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This is Mir Mokhsen, a Peshmerga or Kurdish freedom fighter who has fought in hundreds of battles for Kurdish freedom for half a century.  He has faced Saddam Hussein’s tanks, Russian-made helicopter gunships, chemical weapons and poison gas, the unspeakable brutality of Saddam’s soldiers countless times – and survived.

He has never given up.  Never.  This revered warrior has a question for you:  As an American, the freedom he has risked his life so much for has been given to you – so what are you doing to preserve it?

Mir Mokhsen has heard that there will be a gathering of Americans dedicated to preserving their freedom in Boston at the end of August.  He wishes he could attend, but he belongs in the mountains of his beloved Kurdistan. You, on the other hand, belong in Boston, where the American Revolution began.

The To The Point Revolutionary Rendezvous is August 22-24.  Don’t disappoint Mir Mokhsen.  Don’t disappoint yourself.  Be there and join your fellow TTP’ers for a revolutionary good time.

To participate, click on the Rendezvous box in the TTP left side bar, and call TTP General Manager Miko de los Reyes at 703-992-4529 or  Please call or email Miko right away.  No procrastinating.  That means now!

After all, you wouldn’t want Mir Mokhsen to think you’re not a freedom fighter, would you?