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good-fridayWelcome to the Good Friday HFR!

Kind of weird to wake up on this particular morning to see the Drudge headline:  Pope has declared there’s no Hell.

While the Vatican quickly claimed he was misquoted (a typical politician’s non-denial denial) –  not a “faithful transcription of the words of the Holy Father” – nonetheless, it may reopen investigation that this papacy is illegitimate.

You may recall from the Happy New Year HFR three months ago (12/29/17) the substantive accusations of Obama engineering a papal coup:

*March 8, 2017: According to Archbishop of the Catholic Church Luigi Negri, Obama conspired with George Soros in a plot to force Pope Benedict XVI to resign in 2013 and replace him with a Marxist Pope.


*January 22, 2017: Catholic newspaper The Remnant issues an open letter to President Trump pleading that he open an investigation of the “Vatican regime change [from Benedict to Francis] engineered by the Obama Administration.”


There’s no question that, as The Remnant states, Francis embraces “the radical ideological agenda of the international left.”  He is a leader of the Cult of Global Warming, and advocates the open borders agenda of George Soros – even to the point of, on Christmas Eve last Sunday (12/24/17), comparing Joseph and Mary’s trek to Bethlehem with the migrations of millions of Moslems to Europe and Mexican illegals to America.

Then again, it’s been kind of a weird week all around.  For example:



proof-of-stable-genius The proof is in this picture, published by the official government news agency of Communist China, Xinhua, yesterday, March 28 – and in the article accompanying it:  Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-Un Hold Talks in Beijing.”

You’re welcome to wade through it with all the Orwellian Commie-

speak, but here’s the money quote:

Kim said: "The DPRK is willing to have dialogue with the United States and hold a summit of the two countries. The issue of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula can be resolved, if South Korea and the United States respond to our efforts with goodwill, create an atmosphere of peace and stability while taking progressive and synchronous measures for the realization of peace."
Is there any sentient being who can’t see that this is the doing solely and completely of POTUS-VSG Trump?  Okay, libtards driven wacko with Trump Hatred are excluded from being sentient.

Little more than a year ago (4/21/17), TTP told you, “How Donald Trump And Xi Jinping Can Earn The Nobel Peace Prize Solving North Korea.”  Well, here we are.



And McCabe and Rice and Power and Strzok and Ohr and Mueller and….

And McCabe and Rice and Power and Strzok and Ohr and Mueller and….

On March 17, ex-CIA Director John Brennan tweeted about the current president of the United States: “When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. . . . America will triumph over you.”

That outburst from the former head of the world’s premier spy agency seemed a near threat to a sitting president, and former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power tweeted that it probably was: “Not a good idea to p… off John Brennan.”

If there is such a thing as a dangerous “deep state” of elite but unelected federal officials who feel that they are untouchable and unaccountable, then John Brennan is the poster boy.

Brennan’s record of lies, perjuries, distortions and self-serving flip-flops have gone on for years.  Many believe he is the architect of the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax.  Brennan is typical of the careerist deep state.  Then again, so are James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and so many, many others.



poster-boy-for-whats-wrongThe profane egomaniac whom the Left-media are worshiping at the moment, David Hogg, is the poster boy for the ungracious monsters who characterize a portion of Generation Z, those youngsters born after 2000.

This is the generation that has been the most seriously indoctrinated with leftist ideology rather than actual education.  Like the majority of teachers and professors who have indoctrinated Hogg's generation – one of whom is his mother – Hogg feels justified maligning anyone who disagrees with him.

The kid is such a gutter-mouth jerk, such a despicable role model, and yet the Left media cannot get enough of him.



Dummy David Hogg’s real voice

Dummy David Hogg’s real voice

Follow the money.

It’s a strange political fact, but nearly every major anti-gun group has been a front group.  By contrast, the NRA is maligned 24/7 and yet it’s completely obvious whom it represents.

