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cppfailPresident Trump is to take his first step towards scrapping President Obama’s “stupid” and “job killing” Clean Power Plan, an aghast New York Times reports.

The Trump administration will repeal the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s effort to fight climate change, and will ask the public to recommend ways it could be replaced, according to an internal Environmental Protection Agency document.

The draft proposal represents the administration’s first substantive step toward rolling back the plan, which was designed to curb greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector, after months of presidential tweets and condemnations of Mr. Obama’s efforts to reduce climate-warming pollution.

But it also lays the groundwork for new, presumably weaker, regulations by asking for the public and industry to offer ideas for a replacement.



Kurds vote for independence

Kurds vote for independence

The breakup of the nation-state is late, but it seems to have arrived. After Kurdistan and Catalonia (and Brexit is part of the pattern), can California be far behind?

On the other hand, the Kurds, Catalans, and Brits don’t want the end of “the nation-state.” They want their own. So it’s more accurate to say that the old global structure is showing signs of decay.

Think of the division of Czechoslovakia into two separate countries, or the breakup of old Yugoslavia into five (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina , six if you count Srpska).

What did you expect when the Soviet Union imploded? That put the world into uncharted waters, floating between the old bipolar system and something-we-knew-not-what.

We still do not know what, but after the predictable shattering of the Warsaw Pact countries, the desire to be free of long-standing arrangements involving the likes of Kurds and Catalans, is gathering strength.



Best friends Meryl Streep and Harvey Weinstein

Best friends Meryl Streep and Harvey Weinstein

Everyone knew Harvey Weinstein was a bad guy. The bloated, greasy movie mogul slimed his way through countless ballrooms, suites and restaurants trailing lies, threats and promises.

But he had the right politics.

At the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood, honoring Hillary Clinton, the recently defeated candidate, drinks named “Toxic Masculinity” were being served. Also on the scene was Harvey Weinstein. And Harvey had his thick wallet open to the tune of $100K for the abortion organization.

Harvey was sitting with Hillary. Not to mention Meryl Streep and Shonda Rimes.  The A-list celebs in attendance knew exactly what and who Harvey was. His habits were no secret.

But his money was good. And his connections were even better. Does anyone even need to ask why nobody would run the story?



guncontrolquestionAfter Vegas, the gun control memes and myths come out. It doesn't matter how wrong they are, they will echo in the mediasphere and then the talking points will leak into everyday conversations.

“Guns are uniquely lethal.”

Last year, a Muslim terrorist with a truck killed 86 people and wounded another 458.

Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, the Tunisian Muslim killer, had brought along a gun, but it proved largely ineffective. The deadliest weapon of the delivery driver was a truck. Mohammed, who was no genius, used it to kill more people than Stephen Paddock would with all his meticulous planning in Vegas.

Do we need truck control?



Saudi King Salman and Putin at the Kremlin

Saudi King Salman and Putin at the Kremlin

The “historic” trip of King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud to Moscow, last week (October 4–7) was an affair long on ceremony, featuring a massive delegation, but rather uncertain regarding the real results.

The first ever royal visit (which had been rescheduled several times) was supposed to have great significance for relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia, at least in terms of removing mutual reservations against often incompatible political ends and paving the way for expanding economic ties.

In fact, the meeting achieved nothing whatever of significance – other than demonstrating the shocking degree to which Mr. Putin has given up taking Russia into the 21st century, and has chosen stagnation for Russia as his goal.



tax-cutsWhat do you call someone who keeps making the same mistake over and over and fails to learn from others who have made a similar mistake?

If one doesn’t know history and basic math, and the fact that people adjust their behavior on the basis of incentives, then one should not prove ignorance by commenting on the likely effects of tax changes.

Much of commentary on the President’s proposed tax cut legislation leads one to think that 1980s never happened, and the basic laws of economics have been repealed. It should be easy to understand that a percentage change in a tax rate and a percentage change in tax revenue are not the same thing.

Many in the media appear to be know-nothings either because they are or they have a political agenda.  Here’s why they – and the Congressional Budget Office – are stuck on stupid.



It wasn’t the worst mass shooting in American history. But what happened in Las Vegas last Sunday night (10/1) may have been the domestic equivalent of 9/11.

Or the worst Islamist terror attack since then.

Just one shooter – Stephen Paddock, 64 – killed 58 people attending a country music festival, injured 489 more.

But just one shooter doesn’t mean no conspiracy.

We presume he must have had help,” Clark County (Las Vegas) Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said Wednesday (10/5).


When leftists call conservatives “haters,” they’re projecting.

She’s “not even sympathetic” to the shooting victims because “country music fans often are Republican gun toters,” said Hayley Geftman-Gold, a vice president in the legal department at CBS, on her Facebook page.

CBS, to its credit, promptly fired Geftman-Gold. This sleaze ***** should be fired too.


Also last Sunday, a man shouting “Allahu Akbar” stabbed two young women to death at the train station in Marseilles, France.

In Edmonton, Alberta the night before, a man drove a white Chevrolet Malibu into a police barricade outside the stadium where the Edmonton Eskimos play, striking a police officer.

Both “lone wolves” were known wolves.


Operation Katrina began last Friday (9/29) when San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz blamed President Trump for SNAFUs in providing aid to Puerto Ricans devastated by Hurricane Maria.


The most epic blunder in the history of marketing bled into its second week, with the NFL trying – and failing – to find a way to declare victory while surrendering.


The New York Times outed big shot Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein Wednesday (10/5) as a serial sexual predator, embarrassing Democrats generally, the Clintons and the Obamas in particular.



painted-monasteryThis is the Painted Monastery of Voronet.  You read about it in 9/11 and the Religion of Slavery, written last month commemorating the 16th anniversary of the most evil attack on America in our history.

I am on my way to China today for my Mysteries of the Gobi expedition.  While Jack Kelly mans the HFR ramparts, I thought I’d tell you what I just discovered about Voronet that is truly extraordinary.  You might consider being in a comfortable chair you can’t fall out of, with three fingers of your favorite adult beverage at the ready.  It is that mind-blowing, and will get your mind off the insanities of current Lying Swine headlines.

Built and painted in 1488, Voronet is an apotheosis of devotion to the story of Christianity.  It is little wonder it is known as “the Sistine Chapel of East Europe.”  The beauty of its devotion is overwhelming.

I was taking a lot of photos, and it was only when I got back home did I take a close look zooming in on them.  Then I zoomed in on a panel that made my jaw drop to the floor.  Believe it or not, I suddenly thought of the human shrunken head on display in my study.  Then Santa Claus.  Here’s why.