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The incompetence of President Zero and his DHS secretary Janet Napolitano has now reached lethal levels in their refusal to militarily close the US-Mexico border or even airplane flights from Mexico.

Yet now that the swine flu epidemic has spread from Mexico into the US, we cannot worry about Zero, much less expect him to protect us in any way.  Let’s focus on what you can do right now at this moment.

The CDC has identified the virus as a H1N1 virus called swine influenza A. This virus has been known for over 40 years, infecting humans directly from birds such as ducks (avian flu) or pigs (swine flu). 

Never before could it be transmitted from one human to another.  The virus has now evolved to where it can.  This new human-to-human transmission is what is making the H1N1 pandemic. 

Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw suggest the following prophylactic measures to protect their friends at To The Point.  As Durk says, "I’m afraid that you are not going to like this, but I really do know my biology…"

*Avoid restaurants – hand to mouth transmission of the virus is more often important than aerosols.

*Wash your hands when you return home.  Best is with rubbing alcohol, a very effective anti-viral hand-wash.

*Have a supply of hospital or EMT anti-viral hand wipes in your car and use them if there is an outbreak near you. Do NOT use them when there is no outbreak – you don’t want to drive the selection of antibiotic resistant skin bacteria.

*Open your mail and discard the envelopes, then wash your hands before reading the contents (which will have been exposed to far fewer people).

*Avoid areas of high population density; the probability of an epidemic increases with the SQUARE of the population density. Until the risk of a pandemic is over, stay out of ALL cities.

*Avoid crowds.

*Avoid travel by airplane, subway, taxi, or train. The only safe way to travel is via your own personal automobile.

*Do your shopping in the morning when there are as few people in the stores as possible, make as few shopping trips as possible, and visit as few stores as possible for as short a time as possible. Wash your hands afterward, such as with rubbing alcohol.

*Avoid places like resorts, casinos, museums, plays, concerts, etc, that attract travelers. This most certainly includes HOTELS AND MOTELS.

* Avoid places with multifamily dwellings such as apartment buildings.

*If you can, temporarily move to an isolated rural area of low population density, which means less pandemic.  Best would be such an area of high altitude and few clouds for lots of UV, which kills viruses outside of buildings.  And/or a windy place — the viruses are blown away rather than building up in a cloud over the town.

Durk and Sandy have developed a nutrient formula which they believe will provide effective prophylactic protection from the human swine flu virus.  It is composed of materials shown to be effective in numerous animal studies for H1N1, does not require FDA approval, and can be quickly produced in mass quantities.

As soon as the production of their formula is up and running – which may be within a week – all TTP subscribers will receive notification of its availability.

In the meantime – TTP urges you to immediately put the above suggestions into effect for your life and those of your family and friends.

One last note.  There is a strong suspicion by many that this is biowarfare.  Perhaps, but doubtful. 

The Russians, Chinese, French, British, Israelis, and the US could construct this H1N1 virus – which, again, has appeared before naturally, though not in a highly human-to-human contagious form.  Of these, only the first two are perfidious enough to be true suspects. 

Yet both know that the epidemic could not be contained to the US and would inevitably spread to their own countries, which would be devastated far worse than the US.  Neither have enough respirators or Tamiflu reserves.  The Fourth World state of their medical care and sanitation would guarantee massive infection and death.

As for Iran or Al Qaeda and Iran, they have shown no signs that they have this sort of technology, nor does North Korea.  And forget about the rumor about the vials of pathogens supposedly stolen from the Army biodefense lab at Ft. Detrick.  Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis (VEE) virus has nothing to do with H1N1.

Mexico – like China – is a perfect natural breeding place for hybrid flu viruses. There are ducks and/or chickens, pigs, and humans on the same farms, poor farm sanitation, and the farm produce is taken to high population density cities.

The cause, however, is not important right now.  What is critically important is for you to take action to protect yourself.  Follow the above advice.  Within a week, hopefully, we can tell you where to get a pill that should provide substantial protection against infection.