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TTP Merchandise


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Obviously – it's a gift subscription to To The Point

It certainly has the best value-to-cost ratio of any alternative.  And you don't have to go to a store, search aimlessly for something cool, gift-wrap it, or undergo any other hassle.  Just a minute to fill out the info form at TTP Gift Subscriptions and you're done.

You can of course go the whole nine yards and pop for a full year at $95.  That would have to be for a really good friend!  Or you could opt for the most economical route, a single month for $9.99. 

There's a really attractive third choice, that we've just made available in time for Christmas:  three months for $24.99.

You know the value of To The Point  for yourself.  Why not provide it to a friend for Christmas – enabling him or her to take refuge in the Oasis for Rational Conservatives as the craziness of 2009 unfolds?

There's no better Christmas present you could give a friend than To The Point.  Clicking on TTP Gift Subscriptions is all it takes.  It's a wonderful way to wish someone Merry Christmas!