Despite the efforts to tie the NRA to everyone from firearms manufacturers to the Russians (if you can’t tie any random Republican thing to the Russians these days, you won’t be working at the Washington Post or CNN for very long), it represents its five million members.

Anti-gun groups tend to represent shadowy networks. The one consistent thing about anti-gun groups is that that they are usually the opposite of what their name says they are.

March for Our Lives is on every cable channel, but who runs it? The photogenic teen fronts are out front. But it’s obvious to everyone that a bunch of teen-agers in high school don’t have the resources and skills to coordinate a nationwide movement. Instead it’s the experienced activists who are actually running things.



mcmaster-to-boltonAnyone who has held as many hard jobs in Washington as has John Bolton, will plenty of critics, and in this dramatic Bolton-for-McMaster change, there are lots of unhappy officials, not just including the McMaster loyalists at the National Security Council who are surely slated for an early exit.

As the Los Angeles Times puts it succinctly in a headline, “Bolton’s not nice, but he’s good.”  Actually, those of us who have known him for a long time would differ on the “not nice” bit.  I think he’s very nice.

John’s Cabinet colleagues will find him thoughtful, a rare quality in any bureaucracy, and even rarer when it comes to foreign policy debates in Washington.

Not that he brooks silliness.  He has real convictions, as you’d want and expect.   I hope and expect that he finally imposes real personnel change at the NSC.  His predecessor had a baffling sympathy for NSC staffers who had faithfully served in the Obama Administration, and actually told his employees that there was no such thing as a “holdover,” only loyal staffers.

John Bolton knows better, as any grownup should.  We’ll see soon enough.  Personnel is policy, and to date the greatest failure of the Trumpists is an ongoing failure to staff out the government with their own people.



roseanne-save-americaEver since Donald Trump rode down his escalator and announced he was running for president, a good swath of America, not to mention the overwhelming majority of its media, has been having the collective equivalent of a nervous breakdown.

It got worse when he actually became president and it hasn't stopped since.  The ramifications have been, to put it mildly, depressing  -- families divided, longtime friendships shattered, the society even more sundered than it was during Vietnam.

This has largely been the Left's doing, to be honest -- they tend to react more emotionally -- but some on the Right (“Never Trumpers”) are responsible too.

Enter Roseanne Barr.

The woman whose sitcom with John Goodman broke ground thirty years ago as a symbol of working class progressivism returned, after a three-decade hiatus, Tuesday night, but this time -- oh, apostasy! -- as a Trump supporter in Roseanne.



So much for that promise.  As Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) puts it, “This is really tragic… a dark day” for America.  And far more so than Louie would admit.

NR calls it “The Omnibus Disgrace” – all 2,232 pages of $1.3 trillion just for the next six months that Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) says is “a Great Dane-sized whiz down the leg of every taxpayer.”

In fact, it’s Trump’s Disgrace, for he is the Great Dane.  Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) begged Trump to veto the monstrosity passed by the House and Senate yesterday (3/22).  Instead, in a disgusting Anti-MAGA Wimpout, he surrendered to Chuck Schumer this afternoon.

Great headline to wake up to this morning isn’t it?  Nancy Pelosi Gloats over Omnibus: ‘Democrats Won’; No Wall.  She’s gloating over a lot more than No Wall.  The odds just enormously increased for her being Speaker Pelosi again after millions of Pub voters realize there’s just no point in voting Rinos back in office.

It’s not so much a Blue Wave of libtard enthusiasm that will sweep the Dems back in power on Capitol Hill, but GOP voters staying home and not caring any more.

They won’t care because they realize the GOP Ruling Elite and the majority of Pubs in office are the Deep State just like the Dems.  Trump had a chance to take them to the woodshed today and he didn’t.  The consequences of his cowardice may prove catastrophic.

Okay, it’s a long ways between now and November, so let’s hope Trump pulls a rabbit out of his hat in the meantime.  In fact, he pulled one out already yesterday, and the biggest rabbit ever seen may be right around the corner.