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Koran is not a name, it is the Arabic word meaning recitation.

The Islamic scripture known as The Koran is, Moslems believe, a transcription dictated by Mohammed of the voice he heard in his head.  The voice, said Mohammed, was that of an angel named Gabriel who claimed he was reciting the words of Allah, God Himself.

Mohammed was illiterate, and so could not write down himself the words he heard in his head. Thus the chain of dictation, in official sacred Islamic history:

At various times over a period of 22 years, Allah speaks to Gabriel,  Gabriel says to Mohammed what Allah says to him, Mohammed says to his followers (not all the same but various ones over 22 years) what Gabriel says to him, his followers memorize what Mohammed says to them and write it down (often much later) on whatever is around such as stones and pieces of bark.

Only after Mohammed’s death in 632 were all these stones and pieces of bark or parchment gathered together by Mohammed’s best friend Abu Bakr and compiled into one collection entitled the Koran. None of the inscribed stones, bark, or parchments survive today.

Moslems insist that there is absolutely no chance of mistranslation or misunderstanding at any point in the dictation-transcription chain.  Every word, every single word without mistake, in the Koran is the actual real word of Allah.

As we discussed in The Fragility of Islamofascism a couple of weeks ago, in order to destabilize the frenzy of Islamofascism it is necessary to instill doubt into fragile Islamofascist minds.

One way to do so is in regards to the Koran’s Satanic Verses, discussed last week in The Skeleton in Islam’s Closet.  Now were going to discuss another way – the embarrassment of Allah’s advocacy of slavery.

Slavery is no embarrassment to Allah, nor had it been to Moslems who practiced it for 13 centuries.  Now it is and we need to take advantage of the opportunity.

Slaves, most always female slaves for sex, are referred to in the Koran as “possessions of the right hands” of Moslem believers.

In Sura (chapter) 33 verse 50, Allah specifically approves of slavery, saying he has made it “lawful” for Moslems to own and have sex with “those whom thy right hand possesses of those whom Allah has given you as spoils of war” – women captured in war and enslaved.

In Sura 33:52, Allah says he doesn’t approve of men having sex with women other than their wives, except for “those whom thy right hand possesses.”  Allah says a man having sex with his slave girls is OK – even, by the way, if they are married to one of their owner’s male slaves.

There are a host of other references to slavery and slaves that Allah makes in the Koran.  Sanctioned by God Himself, slavery was institutionalized and ubiquitous wherever Islam was practiced, with countless millions enslaved from the 7th century until now.

It was only by force — mainly by the British after Parliament passed William Wilberforce’s Slave Trade Act banning it in 1807 — that Moslems were prevented from continuing their massive slave trade.

It took well over a century to do so.  Slavery was only made illegal in Saudi Arabia in 1962.  It still remains clandestinely widespread in such Moslem countries as Mauritania, Niger, and Sudan.

The scandal of the Moslem Slave Trade is a subject for another time.  For it is a rare Moslem indeed who forthrightly argues for the morality of slavery today.  The object here is to put Moslems on the spot:

Since Allah sanctions slavery in the Koran, either slavery is right or Allah is wrong.  Choose.

Without fail, when you present Moslems with this choice, they will wiggle out of it with Clintonesque “depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is” equivocations on the meaning of slavery.

Well, gotcha.  If the real meaning of slavery in the Koran is in dispute and doesn’t literally  mean what the entire Moslem world was sure it meant for well over a thousand years until recently – then  just about every other word in the Koran may not have a literal meaning either.

Doubt City.  That’s where we want Moslems to live.  The only way to keep the Koran as the Word of God is to make that word have multiple meanings or different meanings from what it used to be.  Either that or Allah was morally wrong to sanction something as evil as slavery and keeping women as sex slaves.

It’s an issue, it’s a question, it’s a choice that Moslems are going to be increasingly made aware of as this particular meme of doubt is spread throughout the Internet by the Anti-Islamofascism Movement.

You can revisit our initial discussion of “memes” in  Baghdad Memes of June 2005.

Instilling doubt is the single most critical thing to do in confronting Sharia Islam – for only through doubt can come change.

Radical Moslems cannot become peaceful Moslems, Sharia Moslems cannot keep their Islam to themselves and stop trying to impose it upon others, until they first begin to doubt that their interpretation of the Koran is the only true one.

Destabilization through doubt.  It’s our path to victory over Islamofascism.