start with the prediction in the Inaugural Day HFR of January 20:  “Melania looked unbelievably stunning.  She will now rapidly become the most glamorous and idolized woman on earth.”

This week we could see this becoming true, only far more so.  Yesterday, Fox News reported: “Melania Trump’s Approval Ratings on the Rise.”  They would be far larger except for the deranged Trump-hatred of Moonbat Democrats.

The poll was taken a week ago.  On Wednesday (3/08), the First Lady hosted a White House luncheon in celebration of International Women’s Day.  A quote of hers at the event has quickly gone viral across the planet:

“As an immigrant myself, having grown up in a communist society, I know all too well the value and importance of freedom and equal opportunity.  Ideas upon which this great nation was founded and has continued to strive towards throughout its history.” 

Her beauty and elegance are breathtaking.  Yet that is only on the surface.  There is something far deeper.  Look at this picture of her taken at the luncheon.  Look into her eyes.melania-trump

Her eyes reveal the beauty of her soul.  Her eyes proclaim a serene joyousness in being alive, in being human, in being a woman, in being who she is.  There are no doubts or fears or qualms in those eyes.  There is no anger – there is only love and happiness.

In those eyes you can see why First Lady Melania Trump will become genuinely beloved by the American people and by people all over the world.

Will her husband?  That may seem impossible now, given that Democrats and their Fake News minions really are as wacko as depicted above.  Yet that too began to change this week.

Here we go with the most fun, the most illuminating, and certainly the longest HFR ever. 



vault-7Does President Trump read the HFR – and did he read what it said last Friday (03/03)?

“Indicting and prosecuting to the full extent of the law with the possibility of years in prison is the only way to stop Deep State-Democrat-Fake News Media Treason.


This needs to start at the top.  And at the top is not Chuckie Schumer, the editors of the Washington Post, nor the CIA leakers known to the FBI.  At the top is Former President Barack Obama.”

For at 5:30am Saturday morning (03/04) he tweeted just what the HFR advocated the day before.  The response was hysterical.  After all, no one – no one – has the huevos to take on the entire Deep State-Democrat-Media Complex, right?  Exactly wrong – not with Donald J. Trump.  Big mistake.

For no one but Trump would have the chromium-vanadium steel cojones to take on the Deep State by going straight for its jugular, right for the throat of its emperor.  It’s like Alexander going straight for Darius at Gaugamela.



obama-easter-bunnyIn these tweets early Saturday (3/4), President Trump declared nuclear war on former President Obama.

Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower,” the president said. “This is Nixon/Watergate.

It isn’t true, and he deserved it, said “senior intelligence officials” and Democrats. CNN and MSNBC anchors who breathlessly reported both didn’t seem to notice these claims are mutually contradictory.

Louise Mensch of HeatStreet reported last October a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant had been issued for a server in Trump Tower. The Guardian reported it Jan. 11. Former U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy commented on it that day.

Mr. Obama didn’t know about the FISA warrant, said spokesmen Kevin Lewis and Ben Rhodes.

Do you think the FBI would eavesdrop on the Trump campaign without informing the president? Do you believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?



ellison-perezWas former secretary of labor and assistant attorney general Tom Perez’s victory over Cong. Keith Ellison in the race to serve as the new chairman of the Democrat National Committee a victory of centrist Democrats over radical anti-Semitic leftists in the party?

That is how the mainstream media is portraying Perez’s victory.  But how is that possible when Perez appointed the former Nation of Islam spokesman to serve as deputy DNC chairman as soon as his own victory was announced?

Perez is ready to cooperate with Ellison because the two men have the same ideological worldview and the same vision for the Democrat Party. As Mother Jones explained, “There’s truly not much ideological distance between the two.”

Far from being a victory for the centrist forces in the party, Perez’s win marks the solidification of the Far Left’s control over the party of Harry Truman.


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