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Any denizen of the TTP User Forum will instantly recognize "Cephren," the all-time champion poster.  And any participant in previous TTP Rendezvous, such as last month's in Boston, knows Cephren is Chris Baldi, a hail-and-hearty fellow you'd have to try very hard to dislike.

At Boston, everyone agreed that the Winter Rendezvous had to be someplace where there isn't winter, someplace warm, and that it should be out West.  Last February it was in the East, in Sarasota.

We had a wonderful time in Sarasota, and Chris promises us all an equally good time where he lives.  Thus we hereby announce the Southwest Winter Rendezvous in Phoenix, Arizona, January 23-25.

Look at the brackets for that date.  It's the weekend before the Super Bowl (Tampa, Feb 1st).  The weekend before is Inaugural Weekend in Washington, with the Presidential Inauguration on Tuesday, January 20.

Despite the current worry about McCain, the odds are still high that he will blow Obambi out of the electoral water on November 4, so that it will be his hand on the Bible and repeating Chief Justice Robert's words on the West Portico of the Capitol Building on Inaugural Day.

With an Arizonan just settling into the White House, what better place to have our Winter Rendezvous than Arizona?

So set the dates aside – Friday, January 23 to Sunday, January 25 – and get ready to party.  We'll see you in Phoenix.

Ps:  It's been suggested that we follow the Southwest Winter Rendezvous with a late spring cruise to the land of America's Sweetheart – Alaska.  Let us know what you think.