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Liberation Links

Liberation Links is composed of websites working to achieve greater freedom and security here in America, and of liberation movements struggling for freedom from Communist and Islamofascist tyrannical regimes throughout the world.


FAIR (Immigration Reform):

FIRE (Student Free Speech Rights):


Center for Security Policy:


You know, of course, about the genocidal fascism perpetrated by the Red Chinese upon the people of Tibet. So it may come as no surprise that there are organizations dedicated to freedom for Tibet. But how about Inner Mongolia or East Turkestan?

Southern or "Inner" Mongolia was unable to escape from Chinese control as did Northern or "Outer" Mongolia. Thus the latter is free and independent, while the former remains a Chinese colony.

What the Chinese call their Xinjiang Province, its native inhabitants call East Turkestan, who have the same religion (Islam) and the same ethnicity (Turkic) as those of West Turkestan (the "Stans" of the former Soviet Union such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan). They too look upon the Chinese as oppressors and imperialists, and want to be free of Chinese control as their western neighbors.

It is fascinating to note, as you browse through their websites, that they are beginning to cooperate with each other. Before long, they will be forming an alliance against Chinese Colonialism and a common effort to break apart the Chinese Imperialist Empire.

It is important to stress, however, that these are democratic liberation movements, not armed guerrilla movements. They are not engaged in any form of terrorism, however much the Chinese government attempts to portray them as such, and no matter how much the American government (yes, that’s the Bush White House) cravenly capitulates to Beijing in this portrayal.

China / East Turkestan:


American Uyghur:

The Uygur (wee-ger, alt. spelling Uighur or Uyghur) form the majority ethnic group in East Turkestan. The Takla Makan (Uygur for "If you go in, you won’t come out") is East Turkestan’s most prominent geographic feature, a huge uninhabited desert.

China / Tibet:

Tibet Gov’t-in-Exile:

Tibet Online:

Tibet Independence:

China / Inner Mongolia:

Inner Mongolia:

Central Asia:



Both Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are still run by holdover Soviet Communist dictators, Islam Karimov and Sapurimad Niyazov respectively. Niyazov styles himself "Turkmenbashi" (Father of Turkmen), and has established the most suffocating personality cult this side of Kim Jong Il’s North Korea.

Middle East / Persia (Iran):

Regime Change Iran:

Alliance of Iranian Students:

Student Movement for Democracy:

Middle East / Mesopotamia (Iraq:

Healing Iraq:


Somaliland (not Somalia!):


Friends of Israel :



Palestinian Media Watch:


Freethought Mecca:

Naqshbandi Sufis:


Secular Islam:

Jihad Watch:

The Religion of Ecology:


Green Power-Black Death: