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One of my fond childhood memories is that whenever we had guests over for dinner, my father would always offer his favorite toast, the famous Spanish one:  Salud, amor, y pesetas – y el tiempo para gozarlas.  (May you have) Health, love, and wealth – and the time in which to enjoy them.

It is appropriate that the most important of this triumvirate comes first – health. 

When we are young, it is easy to take natural good health and vitality for granted – and it becomes progressively less easy as we get old.  Which it is why it is wise to start preserving one's health when young (just as it is wise then to start saving money).

I'm 65 now and as you know, 12 days ago (12/05) underwent serious abdominal surgery.  My doctors are amazed at how rapidly I am recuperating.  One reason for this is that I have taken nutritional supplements in "life extension" amounts for over 30 years.  Another is that I am taking specific nutritional formulas to promote healing and recovery.

Almost exclusively, they are formulas designed by famed life extension scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw – dear friends for 40 years – and produced by our mutual friend Will Block's company Life Enhancement.

I think that such nutrition is the best Christmas present you could give to yourself.

Of course, you could trot down to your local GNC, which I don't doubt is a fine company.  But what Life Enhancement offers is absolutely cutting-edge life-extension nutrition, quality-control I absolutely trust – and their magazine/website explains it all clearly with scientific references.

Durk & Sandy's latest formula, FoldRight, is an example.  Almost everything our body does involves proteins.  Almost all of the 25,000 genes in our DNA code for the production of a protein.  All enzymes are proteins, etc.  Proteins are enormously complicated, and critical to their proper functioning is that they fold into a correct three-dimensional structure.

One major cause of aging is that the proteins in our body become progressively mis-folded.  It's like keys no longer fitting into locks.  That's why one (not the only) holy grail of life extension science is to figure out how to start re-folding our body's mis-folded proteins back to their correct structures.  FoldRight is that holy grail.

That's brand new.  I've been taking Durk & Sandy's arginine-based formula, Inner Power, for a quarter-century.  I never go without it anywhere in the world, as it promotes rapid healing from wounds or sickness (as well as many other things – it's sort of a nutritional philosopher's stone).

Then there's their original life extension vitamin/supplement formula, Personal Radical Shield.  Back in the 70s, before their formulas were commercially available, they would put together their basic life extension mix in their lab (I often got to be their lab assistant!).  We didn't have encapsulation equipment, so we'd carry the stuff around in plastic bags, taking a teaspoon of vitamin powder straight with each meal.  You have no idea how awful it tasted.

This went on for years.  Can you imagine lugging around large bags of vitamin powders in say, Afghanistan fighting with the Mujahaddin against the Soviets?  Good grief.  Finally Will came along to make a business out of it and license/manufacture Durk & Sandy's formulas. 

I don't think you could make a better investment in yourself, give yourself a better Christmas present, than to explore the Life Enhancement site (be sure and click on the "Articles & Research About This Product" link for each formula), order the formulas you feel would be right for you, and start actually slowing down the aging process in your body.

[I should now make this disclaimer:  I have no financial interest in Life Enhancement whatever.]

We all need to be at our healthiest to face what's coming in 2009.  Exercise and eat well, moderation in booze, no smoking of course – and life extension nutrients for your body and brain.  That's how to maintain your salud for next year and all those to come.