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You’re well aware of the "Remember The Alamo" Rendezvous VII in San Antonio January 29-31.  It’s where TTPers gather together as a family for a weekend of learning, conviviality, and the joyous fun of being with fellow pro-Americans.

My brilliant bride, Rebel, who authors TTP’s Plan B column, can hardly wait for San Antonio, like me.  And now she has come up with a brilliant idea to hold a special one-day Plan B Workshop devoted to enabling you to preserve and protect your financial security.

The Choices & Power Financial Plan B Workshop will be held on December 9th in St. Louis.  Rebel asked me to be there and speak, and I enthusiastically agreed.  She’s lined up star speakers like Chuck Butler, publisher of The Daily Pfennig;  Frank Trotter, founding partner of Everbank; and Erika Nolan, executive director of The Sovereign Society.

Rebel has fire in her eyes when she talks about this.  She’s seriously determined to help TTPers get out of harm’s way in 2010.  How serious?  She explained to me:

"This is a working session. That means we are going to work.  Each participant will work in a notebook with powerful planning exercises that assist them in developing their New Plan B.  They will be trained on using it in upcoming months or years. If they bring their spouse, he or she has to work, too."

Here’s what you’ll be working on:

  • How to prepare for a potential monetary collapse in the U.S.
  • Ways to protect yourself against hyper-inflation
  • Protection strategies for your retirement
  • How to protect your capital and earn interest
  • Asset protection regardless the size of the asset base
  • What to consider in your banking choices and strategies
  • Understanding trends in currency markets, relative strength of various foreign currencies
  • If, when, and how to be positioned in various currencies, foreign stock and bond markets
  • How to deal with gold and silver and the best ways to own them
  • Pros & cons of top countries to consider for living or investing
  • How to analyze global business and investment opportunities
  • How to determine if you should relocate or stay where you are
  • Dealing with issues & challenges of living abroad
  • What to consider before relocating within the U.S.?
  • Developing a systematic approach to building your Plan B
  • Recognize and plan to meet your priorities and maximize opportunities
  • How to plan and prepare even with "limited" resources
  • Gain additional resources for your Financial Plan B 
  • Protecting your computer, information, data security and privacy
  • Developing the mental state and stamina to implement your plan

The Choices & Power Plan B Workshop will prepare you to face the coming economic and financial catastrophes in 2010.  It’s one single day – December 9th – and costs 150 bucks (100 bucks for your spouse).  A special room rate has been arranged at the St. Louis Marriott of $69 a night.  Click on the Plan B Workshop link in the TTP left side bar to register – and I really encourage you to do so right now.

Rebel and I are looking forward to seeing you there.